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Bettors suffer heartbreaking beat in Kentucky’s 85-74 victory over Texas A&M

If you placed a bet on the Kentucky Wildcats last night in their SEC home opener over Texas A&M, you probably lost a decent chunk of change. Odds are good you also pulled your hair out down the stretch.

With the clock winding down and the Wildcat lead at a comfortable 14 points, point guard Ashton Hagans tossed the ball high in the air, hoping to just let the clock run out and finalize the victory.

While John Calipari and Billy Kennedy shook hands at midcourt and players began walking off the floor, the referees gathered together to determine whether or not the time had expired and the game was over.

Instead of calling the game (as they should have), they added a measly 0.8 seconds remaining on the clock to give Texas A&M one more opportunity with the ball.

Aggie guard Savion Flagg caught the inbound and tossed the 50-footer from half court, absolutely nailing the shot as time expired.

So why does a meaningless three with the game out of reach at the end of regulation matter?

Depending on the betting service, the line for this game opened at -12.5 and ended anywhere from -13 to -14 in Kentucky’s favor at tip-off. With a buzzer-beater to cut the Kentucky lead from 14 to 11 points, those who bet on the Wildcats likely came away empty-handed and pretty darn frustrated.

That’s a bad, bad beat. One of the worst I’ve ever seen.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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38 responses to “Bettors suffer heartbreaking beat in Kentucky’s 85-74 victory over Texas A&M”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    So … betting on sports is not a sure thing?

  2. Smyrna_Cat

    And no, they shouldn’t have called the game. There was still time on the clock.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Exactly….they did their job as the shot clock went off before the game clock. Had we had a smart coach he would have to our player to hit the rim, then game is over as it would be a shot. Even if he shoots the ball and hits no rim it is a violation and time left. Ball hits rim and game is over. Sounds like a certain writer lost some money.

    2. henderblue

      Had we had a smart coach,Mashburnfan? So you think the coach was worried about 1 second on the clock with a 14 point lead? Sounds like he was smart enough to not bet on it. How about you?

    3. JASUN74

      It was absolutely the right thing to do. There’s time on the clock, play ball!! Hell yes I’d be pissed if I lost a dime on the game but it’s how it played out. It’s not close to the worst bad beat Jack. I keep forgetting you’re 20 or so. Lol. It may have been the worst you’ve saw, but I’m sure there’s be 20 or more games just this season that’s been buzzer beating bad beats!! Henderblue. Lol. I hear you buddy. Haha. Like coach Cal was worried about a half court three at the buzzer! Mashed tater has lost his mind again!!

  3. elvislovesblue

    If Ashton had “shot” the ball, the game would have been over. His toss was not a shot, so the shot clock expired, and the game clock had to be stopped simultaneously. I think it’s typical micro-management of a game that causes them to be so long to actually extend it, but technically the refs were correct.

    Soap box: These replays to put fractions of a second, or even a second or two, should be eliminated in the sake of maintaining game flow and momentum, and keeping fans from falling asleep.

    Also, the Pat Adams intervention into the little scuffle that resulted in 3 techs and a flagrant was overplay and laughable. He needed his notebook to keep up with everything. Is there a meme for his UnderArmour showing?

    1. Smyrna_Cat


    2. ClutchCargo

      If I was A&M’s coach, I would have a problem with the one ref shoving my players like he was doing. That was a pretty big overreaction to something that really wasn’t that big a deal.

    3. Bluebloodtoo

      So in football you can’t touch the ref, but in basketball the ref can shove the players? Something seems..inconsistent. Oh wait, it’s the NCAA. They are consistently inconsistent.

    4. michaelb

      Yea I seen that clutch , it reminded me of the Scott Padgett scenario. These refs with this type ego are ones who have to be suppressed or reprimanded

    5. Mathlete

      Preach. The micro-officiating nonsense was insane.

    6. JASUN74

      Good post Elvis. Except he had to hit the goal for the shot clock to be reset. Not just shoot it as you said. Maybe that’s what you meant, but theirs a big difference between the two. Game was over and if he would’ve hit that shot, the whole country would’ve been talking about it this morning. So really it was the right play and it’s 100% the way it’s supposed to play out. Thanks

    7. JASUN74

      Ohh on the ref, he should’ve got knocked the hell out!! Haha. Would’ve been classic!! At the very least, Billy should’ve cussed him all to hell an tell him to not put his hands on him again.

  4. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

    “Sports bettors reminded why sports betting is asinine.”

  5. KYjellyRoll

    Time xpired after hagans let it go and while the ball was in the air. Game should have ended regular

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      Sorry, no. The ball has to hit the rim to reset the clock. Could they have let it go? Sure.

    2. jsh2001

      Ball has to hit the rim, instant replay of shot-clock violations requires the official to put time back on the game clock to the time the shot-clock violation actually occurred (meaning when the clock hit zero not when the ball landed after it went off). You just don’t see it very often because they are only required to review the time in the final 2 minutes.

  6. KYjellyRoll

    Who’s to say his toss wasn’t a shot?

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      Doesn’t matter if it is a shot or not … has to hit the rim.

    2. KYjellyRoll

      Sorry I thought as long as it left the hand before the clock went off

    3. ibescootch

      You’re correct, sort of. It’s a shot clock violation if it leaves his hand before the buzzer, but DOESN’T hit the rim. If he shoots that ball, since he let it go before the buzzer, if it hits the rim, game over. If not, it’s a violation and time is reset to the time of the violation.

  7. Suffering Fools


    1. BigBlue86

      Bet the over…. worked out just fine for me.

  8. michaelb

    The whole thing is laughable … glad I don’t have easy access to sports gambling. Or do I? Is there an app for this ? Ashton looked to coach for instruction & was tipped off by coach to do that . Not a big deal since both we’re trying to conduct the best sportsmanship outcome . The game shoulda have ended with a shot though technically to avoid that . Some would have had an issue with that just because (by nature) people love to complain about anything they can

    1. StillBP

      there are tons of apps for sports betting that you can access if you so desire.

  9. tgoff

    If you’re told repeated to stop coming towards the UK players and you continue to be a punk then the ref should push you back. Since it happened twice he should have been T’d up! Who cares what the coach thinks, control the punk!

    1. ClutchCargo

      The A&M player who came charging in to push KJ should have been T’ed up immediately and that should have been the end of it. The ref shouldn’t have been escalating the situation..

  10. catsarerunnin

    Officiating across the board continues to be atrocious. And to actually put time on the clock in that situation was ridiculous. On the other hand it also seemingly shows Cal must always tell players what exactly they need to do. They shouldn’t have to be told to shoot the ball in that situation. What if it were a two point lead instead of 14?

    1. ibescootch

      It isn’t ridiculous because that’s the legal way to ref a game. You can’t possibly be arguing for refs to not abide by the rules, especially when they very clearly have such a real world implication. Since they did it correctly, bettors probably lost a bunch of money, but if they’d not had called it, a bunch of other people could have potentially lost money. At least they’re abiding by the rule of the law.

    2. ibescootch

      And in what world do you think Cal or any of the players would have just thrown the ball up in the air if up by 2 instead of 14?! That’s a completely different situation.

  11. shepdog3720

    There was actually 1.6 seconds put back on the clock and the line moved up to -15 at some betting sites, so maybe there aren’t as many people jumping off the bridge as there might have been. Still an amazing shot…

  12. njCat

    Anyone betting on KY to beat any spread is just asking for it.


    I don’t give a flaming rat fart about bettors…but that was a BS move by the refs. Cal was doing the right, sportsman thing by trying to dribble out the clock, rather than have our guys try to score. Crooked officiating as usual, from refs who likely had $$ on the game themselves.

    1. mashburnfan1

      No idio, they did their job regardless of the situation. Had we not had 10 more free throws in the game we may not have beat this bad team so to complain about the refs for any reason is stupid. In this cse they did exactly what hteir job says to do. See it in football often, 4th down and team takes a knee up 21 but there are 3 seconds left, should we just let it go and leave the field, I mean game is over. No they make the other offense come out and they often just take a knee to end it. Is called rules they are to follow no matter how stupid it seems.

    2. ibescootch

      Totally agree with mashburnfan1, you can’t pick and choose when to follow the rules, just because it helps you. If the shoe was on the other foot and you’d better the under, and they didn’t call the shot clock violation, you would have been livid!

    3. catsarerunnin

      Yeah just doing their job after missing calls all night.

    4. ukcamel

      @mashburnfan1 you are a transparent Louisville troll. “We” – don’t be ridiculous. You never went to UK and you drink Crown while cheering for the Cards and beating your woman.

    5. jaws2

      No, Cal didn’t do the right thing. Why not just go down and put up a shot? You’re not running up the score when you’re just playing the game out. It’s not like we were up 30. This running out the clock crap at the end of games with 25 seconds left makes me puke! Just put the friggin shot up! Oh, we’re gonna hurt the other teams feelings? Bulshit!!