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Article written by Maggie Davis

11 responses to “Ashton Hagans tabbed to National Player of the Year Award watch list”

  1. BeingReal

    w much I enjoy you and your radio show. Love your side-crew too! However, I don’t think you realize how political you get. You often say no politics on your show, but then when you want to talk politics you do. Today I thought the 15 min you spent dogging Bevin you were at your worse. The other hr & 45 min was great! But frankly I’m a Republican and your comments were nearly enough for me to turn the channel. Very close! Your TV show pretty much had a nightly segment downing Matt Bevin. I had to stop watching. I also had a lot of friends that quit watching too because of the constant negative attacks by you and your guest on the Republican party. Today, you spoke like your opinion was the truth and the only way to determine the election results. I couldn’t of disagreed more! You need to understand your opinions are only your opinions. You have no great higher knowledge of understanding politics than many of your viewers do. I agree whole-heartily with Senator McConnell. You need to take a break until you decide your political future. Also, if you return, I’d suggest you, Ryan, Shannon and Drew all refrain from politics. Most all listeners I believe would enjoy your show even more. Please take this a constructive advise & my opinion. Regardless, best of luck for your future Matt! Also, sorry I posted here, but you censored comments on your editorial! You shouldn’t do that either!!!

    1. Denny

      I’m not sure why anyone would reply to an article celebrating Ashton Hagans to attack Matt Jones for having an opinion and sharing at a point where he is not actually running at this point. You do you is all I can say.

      Personally I can’t wait to see what Ashton and the crew manage to accomplish this season! I think their defense will be stellar and it might take some time for the offense to catch up but it will.

    2. ibescootch

      He’s replying here because comments are turned off on Matt’s other post. Sometimes people just want to be heard, and that’s OK.

  2. neat1ky

    Amen, agree this site needs to stay about UK sports and leave politics out of it.

  3. dcforuk

    Yes, no, maybe, IDK. I am not certain because I don’t want to be censored myself. You have opinions, Matt has opinions, I have opinions. Why shouldn’t we all be allowed to share them. I don’t mind him sharing his nor you choosing to post here and sharing your opinions. I guess the natural problem with that, potentially, is it simply gets off topic some from Kentucky Sports. He is the founder who has put in blood, sweat and tears. Like I said, I am not 100% certain my thoughts. It is an interesting discussion.

  4. dcforuk

    But, sticking with UK Sports, congrats Ashton! Good overall game last night!

  5. kyken68

    Being Real I can’t agree more! I have been a KSR listener since it’s beginning. Have attended remotes, patronized the bar, played in the golf outing and have promoted you guys every chance I get. My family is now avid listeners and our road trips are spent catching up on your previous shows, however recently I sense you are no longer able to separate your political views from the wonderful “thing” you have created for all Kentuckians to be so proud of and I mean all of us!!! I do wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors but you are skirting a fine line of chastising the ones that support you because of your opinions based on your views. You are a good man Matthew Harper Jones with much to offer whether you step into the arena or not. You have won already, maybe not with a title of Senator but as a fellow Kentuckian from humble beginnings and you have made a little positive change in all of us Kentuckians! Keep being you, Kentucky loves you and I do too!

  6. Urolex

    The problem with politics these days is that the predominant 2 sides want to focus on the 20% they disagree on rather than the 80% they DO agree on. As such, the division between them continues to widen, fueled by the 24 hr media cycle.

    I honestly think that people who seek to hold public office lose the ability to separate politics from non-politics and they have to inject their views in to EVERYTHING. When you have a beloved, non-partisan entity like UKBB, it just rubs people there wrong way. Sure, half think it’s great bc they agree with your politics, and this gives you the impression that it’s a good idea. But you’re also alienating those who disagree as well as people who just want to talk about freaking sports regardless of their beliefs.

    Whether you’re a D or an R, quit thinking that your way is the ONLY way and just shut the hell up and cheer for the cats.

    Duke sucks.

  7. ibescootch

    I think what is frustrating for many of us, and I don’t think Matt really gets this, is that his political views and his perspectives on issues in KY and nationally are part of who he is, and he enjoys talking about them. He doesn’t mind debate and often welcomes confrontation. That’s fine. But that isn’t what many of us want to be pulled into on this site. We all deal with that stuff all day, and UK sports are our respite from that world, and KSR has become a place to breathe and just enjoy UK sports. It’s frustrating to have to deal with that stuff here as well as out there.

  8. Plicknog33

    There’s a reason he was critical of Bevin: Because he was one of if not the worse Governor in Kentucky history and the guy was and is a complete prick… but you expect that when the POTUS we have with his spray tan and hair piece bobbing around Ukraine and other places threatening them if they don’t assist in taking down his rivals in the upcoming election. Honestly all of you ppl that voted for this clown should be ashamed of yourselves. Go Cats!

    1. Corder

      Wow. So name calling and trying to shame people for their beliefs is what you are all about. What a great person and a great example for people to follow in your foot steps. How sad of a life you must live to get enjoyment out of trying to tell others how to live. Good luck with the rest of your judgmental life.