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Calipari on why Kentucky didn’t take a timeout on the final play

If you’re like me, you were wondering why Kentucky didn’t call a timeout after Seton Hall’s three to go up by one at the end of the game. Afterwards, John Calipari reminded reporters that only players are allowed to call timeouts in live ball situations.

“That last play, we talked about, if they make a shot, here’s what we’re doing on our end. And Nick, you’re going to be in the middle. If they make a shot, this is how we’re doing it. Nick ran the sideline, but the issue was, I probably should have called a timeout. You can’t call a timeout because the players have to call a timeout. They’ve gotta call it anyways but again, that inexperience, not being in that situation, that’s something we haven’t worked on.”

Cal said the plan for the last play was for Nick to set a screen in the middle of the court, but that didn’t happen and the play broke down.

“Nick was supposed to be in the middle of the court setting a ball screen on the run so we could get something at the rim or something wide open. Nick ran a fly over. If you watched, I tried to push him into the middle of the court. I was on the court. ‘Go to the middle of the court!’ And then probably should have just — me personally — should have just screamed timeout because then we’re broke down then. Should have just called it. But again, even if I called it, a player would have had to hear me and make that call.”

You can see Cal screaming at Nick to move into the middle in this clip:

“Those of you that know me know I don’t like calling timeouts with nine or ten or twelve seconds to go,” Cal added. “You’re better off doing it like we did which was drive it down and Keldon makes a three verses a scramble defense. And that’s what we tried to do with nine seconds to go, instead my man went down there and didn’t run a screen but again, we’re just an inexperienced team.”

Hopefully this is a lesson Kentucky doesn’t have to learn again.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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124 responses to “Calipari on why Kentucky didn’t take a timeout on the final play”

  1. DelrayCat

    Throwing your players under the bus to the media never helps.

    1. unbridled

      They are big boys. They can take it. Not to mention, he’s just stating the obvious.

    2. KYCat4EVER

      LOL! “ They’ve gotta call it anyways but again, that inexperience, not being in that situation, that’s something we haven’t”
      No Defense… No Offense… No Full Court Pressure….
      It would seem there is an AWFUL LOT of things COACH CAL hasn’t WORKED ON!
      Hey CAL?
      -what did you work on in the Bahamas?
      -what did you work on before DUKE?
      -what in BLUE BLAZES did you work on AFTER DUKE?
      Perhaps Coach Cal better study what UofL and Dukes coaches are working on…
      One has no issues beating Seton Hall…
      And the other had no issues with YOUTH and whipping us!

    3. Slow Learner

      Well Cal still remains a great recruiter. The only time he gets in trouble is on the bench.

    4. Skooms

      Ummmmm, UofL was down 1-5 points for most of the Seton Hall game. They came back and won, but it wasn’t easy. Seton Halls guard also wasn’t making three’s like he did today…..Do you EVER post when the team does something good? I never saw any posts from you regarding tge football team except when they lost. You may be a true UK fan, but you’re most definitely a miserable UK fan! There’s no arguing that. It’s not opinion, it’s a FACT!

    5. JASUN74

      Delraycat. As bad as I wish ihe wasn’t, he Absolutely is. I’m sure the kids were waiting to see if he wanted them to call a time out. He didn’t call for one so they played it out. No need to blame them for being young on this one. They look at him almost every single time down the court to see what he wants. I understand that Richards didn’t make his play and that cool because he knows it to, no doubt. And the, “they would have to hear
      Me first “. Every one at home and the stands here’s him all game screaming at the kids. A lot of them play scared to death, and he should get that out of his system in practice and quit making them feel like asss in front of a million people watching. Man I hate that I’ve just said what I have because this is the first time I can remember saying anything negative. I usually use the ,( if nothing good to say, don’t say anything) approach, but I don’t like that blame being put on them when he was clearly the one that should’ve told them to call it. He just flat out FROZE UP. It’s happened a few times in some really big time games , but he took it on himself and it was what it was. Lol. That’s not the way to earn that kids trust. Anyway I could’ve just said I agree with you but it wasn’t enough for me I guess. Thank you Delraycat.

    6. joedfromky

      It;s been awhile, after all it is the holiday season, A time of forgiveness and compromise We should FIRE Cal the Joe B Hall of today, great recruiter but can;t coach, Bring back the traitor Ricky the Rat.

  2. unbridled

    I personally don’t like not calling a timeout….but in Cal in trust.

    1. syrin23

      I don’t trust PJ. He was good offensively today, but his defense was awful. he got caught looking at the ball while his guy cut to the basket THREE times, and oh yeah, the game winning three, that was his guy he left wide open. Plus, he’s just an a’hole. Yeah, you blocked a guy. More important to stare him down like a punk than throw the outlet pass, right? he’s all posturing. Now he will suck for the next three games since he has a good game once every four.

  3. Bigblue7982

    Should’ve called a Timeout…

    1. trumpetguy

      The very excuse/explanation he uses, youth and inexperience, is the very reason you call TO in that situation! Also, use of the 30 sec. TO on last possession of the first half should be automatic. Cannot carry it over, so why not use it? Most coaches do both in collegiate and NBA ranks. To be indecisive and not quite sure what to do……….that is what TOs are used for! All five guys need to be 100% in sync.

    2. Wade

      There was 10 sec enough time to yell at any player to get a to

    3. Slow Learner

      Once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Tyler Herhoe May go down in history with Derik Willis as the 2 Best 2 players in UK history to sit on the bench last 2 minutes of the game when every UK player on the court is afraid or unable to create an outside shot.

    4. syrin23

      Right now, Tyler is a shit shooter. Wide open looks that he leaves SHORT every single time. It’s all in his head, but right now, awful.

  4. bigbluehank

    If Cal isn’t bringing in any of the top two or three recruits each season, he doesn’t bring much to the table. His offensive sets are at a high school level. He has shown time and time again that he struggles in late game situations. Even if he somehow manages to get his team playing adequately enough later in the season to make it past a Sweet Sixteen, most of the contributing players leave right after the tourneys, and the process begins anew next season. It’s hard to tell if he doesn’t recognize these shortcomings, or if he has just reached the point where he cares more about sending guys to the Association than winning games.

    1. cmgormanjr1

      Well said. Exactly.

  5. Mc12

    I think most coaches, if they see their young players completely disoriented with about 7 seconds left, will scream at their players to take a timeout. They will then calm them down, get them organized, and draw something up to help them out.

  6. binarysolo

    A lesson Kentucky doesn’t have to learn again? How many times can Cal make the same mistakes?

    1. CatsfaninFL

      With a new team every year, I would say yearly

    2. Ruppstartedit

      A problem with “one and dones” is that as the season progresses they have their head in the NBA; I’d say Coach K has that to deal with too. Maybe Cal is right to keep them underachieving until March. Why is it other teams in the SEC for example have phenoms who pan out but our don’t until draft day.

  7. Trueblue44

    Inexperienced team…..young……freshmen…..blah blah f’n blah. Your job as coach is to LEAD them. YOU should’ve made sure a time-out was called. YOU should have designed offensive sets instead of “just go make plays”, YOU should’ve made adjustments. Stop playing it off like it’s always “inexperience”. These kids have played ball their whole lives. I full well see the reason why top 5 recruits are flocking elsewhere.

  8. Bluebloodtoo

    It is always inexperience with his teams. It’s part of his grand design. Not much of this matters until March. These are good lessons for a young team.

    1. Trueblue44


    2. ThatsMuhBad

      We all have to realize these kids have generally played basketball for more than just the past few years. Grade school coaches call timeouts in the situations. Why wouldn’t a collegiate, knowledgeable, respectable coach call a timeout with time left on the clock to draw up a play to the rim at the the least, to put his team in a position to win.

    3. plumloopy

      It matters when we’re a crappy 4 seed.

  9. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Yep. Blah blah blah.

  10. dUKesUKs

    Out played and out coached……..again.

  11. Urincatland

    Same ol’ crap day in day out! They’re Freshmen! They’re the youngest team in the country! Blah blah blah blah blah!

  12. BigolBlue

    Inexperience and youth. Never heard that one before

  13. versaillescorey

    We will be just fine, even if we have a shit year then all you people complain out turnover will get there wish and almost everyone back

  14. binarysolo

    We’re as inexperienced as this excuse is old.

  15. Jiminy Crickets

    Nick ran the sideline, but the issue was, I probably should have called a timeout. You can’t call a timeout because the players have to call a timeout. But it’s inexperience and we haven’t worked on that.
    Say that again? U shoulda called a timeout, but U can’t call a time out, and you haven’t worked on end of game situations?? It’s mid December and this team has not worked on end of game situations.

    1. JustUrAvg

      Practice is one thing but the actual experience is much different..its not just do this and that and boom. They have to be in the right frame of mind to make end game decisions on the fly in little time..thats not something you teach in practice. There was 9 seconds left and the play broke down..honestly all they were thinking is score.

  16. eddiesuttonsliver

    I like Kentucky when they lose too. It’s really cool being an adult who has a firm grasp on reality understanding I’m watching a game played by kids.

    1. Trueblue44

      It’s also cool to be an adult and to be able to voice my opinion rather than always use the “I support them when they lose too!” stuff. Been a season football ticket holder for 20 years so I think I can say the same. Yet I don’t…….

    2. ThatsMuhBad

      I agree we will be fine! Just don’t agree with letting opportunities pass by. There’s no sense or frankly teaching points, in letting your team just “play” like that.

  17. Cabranton

    No Cal, what you tell your team is, “hey, they make a shot, PJ you call a timeout, we’ll draw up a play to give us a chance.” Basketball is not hard, fundamental things like composure, cadence, time and score are something this team and coach need to learn

    1. ThatsMuhBad

      Yet no understanding on why people are pissed. Kudos

    2. IrishCat

      I’m a fan of not calling a time out in those situations, usually the offense has the advantage on a scrambling defense. IF, however, you see your team is completely lost, you gotta scream your guts out and try to get a TO.


    I hate UL more than anyone but have a feeling that while mack is an average coach, he gets alot out of nothing. I’ll be shocked if his goofy, child molester looking ass doesn’t own Cal.

  19. Papaw

    Actually I was wondering why the play wasn’t for a 2 instead of try for another lucky 3 point heave

    1. njCat

      Only took a three because they couldn’t get the ball across the three point line. They were totally confused out there.

    2. Rixter

      Because they’re inexperienced. We haven’t worked on that yet. I couldn’t call a timeout, the players have to do that. <<>>

  20. njCat

    How can it be December and they haven’t worked on end of game situations?

    Why not tell them to call timeout on a made shot?

    8 McDonalds All Americans. Seton Hall – 0

    Can’t play defense.

    Team looks lost on offense. (5 points over 10 minute stretch in first half.)

    No longer gets top recruits.

    What is he doing for that $7M/yr?

    1. lecantrell

      So you’re saying quality coaching wins over McDonald’s All American recruits; spot on, exactly!

    2. Steady

      Cal makes it seem as the players can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, when they get to UK. I’ll say this. they sure looked better in the Bahamas with Cal sitting in the stands.

  21. RealCatsFan

    My biggest issue wasn’t the lack of a TO, but why we took alk day to get it up the court. Put it in the hands of your PG and have him drive it to the hoop. All we needed was a two.

    1. syrin23

      I have never understood why he lets guards WALK the ball up the court. It’s lazy and helps the other team as that’s about five minutes a GAME they don’t have to play defense. The Harrisons were the worst. Hagans is getting there.

  22. ronzo

    Early Dementia.

  23. bigblue2284

    Pretty simple get elite talent look good and cover up coaching deficiencies, When you fall short blame youth. Miss out on elite talent look like garbage and blame youth, built in excuses and Cal is the master.

    1. EdC

      Yea I grew tired a few seasons ago with him getting away with the inexperience excuse year after year when that ridiculous no quality seniors and juniors strategy is his primary strategy.

  24. mikep

    Big Blue Nation, greatest fans in the world when the Cats are winning but let them lose a few and the true colors come out. I’ve been a die hard fan every since my Dad took me to my first game in 1969. Support our team or root for someone else. When this team makes its run in March all of these aholes will be praising the coach and it’s players.

    1. bigblue2284

      Life long fan blah blah blah. If people are unhappy with how the team and Cal are performing it doesn’t mean they aren’t “true fans”. Fans like you are why U.K. has been perfectly fine with losing in football for 30 years.

    2. Urincatland

      Totally agree!

    3. Trueblue44

      We will “fan” how we want to, thanks though. Just because we don’t agree with what’s going on does NOT mean we aren’t fans. Quite the opposite in fact. These same “aholes” as you so eloquently phrase us are also the same ones who help fill the seats. We just don’t sit and view the world as a basket of roses when In fact it is not. By the way, you’re welcome from us aholes for helping to get rid of Gillespie, which I’m sure you thought was fantastic as well.

    4. syrin23

      Support is EARNED a’hole. You pay a coach millions, you get the best ranked players in the country, you put 35 players in the NBA, and you have ONE title. ONE! “Fans” like you who sit there with a s’eating grin on your face no matter how average the product on the court is is WHY we keep getting mediocrity.

    5. Middy

      Mediocrity? How many Final 4s has Cal taken us to? Only twice have we not made at least the Sweet 16. To suggest we’re mediocre is idiotic. We should’ve had 2015 but no school has won more than two in any decade since UCLA in the 70’s. Maybe just maybe, it’s kinda hard to win Nattys every year!

    6. UK Maine-iac

      Syrin in ten years only two coaches have won more than one championship: Wright and K. So I’m assuming all other coaches in the world suck.

    7. Rixter

      YES! Be ok with under-achieving, or get the he!! out. Be ok with being out-coached and out-hustled game after game, or find yourself a new team. Pretend like everything is ok even when it obviously isn’t. Now THAT is a true fan

  25. Slow Learner

    And did it ever occur to Cal that the opposing coach would use the only player on his team to score in the last 5 minutes making 3s, to use him as decoy and run trailers through the paint for a quick 8 points then at the 4:50 mark after we guard the paint give it back to the same guy again? ?

    1. Alabamacat

      Most of our players have been playing basketball for 10 years or longer. When screen was not set. Someone should have had enough sense to call a time out. I knew that by the time i played 8th grade ball.

  26. Slow Learner

    Yeah Cal is a real bench coach. Playing Wisconsin final 4 the refs refused to call a foul on all the drag downs groping the twins in the paint. If he went To Tyler we would of had the banner.

    1. EdC

      Well that but Willie showing up would have helped too considering he only got one more offensive rebound than I did and that was most of his job on the offensive end.

  27. Alabamacat


  28. EdC

    Come on you guys you heard it. It’s easy. Get Nick to the middle of the court to set a ball screen on the run and you get something at the rim or something wide open. It’s virtually guaranteed says the all knowing Cal.

  29. jhnny

    I love Cal- but come on he is a horrible game coach.

    I played basketball back when the coaches couldn’t call timeouts- its amazing how the coaches were able to get our attention to call a timeout. Please.

    Cal needs to hire a bench coach, like they do in baseball. Because that was a horrible job of coaching.

    1. syrin23

      Same was true when he lost the title game at Memphis. This isn’t new. He’s a terrible in game coach, like Stoops.

  30. Lip Man 1

    Again Nick Richards with a major screw up. Waste of a scholarship.

    1. Trueblue44

      Yeah, cause it’s the kids fault……news flash, it’s not.

  31. The Professor

    Cal never calls a TO and we have lost a number of times because of that.

  32. TreyTingle

    Idk why we are all surprised. This has happened his entire tenure at UK whether or not it’s on the players. The reason Cal doesn’t call timeout is so he can use the Montra on the recruiting trail that he lets his players “play”. “Do what you do best, go play.” We constantly here him say this even though time and time again they fall short in these situations. This one sucks. But it is still a long season…

  33. Brad

    Tyler herro was 4 of 13 and missed 6 wide open 3s and was getting blown by every play. So were a lot of guys though but herro was off today. Hopefully he gets dialed in from 3 point range soon

    1. Matt10

      He couldn’t hit the side of a barn yet he was still in. I’d like to have seen someone else get more of a chance.

    2. michaelb

      Quade green has won a game like that for us.

  34. henderblue

    I thought Cal should have called the timeout. As we came across half court, you could just tell this young team wasn’t sure what to do. He should have called the timeout and set something up. Having said that, we missed shots. If Herro hits half of the wide open shots he had, it’s over. But he missed. Then all the naysayers want to get rid of Cal. His time is up…really? Who ya gonna get? I saw BigolBlue’s list. What a joke.

    1. BigolBlue

      No matter who I would have put on the list you would have said this because your head is stuck up Cals butt

    2. Shively1978

      Amen I gave them two earlier and they weren’t good enough here’s a third I’d take Mark Few if he’d leave Gonzaga. Now henderblue I’m sure you’ll find something wrong with that one to.

    3. henderblue

      Cal shoulda called the t.o. That said I’m not looking for a coach because we lost a game. Give Seton Hall credit, they hit big shots. The kid hit a double pumper falling back, on the way down, with a hand in his face at the end of regulation. Everyone knows the defense was good on the shot, even the announcers made the remark more than once that the defense was good. Herro missed at least 6 wide open 3s. And you guys wanna blame the coach. Get rid of the coach? You think Mark Few would come to Kentucky? I got news for you, with idiot fans like we got, you’ll be lucky to get Billy Clyde back. You think we ought to win every game. Then when we do, it’s like, well we didn’t l play anybody. There’s no pleasing someone who thinks we should win the national championship every year. Maybe Duke would be a good team for you guys to follow. But I got news for you, they ain’t winning it every year either!!

  35. catdaddyd

    I’m not sure we want Nick “moving screen” Richards setting any screens, much less at the end of a game.

  36. Eazy19035597

    He’ll get this year, but if they’re average next year as well, there will be real pressure for him to be fired. Absolutely no excuse for us to be this horrible with this team

  37. Urincatland

    Bigblue2284 I totally agree!

  38. tmcclan16

    And that’s why you call the time Any halfway decent coach in America would’ve called a timeout to set up the final play but not these morons enjoy the journey LOL

  39. runningunnin.454

    Food for thought; two pretty good coaches, Pete Newell and John Wooden, didn’t believe in calling timeouts. In fact, many times they coached against each other, and no to’s were called the entire game.
    John Wooden: I prepare my team before the game, then it’s up to them.
    Pete Newell: A timeout is a sign of weakness.
    Another good Wooden quote that is apropos here, “A team that keeps on fighting never loses; they just run out of time”.

    1. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Don’t come in here with time tested methods! We are all totally reactionary and everything we think in this very moment is true!

    2. njCat

      John Wooden’s teams were not primarily comprised of freshmen. He also did not constantly scream at them to the point they are so afraid of making a mistake they tighten up in key situations. I think this is why Cal’s teams tend to blow leads.

    3. Urincatland


  40. Wade

    How bout Hagans walked the ball up like he thought cal was gonna cal a to or call out a play unfortunately you attack or call to. We did neither! Game over

  41. VirginiaCat

    Runningunnin: Yes, Newell and Wooden didn’t believe in calling timeouts, either. Difference is, they actually prepared their teams for late game situations. I believe Cal said that he hasn’t worked on that yet. There is a list of things that he hasn’t worked on yet.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Wellll, those coaches did have more time; their players generally played for them for three years.
      I do remember one game; UCLA had won 88 straight games, and built up a 17 point lead on Notre Dame. ND came back and cut the lead to two; Bill Walton looked at Wooden and signaled timeout; Wooden said no. When Notre Dame took the lead, Walton again looked at Wooden and wanted a to, again Wooden said no. Notre Dame won. Obviously, Walton thought they needed the to.
      Generally, I would’t call a to because it lets the defense set up; but, opinions vary.
      I think in today’s game…the players didn’t execute; and, should have had the ball up the floor in 3 sec.

  42. friendsofcoal

    SH scored 59 points in the second half and OT…that explains everything to me.

  43. michaelb

    Last year quade green would have slashed to the rim and later that buzzer beater in for the win. Wasn’t even on the court though . I think he should have played some in ot. There’s where your experienced guys come in handy

    1. Kat4Life

      He played like shit the entire game

  44. bigbluehank

    Cal quit caring about winning after the Wisconsin game. Since that point his goal has been to see how many guys he can send to the NBA.

  45. Birdman75

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. It has always been cals philosophy to let the players play out end of game versus calling timeout. More often than not, the defense will be scrambling and the offense can take advantage of that. I have no issues with that train of thought at all. AS LONG AS THE PLAYERS ARE PREPARED FOR THST SITUATION. Today, they clearly weren’t. Cal may have given them a set to run, but it all went out the window at the drop of a dime. Richards supposedly didn’t set the screen, and my biggest issue is with hagans calmly walking up the court WITH 9 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME. He even paused for a second after crossing mid court to throw his hand up and call a set! 9 seconds is not enough time for any of that shit!

    The players were obviously not prepared to deal with a time sensitive and pressured situation. As cal keeps claiming, they’re young. If he knows this, he needs to be consistently reminding them of what needs to be done, how it’s done, and to be mindful of the clock!

    That being said, it’s a great learning experience for everyone involved, especially hagans. The only way you learn is from the experience of mistakes. So here’s to hoping we have a season full of good lessons, and void of repeated mistakes! If that happens we will be rolling cone March!

    1. IrishCat

      Great post.

  46. BluKudzu

    These are future NBA stars. This is not about winning at UK. This is about helping these children reach their dreams. This has nothing to do with fan expectation for the program.
    As soon as you understand that, then you can enjoy season after season, of Cal putting his players in the NBA, which really is, all that is going to matter.
    Ratings, wins, SEC championships, National championships, these are insignificant, no longer a focus, here at UK. Cal has told us where his emphasis has been, and until you realize this has nothing, zero, nada to do with having a dominate college basketball program, now or in the future, as a fan you will be miserable.
    Get it through your skulls folks. Our championships are players in the NBA.
    Not wins. The paradigm has shifted.
    Cal will be there on draft day. Save your celebrations for that.
    Go Cats.

    1. ScoggDog

      I used to think that was just Hyperbole – just “Cal saying Cal things”.

  47. TBW3011

    Because he’s an idiot. That’s why.

  48. Harrelson55

    Elite programs dont lose these games
    Pathetic loss. Terrible coaching. I like Cal. But after Kst it seems we are in a bit of a spiral.

    1. henderblue

      Yes they do

  49. Racerr11

    Loserville had no problem beating Seton Hall? They did beat them but trailed almost the entire game but did win it in the last minute or so. As bad as the Cats played we did lead almost the entire game except for a few times when the score went back and forth . And 99% of the time when a guy shoots a 3 and gets knocked down they call a foul.

  50. Racerr11

    Kids are to pampered in today’s world no doubt so to say he needs to stop yelling at them is ridiculous.

  51. rainman

    Bottom line, there is NO legitimate reason, NOT to call a TO in this situation!

    1. IrishCat

      That’s just flat out untrue.

  52. IrishCat

    Cal’s overall philosophy on late game timeouts is sound, and plenty of other great coaches feel the same way. If your team is completely lost, though, and not going to get off a decent last shot, you gotta try to get a TO.

  53. BPatte

    It seemed to me that Seton Hall played much harder after PJ blocked that shot and stood over their guy acting tough. This group of players just don’t have the mentality to play at this level. Everyone knows the saying “you can’t fix stupid”!

  54. Shively1978

    This team just dosent have very good chemistry. Shorten the rotation to 7 guys. Pick the best 7 guys and let them learn to play together. So you got some guys that don’t play oh well so does everyone else. Need someone to step up and be THE GUY.

    1. Aar

      Johnson didn’t set up yesterday? Washington didn’t step up yesterday?

      Don’t you have to bring all of them along and develop them at this time of the season before shortening the rotation for the post season?

  55. Rixter

    “We haven’t worked on that”??

    “Keldon, call timeout!”

    There, you’ve not only worked on it, you’ve perfected it.

  56. W1ldCats4Life

    I didn’t read all 95 post, but my take on this situation…

    These players have played A LOT of ball, they should know they are only down 1 point, why do you jack around behind the 3pt line? You’re bigger than SH, drive to basket and kick or dunk on somebody. But players need to know they DO NOT need a 3 to win. That is something they should learn in grade school before Cal.

    But everyone is entrenched in media darlings hitting the bomb at the buzzer. Win by 2 or win by 1 is still a win. You gotta take the higher percentage shot….no excuse.

  57. Shively1978

    Another thing there are good guards but we don’t have an elite guard. No Fox or Wall type point guard that can set the offense or make plays late in the game just like this one. Someone has to step up between Quickly and Haggins. You have to be more than a good defender.

  58. sp

    I think this team needs to platoon. As mentioned before they are all playing scared. They know if they make any type of mistake they are coming out because there’s a backup for every position and Cal likes to grandstand and make himself look all high and mighty. They don’t know how to play together because there’s a different group on the floor every other minute. Cal refuses to let them play through mistakes and get into any type of rhythm. He jerks them out at the drop of a hat and they play in fear of that. It’s not good coaching. Their confidence is shaken if not broken. And I’m sure there’s growing animosity between players over playing time. The platoon team knew they got a rotating five minutes of game time to play hard with their group and they knew they weren’t going to be subbed out if they made a mistake. This team should do that.

  59. natertatter

    i think cal is a really great coach,but his end of game coaching where he says hes empowering the players is a bad philosophy….cal start calling end of game timeouts and setting up plays…..your philosophy of letting them play has cost you a couple of national championships……stop being a hard head and develope some end of game strategys that dont depend on freshman with no experience as you put it, making the decisions.

  60. shelby

    Not that anybody cares, but i always prefer they NOT call timeout; why give the defense time to set up? In scramble mode advantage offense IMO. Did Roy Williams call a TO b4 like maye stabbed us in 2016? Nope.

    1. natertatter


  61. Aar

    I agree with Cal and his reasoning. One of the reasons I like basketball and not the other popular sports is that the action is reasonably continuous. I’d be happy for timeouts to be eliminated in the last 1-2 minutes of game time. Just let them play!

    After a night to sleep on the frustration and disappointment of this loss to a bad team, I’ll just say that I’m going to continue enjoying this team’s development. I think the talent, experience and coaching are more than enough to take this team to title number nine. It all just depends upon how quickly they all get confident in each other and come together as a team. While watching the UNCG game my wife said that it was fun to watch the talent on one end opposing the teamwork on the other. I hope the Cats don’t run out of runway…

    Cal has said that teams must win at least 6 straight in the regular season in order to win a Championship. This team has already ticked that box. Fighting through adversity is another box to check. I’m behind them as they fight through the adversity of this season.

  62. bigblue2284

    Cal always has his player playing tight. One mistake and he will berate them on national tv and pull them from the game. Can we have the same rules for Cal? I say pull him and let Robic coach.

    1. natertatter


  63. kjd

    Cal stated they’re inexperienced. That’s why you call timeout. They don’t know what to do in that situation. That comes with experience.

  64. cats fan 858

    How did cal recruit such a bad team this team made duke look unbeatable we need to go in another direction cal has won 1 title with the best players in school history how’s he going to win with bad players where a fan base that wants titles not final fours an elite 8s an not to mention nits if you go by that cals done no better than tubby idc how many players he’s put in the nba that doesn’t equate to championships and I’m sure some will say but where the cool school but where not duke is

  65. CatsPaws2

    Yep, would only make sense to have Keldon who’s 33% from 3, come down and shoot a three when we’re down one. Looks like we played the percentages and did it the right way.

  66. bluecat15

    Cal has one national championship with arguably the most talent in the past Nine years. If it weren’t for Darius Miller hitting huge shots he wouldn’t have that one. Glad all those kids are doing well in NBA.

  67. zoupman

    Cal is a great coach. Only Dec. also the players should know, attack the basket.

  68. murphy60

    To those that think Cal is still good, start to look at history. We felt the same way with Tubby. Tubby won only one championship also to never get there again. It’s been 8 years since we won, and we will never get back. Let’s look at the Cal not calling a time out. How about against NC. Had the game, had time outs left, lost the game. Cal did that against Kansas when he was coaching Memphis. Had a time out, didn’t use it. Since we are a young team, HE SHOULD HAVE. So again, this one is on Cal. Like always. Oh by the way, Tennessee beat Gonzaga. Going to be fun playing them.