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17 responses to “Calipari considering a zone, references 2010 Elite 8 loss (#TooSoon)”

  1. Cletis75


    1. Cletis75

      Is the team he’s referring to.

  2. TMac1980

    Ha ha clearly talking about the Dookies.

  3. J. Did

    CAL’s impersonation of Julius Randle was impeccable. It always makes me laugh.

  4. Ridge Runner

    Cal.. yeah, do it but umm… shhhhh.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Loose lips sink ships.

  5. KYjellyRoll

    Well, they didn’t go 0-18 from 3 in 2010 because the streak that was…

    1. Brutal Hustler

      Darnell Dodson and Eric Bledsoe, I believe, hit inconsequential threes after the last TV timeout to extend the streak

  6. JDizzle14

    Decided to look up the stats from that game cuz i honestly didnt remember myself exactly what they shot from 3 either…… it was 4-for-32

    1. Cletis75

      I thought we only hit one 3 that game

    2. Cletis75

      Honestly, the only thing I do remember besides losing, is how physical WVU was. Boogie got put on the floor and there was no foul called.

    3. BlooBloodRon

      I think it was 0-22 before they hit one. And by the time they did it didn’t much matter

    4. Cletis75

      That, and when I woke up a 1.75L of vodka was missing.

    5. Skooms

      What was crazy about that game is that even though we hit ZERO 3s in the first half, WV only made like 3 two point field goals. They were in something like the bottom 10% of D1 for 3pt%, yet they were hitting damn near every one they threw up in the first half. It started to even out in the 2nd half.

  7. Robinson73

    If this team can learn a zone in time for the tournament LOOK OUT???#9#BBN

  8. Luether

    Cal’s stubborn refusal to play zone has likely cost us a ‘ship or 2. My sources say that his comments are mostly BS. They doubt Ky will play much if any zone the rest of the way…

  9. Wildcat Sheli

    That 2010 loss had Luckie on the whistle. Sure reminded me of our Sweet Sixteen loss in 2018. It should have, because Luckie officiated both of those ugly foul fests.