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Calipari: Jarred Vanderbilt ready physically, not mentally

After Monday’s news that Jarred Vanderbilt is now practicing with the team, everyone wants to know when he’ll play in a game; after the game, John Calipari said Vanderbilt is physically ready to go, but mentally? Not so much.

“Yesterday, and even today, I loved him in the shootaround. He’s just not ready mentally to be on the court. I basically told him, when you go in, you’re only going to play seven or eight minutes in a half. You’re going to have limited minutes for a while. I’m just going to put you out there, let you run around and feel good about yourself and then you’re out.

“But he’s going to have to make that decision. It’s more mental. He could play. He couldn’t play 40 minutes but he could play. What he does is — I never remember him being as physically strong as he is. He changed up practice. It was physical. I’ll tell you what else Jarred is. He’s a willing passer, so when he gets it, the team loves it because they know he’s passing. He’s a willing passer, which this team needs, so it would be nice.”

If you think that sounds like a challenge, you’re not alone, but Calipari insists he’s not pressuring the freshman to make his debut.

“I’m not challenging him. I’d like his first game to be a home game so he can get some love and work through what he needs to work through. I’d rather have that than a road game, but I’m going to leave that up to him.”

Vanderbilt at Vanderbilt? We’ll see.

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17 responses to “Calipari: Jarred Vanderbilt ready physically, not mentally”

  1. spincr4hire72

    Rest of the team isn’t all that ready mentally either. Let’s see Vanderbilt get some playing time already.

    1. Luether

      Valid point…

    2. UK Big Board Update

      They were mentally prepared when they blasted Louisville by THIRTY POINTS!! Right, Lueser? LOL

  2. catsby90.1

    Understandable. Don’t just throw him out there and hope for the best. We need him play with confidence and keep it. Can’t wait to have him out there.

  3. 4everUKblue

    All I know is I want that jacket.

    1. kenny

      You can buy that jacket at oneness in lex, or online at oneness.

  4. demoCrAT

    this whole thing is just strange

    1. unbridled

      I agree whole heartedly. Kinda getting bizarre. Do we even know what the injury was and if he actually had surgery? I’m all about players first mentality, but I think him not playing will only hurt his draft status. In cal I trust.

  5. catsarerunnin

    Vanderbilt making his first appearance against Vanderbilt would just seem logical.

  6. unbridled

    what’s going on here? Doesn’t Vanderbilt think that not playing might affect his draft status in a negtive manner? It feels like coach cal is calling him out.

  7. Han

    JV’s probably got that same worry every guy does coming off a foot or knee injury. He’s worried he’ll get in there, cut around a screen or go up for a rebound, and hear a pop when he lands. He’s gotta forget that and trust he’s healthy and be ready to get in there and fight. Even if he’s really raw and can’t score, we could use him to rebound and just give us 5 extra fouls on the wing/in the paint. The last two games really needed that.

    Hope he’s ready soon. Also it’ll be nice to shut up the people around here who are so smug about him never playing.

    1. Ridge Runner


    2. wyatts1

      I agree with everything you said, except the last part calling people smug, it’s simple if he’s capable of playing and everybody including him and coach thinks so, then we need his energy and 💓. Idk if that puts me into the “smug” category or not but the truth is the truth. Cause this kid is that good, and according to some of the reports I’ve seen this kids been ready to play.

  8. Jiminy Crickets

    Weird. All the way up until this conversation, it seemed Calipari was protecting him from possibly getting injured. Calipari refused at times to even acknowledge that Vanderbilt was on the team. This conversation sounds like Vanderbilt is the one holding the keys. It sounds like Vanderbilt going out and doing NBA workout takes, but has been refusing to practice. Now, Calipari says he’s physically ready, which was the opposite of what Calipari has said up til now, but says he’s not mentally makes you wonder if Vanderbilt wants to play

    1. Big Meech

      Usually I don’t comment on some of the idiotic things our fan base says, but some of u all are crazy. I tore my acl and mcl twice and the mental part of coming back from injury is the hardest part. Yes physically he is probably fine but it takes time to get right in your mind. Derrick rose is the perfect example. Jarred has so much riding on this next few years that it might take him more time to feel comfortable. Stop complaining and commenting on things most of u know nothing about. U sound ignorant

    2. unbridled

      Wah wah wah….we are talking about a super elite athlete that has aspirations to play in the NBA. He is not a fellow rec league player jimney. Coach cal is calling him out for a reason. It’s likely in jareds best interest to get back on the court and that’s why coach cal has made the comments he has. You can whine about commenters all you want, but we get our limited info from coach cal who completely understands the situation. Who is ignorant?

    3. unbridled

      Sorry my previous comment was directed to Big Meech. My apologies jimney!