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Calipari points to 2 shots that doomed the Cats’ comeback chances


John Calipari was brutally honest when talking about what might have cost the Cats any chance at a comeback against the #1 ranked Florida Gators. Calipari said it wasn’t the first half shelling by Florida that doomed his team. Instead, it was a flurry of two bad possessions with two really bad shots that stifled Kentucky’s comeback hopes. 

“We did fight and gave ourselves a chance to win on the road. I thought we fought and did good stuff, but when it came down to a 6-8 point game, we took two God awful shots. Not just bad shots, but throws. They were throws. Those 2 shots were taken with 30 seconds on the clock. Throws. Absolute, no chance… nothing! You can’t win playing that way.

Calipari said he told his team during the timeout when they cut the lead to 6 that they needed to be patient and take good shots. Calipari said he told them if they had to wait until a few seconds left in the shot clock, that was okay. “But, that being said…we get ourselves in a position to win. Because that first half was embarrassing.”

Article written by Ally Tucker

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31 responses to “Calipari points to 2 shots that doomed the Cats’ comeback chances”

  1. lightswitch in players' heads

    i just went on ! time to run the table !

  2. Skeps

    Those “throws” have been the offense all season. I counted more than 2 of those horrible shots this game.

    1. Bledsoe's Biceps

      Exactly. I guess Cal’s been watching different games than the rest of us.

    2. yo

      10 Loss Cal is the worst coach in college basketball. I love the way he likes to narrow it down to two plays that cost us ALL these games. What about all the dumb coaching moves that got us 22 down in the first place, Cal? Did that not hurt our chances to win the game? What about playing certain players that literally can not score, other than maybe a garbage basket when the game is over in the last 30 seconds when no one is guarding him? Why don’t you give non scorers way more than 20 plus minutes per game? I love players on the court for Kentucky that never score more than 2 or 4 points in their 25 minutes or so. I won’t mention names. I think Cal should play those kinds 40 minutes per game, instead of just 25 or so. Jmo.

    3. Willy

      Throws have been a high percentage of UK’s shots all year whether it be driving the lane into a crowd or getting the ball down low & doing a Mexican hat-dance before tossing one straight up in desparation, that’s just really bad offense.

  3. Indiana Cat

    What brought them back was pounding the ball down low but that meant the guards wouldn’t get as many shots. The Harrisons fixed that real quick. I’m so sick of watt hem drive the ball into traffic and then throwing up a prayer or turning the ball over. Obviously Cal isn’t sick of it though.

  4. K2da

    2 Shots?
    Is that all?
    Yep it’s a Wrap. The Cal experiment is officially OVER!!!

  5. Bledsoe's Biceps

    This has become Cal’s latest favorite denial. He’s used it 2 or 3 times lately. They play miserable 75% or more of a game. ANYONE who watched saw it, but Cal convinces himself they could have won had it not been for 2 bad this or 2 bad that. Further proof the man is absolutely incapable of absorbing the flow of a game. He lives from play to play.

    1. yo

      No doubt about it!!! If not for only about 2 crucial plays in all our losses, we would have won according to Cal. We would not have lost a single game this year. Yeah Coach, and if a frog had wings it would not bust his ass on the gravel. Maybe 10 Loss Cal will retire before too much longer. I sure hope the Wildcats don’t have to wait ten years before he’s gone like we did with Tubby. I would hope he had more pride than that. But that is probably just wishful thinking on my part. We have 4 more studs coming in next year, but it won’t matter. Cal will have them destroyed by seasons’ end too. Just like last year and this year. Oh well.

  6. Fraud

    His roll it out there style lost the game before it started.

  7. Reality Check

    Once again he takes the low road and blames the players. I told them to do this and they did that. I don’t set up plays or anything I just tell them don’t shoot too fast but they did. Two bad shots are a drop in the bucket for the fail that was that game. And the 5 games before it. 8 All Americans and the team gets worse as the season goes on. How does that translate into coaching or teaching them anything?

    1. Luther

      Reality check, indeed…

      Good post…

  8. Paducah UK Fan

    Looks like they have made the turn, wait–they went the wrong way but that is what freshman do.?!. Just for starters, Harrison, Harrison, Young combined go 9/27 shooting, 6 rebounds, 7 assist, 7 turn overs and 10 fouls. A pretty sad stat line for Mc all americans. I think something is wrong with how someone determines that. Randle may have scored and rebounded but actually a pretty pityful show by that young man also. It will be interesting to watch him if he turns pro. They should all stay but the lure of big bucks will win. I do not blame them as very few of us would stay if the money was in front of us. Sad season with so much hype. Think the potential was fabricated. It was not on the table from the start. I am a big blue fan, but have been preaching this for several games now, it is the truth, and history cannot be changed. The team cannot change either Coach, so quit talking trash to us.

  9. Blue

    What brought the Cats back was Florida getting away from the double down on Randle. Once they went back to that,it was lights out. Then UK went back to the drive and fling. Better known as the dribble drive.

  10. Options are Good

    Looks like you would all be good options to become head coach next year, should a replacement be in order.

    1. yo

      Any one of them would be better than 10 Loss Cal. I suspect Cal just did not have enough 5 star players last year and this year. He’s got 4 more coming in next year. What will the Kool-Aid drinkers say when nothing changes AGAIN? Will it be a lack of talent? Or youth? Or bad body language? Or not diving on the floor enough? Or whatever else Cal tells them is the reason? Cal Apologists!!!! Ten Loss Cal.

    2. I Love It

      “Maybe if I call him “Ten Loss Cal” two times in every single post, it’ll stick. After all, I do seem like a very witty and articulate person.”

      – That Guy ^

    3. yo

      Maybe I’ll continue to drink the Kool-Aid and try to figure out why we’ve lost 21 games already in less than two years with two teams full of 5 star future NBA talent. What do you think, I Love It? Maybe I’ll try to find reasons to blame everything except our coach for the underachievement. After all, I blamed it on many things last year too, including the point guard play. Oh yeah, I’ll blame it on the point guard this year too. And I’ll do it again next year if it’s necessary. I’ll blame it on youth. On 8 or 10 over-rated players. On selfishness. On any and everything except on 10 Loss Cal. I would never blame it on 10 Loss Cal. Because there is no possible way it could be the fault of 10 Loss Cal and his poor coaching. 3 times in this post. Thinks it will stick now?

  11. LionGeneral

    Two bad possessions does not constitute a “flurry.” KSR sorely needs a qualified editor for the current students who contribute copy. Actually, the UK graduates could use a good bit of help with word choice as well.

  12. one time post

    B LEDSOES BICEPS: I have never commented on this site, but read it frequently. All you do is bitch and moan all the time. Do you do anything besides sit on a message board criticising kentucky players and the coach. Have you ever played or coached? Your comments are some of the stupidest this site has to offer.Name me ONE coach that has a better run the last five years then cal.ONE. you cant because their isn’t one, but if people believed the shit coming out of your mouth you would think cal was billy gillispie. 2010 was you saying he couldn’t coach. When he took a 4 seed to the f.f through the hardest region. On second thought, yea you probably were.


      I have played and coached. So I feel confident I saying I know what I am talking about. The idea of driving into the lane and taking bad shots has happened all year long. No corrections or adjustments made. But above all – letting kids play with such poor attitudes is not doing the team or the kids a favor. Cal is a great coach. Just missed it the last 2 seasons.

  13. UKScotty

    To say the TWO SHOTS changed this game is outrageous. I dont fault the offense at all….they just cant shoot..we all know that. Cal could have won this game. First half Cats cut it to four playing zone…he switches back to man and they go up 15. While a zone isnt the entire answer, it would have slowed Florida down enough to really stay in it. Might have went to halftime down 10-12 at most….come out second half make your run…you tie or even go up a few. But no, stubborn ass goes back to the man and they go nuts. Offensively, does he not know how to coach screens or isolation to get players one on one, create mismatches, or have uncontested looks? just curious?

    1. Jack

      This team has needed to play zone all year. It’s been effective all year, unlike the man to man. But that’s just one of the many, many dumb coaching moves Cal has made last year and this year. Almost every single move he makes is the wrong move, 180 degrees from what should be done to win the game. It’s uncanny how he has the knack to constantly make the wrong move. The law of averages should have him make the right move occasionally. Even a blind squirrel will find an acorn now and then. But not Cal. Oh well.

  14. bigdee

    2 back 2 back seasons with 10 loses with 2 number 1 recruiting classes. what if we get beat in 1st game of the SEC Tourn. Do they go to NCAA Tourn with a 22-10 or back to the NIT with a record of 21-11 last year

  15. The Professor

    If Georgia wins today they will finish in a tie with us for 2nd. They likely don’t have a player ranked in the top 100 coming out of high school. We have 7 McDonald’s All Americans plus Willie. It just shows you how B-ball is a team game. You have to have the guys willing to set the pick or make the pass to help the team. MKG was great at doing the little things and did not worry about getting his points.

    1. Jack

      “You have to have the guys willing to set the pick or make the pass to help the team.”

      And more importantly, you have to have a coach that knows how to coach basketball.

  16. larry

    10 lost cal as you call him needs to coach like matthew mitchell 40 minutes of dread we get nothing off turnovers we never push the ball and are half court game has no sets just duck your head and drive how do you think you are going to score

  17. Chris

    Cal is a great recruiter. However, when it comes to in-game adjustments, Pitino is a master who is 10 times better than Cal.

  18. penman 1

    right cal is a great recruiter his style is no good will not play zone maybe a little lately will not press and dribble drive that is a joke we played that years ago on play ground all that is is an excuse to take a bad shot

    1. Long Shot

      Hard to believe we have this many McDonalds all Americans and we cannot shoot three’s. The girls team actually shoots better from 3 point range. Of course the boys aren’t allowed to shoot that many threes and as the saying goes if you do not use it you lose it. Louisville is a fun team to watch because they shoot threes and can make the open lay up. It is probably root for Florida or enjoy watching the dirty birds unless we want to wait for football because we aren’t going far.

  19. Bob

    What Cal means is those 2 bad shots killed their momentum and Florida capitalized on those mistakes thus sealing the win. If you have never coached you may not understand that a coach can be the best teacher and motivator but when it matters the players make the the decisions and choices on the court. Cal can’t shoot, pass, and dribble for these kids. It is obvious that this is a difficult team to coach. We have definitely under achieved this year. For all of you calling for cal’s job. You don’t replace him unless you upgrade and I have a hard time believing there is a willing upgrade. The pieces didn’t fit this year end of story!