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Calipari addresses UCLA rumor, plans to retire at Kentucky

BBN, you can exhale. John Calipari isn’t going anywhere.

On Wednesday afternoon, rumors began circulating Coach Calipari showed “serious interest” in leaving UK to accept the UCLA head coaching job. Wednesday night, Calipari took to Twitter to respond to the speculation. He wrote:

“Before I go to bed, let me just say this: I’m coaching at the [University] of Kentucky. In my opinion, there is no better job in the world to coach basketball. My plan and my desire is to retire at Kentucky. I think the university feels the same as I do and we’ve talked openly about it.”

Whew. Rick Pitino, the Bruins’ job is all yours. In the mean time, the BBN should take Coach Cal’s advice:


Article written by Maggie Davis

81 responses to “Calipari addresses UCLA rumor, plans to retire at Kentucky”

  1. lexcatfan2367

    Who actually thought he was leaving? Honestly, I’ve grown numb to annual “cal to _________” headlines.

    1. Rixter

      lcf, never underestimate people’s gullibility.

    2. nocode96

      Several people in the comment section today did, they were SURE of it. You’d think 10 straight years of “Cal going to…” would be enough to keep folks around here from buying into this stuff.

    3. 4everUKblue

      Read it and weep KYCat4ever and BigolSlaterMedic and all you other Cal haters. Cal is going nowhere you idiots! Hahahaha!!!!

    4. henderblue


    5. DagummitLarry

      Is there a possibility of Cal going to UCLA?
      There is always a chance.

      What would be good reasons for him to take the UCLA position?
      Easier access to LeBron for recruiting purposes.
      His final resume would read that he coached at the two programs with the most NCAA tournament
      It’s a fresh recruiting start and a new challenge.
      He gets out of the Kentucky fishbowl and can go out in public more in Los Angeles.

      Do I honestly think he will take the job?
      No. But you can’t rule out the possibility.

  2. unbridled

    I have the utmost faith in coach cal. Zero chance he would take the UCLA job. That’s a step backwards. I could see him taking the Lakers job to coach Bron Bron and A David at some point though. We are lucky to have his as long as he chooses.

    1. unbridled

      I like my coach and my team. Let’s ball!

    2. Ridge Runner

      Cool of coach to nip that report in the buttocks. Yes, unbridled.. I like my coach!

    3. dballrb

      Johnny David?

    4. ukjaybrat

      i love cal and im glad he’s staying. that being said, he could potentially have more success at ucla. we all know the best team on the west coast (gonzaga, arizona, etc) always gets the one seed in the west and is almost always the easiest brackets. it’d be easy for cal to take his fresham nevery year and play through a weak west coast schedule and get a 1 seed every year. we have the unfortunate scenario of all the best teams being grouped together in the midwest and east and all have to play each other for the right to play the overrated west coast team every year. it’s a dumb system.

  3. UKCatAttack

    I’ll say it again… the story by Jack Pilgrim was wreckless and shoddy reporting. That kind of garbage shouldn’t be tolerated on this site. It negatively effects the program and Coach Cal shouldn’t have to worry about such nonsense the day before the NCAA tournament begins. Posting iron KSR made it exponentially a bigger story and it makes me ashamed of you and pissed off. If clickbaiting us is all you’re after I’ll quit clicking.

    1. UKCatAttack

      *posting it on ksr

    2. lexcatfan2367

      I agree. It seemed totally careless and in poor taste. What’s the difference in a ksr writer doing it and Rex doing it in 2014? There isn’t one. I’ve forgiven Rex, but the timing of today’s seemed opportunistic.

    3. Rixter

      Agreed. But, it do get clicks. Advertisers like the clicks.KSR like advertisers.

    4. Jack Pilgrim

      Maybe you should re-read the article. I did zero reporting on the article, it’s attributed to the THREE other people who actually came up with the rumors. Has absolutely nothing to do with KSR. I even wrote at the end that it was just another Calipari rumor before NCAA Tournament time.

    5. nocode96

      I tend to agree with Jack on this one, though I see your reasoning catattack. People were already flooding other stories with talk of it anyway, all Hack did was post something here that was already known and highly debatable on this site anyway.

    6. CoachCat

      Maybe you shouldn’t buy into rumors by putting them on KSR. Regardless of who said what it was you who decided to run the article here. Notice that Hey Kentucky didn’t even mention it.

    7. dballrb

      That de-escalated quickly.

    8. CahillsCrossingNT

      Agreed. Everybody should reread the piece. People with bylines put it out there.

    9. unbridled

      That’s the problem with “news sites” these days jack. Everyone is just reporting what everyone else is saying anonymously and not checking any facts. It kinda seems like click bait.

    10. Jack Pilgrim

      A report from a prominent news site saying there is mutual interest between the head coach of Kentucky and UCLA is newsworthy. Most local media outlets wrote about it. Has nothing to do with clicks.

    11. BigolBlue

      You guys bitching about ksr posts are hilarious. Dont visit the site then!!!! Its free material. Jack has done fine work on here. Whatever you do for a living you prob suck at.

    12. John Capilari

      ^^hit nail on the head^^

    13. catsarerunnin

      BigolBlewSlaterDbag mad!

    14. KYCat4EVER

      SPOT ON again BigolBlue! LOL

    15. eastofmidnight

      I first read the article on USA Today so would have been surprised if KSR didn’t mention it in passing. Actually, I would have wondered why KSR did not share it.

    16. 4everUKblue

      Pretty you sure you suck at your job Slater, in fact you just suck at life in general. You take idiocy to a new level.

    17. BigolBlue

      Atleast I work 4 ever. Your either a women with a sugar daddy or a kid. With your lame humor its either or

    18. nocode96


    19. IndianaSucks

      I seriously doubt it has “nothing” to do with clicks. This site has gotten worse over the years with click bait. I get it… just business.

    20. CATandMONKEY

      You can say it again and you would still be incorrect.
      This is news; rumor or not.
      You have to print this. Doesn’t matter if he is staying or leaving; the NEWS part is that someone else(not KSR) said Cal showed interest in UCLA.

      Ignoring news and getting scooped by all your competition is a great way to go out of business.

    21. ukjaybrat

      “Notice that Hey Kentucky didn’t even mention it.”

      Hey Kentucky was recorded at 3-ish in the afternoon before the rumors came out. think before you say dumb stuff.

    22. CoachCat

      When did the ESPN show air? The article written in the Bruin online was put out around 2pm. The article Jack put out was at 3:30. So in fact the rumor was out hours before Hey Kentucky was recorded, much less edited. Genius

    23. UKCatAttack

      My biggest issue is with the headline and not so much the actual post. It could’ve been headlined as Today’s most ridiculous rumor or UCLA showing interest in John Calipari. The headline with all Caps REPORT insinuated more tha. It really was. Yes you did put a footnote at the end that it was the latest Cal to whoever but a lot of people skim and then that story gets passed around as truth.

    24. 4everUKblue

      BigolSlaterMedic, your mom should hold you over another year in elementary school to work on your spelling and grammar. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over Cal staying.

    25. ukjaybrat

      “So in fact the rumor was out hours before Hey Kentucky was recorded”
      Just because a rumor was officially created before 3:00 doesn’t mean matt & co were aware of it. even IF they heard the rumor before they went on air, they aren’t going to throw away their planned show to discuss an unfounded rumor. so stop being dense.

  4. 8XChamps

    In Cal We Trust!

    1. Luether

      Until we don’t…

  5. Wade

    I think he is staying here but I think family may tug a bit about la. We are hard to deal with! Glad cal said something but it really doesn’t mean anything. He never said 100% no and UCLA can find another coach! This just ratchets down the gossip. Let’s just win #9 and keep cal for another 10. Cal has only found a chip here with the best fans and program ever! Maybe we need to rename rupp arena to keep him! What do y’all think about the cal-zone or the cal-iseum?

    1. RAGE


    2. KYjellyRoll

      The cal-Iseum is actually not a bad one lol

  6. KatFan48

    PLEASE someone let BigolBlue aka lilolchicken know Cal is staying. THE SKY ISN’T FALLING TH SKY ISN’T FALLING

    1. Rixter

      Obviously, those 17 posters are taking his nap.

  7. Larkin123

    What did he say to Memphis when we came around? I don’t remember…

    1. syrin23

      He said, “I hate this southern version of Detroit s’hole. I am going to Lexington, a real basketball school.”.

    2. nocode96


  8. unbridled

    This rumor is insulting to cal. He is far better than UCLA. If he wants to move to LA…he will coach Bron Bron and A Davis at the lakers.

    1. jsuge20

      and Lonzo… lol

  9. unbridled

    Also, does UCLA who doesn’t pay their coaches jack squat…think uk won’t heavily counter their offer? Like by a lot!

    1. CoachCat

      There has to be a upside for any coach to leave a program. What more could Cal want? He coaches at The University of Kentucky. Is there anything else that needs to be said?

  10. makeitstop

    These are not news sites they’re blogs. And even “news” isn’t news any more it’s innuendo, rumor and hyperbole. Jack didn’t assign any weight to it but he passed on rumor without an actual “source.” Quoting someone doesn’t make them a source. Jack tried to “source” by quoting Evan and others but in fairness to him that’s what passes for sourcing today. Journalism is dead or dying. Jack, u hv flashes but quoting and sourcing aren’t the same. I hope ur a great reporter one day – honestly – but u hv to do more than footnote a story to be a reporter. Bloggers can do it but real journalists have real sources. I think u might be able to be a journalist but don’t be lazy.

    1. CATandMONKEY

      Quoting someone,100% makes them a source
      Doesn’t have to be good. Doesn’t have to be from UK or from Cal’s camp to be a source. Yes you have to report.

      Yes it is for clicks. This site exists to make money not strictly for my entertainment. Getting clicks is irrelevant to whether or not it should be reported.

      If news like this hurts someone’s feelings…wow. If anyone thinks Rex is to blame for the 2015 loss- just, wow.

  11. Ridge Runner

    That’s my Coach!!

  12. BigolBlue

    Thats my coach. Eat it haters

    1. 4everUKblue

      Lol, nothing better than seeing BigolSlaterMedic licking his wounds and eating crow. Hahaha!

    2. Matt10

      I’m beginning to think BoB and 4ever are husband and wife.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Nothing wrong with going after with a multi ID troll who hates UK. I will go after the idiot at every chance.

    4. 4everUKblue

      I’m pretty sure Matt is just trying to fit in.

  13. chrislarkey

    Ricky Pitino will be at UCLA next yr.
    At least that’s what my source at UCLA says

  14. friendsofcoal

    Honestly, I’m not the least bit worried about it either way. We were the king before Cal came here and we’ll be the king after he leaves/retires. Barnhart will do what he does best and replace him with a top notch coach. In my perfect world he would need to make two trips…first to Boston and then to OKC. Either one would be dynamite in Lex.

    1. IndianaSucks


  15. Big johnson

    If you jerks at ksr would stop stirring shit up we could enjoy the tournament

    1. CATandMONKEY

      If this keeps you from enjoying the tournament. . .

  16. ScoggDog

    I like how Cal shut it down quickly. That’s a pretty stand-up move. Too many coaches like the attention and the leverage.

  17. henderblue

    ESPN Duke lovers association is behind the whole thing. They are trying to distract our players from the task at hand. It won’t work.

  18. Brad

    Yall petty trying to grill this man for doing what he should do. Dont report it let every other source post it and we still read it and ksr misses out. I couldn’t imagine hanging out with such misery

  19. weneedpitino

    I knew there was no way he was going, although there have been many many coaches throughout the years that have said the very same thing when their name is mentioned in a scenario like this, but who leave in the end after all. I do not think this is the case with Cal though, and I have been known to be right a few times in my life. Go cats, and go Cal’s decision!!

  20. RAGE

    I am glad to hear this!!!! I don’t know why but I was honestly worried… I know UK fans in general are hard to deal with but that is our COACH… I cheered for Cal’s teams before he came to Kentucky and he will be my favorite coach until he retires!!! I ain’t going to lie if a coach chose another college team over us it would be hurtful… I am glad Cal put this out there to quiet the talking

  21. KYCat4EVER

    Hey Calipari….

    When you let us down again this year and

    1. don’t bring home a National Championship Banner,
    2. Blame it on YOUTH,
    3. Tell Kentucky fans all about your PROCESS,
    4. try to make the NBA DRAFT a significant UK event…..




    1. catsarerunnin

      Slater the Stooge

    2. 4everUKblue

      KYCat I don’t know if you know this or not, but Rupp has been dead for many years now and Cal is going nowhere, might as well get used to it. The more miserable it makes you and Slater the happier it make me.

  22. KYJelly

    All the people getting mad that Jack posted the story … people would be making comments about how they had seen the article and how KSR wasn’t posting it for such and such reason.

    1. speaksthetruth


    2. Kat4Life

      Correct sir

  23. Kat4Life

    Cal is not going anywhere….why would he ? He’s in the best coaching situation in the industry. His family has adjusted well to the Lexington area common and are knee-deep in the community. He makes over $9 million per year, c’mon

  24. Wilfred Smith

    Tax rates
    Cost of living
    Inability to be the largest, most important personality in the area
    Their lack of patience with Alford

    Those are all reasons to avoid LA

    But, he said “my plan is to stay”, he didn’t say “I’m not leaving”. Maybe semantics, but I’d prefer him to say “I’m not going to UCLA”.

  25. chrislarkey

    Why go to LA
    Lunatic liberals
    Outspoken crazy actors
    Homelsss everywhere
    Illegals running all over
    Tax rate to roof
    Gangs everywhere

    1. runningunnin.454

      But what would we do without the outspoken crazy actors? HaHa.
      You left out wildfires, and did you ever try to drive from A to B in LA; bad for your blood pressure.

  26. Racerr11

    Jack, u did post there comments and had no reason too. Cal is not leaving for any job he knows what he has. His success at UK is unmatched anywhere period.UCLA would be a major step down.

  27. shelby

    I hope Cal retires here, but IF he were leaving and knew he was leaving, he’d say exactly what he just said about retiring here; he has to.