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48 responses to “Brad Calipari to redshirt in 2018-19”

  1. UKInsider

    Watch Brad graduate and then transfer under the current NCAA rules, ala Reid Travis. This is garbage; Cal develops his son and then he’ll transfer to another program and help them win.



    2. yourfriendcasey

      good lord, who pissed in your cheerios? You obviously didn’t read that he plans to attend grad school at UK. He just wants to play basketball during grad school. This, to me, sounds like he has accepted that hes not going to the NBA and wants to have another year of playing basketball. Smart move in my opinion.

    3. Blue Bill

      Uhhhh. Humor? Heard of it? Evidentially not.

    4. BlooBloodRon

      Touché. Well done

    5. davis2319

      Help them win? Lol okay I guess

    6. ibescootch


    7. oddthomas

      I see this as 3 more years of Coach Cal. I’m a “the glass is half full” type of guy though.

    8. ClutchCargo

      Reading comprehension and sense of humor are not strengths of the KSR comment section, I see.

    9. runningunnin.454

      Clutch, ha ha ha; you just now noticing that?

    10. ClutchCargo

      Apparently there has been a rash of incidents where people urinate in someone else’s Cheerios. I’m going to stick with Cinnamon Toast Crunch just to be safe.

    11. JASUN74

      5,4,3,2,1. UKInsider takes the shot , anddddddd. YES !!! Nothing but the bottom of the net. While being carried off the court, he has been quoted as saying “ Hi mom, we did it”!!! Got to love high level church league basketball folks.

    12. Fitz

      Smart move. He’s not going to get any serious playing time this year, nor is he ever going to play in the NBA, , but who knows two and three years from now if UK missesin a few big time he may see some non-garbage time action. He obviously loves UK and this allows him three more “salad years”. He will have a masters and could keep playing in Europe. Damn sweet if you ask me. And, so what if he transfers out to play D1 somewhere that could use him.

    13. yourfriendcasey

      For real, don’t eat the Cheerios in eastern ky. It’s all bad news bears. Also, I totally missed the sarcasm and I have never been more disappointed in myself. I’ll try harder next time.

  2. Booher

    Would he still get a ring this year?

    1. ukcamel

      If Drake gets a ring, I think a player redshirting who is also the coach’s son getting one is a safe bet.

      In all seriousness I believe everyone in the program gets a ring, even the GAs, etc. – so of course players with a redshirt would too.

    2. gauge96

      I know a guy who drives a charter bus for Louisville, and he has rings from several different sports.

  3. FlySoup

    Ha nice

  4. Rick_S

    I can see Brad getting some good clock his last year if he will lose about 30lb..His weight hurts his defense

    1. Wade

      What about his lack or speed, can’t jump, and T. rex arms

    2. ClutchCargo

      Yes, those traits all work against him, too. lol In all seriousness, and no offense to Brad, we are in big trouble if he is ever needed for anything other than to be the human victory cigar.

  5. UKInsider

    yourfriendcasey – This was sarcasm. And, I don’t eat Cheerios.

    1. Snapper42

      Sarcasm is so hard to detect without tone and inflection; maybe adding some goofy looking emojis may help? Just sayin’…

    2. runningunnin.454

      But Cheerios is the breakfast of champions. Oh damn wait…that’s Wheaties; or cold pizza/beer.
      Or is “Breakfast of Champions” a book by Kurt Vonnegut? Now I’m lost.

    3. ClutchCargo

      It was pretty easy for most of us to see that it was said in jest.

    4. yourfriendcasey

      Woops. I honestly did not detect that. It was a rough day at work and my wife is giving birth in a few days to our first child so I’m a little on edge. My bad on this one. I was hoping to go my whole life without being “that fan”, but it appears as if I was “that fan”. Also, I’m more of a lucky charms guy, myself.

    5. catsarerunnin

      I have never been Cheerios fan. They have a funky aftertaste. I’m an old fashion Corn Flakes guy.

    6. ClutchCargo

      Ummm, that funky aftertaste may not be from the cereal…

    7. ClutchCargo

      @yourfriendcasey, I know I kind of busted your balls a little bit, but it’s all in fun and you took it all the right way. Congrats on the growing family, and may your new baby see the first win over UT on their home field in too many years.

    8. RealCatsFan

      You guys are killing me as I read this this morning. And I need the levity – laying my dad to rest these next 2 days – I’m kind of on the opposite side from casey. Congratulations on the new baby, and prayers that all goes well with momma and baby. And get ready for a helluva ride! PS, I was that wierd kid that ate Captain Crunch. 🙂

    9. yourfriendcasey

      Thanks all! I felt pretty dumb when I missed the sarcasm so I wanted to make the best of the situation. I know for sure my baby’s diapers won’t be the only thing orange and smelly on Saturday

  6. jbev

    Why are ya’ll talking about playing time? You know he’s on the team strictly to become a coach, right? This simply gives him the ability to have another year to take in more to help him become a better coach in the future. That’s all this is.

    1. UKInsider

      And a good GPA

  7. channell

    I’m concerned about his 3 point shooting. Will it be missed? LOL.

    1. Luether

      Ha! Funny…

  8. kuhlkat

    Dude has tree trunks for legs. He will never be quick

  9. loservilletard

    damn, there goes our chance at a Title this year. Come on Brad, don’t do this. the team needs you

    1. michaelb


  10. michaelb

    Idk what y’all are talking about . This hurts us this year . Ellen’s kid is a perineal superstar. Kiss our 2019 championship hopes bye now : >

    1. J. Did

      So you say he’s a ‘perineal’ superstar?

      Then, you say he ‘taint’.

    2. michaelb


    3. runningunnin.454

      Ha ha ha ha…perennial or are we talking anatomy?

    4. ClutchCargo

      I see what you did there, J. Did! Lol

    5. michaelb

      auto cucumber made a funny

  11. cats646

    Were screwed. How could Cal do this?!?! Let our best player redshirt?!! It’s ridiculous!! Cal needs to be fired ASAP!! We won’t win a game now!!

    1. michaelb


  12. Jesus H. Chrysler

    Good move…to let his chin beard fill in completely. Kinda

    1. unbridled

      Earned not given