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Bo Ryan taking shots?

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Did Wisconsin head basketball coach Bo Ryan take a shot at Kentucky basketball on today’s Final Four teleconference? Ryan was asked about Badger fans in the state of Wisconsin and his comments can be interpreted as a dig at Big Blue Nation.

Read for yourself:

I tell you, the people here in this state are crazy about basketball. They realize they didn’t invent it like some other states believe, but they also know they have a passion for it. Because there’s been a lot of success by state schools, by schools in the state of Wisconsin, Division I, Division III, NAIA, different levels of college basketball, Division II with Parkside, which is one of my… the head coach is one of my former players — I don’t want to leave him out. So they love it here, but they’re not so over the edge that they don’t understand.

What I like about the Wisconsin fans is they understand these are student-athletes who actually are here for the purpose of an education first and playing ball second. That’s what I believe makes them really endearing, as far as a coach who’s stayed in the state this long. Because they’re so supportive of their players, of their teams. That’s been really neat for me to see. And I’m not saying that wasn’t the case back in Philly growing up, in the Chester area or anything else. Here in the state of Wisconsin, I think the love for basketball, passion for basketball is definitely as high as anywhere else.

Ryan suggests other fan bases — like, Kentucky maybe? — don’t understand that student-athletes are in school for an education. He also commends Wisconsin fans for knowing their state didn’t invent basketball, a clear shot at the University of Kentucky, in my opinion. At least we realize we didn’t invent cheese.

Who ever thought we’d have beef with Wisconsin?

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

115 responses to “Bo Ryan taking shots?”

  1. DB11

    Bo Ryan is a chode

    1. schwing

      his kids are there for the purpose of an education because none of them have a shot at the NBA.

    2. Syrin

      Exactly. As if he would turn away Julius Randle, Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins if they had decided on a whim to go to Wisconsin as a group. No chance. He’s just being a jealous douche bag.

    3. Josh

      Aren’t his only 2 nba players Stiemsma & Devin Harris?? Harris left after 3 yrs without graduating, and still hasn’t finished a degree. Stiemsma finished but had academic controversy (suspended 15 games).

    4. catsrus

      Who ever thought we’d have beef with Wisconsin?>>>
      Now that’s cheesy.
      I’ve always liked Bo as a coach, am very surprised at his remarks.

  2. Chode

    Its on like Donkey Kong Bo Ryan.

  3. Zman

    We didn’t invent it….WE PERFECTED IT…AND DOMINATE IT.

    That is all….

    1. ukstu96

      I dig..

    2. crazycatfan

      Excellent! We never said we invented it … we just do it better! What the heck is he talking about? If he’s trying to rile up the CATS, it’s only going to backfire on him/them.

      Let’s just see the percentage of UK fans in Dallas … ‘nuf said!

  4. Matt Holt

    Well, Bo, you certainly don’t represent the reputedly high intellect that pervades the campus up there in Madison. A state’s never invented anything – they are inanimate. Duh.

    1. Melvit

      I know a Matt Holt.

    2. Gob

      Steve’s brother.

    3. Joseph Kreidler

      STEVE HOLT!!!!

  5. Axe Cop

    Coaches only say crap like that about student athletes when their rosters are mostly comprised of players not good enough to eventually play in the NBA.

  6. SoCal Will

    Almost time to dunk some Bonuts in our hot coffee…..

    1. Delk for 3

      I laughed pretty good at this. Thanks…………..Hehe……………. Bonuts.

  7. rahrah

    Yeah, keep talking, Geezer! Dare you to pi$$ the coach and the kids off. Go Cats!

  8. ukstu96

    Yes, that was a for sure shot at UK and us, the fan base. But I sense jealousy because we are UK and he is Wisconsin. I hope Cal will allow the team to read every negative social media piece to hype them up ever more!! GO CATS!!

  9. Randy Marsh
    1. Blue Truth

      hahaha hilarious.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      So maybe he was also this guy:

  10. Melvit

    He’s about to find out about the Big Blue Nation in 5 days.

    1. Luther

      Right on! Great post!

  11. Jim

    I guess he thought we are to stupid to pick up on it. He shall see this week end we picked up on it quite quickly. Hey Bo, Rupp said “Let there be basketball, and there was basketball, and it was good.”

    Cats then now and forever, amen!!!!!

    Tip up and let the pain begin.

    1. UK56Always

      JIM that was perfect!

    2. Jim Smith

      Excellent grammar. Kentucky isn’t even in the top 250 academic institutions in the nation. Pretty pathetic. Clearly these kids are going to this school for an education. It’s probably the only school they can get into. If Kentucky really cared that much about them maybe they’d focus more on education and life lessons vs. the entire school revolving around the basketball team.

    3. theWilkman

      Jim Smith – what’s the purpose of a college education? Preparation for a career. The difference in UK and Wisconsin is that most of our player’s chosen careers will be in the NBA, while Wisconsin it is everything but. If a UK player is prepared for that career in 1 year, so be it. If the NBA isn’t the career path, they need 3-4 years for a degree, if not more. Case in point – Polson.

  12. WCS

    Kentucky fans understand this, Coach Ryan: Kentucky is better than you, in every regard. Better basketball, better schools, and better people.

  13. biggity

    Must be why our APR scores are so low… oh wait
    We get tons of guys in the NBA, make consistent Final Fours, and do well in the classroom. Eat it, Bo. Enjoy your only Final Four!

  14. Chris

    That’s because our players AREN’T just student athletes here to get an education first and basketball second; they’re legit, extremely talented, future NBA players; everybody in BBN knows and understands that, why would we treat them like just student athletes?

  15. Basteballer

    That’s cute. And meaningless. Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of lambs.

    1. Eddard Stark says

      Kentucky is coming….

  16. hal

    yes nothing says “our fans value education” like being rated the #2 party school in the nation.

    1. CATandMONKEY


  17. RyanBKLYN

    Ryan’s “shots across the bow” are as dull as Wisconsin basketball itself.

    1. schwing

      if you actually consider scoring 45 points a game basketball, sure.

  18. LA

    I think Wisconsin did invent alcoholism and obesity in children though.

  19. UK

    If Wisconsin is known for anything it is definitely NOT known for its high-level basketball? This is your first Final Four in your 87th year at Wisconsin. The only thing you’re good at is recruiting white boys and looking super old. Prepare to meet The Big Blue Nation and learn what true college basketball fans look like

    1. eddie vedder

      They made the final four in 2000 and won the 41′ title to be fair. Bo Ryan still a douche though.

    2. Phog

      Ah yes, the 41′ championship. I’ll never forget the winning dipsy-do Patty O’houlahan pulled off as the seconds ticked off the ol’ stopwatch to seal the deal. Final score 13-11. Averaged the same ever since.

  20. harry

    Coach Ryan have you lost your mind? We will educate your team Saturday about the love of the game.

  21. Jumpshot

    Translation to Bo Ryan’s comments = I like hiding behind the FOOTBALL team

  22. El Guapo

    Jesus H, people. What did he say that’s the least bit wrong?

    Look at the comments on here; the proof is literally RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU.

    Everything he said is right. Doesn’t mean he’s taking a shot at Kentucky or its fan base – but the priorities are different. We are running a de facto NBA farm team. It is what it is. Not that most Kentucky fans would have the first clue what actually happens on the campus of the University of Kentucky…

    1. harry

      What would you have them do? Make millions or stay in school? Ask any student why they go to school? For the love of education or a hope of a well paying job after they are done. Heck all educational institutions cater to that sentiment, go to our school and you get a good job. Why should it be any different for student athlete if KY provides the opportunity to make a lot of money?

    2. harry

      and please enlighten me as to what happens on the campus as you see it.

    3. JustSayin

      El Guapo, i mean idiota, How is the basketball team’s GPA? You probably have no clue. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you think about it. You can stay in school and get a degree or if you are good enough you can turn pro in basketball. The choice is the STUDENT athlete’s, not Calipari. Do you honestly think Bo Ryan would have recruited Anthony Davis if he knew he’d only have him one year. Hell yeah, the scholarship would have been offered quicker than RP can get his zipper down in an Italian restaurant.

  23. John

    I thought college was to prepare students for the real world of making a living. Cal’s students learn more in one year than most will learn in 5 and earn more in one year than most others will earn in a lifetime.

    What a bitter, self-righteous wind-bag.

    I was looking forward to playing another team we could appreciate and respect.

    Not now!

  24. Damn!

    Over analysis at its best. Drew stirs up something from nothing and you guys start berating Bo. We should be better than Pat Fordes of the world. Remember Wichita State and their fans! Peace and love!

  25. jame223

    I remember my first final four Jon Voight, oops I mean Bo “Cheddar Cheese” Ryan.

  26. bda6115

    Sounds to me like a guy that knows he’s about to pack an a$$ whippin. GO CATS!

  27. ukfastcat

    Here is a guarantee.
    Blow Ryan has zero idea that Naismith invented the game in Springfield, Massachusetts then started the basketball program at Kansas. So, I guess The Springfield YMCA, UMass and KU should be very offended by his ignorant rant.
    All we have done at UK is win more games than any other team in history.
    And, of course, we did invent the one and done, the subject of Professor Ryan’s next lecture.

    1. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Not to mention that Naismith coached Phog Allen who coached Adolph Rupp. He was even assisting Allen when Rupp was playing at KU. So no, we didn’t invent it, but we’re probably closer to it than any other school besides Kansas.

  28. Raazouk

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Bo Ryan… Smh. Stay quiet old man. You clearly don’t belong in the Final Four, you should just try and blend in. Your players rarely ever have the option of getting paid to play….like RARELY! So ya, they are student first. They are students ONLY. They play some ball on the side.

  29. GAHill

    Bo Ryan is a stupid old man whose ego is beside itself. He is incapable of complimenting anything without a “Wisconsin” on it.

    After they lost in Lincoln at the end of the season, he refused to acknowledge the 16,000 fans who stood THE ENTIRE GAME (probably the loudest sporting event I’ve been to). Gave zero credit to Nebraska, and really, Nebraska kicked their rear ends.

    I’ve seen Wisconsin twice in person this year: at Minnesota (loss) and at Nebraska (loss). Here’s how they lost: Pitino and Miles had their guys drive the ball straight at them over and over and over. And Bucky couldn’t keep up because they’re SLOW. Slow as molasses.

    So if Nebraska and Minnesota can drive on them, you think Kentucky probably can, too?

    I think Kentucky can blow these guys out of the stadium Saturday.

    1. Mikey P

      Agreed. And I’ve always wanted to visit Pinnacle Bank. Appears to be a rocking place every time I’ve seen it on TV.

    2. bigcatstanding

      great point, I also thought Kentucky had the advantage against Michigan, driving the ball, but they received absolutely no calls. how in the world can Kentucky Drive the ball upwards of 40 times, and only shoot 11 free throws. that game overall was officiated much better than the Louisville game. I rewatch the Louisville game and don’t have enough fingers and toes, for the missed calls and, bad calls. GO CATS

  30. TDog

    Kentucky’s Final Fours in the past 4 years = Wisconsin’s Final Fours Ever

    Sounds like old Bo is upset he can’t recruit as well as Cal.

  31. LACatfan

    It was a shot at Kansas dumbass….

    1. Basteballer

      Kansas isn’t playing, dumbass.

  32. Pitino's Bald Spot

    Okay Bo, it’s on. Wisconsin is an also-ran in everything, from academics to athletics and you’re taking shots at the winningest program in the history of college BB and their fan base? We’ll see what you think on Saturday when you look into that sea go Big Blue in the stands and search for that one lonely cheesehead. Good luck with that, schmuck, you’ll need it.

  33. Wow

    This doesn’t even make sense. Who the hell cares whether or not the fan base notices that the players are athletes as well as students. What matters is how much the fans support their team.

    Plus there’s no way Wisconsin fans appreciate the student-athlete more than any other fan base, it’s not like Bo Rian talks to the Fanbase every freakin daty. This is so stupid why would he even bring it up

  34. Wow

    Theres good D2 and D3 basketball programs in the state of Wisconsin so they know basketball better

  35. C...A....T....S....CATS!

    For any of my fellow BBN members who have never lived in Wisconsin for any period of time… please allow me to provide you with a little insight….

    a). BBN is the best fan base in all college basketball, and as our football team gets better each year… you will see BBN packing Commonwealth Stadium, and any place they travel, as well.

    b). THE BIG “PRE-TEN-ED” Conference has always tried to do athletic battle against the SEC, and when they can’t compete…always attempt to regain their own ego’s by playing the “we are academic institutions and the SEC universities are not…they are unethical sports institutions who cheat”.

    c) Bo is clearly using residue from this typical, lame, BIG “PRE-TEN-ED” argument to bolster his WISCONSIN BADGER’s IMAGE on the sport of Basketball.

    b). ANYONE (who has been so unfortunate as I) who has lived in Wisconsin for a short period of time knows in the COLD TUNDRA of Wisconsin…there are only TWO SPORTS SEASONS:

    If there is a close second it is NOT COLLEGE BASKETBALL… it is HOCKEY and BADGER FOOTBALL.


    * you can put away the “WE CARE ABOUT ACADEMICS” card and the “WE ARE A BASKETBALL STATE” card
    * you could only WISH to coach at a University with the success, history, and athletes, like Kentucky.
    * Unfortunately… it is YOU who does not have the EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, SUCCESS, CLASS, or YOUTH…to ever coach at Kentucky…and that includes Eastern, Western, and Northern Kentucky Universities as well.

    BBN… let us do ALL WE CAN on Saturday in Dallas, Texas to show this “BIG PRE-TEN-ED” coach what kind of appetite we have for CHEESE HEADS… like him…


    for BO RYAN to make any derogatory comment, or side swipe, about BBN, or anoint the WISCONSIN BADGER fan base as knowledgeable and crazy about basketball and the “STUDENT ATHLETE”… he needs to really visit a place like UK, or play a game against a team like UK: who’s players …

  36. Billy Clyde is drunk again

    My dislike of Bo Ryan was at 10 before today. Now it is at 20. You Skeletor looking antique.

  37. kevin l

    Sounds like jealousy to me.

  38. harry

    I’ll be honest, I did not know who he was until couple of days ago.

  39. John

    Wisconsin fans don’t think they invented basketball because they know that the sport was invented in Kentucky.

    1. Basteballer

      We didn’t invent it. We perfected it.

  40. Delk for 3

    C’mon guys. This is no big deal. This website needs to stop making an issue out of everything. It gets too many people in a tizzy.

  41. harry

    and this is his first final four in 13 years.

  42. John

    I don’t really care about what Bo Ryan says or thinks but I have to admit when reading this post I thought about that moron crybaby, Chester, whose a complete embarrassment to the UK fanbase.

  43. Dave

    2013 Fall semester Wisconsin Men’s Basketball GPA was 3.039
    2013 Fall semester Kentucky Men’s Basketball GPA was 3.038

    Bo needs to check the facts. UK student athletes pulling the grade. Bo needs to quit acting like he is so special.

  44. Bradley

    Nah Bo, your players came there to play basketball.

  45. KB

    Bitter old man

  46. bigcatstanding

    just add him to a long list, of coaches that recruit the exact same one and done, that just happen not to get them. drives me nuts when I hear idiots like the announcers the other day on ESPN, acting as if Louisville didn’t recruit the Harrison twins, because of, already having Russ Smith and the bearded white kid. pull up 2014, 2015 any year, and all these coaches that are anyone are listed.

  47. Jake

    He’s just mad because he’s not been able to find Crest Whitening Strips in stock anywhere

  48. bigcatstanding

    this is proof that my experience in Wisconsin, isn’t a Miraj. I used to travel the country, racing with my son, went through some little hick town in Wisconsin. The little hick town I noticed had 55 mile an hour speed limit all of a sudden it would be 35 back to 50 or 55 back down to 25. while going through the speed traps late at night, I guess I missed a sign and got pulled over. Was taken straight to jail had to make bail at that very second or would have spent the weekend waiting for a judge. while I was handing out cash that could have been used for tires or something else, I made a comment I hope Brett Favre breaks both damn Legs. GO CATS ILF9 BABY!!!!

    1. Great story guy

      What a thrilling narrative. Real relevant to the topic…

  49. UKNation

    Only beef I have with Wisconsin is a certain someone that is going to get his ARSE kicked when I meet him for the first time. He has avoided me, but one day I will catch him alone when he comes to this great state of KY and give him what UK will give the Badgers this weekend. I didn’t invent Whoop Ass but I will deliver it!!! Getting pissed off as I write this.

  50. KG

    Bo stole Christmas.

    1. rahrah


  51. Wisconsin Tourist Commission

    Come to Wisconsin and smell our dairy air!

  52. John Ellis

    Wisconsin was the team that injured Keith Bogans which lead to Tom Crean, Marquette and Dwayne Wade defeating the best team in the tournament and Tubby’s best team. That’s reason enough for revenge. The Wisconsin player actually stomped on Bogans after he was injured, inadvertently supposedly.

  53. Wildcat Bill

    Why is it that certain opposing coaches (Ryan apparently among them) seem to think that taking on UK and its fan base in a negative way is helpful to their cause? It only motivates the team and unites the fan base. It is exactly counterproductive for his purposes. Not to mention, not sportsmanlike. Just because he operates his program on a different level that does UK doesn’t make him the guardian of the moral high ground and UK pond scum. It’s a game. An athletic contest involving athletes. Not Good versus Evil. IU seems to try to do that too, and it appears that when one is lacking in anything else superior, they resort to that tactic.

    I did like the class and sportsmanship that Wichita State’s and Michigan’s coaches displayed. And really, so did Pitino. So if Ryan wants to play it that way, well, he need not be surprised when it backfires on him. I’m sure that at least Dan Dakich is on his side. That’s something I guess, but not much.

  54. Blue Biscuit

    He calls the Wisconsin fans “endearing.” So they’re the endearing Badgers. Sounds like a character in a Disney movie.

  55. Mr. Self Destruct

    I hate the state of Wisconsin. It sucks. Filled with loud, rude, crude, bad-beer drinking fat asses. Phuq them. A work, was bored, checked out their Scout board. Sme shite you see on a Loserville board. Cal cheats, our kids don’t go to class, same drivel. I want to beat them by 50.

  56. Keith

    Right, because nothing says success like a bachelors degree in political science to accompany that server’s position at Red Lobster. I swear, I’m sick of everyone holding up today’s college education as something sacred. The college degree is now incredibly overrated and watered down.

    For those talented enough to play for schools like Kentucky, basketball is their major, and it pays WELL professionally. Right now UK is the best place to go to major in that. To be so talented and ignore the fact that youth and talent are fleeting, is extremely risky behavior. And those coaches and profs who encourage such talent to put off this life changing opportunity are the truly self-serving.

    Mr. Basketball can always come back for that worthless diploma should they choose. In fact, today don’t we heap praise on the 70yr. old walking across campus books and slide rule in tote? What hypocrisy! Or jealousy I should say.

    Get ’em in the draft and get’ em a financial counselor. Then let them come back for the university indoctrination when they’ve got money to burn if that’s what they want.

    As for me? I’d trade my BA degree right now for tickets to watch the CATS pound this dinosaur and his team into the ground next weekend. I’m also open to any servers position in the Lex area.

  57. Dcforuk

    He’s just trying to make his base feel good. Coach Cal has done an incredible coaching job. Guys like Bilas know that. Having at least 1-2 folks like Bilas make it easier to care less about what others like Ryan may say. It’s a fine line between standing up for your program and appearing insecure. Cal has done an amazing job this year. And, the reality is that it is good that others are taking shots because it shows they have Kentucky on their mind! And, they should have UK on their mind because they are a force right now!!

  58. Joy Grassgow

    This is so over blown. Drew Franklin is the little kid that talks sh*t and then runs and tells everyone about it. Cal and Bo are good friends and it was a tongue in cheek joke. The idiocy on this board almost makes me want to return my degree. Watch the whole press conference. Get over yourselves. What do you think the rest of the country thinks about Cal? I know it is unjustified but it is what is thought. Also, Louisville posters have been trolling Badger boards and talking all kinds of crap. Surprised?

    1. Rixter

      Thanks for your input, Mrs. Ryan

  59. TWalker

    Sounds like Coach Ryan heard our boy Chester on KSR Lol

  60. catdaddyd

    All I know about Bo is he refused to let a player transfer until espn rode him about it.

  61. Joy Grassgrow

    So I have been researching, catdaddyd, not surprised that is all you know. All Ryan wanted was the kid to come and talk to him and tell him he was transferring. That is it. Wow, terrible.
    Ask Randall Cobb and Tim Masthay what they think of Wisconsin?

  62. Shawn

    He probably likes that their fans have low expectations as well. Wisconsin Is just Indiana without the history.

  63. Bizzaro World

    No Ryan did invent the perpetual “I smell a fart” face.

  64. Raul
  65. Lexington 3

    Sounds to me like he is saying that he is glad the fans do not put too much pressure on him to win. Good thing, that will come in handy on Sunday morning.

  66. Bizzaro World

    Classic rookie Final 4 move- act like you been there before Bo- oh wait. You haven’t have you?

  67. Mortimer McDuffy

    “they understand these are student-athletes who actually are here for the purpose of an education first and playing ball second.”

    ^ The timliness and intent of his comments notwithstanding; he has a point with this statement

    I mean, after all, it’s pretty obvious that UK’s recent basketball success has nothing to do with being a student athlete ….. at least not past a year or two……but hey…..the debate rages on I suppose

  68. Marvb

    Love watching Bo Ryan teams. Fun to watch. That’s just him playing the underdog card. If UK wins we’ll be what he implies that we are. He can’t lose even if his team does. I wouldn’t take these statements personal. He’s old school and desperate to win. No reason he can’t respect basketball in his own way and no reason he can’t tell Wisconsin what they want to hear !! Nevertheless, Go Big Blue.

    1. Gap Tooth Danny

      Yep, he’s playing with house money, might as well shoot the moon.

  69. jake

    Bo, I’m going to pretend you never said that so I can still like you

  70. Rixter

    When you recruit athletes like Ryan does, they damn better well get an education.

  71. Doug Newman

    I believe Bo is referring to Indiana Hoosiers when referring to inventing basketball

  72. jake

    bo, of course they’re there for an education just ask Kaminsky, a bunch of white guys!

  73. DaveUK

    I’m in a forgiving mood on this. Let the ol’ man say what he wants to say but we need to remain classy. After all, he’s been stuck in Wisconsin his entire collegiate coaching life (15 years in D-III in Platteville!) – that would make you say stuff too!

  74. Blow Ryan

    Last championship game was in 1941 I believe. So their fans, unless they were alive for Pearl Harbor, have seen Wisconsin do NOTHING. (Unless you count average 41 points a game for 20 years)

  75. UKBlue

    As a fan base we sometimes worry about irrelevant people & irrelevant things too much. Even if they were to somehow beat us, Wisconsin BB is still going to be irrelevant. The guy has got to try and take a swing would we expecting anything less, after all the guy is trying to punch up.

  76. Tom_Evansville

    Bo Ryan’s comments remind me of what Jim Carrey told his son in “Liar Liar”…

  77. Joy Grassgrow

    Q. I know it’s very early in your preparation, but have you had a chance to look at the Harrison twins from Kentucky? Talk about the challenges they’ll provide for you guys.
    COACH RYAN: Well, needless to say, they’re pretty talented or Kentucky wouldn’t be playing in the semifinals. They’re not young anymore. They’re pretty well‑established. Very talented. Physically they were more mature than most freshmen to begin with. They’re primed right now.
    I still have a lot more film to look at, along with my assistant coach that has them. But we know we’re going to have our hands full with the twins, that’s for sure.

    Q. You talked about the Harrison twins, but some of your other overall impressions of Kentucky when you look at them, especially what they’ve done over the last couple weeks.
    COACH RYAN: Obviously, we haven’t been to the Final Four very often. I never do scouting reports on other teams. There’s still a lot I have to look at. For me to say Kentucky is good, I’d be slighting them. They are very good. They’re playing in the semifinals for a reason. Well‑coached. John has done a great job of getting those guys, as young as they are, to play together, do the things they’re doing. They’re playing their best at the right time obviously or you don’t get to this point.

    Q. Earlier on the teleconference, Coach Donovan said he saw your game with Kentucky as a contrast in styles. I wonder if in a general sense you would agree with that and how Kentucky’s style you might have seen earlier from other teams.
    COACH RYAN: I think Billy was having some fun with you. Kentucky’s trying to put the ball in the hole. We’re trying to put the ball in the hole. We’re trying to keep them from doing it. They’re trying to keep us from doing it. I didn’t know there were that many styles.
    I don’t see it totally as that. If other people do, they could explain to you why.
    But we are who we are right now. We’re not changing. They’re who they are right now. Whatever people want to say about styles and all that, I leave that up to them. I’ve never gotten caught up in that kind of a conversation.

    Q. Just as a guy who spent his whole head coaching career in Wisconsin, what do you think getting to the Final Four means obviously to the alums there, and talk about what basketball means to the state of Wisconsin in general.
    COACH RYAN: I tell you, the people here in this state are crazy about basketball. They realize that they didn’t invent it like some other states believe. But they also know they have a passion for it because there’s been a lot of success by state schools. By schools in the state of Wisconsin. Division I, Division III, NAIA, Division II with Parkside, which the head coach was one of my former players, I don’t want to leave him out.
    They love it here, but they’re not so over the edge that they don’t understand. What I like about the Wisconsin fans is they understand these are student‑athletes who actually are here for the purpose of an education first and playing ball second. That’s what I believe makes them really endearing as far as a coach that stayed in the state this long because they’re so supportive of their players, of their teams.
    That’s been really neat for me to say. I’m not saying that wasn’t the case in Philly growing up, in the Chester area. But here in the state of Wisconsin, the love and passion for the game of basketball is definitely as high as anywhere else.

    Q. Could you talk about how the post game this weekend will be big for you, how would an opponent defend your post game?
    COACH RYAN: We know we have a couple guys that can score around the basket, but we also know there’s defenders out there that can do a pretty good job of stopping them.
    It will be that give‑and‑take for the 40 minutes of what can you get out of the post, what are you going to give up at the other end in the post. Kentucky obviously has plenty of post presence.
    The question will always be, How many touches, how many offensive opportunities on second‑chance points will each team get? It will definitely be a battle 10 feet and in, that’s for sure.
    DAVE WORLOCK: Coach Ryan, thank you for your time today. Congratulations on advancing to the Final Four. We’ll see you in North Texas in a couple days.
    COACH RYAN: Thank you.

  78. Sgt. Stadenko

    ii.Phog March 31, 2014 at 10:45 pm | Permalink

    Ah yes, the 41′ championship. I’ll never forget the winning dipsy-do Patty O’houlahan pulled off as the seconds ticked off the ol’ stopwatch to seal the deal. Final score 13-11. Averaged the same ever since.

    I choked on my cereal this morning when I read this….HOLY SHI_ that was funny. Also something to ponder as to why Bo Ryan is so salty….he has been to the same amount of final fours as most of the players on UK’s team except he’s like 79 yrs old, not 18-22 yrs old.

    Yaaaah, You Betcha (or is that Minnesota)

  79. Blake

    I’m sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I’ve hit refresh a bunch and don’t see it.

    I just basically said it’s hard for us to act superior to Louisville fans and then get mad when Wisconsin fans try and act superior to us. We are an NBA breeding ground and have fans that subscribe to the “Chester doctrine.” Who cares.

  80. amirite

    Wisconsin and Kentucky both graduate 100% of their white basketball athletes.
    Kentucky leads overall graduation rate. So keep recruiting those white boys Bo and we’ll keep helping underprivileged families.

  81. John

    What I find amazing is that most fans comments have not mentioned the following that Coach Ryan obviously didn’t know:

    1) Several of the “One and Done” athletes over the past few years have still continued their college education through correspondence and Summer classes. John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins are still UK students who are about to graduate. Brandon Knight, Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb are STILL UK students. Due to their GPA’s, the athletic scholarship was converted to an academic scholarship. They can no longer play at UK, but they can and will still graduate.

    2) The cumulative GPA for Kentucky’s athletic department is quite high in comparison with other SEC schools.

    3) Everyone calls these players “one and done,” but none of them have actually stated that their intention was to play one year of college and leave. The only player I know of who made that statement was Andrew Wiggins, who ended up at Kansas. Coach Cal doesn’t even promise players that they will see time on the court.

    4) By the way, in response to the last comment from amirite, race is not really an issue at Kentucky. The Harrisons, Julius Randle, James Young and Marcus Lee are not from underprivileged families. Their families are actually middle class. Before starting a race war, look at the facts.

    5) Coach Cal has stated that he personally hates the one and done rule, but would not stand in the way of a player trying to reach his dream. He did not encourage Marquis Teague to go pro. He did not encourage Goodwin to go pro and he has already encouraged the Harrisons to stick around next year.

  82. TJ

    I cant’ wait until you redneck hillbillies get your asses handed to you by some small town Wisconsin white boys. All you have is college basketball in that worthless state and we are about to send you and your mcdonalds all americans home crying…so long losers!