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Article written by Maggie Davis

8 responses to “Ashton Hagans prepares for matchup with Cassius Winston”

  1. ColoradoCatFan88

    We will see just how good Ashton’s defense really is Tuesday night.. It could win or lose us the game

  2. wildcatfanatic23

    Hagens is gonna lock that man down

  3. BobbyBlue

    How the heck did Izzo get Winston to return for year four anyway.
    Only Ole Roy is the master at that.

  4. BobbyBlue

    WIll be UK against 8 as usual so Hagans will have 2 in the first 8 minutes, with at least one questionable by some crooked hater like a John Higgins !

    1. michaelb

      I know what ur sayin but I don’t think the refs are gonna take away from the main show … lock that man down

  5. michaelb

    If you think about it … Hagans should come out aggressively as all f Tuesday night . There’s no way the refs are gonna call fouls on him early . It will ruin the allure of the game for all the sets of eyes on it . Play like a junk yard dog young man

    1. ColoradoCatFan88

      Since when have college officials cared about “ruining the game for fans”!? They’ve been horrendous the past 5 years. Some games to the point where they are unbearable to continue watching. I hope the refs allow the players to play with some physicality tomorrow night, but I always expect 40 fouls whistled each game.

  6. mrknowitall1981

    He will have 2 quick ones playing like that. Refs don’t care about a game being prime time. If anything, they believe it’s their time to shine. Officiating is horrendous at all levels with zero accountability being applied to them. They just run off the court and hide out when it’s over. I do hope they allow the players to decide the outcome.