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Ashley Judd Comes to UK Practice Today


She was probably as happy about the UK loss as you were….

Article written by Matt Jones

81 responses to “Ashley Judd Comes to UK Practice Today”

  1. JP in DC

    What is that supposed to mean?

  2. Foul!

    I hope she was used for charging drills.

    1. Haha


  3. Al/in/Indy

    Vermont’s giving duke all they want

  4. Quickdraw

    Hope she gets back with Dario. Kind of feel sorry for him.

  5. Doyle Hargraves


  6. C....A....T....S.....CATS!

    Class lady… and nice representative of the University of Kentucky….

    1. Haha

      When I read that i thought this was NJT.

    2. Really.. Where's the punchline

      I read that comment and I’m waiting … Waiting.. But still no “NOT!”
      Or any type of punch line??

  7. Pierre

    Coach needs a haircut

  8. Uncle Rico

    Ashley do you remember back in 82 in the back seat of my car? Call me later tonight and we’ll hook up again, it will be just like it was in 82. You can bring your sister if you want to.

  9. camel toe

    She’s a hillbilly…put some damn shoes on

    1. Blue Jesus

      Haha I know your comment is intended to be malicious, but that is a pretty funny observation. Kind of invites the Kentucky stereotypes.

      “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ashley you know the rules, this is Kentucky… shoes off!”

    2. Micah F

      Duh..that’s why I said it. Shes making us look bad!

  10. lisamarie

    Anybody else disturbed that Ashley is barefoot? So gross

  11. He hateful

    I bet she refuses to enter the Wildcat “Coal” Lodge. Unless Tony Delk is visiting.

    1. The Visor

      Exactly. She and ole Tony are old “friends”.

  12. Lee

    10. Maybe she didnt have the proper shoes on for the gym floor. I would say stiletto marks on the practice floor a no no

  13. Steve

    #5 took the words right out of my mouth. The only thing I have to add is ” Moose Knuckle”.

  14. Rickenbocker

    As for me….. I’m an Ashley fan, I always have been, and I always will be, Talk about respect to go barefoot and not disrespect the court. I see the stuff some of you clowns post and know you have to be Tard fans…..I for one am glad she’s a member of the Big Blue Nation.

    1. Haha


    2. Really.. Where's the punchline

      Liberal douche? Is that u? I smell troll or tard

  15. Lexington 3


  16. perv

    I think it’s hot that she is barefoot!

  17. Shelbyjoe

    I LOVE Ashley, i don’t care if she’s barefoot or bald headed, i love her.

  18. DB11

    She is sporting toe like never before.

  19. Rex Ryan

    Yeah, I kinda like the barefoot look, too.

    1. Buddy Ryan

      The apple didnot fall far from the tree.

    2. The Long Hair Ryan

      Wow toes!!!!!

    3. Wild Blue

      She knows when she is walking on Holy Ground!!!

  20. KG

    First of all Ashley is from my home town. She graduated from Ashland Paul Blazer with my son. She is a UK alum and supporter. She is a classy lady,a damn good actress and does not deserve the obnoxious comments a lot of you made. I find it totally out of line hurling insults at a women who is bluer and more of a fan than all of you pencil necked jerkwads who are running off at the mouth. She sure doesn’t deserve to be disrespected in such a manner by a bunch of twits.

    1. Haha

      She’s a twat…

    2. RealCatsFan

      Well said, KG.

    3. Ashley Went To Paul Blazer

      Ashley went to Ashland Paul Blazer high school with your son, so what? When Ashley has seen as many UK games (LIVE) as I have seen, then come talk to me about her being a more blue fan. As for her acting ability, that is personal preference.

      Oh, and let me guess, she has stayed in touch with your son all these years. In fact, I bet she stopped off to see practice while on her way to Ashland to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family! If so, better you than me.

  21. Elwood Blues

    Could’ve gone the weekend without seeing her face, honestly.

  22. BHoward

    She is a flaming liberal. UK basketball needs a better “face of the program” than Ashley Judd. Her political viewpoints are in conflict with what most Kentuckians want. Get a better representative! Nice or not, she is left-wing plonker. Example: “Barack Obama has a chance to really flower in his second term”. Really? That has to be one of the dumbest statements I have read or heard.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Oh get the political bullcrap out of here. I guess you want Cal fired too because he is more left leaning than right. Some people just can leave that crap alone. I’m happy to talk sports at any time and any place, but there is a time and a place to talk politics or religion, and this is not it. Jump over to the Fox site if that’s how you get your jollies. The rest of us couldn’t give a damn.

      And for the record, I’m registered as an independent. I’m not about to let the herd make my mind up for me who I vote for.

    2. BillDozer

      RealCatsFan…..Cal leans left? He is a devout Roman Catholic. He may be more charitable that your average sterotyped conservative and compassionate, but if he follows the Church law (and Im guessing he does by his consistent attendance and communion receiving) he would vote for a Republican 10 times out of 10 in todays political world.

      As for Ashley, she is a hardcore liberal who is all about feminism.

    3. JustSayin

      Sorry BillD, Cal votes Dem as does his wife and Erin. He doesnt advertise it because of the outrage from folks like yourself. Also, pro-life does not mean you are a Republican. My wife is pro-life but does not vote Repub anymore because of what the party has become.

  23. glasgow buie

    I am sooo sick of seeing Ashley, she is a liberal nutjob…

    1. Kyle Tuck

      well said

    2. Chicken

      I’ll take a liberal nutjob over a republican. War and recession is not a good look for our country.

    3. Luther

      Make that a far left kook…


    If fighting coal mining is such a heart-felt passion for Ashley, surely she will not continue to show her face at UK games, especially given coal is one of the primary supporters of UK Athletics.
    Also, How could any person be so hypocritical as to publicize their disdain for the coal industry, yet walk into The Joe Craft Center, which was built with 100% coal money, to watch a team practice?

    Furthermore, Ashley rails against coal mining while wearing diamonds that are about the size of normal horse turds. Wonder if she ever stops to think about where those diamonds come from? Wonder if she thinks they grow on trees?
    What a hypocrite!

    1. Megan

      She’s not railing against “coal mining,” you ignoramus. She railing against mountaintop removal mining. And with good reason. MTR is an especially pernicious form of surface mining that buries the streams and fills the hollows that families like mine and Ashley’s have lived in for generations. The issue isn’t coal mining. The issue, as it always seems to be in Appalachia, is exploitation and abuse. It’s about a shocking degree of destruction. The Rape of Appalachia is pretty strong language, but it nicely captures what MTR is doing to the region and the people who live there.

      You can be against industrial abuse without being against industry. Your failure to appreciate the distinction demonstrates how exceptionally ignorant you are in your criticism and how apparently proud you are to show it.

  25. fox news

    Thanks for watching me so often. I have you convinced that tax breaks for the wealthy are the only way to go.   How many of you even have money? Oh well, go buy another gun and wait for another deer to walk out of the hollar.

    1. Fox News Live !



    2. Rush Limbaugh

      Oh don’t worry, @Fox News Live !. The only thing better than shooting liberals is shooting liberals with the audacity to like Kentucky basketball.

  26. JDaddy

    I’d hit it…Twice

  27. JuddNotaTrueUKFan

    Wore a Duke jersey over a political dare!!! Priorities not correct. Don’t care if she is left or right. UK before all politics!!! Those that say they don’t like her because of her being liberal aren’t true UK fans either…UK before ALL POLITICS!!!

  28. Haha

    I am a Moron. In case you couldn’t tell…

  29. Rae

    She’s probably barefoot because she didn’t want to scuff the floors.

  30. Old King Coal

    She is to coal miners what Jane Fonda is to Vietnam Vets. Disgusting

  31. dirtyd

    Why does she not have shoes on?

  32. Wynona

    She’s a typical bleeding heart commiebabe,..angry, mindless, naive, embarrassing, etc. But we have them in our fan base too. Big tent for Cat fans. I do suspect they are in the minority though,…which is probably why she chose not to run against Mitch. I know Mom and I are conservative and we are ashamed of how pink Ashley turned out to be. But she has the right to be wrong, I guess. We still love her. We just wouldn’t vote for her. Go Big Blue!!!

    1. Luther

      Well said…

  33. Chicken

    Is it a coincidence that the states most commonly assoiated with racism all vote republican? I love my southern roots, but the attitudes of many on here in reference to politics is embarrassing. I hope Ashley understands that she is always welcome at Rupp. Not all UK fans are idiots.

    1. Luther

      Democrats are the real racists in America…

    2. Chicken

      Yelp. Says the guy that probably has a confederate flag raised in his front yard……

    3. POTUS

      First of all I think both parties are corrupt to the core, but how can you claim that “states most commonly assoiated with racism all vote republican”?!?!?!? Why is it that that is the only thing that liberals can fall back on when they have no other argument? Just look at the race baiters like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Oprah!! They always claim racism when it’s all they have left in the fight or when it’s convenient, such as the Trayvon Martin case, but look the other way if its a black on white crime!!! Plus, it was the DEMOCRATIC party that started the KKK and it was the REPUBLICAN party that abolished slavery. Why do we seem to forget the FACTS in our history? Anyway, enough of the politcial rant…….GO CATS!!!!!!!

    4. twocoach

      It is the states with the lowest education level that vote primarily republican. I am sure that is pure coincidence…

    5. Chicken

      Potus: Yeah, why do we seem to forget history? A high school U.S. History class would teach you that there has been an evolution of the the parties over the past 50 years. Complicated concept, right? And I agree that both parties continue to have elements of racism. However there is a reason the Democratic Party is as diverse as ever and the Republicans can’t manage to get more than 10% of the minority vote.

  34. Rixter

    I think I’ll stop by practice tomorrow. Do you think they’ll let me in? I’ll even wear tennis shoes.

  35. pr

    Ashley Judd haters. Wow.. like your lifes are better. Please don’t hate on her because she can do everything yall wish u could do. Hate on haters. All of you on here. Hate on hahaha

    1. PhilUK18

      When did anyone on here claim that their “life is better” than Ashley Judd’s? I’ve been reading this thread and haven’t seen that written even one time. Those of us that don’t like her do so because she’s a hypocrite (wearing huge diamonds while constantly whining about mining, I could go on, but won’t), and puts her political affiliation above being a UK fan. In 2008 she promised to sit with UNC students at the Cats game vs. Chapel Hill if Obama won North Carolina. For one, that’s ridiculously arrogant to use her own presence as some kind of treat for the students (who probably cared nothing about her) and shows she puts Democratic politics above UK. She’s a fool.

    2. dan

      Right on, PhilUK18. You are always right on the money.

    3. JustSayin

      Phil, if you hate Ashley because she worries about global warming and lightheartedly talks about sitting in the UNC student section(while wearing a UK shirt i’m sure) then she never had a chance of winning you over. I’m sure you haven’t done 1/100 of what she has done for AIDS patients, poverty, Africa crises, etc. but hey jump on sports boards and bash her all you like. It is your right too.

    4. twocoach

      It’s a PROBLEM that she puts her political affiliation above Uk basketball?!? Eh, news flash, social and political topics ARE more important than cheering for a basketball team. She is a celebrity with an audience and has a chance to impact the society she lives in. Cheering for a basektball team does NOT have a chance to impact the asociety she lives in. Whether you share the same opinions as her or not, to think that she has to put UK basketball above all else in her life is a friggin joke.

      Maybe you don’t have anything more important in your life than UK basketball, but she does… It doesn’t make HER a bad person. It just means you aren’t doing as much with your time on this earth as she is.

  36. ekywildcat

    If I ever see Ashley at another UK game, it will be to soon. She can take her liberal, anti-coal sentiments back to Tennessee, or Hollywood, or wherever else the hell she wants to.

  37. OwensboroDavid

    Coach Cal has the “coked out” Elvis look going on. Must’ve been a rough practice today.

  38. Rich

    Whack a mole!!!

  39. Rich

    Only my penis enjoys seeing this coal hating liberal on this website.

  40. the realest

    do the players even know who she is…should have bought Beyonce

  41. Eric

    Classic KSR thread. A mere picture of coach cal and ashley judd turns into a political debate.

  42. Double Jeopardy

    I am a good movie

    1. Contrary

      Not really

  43. theWilkman

    3 thoughts:
    1. No one cares about your political opinion
    2. Ashley Judd is smoking hot, especially for her age. If you disagree you are a man that’s not attracted to women or a jealous female
    3. Coach Cal looks like he’s lost some weight.

  44. cheercat9

    Come on people, Ashley just stopped by to return Terrance’s phone!

  45. Whoah

    Go Big Blue!

    I don’t care about her political associations, nor the political associations of any of the above posters, as long as we can drink bourbon together and cheer for the Cats. Isn’t that why we all love Kentucky basketball? Because it brings us together? I’d probably knock a few back with the devil if he was wearing blue.

  46. BobofKy

    Politics aside,
    I like AJ because she loves the Cats period. She will always be a Kentucky girl period.
    AJ is about the sweetest looking gal you’ll see in a day AND she makes Rupp look good.

    To the punks in the room:
    Ashley Judd is: Internationally famous. A critically accomplished actress. It’s 1:00 PM here in Kentucky. If AJ wants to have dinner in Paris France tonight, she may. No, she’s barefoot on the pine at the Coal lodge. Some people choose to celebrate AJ’s success as they would their own.
    People that disparage others perhaps because of their success are unwittingly demonstrating why they have little or no success. They have not made the connection between ‘little people speak’ and their chosen station in life, that of the’ little people’.

    1. little people

      We little people would not choose Paris France as a place to dine.
      Not surprised that you would choose that city though.
      You, AJ, as you call her, and the French …three arrogant peas in a pod.
      Hypocrite AJ wearing her blood diamonds while railing against mining…You ,having the audacity to refer to other God made human beings as little people, and…..the cowardly French disrespecting a nation that fought and died for them. You three are perfect matches and deserve each other.

      Move along now, you and AJ have dinner reservations for tonight in Paris. We “little people” will stay hear in KY and wish we could go with you, NOT!