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Cal underwent a “minor procedure” today

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If you had your radio dial tuned to 630 WLAP tonight for the coach’s show, you may have been a bit surprised to hear the smooth sounds of Kenny Payne instead of Coach Cal. UK’s assistant coach filled in for Cal because Cal underwent a “minor procedure” today that prevented him from being there for the show, Payne said:

“Cal had a procedure done, a planned procedure done earlier, a minor procedure. He came in and talked to the team for a minute and then he had to leave. He can’t drive around, can’t move around too much, but he’s doing fine.”

Even if it’s minor, get well soon, Coach. We need you.

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24 responses to “Cal underwent a “minor procedure” today”

  1. sara

    Tummy tuck.

  2. Da Clap

    In other news, Rick Pitino got another round of penicillin.

  3. Rob Bromley's Toupee

    No more little Caliparis running around.

  4. Jdneedstoknow

    Hope all is well and hurry back.

  5. Forgetful

    I’m told it was a partial lobotomy to eliminate memories of the first 11 games.

  6. Elwood Blues

    “Get well soon, Coach. We need you.”
    And cornball comment of the year award goes to….

  7. Mark

    Where do they get some of these people from? If you don’t have something nice to say then just don’t say it at all. He was having some issues with his hip. The one that didn’t get replaced a few years ago. Maybe it has something to do with that? Hope he is back up fast. We need him on the side line.

  8. Donation

    Sources close to the program told me that today Cal donated hair for Pitino’s next hair plug. You know, to fill that Ape’s ass patch on the back of Rick’s head.

  9. Matt

    Sounds like hemroid surgery

  10. WeakSauce

    Snip, snip

  11. Oldschool lives

    Whatever the ‘minor procedure’ was – it was probably more tolerable to Cal than him having to start taking some tough calls from fans who no longer are drinking the Cal-Aid. Very convenient.

    1. PhilUK18

      Can you read? It says it was planned, presumably months (at least weeks) im advance. So if you think he planned this in advance, knowing we would lose a few games, to avoid talking to morons on his show, then you really are unspeakably stupid.

  12. chardun

    Get well soon Coach, we need you to get the Big Blue Wagon rolling.

  13. KyFan51

    Maybe Cal is having a little backbone inserted so he won’t be afraid to substitute Lee or Willis for Randle if we get another UNC like effort from Randle. Don’t be afraid to sit slackers, Cal.

  14. Katdaddy

    I’m with you #11!! Nail on the head!!

  15. manlySmell

    I agree with #10. Cal got a fresh hair- cut.

  16. Linda Taylor

    We do know he is having a lot of pain in the hip that hasn’t been replaced. Perhaps it was a procedure like a radio frequency ablation to help control the pain until he can take enough time to have the hip replaced. You aren’t allowed to drive for 24 hours after you have one of those and are pretty uncomfortable for a few days.

  17. Chester

    16 is a fast reader.


    #10. I laughed out loud!

    #17. I laughed out loud – louder!


    Adjustment: #15 I laughed out loud! Not #10

    For those who say he had a vasectomy, do most men wait 16 or 17 years after their youngest is born to have a vasectomy?

    1. twocoach

      They do if they have a new nice young hottie on the side…

  20. Rob Bromley's Toupee

    It’s called a joke, Chester. Of course he didn’t have a vasectomy.


      You know about her too?

  21. twocoach

    Maybe he had a spot on his lung from blowing smoke up so many people’s a$$.