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Cal says Dominique Hawkins has the best body language on the team

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Bad body language has been a big concern about this Kentucky team. In his latest Mailbag episode, John Calipari was asked which player on the team has the best body language on the team when struggling. His answer? Dominique Hawkins:

I would probably tell you maybe Dominique because he just keeps playing. He just plays. He broke down defensively a couple of times last game and he just keeps playing, I could leave him in there. There are other guys, when they break down or shoot an air ball, I’ve gotta take you out. Because you’re gonna break down on defense, run the wrong offense and give up an offensive rebound. Cause you missed a shot or a free throw or turned the ball over? You’ve gotta come out. So those are the things we’re fighting through right now.”

Cal also said that they’ve been practicing more against the zone in practice than any team he’s coached, which is good because North Carolina will likely run it a lot tomorrow. A lot of UK’s problems against zone defense? Pace. Cal says he’s trying to get his team to speed up so they can avoid the zone, and “beat the other team up the court.” Once again, he mentioned that because of their length, this team could be a deadly zone team themselves once they learn how to crack it on the other end of the court.

Click the pic to see the entire episode.

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25 responses to “Cal says Dominique Hawkins has the best body language on the team”

  1. Serious

    Probably true. I wish people would back off Andrew Harrison’s body language a bit though..I understand it looks bad sometimes but at least it shows he actually seems to care what’s happening out there. He just isn’t used to dealing with adversity on the court. He will come around

    1. RahRah

      Me too. Thought I was the only one. Honestly MOST college basketball and just about all NBA players question or pout about calls against them. That one Baylor kid pouted more than all our guys put together. This seems to me to be another case of Coach Cal mentioning something and ksr (no offense) and the rest of the media running with it. Andrew is doing much better and I don’t see this in Aaron at all. The twins are being way too harshly judged on this one. Just my opinion.

    2. Kevin

      Finally someone speaks the truth. Me too. I have always liked it when a player messed up and got pist off about it. It showed they had guts and pride. So, turn the ball over three times in a row (ala Poythress),..and you are supposed to clap your hands and grin from ear to ear???? Something is not right about all of this. What is the sudden importance of body language? Cal never once mentioned this stupid term before this year. Is Cal slipping somehow?? Is dementia setting in? Body language! That’s what Bill O’Reilly measures on his show. And though I can deal with Bill at times, it drives me crazy when he brings in a body language specialist to tell you what someone’s body is saying (instead of what actually comes out of his/her mouth). Spare me this PC nutty talk. Can we not go back to common sense???

  2. MCheek

    Cal, play zone defense!? Nah, I don’t believe it.

    1. Bunny

      Agree – and it’s pretty stupid not to occasionally play zone with this team for the reasons he described. Not mixing up your defense is like taking bullets out of your gun…

    2. Kevin

      Thanks, Bunny! I concur. Different options for defense is obviously not important any more. Only important thing this day and age is body language. Way more important than talent or experience. Body language. It’s all that matters.

  3. Josh

    Sounds like he’s working through a bunch of babies. Sad but true. Kids today are soft! Yet, if anyone can make men outta them it’s Cal!!!

  4. WalkersGoggles

    Matt has said in the past that Andrew is more athletic than Dominique. I disagree with that. While Andrew might be a better natural basketball player than Dominique, DH is much more of an athlete IMO.

  5. John Ellis

    UK should have a policy to offer Mr. Kentucky Basketball a scholarship no matter what. UK has never won a title with a significant contribution from a Kentucky born player.

    1. PhilUK18

      You wouldn’t call Darius Miller’s contribution in 2012 significant? Even if you’re dumb enough to argue that it wasn’t, Goose Givens dominated on the ’78 team and lead them to the title. Givens was born here in Lexington, in case you forgot. Get out of here, troll.

    2. bung

      I think you meant …”.without” a contribution…and I agree

  6. MC

    Amen John Ellis!!!
    The Kentucky born kids play their heart out and know what it means to be a Kentucky Wildcat. I dare say that Derek Willis would show the same heart on the floor if given the chance. We all know how hart Jared Polson plays when he gets it too. Heart defeats talent many times. But Heart and Talent together is unstoppable.

    1. DH

      Usually KY’s Mr Basketball is not nearly as good as the players we are targeting. There are some exceptions, but I don’t see Nathan Dieudonne fitting in. (he won in 2012. Had to look it up because he obviously wasn’t highly touted) Josh Carrier and Brandon Stockton were Mr Basketball, too. Don’t see where they really contributed. If Mr Basketball is good enough, then sure, otherwise there’s no reason to waste a scholly. And by your rationale, Randle and the twins would be playing with more heart if they played for Texas. Makes no sense whatsoever. Not a very good argument. Yes, Hawkins is good and deserves to be here, and I would also like to see Willis get more minutes, but always thought we wasted scholarships on guys like Stockton and Jared Carter

  7. bung

    glad to hear Coach talk about the fast break…I hope they are working on how to execute it properly once he gets them running…course he also has talked about using his bench…………………..

  8. Tubby Smith

    “We are gonna run more this year”

    1. Kevin

      Heh heh!

  9. playersfan

    I wish people would back off Andrew period. He is trying, maybe too hard because of the crap begin said. How many points do they give you for good body language. Check Hawkins stats and compare to anybody else, He’s at the bottom. Let the best players play, quite running them in and out, get some consistently. Now you don’t know how to pass the ball, you don’t know how is there. If you want layers to get experience then leave them in the game. If they aren’t trying that’s different, but I don’t see anybody that has indicated they aren’t trying.

  10. JB

    Wish we could play zone D without having to first master playing against it. I know in the Baylor game at least, that would have helped. Plus we have great guard size but don’t have great guard speed. Getting beat off the dribble in a zone allows for the frontcourt to step up and help.

    1. Kevin

      >>>Wish we could play zone D without having to first master playing against it.

      Thank you. Right on the money!!! We surely appreciate common sense.

    2. louie

      Why would you have to learn how to beat a zone on offense in order to play a zone defense? Apples and oranges. Is there some kind a rule/law that I don’t know about having to do with that? So in order for Cal to use a zone defense he must first learn how to beat a zone defense??? Surely he did not say that? JB, Kevin. He didn’t say that did he?

    3. JB

      He said we can be a deadly zone team once we learn to crack it on the other end

    4. louie


  11. tyrus

    Can’t wait to see D.H. in his 4th year playing ball as the team captain. His maturity and skill level will be far advanced than any 1 & Done 5 Star freshman.

  12. Kevin

    Cal,..puhlease!!!!! Spare me the psychobabble. Body language? Are you serious? How many points does that put on the scoreboard??? Is that a stat you can measure? Rebounds,…field goal percentage,….blocked shots,..body language??? Cal was not like that before. He started this kind of PC bullcrap last year. He never one time talked about Doron Lamb’s or Demarcus Cousin’s “body language”!!!!! It makes me puke a little in the back of my throat when he says stuff like that. That might explain why he is determined to give Poythress lots of PT after 50 some odd games of the same ineffective Poythress,..and not give Lee or Dakari more than 5 to 8 minutes per game,..and Willis NONE!!!! Poy must have better body language. My word.

  13. Dr.Freud

    Geez, I wish people would get off this body-language train. Cal poops ice cream and all the little minions lick it up.