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Calipari jokes about the seeding



According to Kyle Tucker of the Courier-Journal, John Calipari predicted to his Kentucky team that they would receive an 8 seed. His players didn’t believe it. Calipari responded to them by saying, “Only way to prove them wrong is go play.”

Calipari then joked that if the Cats had beaten Florida today, they probably would have been a 9-seed. 


Article written by Ally Tucker

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22 responses to “Calipari jokes about the seeding”

  1. stevem

    End of the day I like the fact we might have the opportunity to best Smell and Puke. How sweet would that be?

    1. Moose

      I’m with you, I love it. Plus knocking out the undefeated team. Let’s do this!

  2. so ga cat

    Nothing to do but shut up and play ball—go show the committee they mis-judged the cats

  3. maddog

    With the ability to draw up a play like todays final play we should last all of 10 minutes.

    1. hell cat

      Shut up, idiot. He slipped.

    2. Reality Replay

      Actually . . . shoved and tripped.

    3. Dan

      I saw the shove, but they didn’t call it because Harrison grabbed whoever pushed Young first. Sorry, we can’t blame the refs on this one.

    4. Reality Check

      I can’t even last 10 minutes in my lovemaking so if they do that I’ll be impressed.

  4. Doug

    Either Kentucky is going to show the committee that they made the right decision and they arn’t that good and deserved that 8 seed or they are going to get mad and go out there and play ball and make a deep run in this tournament.

  5. bung

    we played the 8 seed slo-mo offense for the first 30 mintues and got down 16…then decided to start playing at the pace we should have the whole game and nearly won…we are lucky to be an 8 seed…and I wonder why we did that after looking good the last 2 games by running…

    1. SKat

      I would give some credit to Gators. They are legitimate #1 1 seed and played like it except for the Cats’ run and a couple of late free throws.

    2. Reality Check

      Think playing the overall number 1 seed had anything to do with it? Of course not.

    3. bung

      no, who we played didn’t have anything to do with making a conscious choice to reverting back to playing like we have against everyone most of the season, instead of up tempo like we did the last 2 games…

  6. Martyman

    Like always, those dastardly NCAA Tourney folks stick us once again in the very toughest bracket. Not only are the dreaded UofL Cardinals in there, but then so are those nasty Dukies…To say if we can get into the Final 4 this year then these Cats have left the rest of the teams decimated by Their Tweak and Awe-Big Blue Barrage! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  7. Ryan Lemond

    Maybe Cal should focus on his coaching ability. Because given all of the McDonald’s All Americans he had on his roster this year, and because the SEC is garbage, to have our record doesn’t exactly reflect all that great on his coaching ability.

    1. Gee, Are You Good?

      What great insight you bring to the table. You are an Idiot.

    2. Moose

      Strength of schedule and bpi both in top 10. you are retarded (pronounced as it was in The Hangover).

  8. Reality Check

    Is it a coincidence all the analysts are saying our seeding is a joke?

  9. Reality Check

    As a 6 seed in our bracket we’d play the play-in game. Think we’d get to the 2nd round then?

    1. WTF

      6 seed doesn’t have to play in the “play-in game” dummy.

  10. I'm Love this Team.

    Where are all the true UK fans that talk positive about our teams. Negative commits all the time. Let bring on the good Karma!.. I think we did great, sure we played a bit slow in the first half, but we sure had a chance to win this game at the end, and I think we will do fine in the tourney.

  11. Red Rooster

    I am ready for the tournament to start…Go UK