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43 responses to “Ashton Hagans announces he will return to Kentucky”

  1. gasman01

    Smart young man.

  2. Catcasey1

    Hope he works on his shot

    1. IndianaSucks

      He’ll probably just sit on the couch all summer and eat cheetos. That’s clearly how he achieved all his talent up to this point.

    2. StillBP

      Seriously, two comments in and someone has to be a jerk. Can’t you just be glad he’s back? You’re probably one who complains about one and dones too.

    3. JusSayin

      He’s a decent free throw shooter which lends itself well to becoming a better shooter.

      PJ Improved his jumper dramatically. Ashton can do the same

  3. BallDontLie

    Oh hell yes

  4. Bigblue7982

    Smart decision!

  5. Cokely53

    Not surprised he came back. Good decision. I am however surprised he didn’t go through the process just for info.

    1. Catlogic15

      I think Cal was probably his “process”.

  6. dfleming

    Excellent news!

  7. satcheluk

    Great decision! He showed flashes of defensive brilliance, but was woefully inconsistent. I expect we will see a big jump with him. If he can develop a jumper over the summer, that’ll bode well for him and the team.

  8. Dowser

    I dp believe he could be a different player next year. He has good size to be so quick. Just gotta work hard!

  9. Cincy Cayt

    Great! Looking forward to seeing his growth next season. Sky is the limit.

  10. tbolin50

    Hell yeah!!!!

  11. JoeMoney333

    If Herro came back that’d be great. March is a guards game and we’d have a great 3 guard lineup all year.

  12. jakew60

    I honestly think this is very good, opportunity for two very defensive quick slashing guards between him, Maxey, and quickleY. However, I do hope he improves his shooting and ball handling skills. This is great for the BBN!!!

  13. UKBigBlueForever

    Smart man. Wonder why he doesn’t go get evaluated though since there is no harm in doing so… See you for year #2

    1. catdaddyd

      I think you can only do that once. He’s not on any draft boards, maybe he’ll try it next year.

  14. ZRZynda


  15. TheAssman

    We are definitely going to be guard heavy next year….just hope we don’t see a Jemarl Baker or Quickly transfer in the near future.

    1. RAGE

      I think we can play Baker at the 3 some next season in 3 guard lineups.. I really hope neither of them transfer cause they both will be really good players for us next year IMO… You can’t never have to many good guards!!! CAL can balance the minutes

  16. 1UKFAN6

    Yes sir. Now let’s just get Tyler back in that blue and white

  17. cking

    Smart move by Hagans!

    They can play two guards…&
    Quick can play just like last season at the two with baker…or switch to the lead.

    Maxey will score!!

    If Kyle Guy or Jerome isn’t getting drafted the Herro shouldn’t either..just saying.

    1. ibescootch

      Totally agree. I can’t say that Tyler is better than those two, but you’ve got to think them going a little further in the tourney will help their stock just from exposure. And, a few more opportunities for them to prove themselves. Still, I think they’re all similar offensively.

  18. ScottGreene22

    Play 3 guards next season glad he is coming back he was dominate in the Carolina game

  19. CatfaninCinci

    Quick someone… What would be BigOlSlaterMedic’s response to this?

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      We’ll turn the ball over on every play and the plays we don’t we’ll shoot 15% from the floor….at least he can hit free throws unlike PJ.
      Was that sad basement dwelling pissy little b!$#& who gets spanked by his momma while not wearing bottems enough?

    2. CatfaninCinci


  20. UKantholdme

    If herro does the same ….. next season we are doin this
    …. even without herro we have hope …. but with him .. lock it up

    1. mashburnfan1

      not a lock. If Herro is back love our experience but the FR will have to have 1 be great or 2 be very good. This season we had the great experience but the FR did not deliver. I know everyone says how great they are, people say that every year, but we need to see how great they are at this level before rating them. We get the right mix back {is starting to take shape} and a couple of those FR are as good as advertised I will like our chances as well.

  21. ukcamel

    This is both the right decision for him and great for us, so naturally BigOlBlew will be upset.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      Bigoblewballs is still yanking it to Tre replays after he found out he’s returning.

  22. catdaddyd


  23. rcope58

    Awesome! It will be great to see what the potential that Ashton has to develop before our eyes over the course of the following months! Go Big Blue!

  24. catsarerunnin

    Welcome back young man.

  25. maximumscott

    Maxey, Hagans, Quickley… dont think we get RJ Hampton. He going to Puke with Tre Jones. However, if Herro comes back. Dear GAWD

  26. cats646

    Yes!!!! This is huge! He will grow into a great player next year.

  27. BigJohnC

    Yes sir let’s go!!!!

  28. livingood4UK

    Does anyone here think Keldon will return?

    1. henderblue

      No. No one does

  29. dctawk

    A proper decision for a fine young man. For HIS future. The team will merely benefit more from it. He is just now the age most guys are when they come to UK. Young doesn’t cover it. GBB

  30. Kat4Life

    Really smart choice on his part. He was stagnant the last 2 months of the season. Lots of upside if he devotes himself

  31. Ridge Runner

    Welcome back Ashton!!