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BREAKING: Kentucky a five-seed, playing Davidson in Boise on Thursday

Your Kentucky Wildcats got hosed. Again.

Listed as a five-seed, the Cats will take on Davidson on Thursday in Boise.

Virginia is the No. 1 seed in the South region and Arizona is the No. 4 seed.

Here’s the bracket:


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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72 responses to “BREAKING: Kentucky a five-seed, playing Davidson in Boise on Thursday”

  1. dballrb

    Once again we get the shaft as Duke gets the cakewalk…A-holes!!Man I get tired of this sh#T!!!!!P.S…..New format sucks…

    1. Rembrandt

      We did not “get the shaft”. News flash. When you play in the NCAA Tournament, you have to play other good teams. This article is a teaser piece for chumps who buy into the idiotic conspiracy theories.

    2. dballrb

      So,do you think that Tennessee should be a 3 seed even though we split this year?? My point being conference tournaments are worthless for seeding unless you’re from a 1 bid league . I’d expect an 6-8 seed losing the SEC tournament.Not a 5seed,4seed all day.Its splitting hairs,but worth mentioning..

  2. Cmart0907

    Whoaa. We have a brutal road. As we all know. The NCAA always gives us a hard time.

    1. Rembrandt

      We are unranked. Did you expect a couple of byes?

  3. Optional Facts

    Well this seems hard…

  4. Cmart0907

    Villanova east region is a cake walk.

    1. Rembrandt

      News flash. Villanova is a #1 seed.

  5. Kfckernel

    What, what about the Miami Heat as well?!

  6. Han

    Kentucky, Arizona, Davidson and Kansas State Wildcats all in the same region.

    But there’ll be a lot of Buffalo fans in Kentucky.

  7. Parker_UKFanNC

    The matchup with Zona is bull more than the rest of the bracket. Being with the number one overall is bull as well.

  8. katmark

    Doesn’t surprise me

  9. BigBlueNationDude

    Worst scenario possible. Gotta beat the best 4 and best 1 even to get to Elite 8.

    1. sp

      Wouldnt Arizona be the worst 4 in a snake draw?

    2. henderblue

      Nah. I think the worst scenario would be not making it at all. Like U6

  10. dballrb

    Of course!!! Why should we ever get our hopes up every year and get it broke off into the Wildcat!!!

  11. gasman01

    Bad, Bad draw for us!! Arizona could win the whole tournament. Boise???? Unbelievable. Can’t wait to hear what Cal has to say.

  12. Kevin C

    Watching this “new format” is like watching 2 turtles fight over an apple. #TBSucks

    1. Uk8rings

      That sir might be the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Well done

  13. Bobbum Man

    So once again we win the SEC and it means absolutely nothing… gotta love the NCAA

    1. IAmTheDanger

      Exactly!! What a freakin’ joke.

    2. dballrb

      Yep. Winning your conference championship means NOTHING these days. Tennessee gets a 3seed and we just spanked that ass. (As long as you have 1pt more at 0.00 of the clock is a spanking),..Time to put the neutral site performances to good use.!!

  14. BBN_strive_4_9

    I like are chances against Arizona

    1. Cmart0907

      Who going to stop Deandre Ayton??

    2. henderblue

      One guy not gonna beat us.

    3. BigBlueNationDude

      Dumb comment from hender

    4. henderblue

      Well you’re just a punk living in your parents basement, but I’ve been around a while. Pete Maravich(I know it was a long time ago), scored 40+ everytime he played against us, but they never once beat us. I know Ayton has a better supporting cast, but they’ll have to bring it. We’ll have some problems for them too.

    5. Rembrandt

      Heaven forbid, we enter the NCAA Tournament unranked and then get bracketed to play a couple of competent opponents. Oh, gosh, how could the NCAA pick on us this way? The ignorance on this thread is astounding.

  15. true2blue

    I actually don’t mind it. Virginia should have lost to Louisville so I don’t see them as a real top seed. The rest are hard to judge their skill because of the conference they play in. Only one that could be a problem is Arizona. And maybe they will be surprised by someone. Could be good after all.

  16. Bobbum Man

    Gonna be awesome if we lose to Arizona using an illegible player and a cheating coach

  17. henderblue

    Throw it up! Let’s play em. We might have a few match up problems for whoever we play

    1. BigBlueNationDude

      Nice analysis. You must be smart.

    2. henderblue

      Yeah and you’re a genius. We’ve seen all your dumb ass comments all winter. I wouldn’t know the first thing about getting on a U6 website and wouldn’t want to to begin with. But for some reason your miserable ass loves to be here on KSR. Yeah you’re a real genius

  18. DT in DC

    I’m actually not scared of this bracket. If I’m UVA as the overall #1, I’m pissed they put UK as the 5 seed in my bracket. And with Arizona, I think (hope) the external mess will be a distraction.

    And, who at UNC is paying off and/or sleeping with the President of the NCAA? 1) NO penalty for over a decade of fake classes and now with 10 losses, a #2 seed? UNREAL

    1. runningunnin.454

      And UNCheat gets to play in Charlotte…ncaa loves cheaters.
      Of course ncaa is the biggest cheater of all, and they don’t even try to hide it.

    2. IAmTheDanger

      That’s what I said RG….they don’t even try to disguise it. We beat TN and we get a 5 and they get a 3…..WHAT???? UK ought to just stop playing in THE SEC tourney. What a sorry, pitiful joke the NCAA has become.

  19. JD

    West is the cakewalk. Duke has to play Michigan st in the sweet sixteen.

  20. Smyrna_Cat

    We play who we play. Stop whining.

    1. BigBlueNationDude

      Smyrna is the worst

    2. Smyrna_Cat

      BBND … I thought you were banned?

  21. roachey45011

    ARIZONA beat BAMA by 6 barely at home … they also barely beat Teaxas A and M by 3 .. enough said bring on the wildcats or Adizona !

  22. LegggoooCats

    The committee can suck my big ol’ balls!!!!!

  23. Jiminy Crickets

    3 power 5 tourney champs in our region!! Once again we get the death bracket

  24. Jud

    If you look at Arizona’s schedule who did they play and who did they beat? Really weak resume. It will be a challenge but we can beat them. Virginia, every year they get beat by a lower seeded team, this year it could be UK.

  25. Vanderblue

    Honestly I’m just confused as to why we aren’t the 4 seed playing WVU in the second game or vice-versa. That’s the committee’s bread and butter.

  26. Alleykat16

    I think we can make it to elite 8 against the BearCats

  27. bhb71

    I’m not mad about this draw at all. It’s not the best case scenario, but it certainly isn’t the worst.

  28. runningunnin.454

    They announced the at large teams in alphabetical order, and they said “Did Louisville get in…NO”
    “Did Notre Dame get in…NO”. Boy, that was brutal.
    Funny that UL and ND would both whip Oklahoma…what a joke.

  29. jahanc2uky

    4 of the top 5 seeds are Tourney Champs of the Power 6 Conferences.

  30. jim tom

    As Ric Flair once said to be the man you gotta beat the man

  31. catsarerunnin

    The annual UK screw job. SEC tourney meant absolutely nothing. UK being a 5 seed was set in stone regardless.

    1. jim tom

      I know. It’s bullshit as usual

  32. Hereforbeer

    It meant something to the players who WE need it to mean something 2

    1. jim tom

      That’s exactly right. Just meant nothing in seeding

  33. Hereforbeer

    The SEC tournament mattered to the PLAYERS who matters the most!

  34. Hereforbeer


  35. maximumscott

    We are playing our best ball. Bring it!

  36. Angelo

    The SEC is responsible for the mess.

  37. jim tom

    If anybody got screwed it’s oklahoma State. Beat Kansas twice and oklahoma

  38. jim tom

    Duke should fear Rhode Island in second round

  39. Fake Donald Trump

    This tournament draw is a complete and total disaster. The SEC should move its final to a Saturday, so maybe it would mean more because the final usually ends 3 hours prior to selection, and perhaps that’s a big reason why winning doesn’t matter on Sunday afternoon. How would it hurt to bump things up 1 day? No way Gonzaga deserves a 4 more than us, they usually don’t play anyone. Duke at least has to move outside of N.C. for a first rounder, that’s a rarity as well. UNC with 10 losses getting a 2 seed is a joke too. I guess their last 3 days matters more than ours, as we have 10 losses as well.

    1. jaws2

      Playing Sat would do nothing for us, we’d get hosed regardless!

    2. Fake Donald Trump

      Probably right, but we won’t know for sure until it happens.

  40. Kat4Life

    Extremely disappointing draw, and seemed to get no respect or points for winning the SEC Tourney. Then to make us do this crap in Boise is almost insufferable…….Of course, Cal will spin this and put an even bigger chip on their shoulders.

    Screw it…..let’s go. F&ck Arizona, those cheating bastards. The way we are playing now teams need to fear us…….

  41. check

    I, for one, want us to play Arizona and show them our awesomeness. I, for one, want us to play Virginia and beat them. Our adversaries do not dictate how well we play. Only Kentucky decides how well we play. The victory is so much the greater when we do it ourselves. Don’t depend on some other team to bump off the big dogs. Let’s do it ourselves. I hope we do play Duke. So much better the victory. We have a team that CAN beat any team in the country. It’s up to our boys and the support we show them that makes the difference. We have this chance to write history. Maybe we will. Btw, pessimists. — you can talk to the hand.

    1. jim tom

      Damn. I’m ready to charge after readin that

  42. Cryingtheblues

    Who gives a damn who we play?!?!?!We’re KENTUCKY and when we WIN IT ALL we want to BEAT the best!! Go Cats!


    And people wonder why Cal is so critical of the NCAA….

  44. roachey45011

    Time to Take the bull by the hand and hang Banner #9

  45. Lip Man 1

    Looks like “one and done” this year unfortunately. No way they take out Arizona…out West. Ayton weill eat the Cats front line alive.

    Should be better next year.

  46. gwhittle

    How is it getting hosed when you lose ten games and still get the highest 5 seed in the tournament? Lost a little respect for KSR with that statement

  47. JMFATZ47

    Actually. Conference tourneys DO matter—but only for certain teams. I found it hilarious to hear the announcers saying that UT could play their selves into a TWO seed by beating us. And then if we beat them? Nothing. We get the same 5 seed had we lost to UGA on Friday….hell, maybe a better draw. It’s laughable. I get that we will have to beat good teams regardless but it’s hilarious that somehow, UK winning our conf tournament is always meaningless