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18 responses to “Calipari on how Kentucky will cope without Reid Travis”

  1. ScoggDog

    No need to worry. Gonna’ get better. Read it here this morning.

  2. J. Did

    E J Want….and Nick Rich.

  3. Larkin123

    Yes worry…

  4. J. Did

    Tweak. It’s a Cal’s.

  5. ibescootch

    I don’t understand a single comment above.

    1. Ridge Runner

      My head hurts too…

    2. StayBlue

      Guess we missed the code-class.

    3. runningunnin.454

      And my Little Orphan Annie decoder ring didn’t help. Neither did my Calspeak decoder ring.

    4. Ridge Runner

      RG.. so true sir. Sometimes I’ll be listening to coach and shaking my head up/down agreeing and totally understanding… then, a calspeak occurs and I get a deer in the headlight moment that lingers. Lol

  6. Ridge Runner

    Ok.. I think I got the above deciphered… here we go:
    Scogg: Since he read on KSR earlier this morning that we are getting better.. he ain’t friggin worried.
    JDid 1: EJ has the desire and will want to excel. and Nick too but he’s a little not as positive.
    Larkin: He’s Just damn worried.
    JDid2: Thinks a Cal tweak is in the answer.

    Ok…. whewwwww. Not sure but best I could drum up.

  7. Big johnson

    Sounds like he’s preparing us for another Vanderbilt deal.

    1. jimmer

      Cal definitely sounded like a J Vanderbilt rehash with his comments.

    2. bluecrowe

      That is exactly what Cal is preparing us for, right now. You want all those teams in March thinking Reid just might be back, but we have seen the him on the court for the last time.

  8. Luether

    I agree, Mrs TT. “Let’s stick with two weeks”…

  9. dieden39

    Reid and Zion with the same injury. Both will be ready the next game. Coach K will insert Zion immediately but Coach Cal will set Reid out for at least Two weeks. Just saying….you take this as you see fit. I wasn’t born yesterday. Been around the game a long time. Mark my word but I will not come back on and say, I told you so.

    1. bigbluebanana

      What’s your point though?

    2. Aar

      Agreed. I’d take Cal’s approach every time – assuming identical injuries.

  10. Aar

    Let’s presume the Cats get through the regular season in good shape – 2 seed locked, 1 seed possible. Travis hasn’t played since Mizzou. When and how do you bring him back?

    Do you put a power player coming off a sprained knee back in at 30+ minutes for 3 games in 3 days in the most physical conference tournament in the land?

    Do you let him rust until the first weekend?

    Do you give him limited minutes on Friday and Saturday, then 30+ on Sunday (presuming you get to play on Sunday)?