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Calipari references Trae Young on Jim Harbaugh’s podcast

Last December, Jim Harbaugh came on John Calipari’s podcast, and this week, Calipari returned the favor. Cal is a guest on the Michigan head coach’s “Attack Each Day” podcast, and spent about 30 minutes chatting about his team, the recruiting process, and how annoyed Cal was that Harbaugh met the Pope before did.

The conversation includes a lot of Calipari-isms we’ve heard before, but one interesting part came towards the beginning when Cal dropped a reference to Trae Young, the point guard he once coveted most in last year’s class. Young went to Oklahoma and scored 43 points vs. Oregon on Sunday night.

“Tell me what kind of program you want to be in,” Cal said of how he talks to families on in-home visits. “Tell me how you want to play or be coached. And through the questioning, sometimes I look and say, this is not going to work. Now, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong in not coming to Kentucky. There’s a kid that’s father wanted him to shoot every ball and I said, we just don’t do that here. Well, he’s gone to a school and he had 40 last night as a freshman. The most in 20 years. Well, that may have been right for their son.”

Hmm. Calipari also details the grueling process he’s going through with this team right now, including how he recently played a trick on one of his players during a film session. Classic Cal, so listen to the podcast below. He comes on around the 11-minute mark.

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12 responses to “Calipari references Trae Young on Jim Harbaugh’s podcast”

  1. Jiminy Crickets

    Sorry, but Cal’s ass is chapped. He made Young his priority for a YEAR, put all resources into him, and now sees he is scoring 40 while averaging 9 ASSISTS per game and 4 REBOUNDS a game as a point guard. He sees what he already knew….with Young this team would have been elite, but without him Green simply cant get them there. To virtually mention a former recruit, and call him out as saying “its not for everyone”, is petty. Young is quietly becoming the #1 PG prospect in the nation, and is doing it without Calipari.

    1. stratblend

      While your squad is paying $100k to recruits. Kick Rocks Troll.

    2. Jiminy Crickets

      troll? you’re funny. I graduated from UK in 1999, my daughter is scheduled to graduate from there in May, I lived in Lexington for 12 years after graduating, and for 3 years had season tix, but my schedule didnt allow me to continue. When a spade is a spade, its a spade.

    3. Jiminy Crickets

      I will admit Im not a Calipari fan, never have been, not at UMass, not at memphis and not here. But point out one thing in my post that was factually incorrect. Calipari coveted Young, and Green was his back-up plan, those are facts. Calipari sees Young excelling and virtually calls him out, saying his “dad wanted him to shoot, but we don’t do that here”. That is petty.

    4. bdmnky81

      Youbdont get to blend opinion/facts and then squawk when somebody calls you on something.

    5. Realme

      Cal’s recruiting of Young cooled off long before he announced his choice. If Cal was that desperate to get him here, he’d have been gong after him until the end. My impression is he did really want him early on, but they also did mutually decide this wasn’t the place for him. Not sure why that sounded petty to you, but I like Cal (I also like having a good basketball team), so I wasn’t looking for a chance to criticize him.

    6. Mathlete

      In Cal’s system, the PG doesn’t take the majority of the shots. The PG is the facilitator to the whole offense, not the whole offense itself. Young’s style just doesn’t lend itself well to playing that way, and that’s fine. There’s nothing inherently wrong with either style, Young’s just isn’t how Cal wants his teams to play.

      Quade is doing fine, by the way, and he fits better into Cal’s system than Young would have based on the early season sample.

    7. J-Dub421

      Young took 22 shots in that game. That is way too many shots from a point guard, who is supposed to be the facilitator on offense. Maybe Young should switch to shooting guard. Young was 11-22 from the floor which is not bad at all, until you look at his 3 point shooting 4-11. Unless you are on fire, you don’t need to jack up 11 3’s. Young took 22 of Oklahoma’s 58 total shots in the game. So, while Young is undoubtedly talented, he’s also a ball hog. That does not fit with Cal’s style. If you don’t believe me, then go read the words of our new commit, Kelvin Johnson’s father. He wanted Johnson to go elsewhere because he wanted his son to be “the man” and Cal told them Johnson would not shoot 20+ times per game.

    8. Rembrandt

      At the end of March, let’s see whether UK or Oklahoma is ranked higher. Then Jiminy Crickets can come back here and explain again why we should take him seriously.

  2. Smyrna_Cat

    You admit you are not a Calipari fan – kudos for being honest – but that means your motives are a bit questionable. Cal can say what he wants to say, and you can say it was petty. I think your comments are petty. See how that works?

  3. Kevin C

    I’ve said many times in the past….Cal doesn’t “miss” on recruiting, he just knows when it’s time to move on. If a kid doesn’t want to be at Kentucky, then they obviously aren’t a fit.

  4. chris43

    Let’s also keep in mind that Oklahoma isn’t ranked and chances are Young is the only player to go pro after the season (if he does). But even more let’s keep in mind that Arkansas tapped that azz for them….who by the way aren’t ranked themselves. 😁