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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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61 responses to “Bahamas Kentucky is back, and it looks like they might be here to stay”

  1. Alleykat16

    They looked really good yesterday. And they rebounded the ball and most important they blocked out. They kept Maye off the glass. He came in averaging a double double. And our bigs kept him off the glass. That’s what I really liked about the game. PJ and Travis owned the lane and wasn’t allowing NC in there to rebound the ball. Now let’s put together another great game on the 29th in an extremely hostile arena.

  2. Alleykat16

    I was so glad to see PJ and Travis doing what they did and Haggens played like he was a thief stealing everything he touched. Great play.

    1. stunninsteve

      This game just tickled my family pink! My stepdaughter dates a tar heel fan, and he had a lot to say in the days leading up to game day. We gave it back to him in SPADES, then the Cats backed it up just beautifully. Last I heard, he can’t make it in for Christmas, to which I say “give me an extra helping of stuffing”!

  3. 4everUKblue

    Anyone else notice haters like Le Docteur, UKprofessor, bigoldumbass (aka slater, combatmedic) are missing from the comments section after a big win? Seems they’re only happy when they criticize and complain.

    1. IrishCat

      They’re the worst.

    2. bigbluebanana

      Slater tried last night, but got shit down by everyone, so he stopped. Cue him showing up to say something in 3..2..1..

    3. Han

      I noticed a ton of supposed Kentucky fans snidely proclaiming UNC would easily beat us yesterday.

    4. Miller45

      Thinking they were going to lose isn’t necessarily being unsupportive

    5. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      Don’t forget Jiminy Crickets.

    6. Jiminy Crickets

      Love u too.

    7. Jiminy Crickets

      The difference is, I am a UK fan and grad that loves the school, and everything about it. I’ve openly said 1000 times, I don’t like Calipari the coach, but as an ambassador he’s great. I graduated in ‘99 and jumped on hoods of cars on Euclid almost every year I was there. My daughter was a freshman in ‘12. Me not liking Calipari doesn’t make me a hater. And no, I don’t want him fired, I just don’t like new team every year, suck through first half of season, roller coaster the second half in hopes of turning it on in March. I’d be willing to bet I’ve been to more games in Rupp this year than 99% of the KSR bulldogs

    8. catsarerunnin

      You’re no fan Jenny. You would whine regardless of the coach. I pity any real fans who are unfortunate enough to sit by you at Rupp.

    9. Luether

      Sounds like you’re the hater on here – just trying to stir up some $h!t…

    10. 4everUKblue

      Oh I forgot Luether, he pretends to be a UK fan. One thing I do hate is a troll and that’s what Luether is.

  4. CKTermy23

    I think it’s too soon to say that just yet. Let see if they keep playing well first one game at a time before we make that judgement call.

    1. syrin23

      I understand your hesitation, but I do think this turns the corner for them. If they ever play a game without full effort, they can look back to this game to see the difference. This also gives them an injection boost a young team needs. I think this switches the switch for Tyler too. You could seem him over thinking on offense. Tow of his threes were in and out. This could have easily been a 20 point win. the second half refereeing was ridiculously one sided. And if we just a few more threes or lay ups, 20+ point win.

    2. michaelb

      Yea a couple of Herro shots went all the way in and back out . I was hoping all he threw up would ring through

    3. syrin23

      *confidence injection

      and Tyler was overthinking prior to this game. This game he reacted.

    4. J. Did

      KENTUCKY ran the floor 20 minutes in the first half. Repeated in the second. So did unc. Play great DEFENCE. Clear the boards. Run the floor. Press. The buckets will amass. The team that is in the best physical condition has the advantage. GO CATS!

  5. CKTermy23

    I will say this there is no chance UofL out rebounds us we are easily the bigger more physical team the team that has one this game has won the rebounding war. However UofL is the better shooting team right now this game has the making of a trap game.

    1. syrin23

      Not with a week to prepare.

    2. henderblue

      CK, trap games usually are games where a team overlooks another team. Our guys are not going to overlook the dirty birds

  6. IndianaSucks

    One game doesn’t mean “we’re back” but definitely a start in the right direction. Looked good yesterday. At least we have one good game under our belt going into a tougher than originally thought game vs UofL.

    1. J. Did

      Best moniker on this board. And the answer to the age-old question: “What keeps KENTUCKY from falling into tennessee”?

      I do agree.

  7. maxblackanvil

    Referees and too many missed 3 point attempts kept NC in the game. I looked and say that NC had 3 fouls called with 9 minutes left. Doing their Chapel Hill thing where no fouls called until garbage time to even up the totals.

    1. syrin23

      I couldn’t agree more.

    2. Skooms

      That and also tge fact that Luke Maye would hit a crazy 3 like EVERY time we took a 10-11 point lead. Without those, our boys woulda won by 20+ even with the crappy calls.

  8. wyatts1

    Young team with loads of potential, we essentially beat North Carolina at their own game, no easy task for anyone.
    I wonder why so many believe that uol is our biggest rival? I’m not that old but to me dUKe is our biggest rival and that’s the main reason why I hated losing to them but I’ve never doubted this team, ever. The transition from high school to college is a big one, and often heart and hustle is the difference, but seeing this team beat unc in the manner they did, was the next chance for them to redeem themselves after losing their first marquee match up that was a blunder against duke. This time though they got up, they didn’t have that deer in the headlights look and kicked some ass!!
    Is it just me? Am I in the minority in thinking duke is our main rival? Uol is just simply a team from the same state that got our leftovers (in Pitino) but besides that they was about as much a threat as the crackhead down the street lol

    1. BluejayK

      Louisville is no doubt our rival, and despite what anyone says, they are a legit top 6-10 program all time. That being said I get the same nerves playing Duke that I do playing UL. If we played Duke yearly I would def agree with you.

  9. VirginiaCat

    The team’s progress may be linked to modifications that Cal has made to his coaching approach. It seems that he has come to realize that he can’t hold the reins too tight if he wants this team to play like they did in the Bahamas. This may have been the “tweak,” i.e., allowing the team to play a style that fits them. I think this is what he means when he says that he wants the players to be team directed versus coach directed. I also noticed that Cal used his timeouts more effectively. If my perceptions are accurate, I give Cal credit for making adjustments to his coaching methods in order to maximize his team’s potential.

    1. IrishCat

      That’s not how coaching works, you can’t just change the way players play in one game. The real answer is that they’ve been working toward becoming a good team LIKE THEY DO EVERY YEAR, and it’s starting to come together. If you really think Cal just woke up to what you’ve known all along, changed his approach and implemented it in one week, you’re a special kind of special.

    2. bigblue2284

      They have been borderline unwatchable the last two years, I wouldn’t say they come together every year. If what you mean is they eventually become competitive then maybe. Cal hasn’t had a dominate team since the 38-1 squad, recruiting since then has been lackluster. They will get better but not truly be a contender in part because of talent and also because Cal can’t coach.

    3. ScottGreene22

      2011 Team is proof CAL can coach. He may be stubborn to a fault sometimes but the man knows what he doing. I don’t agree with everything he does ( Zone D press inbounds plays calling and not calling timeouts etc) but the he deserves and has earned the right to triumph or fail doing it his way. CAL has forgot more about Basketball then most of us know.

    4. 4everUKblue

      bigblue I suspect you’re really slater aka bigolblue and combatmedic. You can keep you negative bulls!t to yourself.

  10. AtlKatFan

    Great article Jack! You captured the excitement and joy of both the players and fans alike! Great Christmas present!

  11. 2thepoint

    It was a great effort, and was a fun game to watch.

  12. VirginiaCat

    Irish Cat: Thank you for recognizing that I am “special.” I know you meant it in the kindest way possible. I take your point. I do think that “team directed” vs. “coach directed” was recognition on Cal’s part that he needed to allow his team more freedom to play a style that accentuated their strengths. I am not suggesting that was the only factor, but it was a big contributor to the Cats’ strong performance. Sometimes “tweaks” apply to coaching as well as playing. Lets just agree to disagree on this one. Enjoy the holidays while I bask in my specialness.

    1. IrishCat

      Yes, I should be more civil, but fir crying out loud. He’s been using terms like “player first” “team led” “it has to come from them” etc. for 10 years. Not a single bit of this is new or a recent “recognition”, it’s a coach working and talking through a process the exact same way he does every year. The only thing that changes are the players (that’s the fun part) and the fans memories (that’s the nauseating part). Enjoy the ride, and enjoy the holidays. Go Cats.

    2. ktelectricatfan

      You’re 100% correct brother. The same thing happens every single year, you’d think the fans would be used to it by now.

  13. stunninsteve

    There are all different types of Cat fans on these boards. We have everyone from the diehard believers to the one foot in the door types to the “chicken little’s”(sky is falling). Just like America has all sorts of different people. I tolerate them all because it’s a free country and commonwealth, despite the fact the ksr crew and a couple buttholes on here’s mommies told them that they could decide who is and isn’t a “true fan”. Heck, Matt Jones went to duke, he’s the absolute last authority on what constitutes a Kentucky fan.

    1. stunninsteve

      That being said, Matt knows more about UK athletics than 95% of casual fans.

    2. BigolBlue

      And he is a known message board troll. He is on here under a few different names. Ukbigboard being one of them

    3. 4everUKblue

      You have no room to talk bigoldumbass, aka slater, combatmedic_98. You’re the biggest troll of all with multiple usernames.

  14. Memphis UK Cat

    There are some serious haters on here. I for one have had the hangover since the duke game. I was there and wanted to crawl out the arena. This looked more like the Kentucky team we saw in the Bahamas and more excited to travel and see some games. I am not sure with Quade leaving got the team more focus or just the process. I was concern this team was going to go backwards. Cal, he is the magician who always finds a way!

  15. Headhurts

    So did Cal out coach ole Roy saturday? Oops I forgot Cal just rolls the ball out there………big grin.

    1. Racerr11

      Lol, Matt knows more than 95% of fans WOW you are way out there. Cal is the only coach I want and is one of the best out there. BBN

  16. Racerr11

    Matt knows some of the modern day UK stuff but a sports guy he isn’t.

  17. BigolBlue

    One game. Lets not get ahead of ourselves

    1. Big0lBlue

      Just as you have cautious pessimism, we are allowed to have optimism. It is just one game, but the fact that you cannot enjoy it is further proof that you, slater, are a miserable person. You are only here to bring fans down, and i feel sorry for you living your life that way.

    2. catsarerunnin

      Ourselves? Are you implying you’re an actual Cats fan? I’m sure you will enjoy unwrapping your new UL gear tomorrow morning including one emblazoned with Slater the Hater stitched in red.

    3. Big0lBlue

      You mean you actually figured out that i am banana? Dude, is your last name Holmes? Because thats Sherlock level detective work. I/we all mock you because you deserve it. Remember, you are free to say whatever you want, you are not free from the pushback we are going to give you after you have said it.

    4. BigolBlue

      You guys are so triggered. Banana has 0 life making names to reflect mine. I know its you. All im saying is temper expectations. We get in trouble bc ksr and others overhype this team drastically for ratings and site hit help. Remember being ranked #2 preseason??? That didnt go well. Yes it was a great win, but lets see first

    5. catsarerunnin

      All I’m saying is you change IDs yearly to try and hide the fact you’re Slater the Hater. You’re not a UK fan regardless of what ridiculous moniker you use.

    6. 4everUKblue

      banana has way more smarts than you have among all your usernames and I doubt you matter enough to him or anyone else bigoldumbass aka slater aka combatmedic_98.

  18. Aar

    How about a headline and post about leadership within this team? Travis is taking the role of “guy everybody turns to”. Hagans is taking the defensive leader role. Washington owns the self-sacrificing glue guy role. Johnson is clutch time. There is a lot of leadership emerging within this version of the Cats. That’s the entire reason they are now starting to play so much better than they were on the pre-season trip that this post basically amounts to cheerleading.

    1. BigolBlue

      That was deep aar. Im touched

    2. CatsandPats

      Hit the nail on the head. This team assuming their roles and leadership will only increase their ceiling as the season rolls on. This game gave us a taste of what we can expect IF our guys assume these roles for each and every game.

  19. Mathlete

    Averaging 34% from 3 (102 points per 100 shots) is better than shooting 50% from 2 (100 points per 100 shots).

    Keep that and the defensive efficiency up and we’ll be in really good shape.

  20. The Original WTF Guy

    Last year we played arguably the best 20 minutes of the season in the second half vs WVU. The next game out we barely beat Vandy at home. I don’t think this team is last years team, but let’s give them a bit of time.

    1. Aar

      I’m glad this team played such a good 40 minutes so early in the season. They have more games to repeat this level of play and build upon it than when they put it together for those 20 minutes at WVU last season. I really hope their next 40 minutes are at least 90% as good as their most recent 40. That should be enough to beat the dirt outta those birds!