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Calipari says Aaron Harrison may be the team’s best player


John Calipari is doing interviews with various local television stations this morning and keeps dropping the golden news nuggets. Thomas Beisner reports that Cal said that from what he’s seen, Aaron Harrison may be the team’s best player.

Aaron has typically been thought of as the lesser talented Harrison twin, but from everything we’ve heard in the past two weeks, that is false. Aaron is an excellent shooter, and as we know, Cal’s teams go farthest with an outside threat. Could Aaron be the X-factor?

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30 responses to “Calipari says Aaron Harrison may be the team’s best player”

  1. M

    How can it be when people like Mike DeCourcy says that Luke Hanc ock and Chris Jones are elite, but for UK, Andrew is the only elite player at guard. Cal must not know anything about basketball if Mike DeCourcy doesn’t agree lol.

  2. Frank Ricard

    This seems like another one of Coach Cal’s attempts to motivate and inspire one of his players by bragging about them to the media. He’s done this in the past with Terrence Jones and/or Doron Lamb if I remember correctly.

  3. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    2 – I agree. #CalSpeak

  4. Spread em like butter

    From the 2009 to the 2012 champs when the talent is loaded like these 3 teams, we have a number of players who can blow up the stat sheets on any given night. Doron was the x factor like they state here. He led us to the national championship moving well without the ball and getting open and hitting big shots! That is exactly what Aaron Harrison will do. He is a lot better off the dribble than Doron and bigger and stronger to. Its also going to depend on how a team plays the cats defensively to. If they zone in then we just got to knock down the open 3 or attack and find the open man. If they play man then god have mercy on their souls. If a team presses I hope they have more than one tank of gas cause we will move off the rebound and hit the open man on the run every time off the outlet pass for an easy layup or dunk.

  5. Boogie

    I’ve been saying Aaron Harrison will be the most productive player this year for a long time now. Maybe not the best NBA prospect, but he will lead the team is scoring this year. Hard to guard somebody who can do it all…

  6. Back to Back

    1) sounds like you have your tampon in too tight. College performance and pro potential aren’t the same.

  7. Carl Rogers

    Praise God. I knew all along that Aaron was the better Harrison. I just had this feeling that Aaron was being overlooked. I firmly believe that the Lord moved on me to let me know that Aaron was the better of the twins. Anybody else think that Randle is a little over rated? My friend said his brother saw Randle play and wasn’t that impressed with him. I hope to God that Randle delivers and is as advertised.

  8. Bill

    So by my count, we now have like four X-factor players on this team, which is sort of counter-intuitive. Maybe it’s better to say that we are just good as hell, like everybody.

  9. kentucky effect

    Take anything that Cal says with a grain of salt, the truth will be some where in the middle…

  10. jpg

    I would rather have Calspeak than Pitinospeak any day! Pitino would say Arron is the best shooter since Tony Delk.

    7, where did your friends brother see him? Was he playing pickup basketball at the Johnson Center, where he was probably fooling around.

  11. Jbo29

    @ 7) I don’t know who told you they saw Julius Randle play? But they were apparently wearing Ray Charles’ glasses if they weren’t impressed my him.

  12. kentucky effect

    @ 9.. I would flip a coin on that one, both have been known to make themselves look silly with their made up B.S. The list is long in both cases. Go Big Blue!

  13. markky

    I guess the accolades Randle has been getting are wrong……LOL.

  14. PhishFood

    This does not bode well for Kentucky. If Calipari thinks that Aaron is the better Harrison, it means he disagrees with scouting experts. had Aaron as the 6th best player in the class behind his brother (5th) and Randle (2nd). Clearly Cal has chosen to ignore the experts and based on his own amateur scouting prowess and ranked Aaron higher. Pretty soon he’ll be ignoring ratings all together and recruiting players based on his own hunches (Ulis). He’ll be recruiting Gillispie type talent within 2-3 years.

  15. M

    Back to Back..guess you haven’t looked at Luke Hanc ock’s numbers in college then. He had a few good games when left right open, but is no where close to an elite college player. Now go sit on your dads lap again just the way you like it.

  16. Rise

    Cal is saying this to try to boost Aaron’s draft stock.

  17. 90% of UL fans in Louisville live in the projects and leech off the government

    Look at all of the skeert UL trolls. They know an epic azz whippin awaits in Dec. and #9 comes in April LOL.

  18. cracka

    luke h is friggin 23 years old … he’ll be 24 (on jan 30) before next year’s tourney starts … avg 8.1 pts and 2.6 rb last year … his fg % has gone down each year in college (.503 to .494 to .429) if that doesn’t say elite, i don’t know what does

  19. J in Orlando

    The psychological/personal problems that must go into posing as a UK fan to come on a UK website just to say negative things are not something I want to ever experience. I just feel sorry for you…I wont even say names, but I bet everyone can name those to whom I am referring…Why not just come on and admit your fandom (embarrassing as that may be) and talk a little trash?

  20. CATNTN

    I saw Randle play in the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach against some top competition. He is the real deal. Handles well, deceptively good touch from 18 ft and in, strong inside with the ball, and will not be beaten to the ball.

  21. Don

    I love Cal but he is so full of baloney,it’s comical..He loves to play games with the media and UK fans..It does bring attn. to the program and that is what he is all about..Give him credit,but the sharper fans know he is BSing most of the time..

  22. WildcatFaithful

    Aaron and Andrew are of like mind on the court, it is more like having two 1 guards in the backcourt as opposed to just one pg – they are interchangeable, equally good, potentially very dangerous and will be hard to stop.

  23. specialetta

    CATNTN, I too saw Julius play in the Beachball Classic, Knew right then I wanted him as a Cat. Agree he was playing against top players/teams in the nation and dominated in all games I saw him play. This team is going to be something special and I am ready for the journey they will take us on. Hopefully Title #9.

  24. Carl Rogers

    Listen to me my lambs, I am not saying Randle is not a great player. I am simply saying he might not be one of the top players in the nation. I am hearing he might be a little over rated. I hope I am wrong. I love KY basketball. I bleed blue, I pee blue and I blow blue snot. I foresee Aaron as the best player on this team. I think Randle will be a nice complimentary player that will help bring number nine to Lexington. I dare anyone on here to pretend to know more about basketball than me. Bless all of you fine folks, In Jesus name.

  25. stmcats

    Carl Rogers… Shut the fug up. You’re a damn moron… realize that and people in your “real-life” world might actually like you

  26. Carl Rogers

    stmcats and any other Carl Rogers doubter shame on you all. Carl Rogers is a passionate fan and all Carl Rogers has done is come on here and share his observations as a fan. Carl Rogers guesses everyone on here not named Carl Rogers must be an expert concerning UK basketball. stmcats and all the rest of you that have thrown stones at Carl Rogers, Carl Rogers calls you to repentance. Carl Rogers has not cast any stones toward any of you. Carl Rogers commands you all to Repent or face the damnation of Hell. That’s right, Carl Rogers speaks in the third person sometimes. C.R. rebukes all of you! Be careful little lambs, Carl Rogers has more tricks up his sleeves. How do you like them apples Bitches!

  27. rj

    Aaron was texas mr. basketball this year, the same class as Andrew and randall, what does that tell you.

  28. carl's brother kenny

    you got to, know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and, know when to run, you better count your money while your sitting at the table, there be time enough for counting when the dealings done.

  29. katfantoo

    CARL,,,,,,,,,,,,,ARE U STILL COOKIN UP THOSE JR BURGERS ? I really believe that’s where your fortune lies . Not prognosticating Ballers and where their fortunes are to be made . Stick to the newest SAMMICH and TATER combo . You’ll be better off in the fore-tellin of successful ventures in Fast-Food . But if your need for being a ” tout ” has become too great , pleeze let me know what your picks are and let me have the opportunity to relieve you of some of your GREASY BURGER BUCKS .
    LOL , jus teasin , UNLESS you’d like to do a li’l friendly ……………… stuff

  30. Quincey

    Sorry but just because you’re named mr basketball doesn’t mean much. Who’s ranked higher and who is projected as the number two pick. Also who did Cal call the Aplha beast and said will lead the team