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Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 responses to “Auburn lost last night, so that’s good”

  1. RealCatsFan

    I guess that means that Auburn sucks and is not a title contender – they should fire their coach! At least that’s the logic used by some “fans” who post on KSR.

    1. StillBP

      Fire Pearl, hire BigolBlue

    2. J-Dub421

      Unranked South Carolina knocked off #14 Miss. State in OT last night too. Guess they should fire their coach as well.

    3. bigbluebanana

      They’ll all just come here and say rankings don’t matter…then they’ll lose their collective sh!t if we lose to an I ranked team. It’s a perfect double standard set by these folks. Whatever works to fit their “Sky is falling” narrative.

    4. bigbluebanana

      ^unranked, not I ranked

    5. Kentuckybbnfan01

      Mississippi state should fire their coach their never as good as they are ranked as soon as they get into conference play firing cal is crazy at this moment their is only two or three coaches active right now that have done better than cal

    6. henderblue

      ^^^^^All my rowdy friends coming together with common sense. Fire Pearl. Hire BigolBlue…golden.

    7. KYCat4EVER


      Thanks Drew…

      I’m concerned with how well our CATS are performing, improving, and being coached!

      Heck, all the other SEC schools could lose the rest of their games and if Coach Calipari can’t get our CATS to play KENTUCKY BASKETBALL and hit the high bar…. he’ll just get our butts beat by another Kansas State in the Sweet 16 while we fail to get another NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Banner….AGAIN!

      RUPP set the high standards, but so far Calipari has not attained them…

  2. katmandue2you

    The negative blowhards whether it’s Gran or Cal or the b-ball team in general just show how little they know about sport and game strategy and competition. Were it not so disgusting it’d be hilarious

    1. henderblue

      Where are they today? And the dirty birds lost on the road at Pitt.

    2. BigolBlue

      Haha! I know one thing. Cal 30+ nba draft picks = 1 title and mediocracy mostly

  3. Jiminy Crickets

    That’s the first game I’ve watched of Auburn. They shoot the 3 like no team I’ve seen, they don’t even look to the post. I guess if you catch them hot they’ll kill you, but last night all those 28ft jumpers were off and they had no answer. Ole Miss must have missed 10 FTs in last 3 minutes, some front end of 1&1, and still won by 15. That was a butt kicking.

  4. henderblue

    Drew, Tennessee will lose a game or two on the road. It’s tough out there on the road in conference play.

  5. BigolBlue

    Everytime any team loses its an excuse for uk and Cal. You know your team stinks when you have to repeatedly have to do this.

    1. henderblue

      Your team got beat at Pitt. Lmao…

    2. jaws2

      And it was their FIRST conference win in 24, TWENTY FOUR games!!!!