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Article written by TJ Walker

13 responses to “Breaking down P.J. Washington’s first NBA Draft Combine scrimmage”

  1. Swizzle

    We need Reid, pj is gone and paper ankles may give us 10 games max

    1. jimmer

      Yes Swizzle.

  2. SanDiegoCats

    Don’t mean to be negative but it sounds like he’s gone and if that’s the case I would have expected much more of him last year. Won’t go down as one of our better, or even close to, one and dones.

    1. Cokely53

      I think you’re right. He will fall in with the other mostly forgotten/rarely talked about one and dones. Goodwin, Teague, Orton, maybe even throw in young

  3. unbridled

    I think I’m the long run, pj might ultimately regret staying in the draft this year. Button opinion doesn’t matter in the slightest. Good luck I guess.

    1. unbridled

      *But my opinion doesn’t….

      I hate not having an edit function.

  4. N-UR-i

    He is making a mistake. He will be playing in Ethiopia, China, etc…..after a stint in the D league.

    If he stayed a couple seasons he might develop a game that would warrant an NBA career.

    1. chris43

      Get his second round a$$ on out of here! Big mistake on his part but oh well. I have zero issues with one and done players if they’re lottery picks or even on the fringe. I fully support SGA and Knox. I can’t blame them a bit for going pro. They aren’t truly ready yet but that’s the NBA today and it’s far too risky to pass up the opportunity. On the other hand…I have no respect nor do I support the players that basically just leave to be leaving essentially. Receive late second round grade and still want to leave?!? BYE FELICIA! We need to fill his spot asap and not look back.

    2. BBNDan7

      Im sure PJ is really worried about having your respect and support. Probably the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up

    3. unbridled

      No dan I’d say he doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion….but I’m almost positive he cares about the potential money he is going to lose out on. His current game is not the caliber of an NBA player. His ability to play over seas might be questionable as well. He needs more time to develop all the way around and especially a mid range shot.

  5. YoureWrong69

    Just because Washington didn’t meet your personal expectations this past season doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to go to the NBA. I forgot y’all earned your alls right to criticize a 19 year old just because he wants to better himself and his family. He is making an economic decision let the kid live.Plus you trolls would never say that to his face all y’all would do is ask for his autograph!

  6. Kat4Life

    He was pretty in Fattic that he would leave unless he was guaranteed a first round pick. I’m not certain he’s going to be able to collect a guarantee of that sort. I’d say it’s still a flip of a coin

  7. Greatcatfan

    Look at it this way with him gone he won’t be having a just good enough game for Cal to be inspired to leave him in after missing 10 free throws. The only good thing about his game is he gets people in foul trouble but then again he doesn’t have the sense to attack that person and get them off the court.