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26 responses to “Calipari jokes he wants to skip the SEC Tournament”

  1. michaelb

    Cal doesn’t like the league tourney , but all the fans do. Despite what he thinks or says , I think it’s a good Lil practice run of a tourney situation that we kinda need since our guys are perpetually ‘young’ every year . Plus, I’m on the side of … ( I know this sounds weird or backwards ) we need a humbling loss right before the NCAA tourney . It let’s our guys get a taste of that before we start trying to win several in a row . We all know that winning a bunch of games in a row puts our guys on a cloud & after a while they start feeling invincible and unbeatable . It leads to complacency no matter who you are . This team feels special to me – I just think we are so versatile & can be teams that are strong in the paint and teams that are perimeter oriented, also also we can run with the best of them . They just seemed to grow up very quickly and have tightened their game up . Seems like we’re going to the title game at least in my opinion .

    1. catsarerunnin

      I love going to the SEC tourney and when I go I want the Cats to win but it doesn’t help them at all as far as the Big Dance. Even winning the SEC seldom improves their seeding and I always worry about injuries. But the SEC is always a party regardless of where it’s held and that’s because Kentucky fans are the best.

    2. michaelb

      There’s no other single elimination battle for our guys so yes it would have to help them get ready just by default sir

  2. bigblue98

    Know they can’t change for this year, but would be nice if they moved sec tournament up a day, with championship on Saturday. Would give more rest before ncaa tournament begins.

    1. Aar

      It would also make sense for there to be a rest day between at least the last three rounds. In addition to helping the SEC teams prepare for the every other day cadence of the big dance, Nashville businesses would love it.

    2. Skooms

      That’s one of the reasons Cal hates the SEC Tourney. Committee minds are usually made up before the final game. They’ve admitted to this.

  3. KYjellyRoll

    They’ve had their humbling losses in Seton Hall and Alabama. They don’t want anymore of them losses. Win out

    1. Aar

      I see two more losses this season – at Rocky Top and in the SEC tourney finals. Those losses will help with the humility to keep them hungry for big dance success. They also will not hurt seeding.

    2. JASUN74

      Exactly right jelly roll. I mean we got humble pie the first game of the season so I believe we’re good on the losses. Haha. You never ever want to ever lose a game !! Ever!! It never helped anyone to lose it only made them a loser for that game. I know there’s instances of us losing a game and going on to win, blah , blah, blah. Hell no! You try to Win every game you play! Period!! That’s the stupidest shit I ever heard is, we need to lose to help us!! Whoever believes that has never played basketball and don’t try to tell me you did because you’re lying. Maybe you rode the bench and wasn’t a real part of the team. Anyway, losers are just that , losers, winners WIN!!

  4. shelby

    I see no use for the tourney; risking injury playing multiple games in a row. UK does not need it!

    1. michaelb

      Yea just play it out in myplayer on NBA 2k. That’s the safest bet

  5. John Capilari

    Maybe Cal skips the tourney. Let KP coach.

    1. Luether

      My sources say that KP coaching instead of Cal would not impact the outcome of any game…

  6. No more excuses cal

    If cal doesn’t like the conference tournament maybe he can seek employment elsewhere. Like the g leagues

    1. 4everUKblue

      If you don’t like Cal, maybe you can seek another fanbase like say dUKe. Jacka$$

    2. No more excuses cal

      Seniority rules I was here before cal he can keep the established traditions or seek employment elsewhere

    3. catsarerunnin

      There’s also a senility rule too so you must move on.

    4. henderblue

      What 4ever said ^^^^jackazz

  7. Sublem

    MSU will not be an issue in Nashville, I wont be surprised if its a repeat of the Rupp game. They’re just tough to play at home.

  8. Racerr11

    Cal is the man, he’s right it does UK no good to play in the SEC tourney. I’ve been to the tournament it’s a great time and Nashville is the best but as far as the team goes it serves no purpose at all. Also anyone who thinks losing a game before NCAA tourney is a good thing needs to take up another sport. Maybe no sports at all.

    1. No more excuses cal

      Maybe we should just hold closed practice from November till March then just play those 6 games

    2. Ez21

      Look back on the evidence. We’ve won 1 title and look what happened in the Sec tourny that year. The 96 team also lost in the finals.

    3. JASUN74

      Ez21, we’ve won one title hey? Lmao. WOW. Are you a new fan to this Kentucky Wildcats thing? Lmao. Anyway dumbass, nothing we’ve ever done in our history of EIGHT championships have anything to do with this years team. NOTHING. To think there’s something you can take away from history to help you understand what can happen this year is stupid as anything I’ve heard in my life. Every team is different and every individual is different. You all need to get out of fairytale land and quit thinking if we lose it could help anything!! God almighty how dumb is some people!!

  9. njCat

    I like coaches who have an ‘anywhere, anytime’ attitude. Why does Cal think he needs to protect his players from good competition? His home schedule is a joke compared to what it was under Hall, Tubby and Pitino. It’s no wonder there are so many empty seats.

    1. No more excuses cal

      He doesn’t want to expose there weekness that why he hates holiday and conference tournaments it hurts there draft stock

  10. No more excuses cal

    Players first