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43 responses to “Bracketologists keep Gonzaga a one-seed after loss”

  1. friendsofcoal

    Last bracket has UNC the 1 and Cats at the 2 is plain comical!

    1. Saul T. Nuts

      I’ve seen several Gonzaga games this season and they are good, but not great. IMHO, there’s no way they make it to the Elite 8.

    2. BigolBlue

      Better resume

    3. catsarerunnin


  2. CahillsCrossingNT

    The KSR hosts didn’t seem to know that Gonzaga was still on the 1 line.

  3. Wade

    Bullshit on all accounts!!!!

  4. StillBP

    “Lunardi said that despite Gonzaga’s loss, Kentucky is still the third or fourth overall No. 2 seed:”…I think you meant 3rd or 4th 1 seed??

  5. makeitstop

    Obviously this is just fun speculation bc the ACC and SEC tourneys – as well as the Big Ten – can reshuffle the top seeds apart from UVa who’s got a 1 regardless, but the most credible bracket I found was Bracketville. Still carrying Gonzaga as a 1, but it seems credible o me bc of the diabolical kind of matchups it has that the NCAA actually does: it sends us to the Midwest as a 1, but puts Duke as our 2, has Seton Hall in our sub region and Wisconsin or Murray as likely Sweet 16 matchups… it makes UNC the 1 in the South and makes Kansas their 4 so u hv the Ole Roy story line, and so on. If we win out and UNC or UVa win the ACC I bet this one is the closest and they hv the best 5 year record of those up to date and available.

  6. plumloopy

    My ideal would be to have both Duke and UK as 1 seeds, otherwise winning the SEC tourny would get us to at least the #3 one seed, which would put us with a weaker #2. Best case is we win the SEC and neither Duke nor UNC win the ACC. We could rise to as high as the #2 one seed. Beating both Tennessee and LSU would be an impressive resume boost.

    It’s nice, at least, to control our destiny for once.

    1. makeitstop

      Well if Duke wins the ACC they’d likely replace UNC on the 1 line right? That’s the best way to avoid them until MSP though it seems unnatural. Again assuming we win out. Otherwise being the 2 to UNC’s 1 in the South is fine with me.

    2. satcheluk

      Winning the SEC won’t affect us, as the brackets are set before we play the last game Sunday. Beating UT in the semis is our last chance to gain ground.

  7. davis2319

    Sounds to me like we need either Duke or UNC to not do well in the ACC tournament. If Virginia and Gonzaga are “Locks”, then we are competing with UNC and Duke for two spots. My prediction is…

    UVA #1 Overall
    Duke #2 Overall (If they win ACC tourney)
    Gonzaga #3 Overall
    Kentucky #4 Overall (If we make it to SEC final)

    Teams with the same scenario as UK/Duke are UNC/Tennessee.

    1. makeitstop

      I don’t think Duke can make it back to the overall 2 seed w the recent losses and the earlier loss to Syracuse at home. But they could be the 3/4 with a ACC title. We seem to hv a 1 locked up if we get to the finals but could be the 2 overall if we win and anyone but UNC wins the ACC. I hv to say Gonzaga as a lock is a joke. They have a sorry SoS (as low as 58th depending on who’s counting) and that’s their choice. The only quality teams they played were at a tourney. They’re basically 1-2 against good teams – 2/2 if u count Washington, 4/3 if u count St Mary. 2 seed maybe but 1 seed, nope.

    2. mashburnfan1

      St. Marys lost to LSU and Miss St by just 4 points on neutral courts. You know LSU, the SEC #1 team, the team that beat us at Rupp. St. Marys is a good team. Glad they are in as last year they won 30 and got left out. Would much rather see them than I would a 14 loss Bama, UF, IU etc.

    3. RAGE

      I agree… I think Gonzaga being a lock for a 1 seed is a joke… Also the tournament is being watered down by letting in 14 loss teams… I mean there should be a cutoff if you have more than 12 losses and that pushing it honestly you are eliminated from the big dance… unless you win your conference tournament… I mean Indiana, Texas and Florida just as a few teams they have in is crazy to me

    4. Iamheasyouarehe

      You mean the LSU team that won by an obvious missed goal tending call?

    5. 4everUKblue

      Gashburn claims to be a UK fan because he owns season tickets, but would be happy to see Kentucky lose so he can throw insults at the team and coach. Iam is right, you should consider that LSU won on a tip in that everyone with eyes to see knows was goaltending.

  8. binarysolo

    Oh sure: TN loses by 4 at Auburn on a highly emotionally charged Senior Night and falls out of the 1-seed lline, while the Zags get held to about half of their season scoring average on a neutral site and barely budge in rankings?

    Makes sense.

    1. mashburnfan1

      You do know EVERY team will have 1 or 2 games a year where nothing goes right. Your shots will not fall, strange shots they take go in, you turn it over on easy fast breaks etc. Just one of those games. We had one our 1st game and Gonzaga had one last night. Did you watch the game, they acted like they did not even want to be there. Maybe they were bored, I don’t know, but was not the same team, in level and body language, that played all year. Plus St. Marys is a good team, lost to LSU on neutral by 4. I will say this, we need to be happy they will be in the West and not in our bracket. Remember they are the only team to beat dUKe at full strength, not long after our 34 point loss {our bad game} to them.

    2. RC

      If Gonzaga’s win over Dook in November is the primary reason to hold their 1 seed, then UK would deserve a 4 or worse by the same logic.
      Which we all know is ludicrous.
      Zags have played no one of consequence since they got run off the court in Chapel Hill mid-December. Outside of them beating St. Mary’s twice in conference play, maybe? Are we to believe St. Mary’s was a tourney lock before last night?
      Gonzaga is a high seed, just not a 1. Maybe not a 2, frankly. But I hold no hope the committee seeds them reasonably.

    3. makeitstop

      Mashburn c’mon – that’s like a makeup foul: they got left out last year, so…. They hung close early in the season to 2 SEC teams that at THAT time were just ok. They got better, at least LSU did. The same St Mary also lost 11 games! In that conference how do u do that? Well u play teams like Harvard at home (lost) and 2 SEC schools (lost), Utah State (lost). In fairness to them at least they TRIED to play a quality non-con schedule as opposed to Gonzaga and the cupcake circuit. What happened to punishing schools for that? U can’t help ur conference sucks but u can – like St Mary – try to make up for it with ur non con schedule. Gonzaga is not a 1 seed by the logic NCAA has trotted out before. Solid. I agree, could beat anyone, but I don’t read much more into November than NFL pre-season, to wit, not much.

    4. binarysolo

      @mash The Zags have the least number of Quadrant 1 wins in the top 10, and regardless of how good SMC looks they’re still in the WCC where if you’re not the Zags you need to win the conference tournament to make the NCAA tournament. Sure every team has a couple games where nothing goes right, but to take a huge dump in your conference finals in a weak conference? Nah.

      Also the other point I’m making, is how does TN slip so far when they lost to a much better team in Auburn? In a much more hostile environment?

  9. KYjellyRoll

    Yes but the quadrant wins and losses? What’s their record against quad one teams?

    1. ScottGreene22

      4-3 worst record by far and only 7 QUAD 1 games when everyone else has played double

  10. natedaddy

    Gonzaga has a 1 seed locked. If Duke, UNC or UVA win the ACC, they’re a 1 seed. If UK or Tennessee win the SEC they will get a 1 seed. If Michigan St wins the big 10 they’re a 1 seed. Now, if something freaky happens like LSU winning the SEC or someone other than Michigan State winning the big 10, then I can absolutely see another ACC team getting the other 1 seed.

    1. damage_control

      No they dont

  11. Matt10

    It’s nice to know a late loss doesn’t impact your ranking. Rolls eyes.

  12. dane82

    i don’t see a very strong argument for gonzaga falling off the 1-line. to be sure, there’s much less margin for error in a crap conference. still, 3 total losses plus a fully legit win against duke is what it is. crapping the bed against a quality opponent in your conference tournament doesn’t erase all that.

    i also don’t see how kentucky could move to the overall #2, if current rankings mean anything. they’d have to jump UNC, and while i see the argument that they won the head-to-head and have the same record, the same could be said for duke jumping kentucky, and i don’t see either of those happening.

    right this second, i’d say it’s virginia, UNC, kentucky, and gonzaga is in there somewhere behind virginia. that may all go out the window if SEC and ACC tournaments get wacky.

    1. makeitstop

      Worst Quad 1 record in the top 10 is a pretty strong argument. It may not move the seed to a 2, but it should. Lost to UT and UNC – no shame there – but losing to a ST M team that wouldn’t make the tourney without the tourney win, and all u got was a November win v Suke and Washington?? They made their own schedule it’s their fault they played no one, u go undefeated, fine, they get the 1 but they played a weak non conf schedule on purpose. Can’t reward that… but probably will.

    2. damage_control

      Gonzaga sucks- there!

  13. KYjellyRoll

    St Mary’s is an 11 loss squad…5 conference losses. Not really a quality opponent

    1. dane82

      quality as in likely tournament team. they didn’t lose to some sub-.500 cinderella hoping to get in with a miracle, is all i’m saying. there are several tiers of what “quality” can be.

    2. KYjellyRoll

      Tennessee has a better resume and lost to a better auburn squad and dropped from the one line?

  14. Jiminy Crickets

    WCC paid Gonzaga to lose so they get 2 bids. Gonzaga was first #1 going to West bracket, they fell to 4th #1 going to West. WCC gets paid more by SMC getting in. You heard it hear first.
    Brought to you by Fay Kanews

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      They did it to make it up to them because they got left out last year

    2. Bluebloodtoo

      I’m not going as far to say they paid them to lose. The extra money isn’t a lot unless st mary plays multiple games. Sound like a possible negative transaction based on how much that win cost them. Not sure that makes sense.

    3. Jiminy Crickets

      Lol, I said brought to you by Fay Kanews. Say that out loud. I was kidding.

  15. Bluebloodtoo

    St mary winning an automatic bid to the NCAA is good for the whole WCC. The money from two teams getting in to the NCAA tourney will be more than if the Zags had won and st mary fell off the bubble. That money is distributed to the whole conference (tmk). The loss isn’t going to hurt the Zags much, if at all.

    1. damage_control

      St Mary’s had lost 5 games in the WCC. They weren’t on the bubble.

  16. 1IH

    Just keep us in the South either a 1 or a 2 doesn’t matter one bit! The home crowd will help them beat anyone in the bracket. I was at the Miss. State game and as Cal said in his Post Game Presser the crowd helped push them over the edge!

  17. UKDude

    If we beat UT, I don’t see how the loser of UNC-Duke, assuming they meet in the ACC semis, could be seeded above us. Loser almost certainly has to drop to a 2, assuming Gonzaga is still a 1. And if they NCAA wants to “balance the regions” the UNC-Duke loser should be the 2 seed out West, and the winner the 1 seed in the Midwest. The other thing is that there could be a lot of potential rematches of regular season games in the elite 8 if seeding holds.

  18. jaws2

    No way this ESPN bracket holds. No uOFsmell or Murray ST in our bracket!! I’ll say this, if this does hold we might get that revenge game with KS. I sure hope so.

  19. jaws2

    I still don’t want a potential Syracuse game. Even though they usually fold, teams that have not played against that zone have real trouble against it in a 1 game match up.