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13 responses to “Calipari: Kentucky’s defense already far ahead of the curve”

  1. Ridge Runner

    It also shows Coach is up for a change or.. perhaps he thinks a change is good now for this particular group. I recall and perhaps some of you as well, when cal has stated in both a press conference as well as post game comments that with past teams after the first couple of game.. “We haven’t even worked on defense yet”. Anyone remember those years? I know of two. Anyway, glad he changed for whatever reason as it got us a W in our first game for sure.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Oh and yes, Tyrese had something to do with that W as well. Lol

    2. UKCatAttack

      I think experience is the key to what he’s able to implement this early.

    3. Ridge Runner

      Absolutely CatAttack -but I think by reading his comments, one could perceive he always worked on defense early on whereas there have been times when he chose not to.

  2. GoCatz

    Johnny Juzang….”here, take it”…hilarious!!

    1. ibescootch

      I laughed out loud at that! I absolutely hated playing against guys like that who were just twitchy, like their hands and feet were constantly moving, so not only are you trying to make your play with the ball, you’re thinking about what they’re doing. I think that’s a lot tougher on a ball handler than people realize. It may not even be producing turnovers, but it’s mental energy you have to expend to do your job.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Scootch, I think we saw plenty of that in Ashton’s breakout game against UNCheat last year. Ashton had their PG constantly wondering where he was.

    3. Saul T. Nuts

      Coby White is now starting for the Bulls and is one of the top rookies in the NBA this year, and Ashton made him look silly and scared.

  3. IrishCat

    Nick’s pick and roll defensive is elite. His ability to defend the top incoming guard in the nation off the switch is something very very few 5 men in college basketball can do. The guys who are a little behind will come along faster with Nick and the 3 guards setting the tone at all times. By March we might be locking ppl down like a Tubby team, but with 5 star talent.

    1. Bluehender

      Good eye IrishCat. Nick made a difference Tuesday night on the defensive end. We really don’t need him to score a lot, but I’ll say this..I’m comfortable with him at the foul line. He missed one down the stretch but I think he was a little fatigued at that point. I’d like to see him get a few more rebounds but his defense was good..

  4. KYjellyRoll

    That is exactly why some of these kids come here! To play against other greats and improve their game! Some of these recruits that pass the opportunity to play with elite teammates and just be the main man are really missin out. Go Cats

    1. makeitstop

      U mean there’s no competition like that at say…. Oklahoma State?

    2. ukisdabest