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18 responses to “Brad Calipari is transferring to Detroit Mercy”

  1. ukkatzfan

    I would have lost that bet. My $$$ was on him signing on with KSR as fashion columnist.

  2. runningunnin.454

    Might want to invest in some body armor.

  3. KentuckyVSEveryone

    I like how they showed the same clip TWICE but just from different angles. And it’s from the exhibition BLOWOUT against Asbury in 2016. Lol!!
    Anyway, in all seriousness, good luck Brad! I hope you have a great few years.

    1. standuplex

      2 different clips. Rewatch

  4. sincitycat

    But, Meltdown Mike Davis hates Kentucky (wink).

  5. Headhurts

    Same Mike Davis that said he hates KY, good luck Brad and tell Davis BBN still hates him.

  6. Matt10

    The ONLY reason Brad chose Detroit Mercy is legal weed in Michigan. I’m tellin ya!
    I was up there last week. I’m not a Michigan resident so they wouldn’t let me in the main room but, dang, that lobby smelled gooooooood! I can still smell it a week later. Lol. And JK about Brad of course. I’m sure he’s never touched it.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Have another toke and don’t choke. Lol!

  7. westkycat20

    Good luck young man…

  8. rasputin_UK4573

    Good bye and good luck. You were the classy version of Steve Massillo.

    See you back on your dads staff in about 4 years

  9. nocode96

    Good luck to him. People knock him for his fashion or whatever (who cares, really) but it’s so very true that it’s not easy being a coach’s kid. Now, imagine that coach is Cal! And even the most passive fan around here has to admit that we, as a fan base, are far from the nicest, most rational base out there. We expect the world every year, and rightfully so. I’m cheering for the young man.

  10. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Good luck BEE-rad!

    1. Ridge Runner

      Snell yeah, CG!

  11. 4everUKblue

    Best of luck Brad!

  12. UKfanman01

    Earned not given

  13. Ridge Runner

    Dicky V is going to bring this up like … what … a kazillion times over this years games.

  14. Glock

    Is he on scholarship?

  15. KYCat4EVER

    Have Mercy!