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Ashton Hagans put Storm Murphy on the floor

(Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports)

Let’s watch Ashton Hagans embarrass poor Storm Murphy with that spin move.

Have a seat, bud.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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32 responses to “Ashton Hagans put Storm Murphy on the floor”

  1. 4everUKblue

    That was pretty funny.

    1. henderblue

      4ever I thought Cal’s game plan was very effective wbu? I also noticed there is a KyCat who has been very quiet today. You notice that? It’s like the Cal bashers are all in comas today…

    2. 4everUKblue

      I noticed that too henderblue. I too thought Cal, who btw can’t coach or recruit, had a good game plan. Of course you still have those PJ bashers mouthing off and that we didn’t beat them bad enough.

  2. unbridled

    Wofford was a bad much up for about anyone. A team like that, that can shoot like they do….makes up for all their athletic deficiencies. Glad to have the win. No let’s regroup and get healthy. I have a feeling Houston will be he next test and the cats will need to be firing on all cylinders

    1. syrin23

      yeah, but we should have decimated them on our offensive possessions and didn’t.

    2. justaregulardude

      Have you ever made a positive comment? Vegas has us at 5.5. We won by 6. Take the W and shut the F up! Damn, I’m sick of your negative ass.

    3. 4everUKblue

      Give them credit, they played pretty good defense too.

    4. Aar

      Syrin23, in both pre- and post-game comments, Cal spoke only about defense. The Cats’ entire game plan was defensive. We were not gonna win a shooting match with them.

      Unfortunately, this year the Cats are best off in games under 80 points and really good when opponent don’t get to 60. It’s ugly hoops but, this year, it’s UK hoops.

    5. syrin23

      justaregulardude, PLENTY of positive comments, but a’holes like you only want to see what you want to see, and don’t like hearing truth. Tell us all about how Mueller is going to end Trump, d’bag.

      Aaar, that’s true, but even without PJ, we should have owned them inside. When Reid got aggressive about inside post ups is when we took control of the game for keeps.

    6. nocode96

      Sounds about like a trump supporter, “I’m angry so fuk you, and no matter what you say I’m not going to listen and just get angrier”. Fuk right off syrin, quit being a dick all the time you pansy.

    7. catsarerunnin


    8. speaksthetruth

      May be… but enjoy the win. You are going to be miserable your whole life when you search for the negative things about everything. How does complaining about us not scoring more help? Be happy man!

    9. justaregulardude

      Politics? Because I, and most others on this site, think / know you’re an ahole of epic proportions, you assume you know my politics? You know nothing about me. And I don’t comment enough here for any rational person to even offer a guess. But, you’re far from rational aren’t you?

    10. 4everUKblue

      Some people just can’t leave politics out of it. This is a sports site Syrin, You made plenty of negative comments all day yesterday and last night.

  3. BigJohnC


  4. weneedpitino

    That there same move I could do at any given moment back in my prime. I used to preach moves like that to my church rec league players. And they could do it all day every day. Go cats, and go to breakin ankles!!

    1. BigolBlue

      Your persona is getting old fast you fake m F’er.


      You’re one to be talking bigolpoo

    3. catsarerunnin

      2 posters…the same dbag.

    4. weneedpitino

      Bigolblue is a loser, there I said it and it felt good. Say fakeolblue did I ever tell you of the badminton team I started in the 80’s, and yes of course I was the coach. And I know now you’re going to ask if I was a local legend. Well yes fakeolblue I was. You should have seen the crowds, our biggest fans was the old ladies Sunday school class from the local Baptist church. Go cats, and go local Baptist churches!!

    5. nocode96

      Don’t listen weneedpitino, the guy below you who got angry with you is just mad. He’s mad you know more about basketball than he does.

    6. weneedpitino

      Thank you nocode for your praise, I have discovered that I need people like you to come to my defense sometimes in this here ksr chat room. There are some very bitter hateful people like fakeolblue in here that are extremely jealous of my high basketball IQ and my great life accomplishments. So thank you my blue blood brother. Say nocode are you a fan of badminton? It’s a shame that something as fun as that has went to the wayside over the years. I’ve been looking for some things to do these days. Mrs. Weneedpitino is trying to encourage me to make a pitch to our local elementary school about starting a badminton club, so as to keep kids off there electronics all day and get em outside and play a sport. Go cats, and go real true blue fans!!

    7. dcforuk

      Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah!

    8. ClutchCargo

      I just became a bigger fan of weneedpitino! Go cats! And go things that irritate bigolblue!

    9. weneedpitino

      Thank you clutch cargo, it is much appreciated. Go cats, go clutch cargo, and go things that irritate fakeolblue!!

  5. Cmart0907

    Somebody find that clip of Wofford player flopping lol.

    1. MyBoyBlue

      Which time? For a few minutes there, I thought they had snuck Grant Williams on to their team …

    2. Cmart0907

      I only seen one. Pretty sure it was more. But this was more blatantly

  6. BPatte

    Glad for this win!!! We could have lost it…..

  7. Aar

    Isn’t that what they refer to as “breaking ankles”?

  8. Numberniner

    Heard mrs. Weneedpitino can really handle a shuttlecock!

  9. wildcat1994

    That dude slipped before hagans did anything lol