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Cal says the Cats just need to take care of business when it comes to tourney resume


On today’s SEC Coaches’ Teleconference, John Calipari said that Kentucky just needs to “take care of business” for the rest of the season and their tournament resume should be just fine:

“And I would say our strength of schedule right now is a five. That’s why when everybody gets caught up in, ‘They got to win every game.’ We don’t. We just got to take care of business. Our strength of schedule is top five and it’s not going to change a whole lot to finish out the year. So they you have our efficiency on offense and we’re still holding the ball too much and it’s top 10, top five.”

The Cat are currently #13 in the RPI.  As we saw on Saturday, part of “taking care of business” for this team is playing with emotion, something Cal said his team is focusing on this week in practice.  Fortunately for the Cats, all of the flaws they’ve shown thus far can be fixed.  That’s become a common theme in Cal’s stump speech as of late:

“All the things that people say that are weaknesses, we can change. We got size, we got athleticism, we got depth. The things that you have no control over we have. So we’ve got things that we can change and we’re going to try to.”

How will the Cats contain Marshall Henderson?  Orlando Antigua is stepping in for Cal in his weekly press conference today, so hopefully he’ll fill us in.

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19 responses to “Cal says the Cats just need to take care of business when it comes to tourney resume”

  1. NoGutsNoGlory

    “Fortunately for the Cats, all of the flaws they’ve shown thus far can be fixed.”

    Mostly true, but I’m beginning to question whether our atrocious perimeter defense and rim protection when WCS is out or underperforming can be fixed. May need to simply fight through those flaws come March.

  2. Patrick

    i agree that the problems are fixable but im pretty sure we have to win at least MOST of the rest of our games…we have a very weak conference and our record is 15-5

    1. Patrick

      16-5…my bad

  3. Drain

    This team cannot be fixed- we is what we is. They’ve been playing ball now for 3 (+) months. If they played as hard and energetic in the games we lost as they played vs. Mizzou we would be undefeated. There is your issue. Too many kids, not enough men. No leader. Too many eyes looking at those NBA $. Point. Blank. Period. WCS is softer that Quilted Northern- just throwing that in there.

  4. RICK

    Every body is getting beat, Syracuse will soon join the beaten ranks with trips to Duke and N.C.. Not sure any great teams out there, KY will be just fine. Win at home and drop 2 on the road and get a 3 seed.

    1. Patrick


  5. LA

    Contain Marshall Henderson? All you got to do is have someone hold a dime bag and a cold Coors Light on the sideline with his name on it where he can see it and his night is over.

    1. Blue

      Nah he seems like an Old Milwaukee kinda guy to me.

  6. Josh kidd

    stop for a minute. These kids are NBA players, all starting. They can’t win in college against teams with 0 NBA players- for the most part. It’s Coaching and effort. Period. There is no fixing this team. lol.

    1. Dr. Bones

      1 other factor is experience. Mature teams don’t flake out at crunch time like a team starting 5 freshmen.

  7. Hendo Blue

    Of course it can be fixed. Agree that WCS is too soft. But certainly he can be toughened up. Like to see more zone…just to keep teams off balance. #5…that’s funny.

  8. PleaseGuardMarshall

    I agree that perimeter defense will continue to be a problem especially during tournament time when guard play becomes even more important. Too many guards getting to the basket and too many open three pointers. I loved the way the team found a way to win on Saturday but I’m afraid the lack of consistent leadership and intensity will continue to hurt.

  9. wtfudge

    Is it just me or is Cal having Coach “O” and Coach Robic fill in for him more this year than ever??? What’s up with that? Getting them prepped for head-coaching jobs in the future?

    1. Dr. Bones

      Read somewhere that Cal’s bum hip is really bothering him right now. Don’t know if that’s the reason, but if he can only do so much, I’d rather see him coach and recruit than do press conferences.

  10. Troy

    I agree with the responses to the defense. We give up way too many easy looks whether it be off the dribble or in transition. Sure there are a lot of teams out there that can beat us on a given night, but the only team that really stands out to me is Florida and they just got better.

  11. STEVE!

    Our guys just have to learn to play together 40 minutes every game. Strength of schedule doesn’t mean anything if you lose all your tough games, unless you’re Duke. LSU and Arkansas were 4-8 against the other SEC teams before they played each other this weekend, but we lost to both of them. It’s hard to spin that into a “top 5 strength of schedule”.

  12. goUkats

    As much as Cal talks about playing defense and the need to play good defense,i keep wondering why this team is taking so long to learn to pay defense/Some of these guys would have difficulty guarding a 90 year old at mid court in a wheel chair.Either the can’t.won’t,or just don’t have the desire.

  13. Syrin

    There is one area I don’t think we can fix. I don’t think our guards have the quickness to guard quick guards on the outside one on one. They get burned more than a marshmallow at a S’mores cook out.

  14. Neil A.

    The games that UK lost early were to faster guards but since then the twins and Young have picked up their scoring it is negating the opposing guards scoring, not stopping them.
    UK is getting beat now because they lack the toughness inside. TN, AR and LSU pushed them around and they went 1 out of 3. Other teams are now trying to bully the inside players.
    What UK is going to see going forward is transition basketball. Every team is going to push the ball because there is no inside threat at the rim. The last thing any team wants to do is allow UK to set up their defense due to length.