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As Good a Video as You Will Ever See: 2013-2014 Cats

This one is pretty awesome. The 2013-2014 season in review…complete with music, highlights and a Chester call for the ages. Check it out…you will love it from UKCatFan8

Article written by Matt Jones

72 responses to “As Good a Video as You Will Ever See: 2013-2014 Cats”

  1. roons

    maybe one tear

  2. Will

    Championship or bust.

    1. Will

      For 2014-15 that is.

  3. mapcatfan

    Basketball season can not get here soon enough!

  4. Helen

    Well done!! Great montage!! Being at G. Dome…we witnessed the tourney excitement first hand…..and the beginning of the RUN!

  5. stuckatowrk

    Excellent. I may or may not have cried at my desk

    1. Blake

      I just did sitting here…just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one. GO BIG BLUE!!!!

    2. ukjaybrat

      make that three

  6. Commando

    Chester the prophet.


    That is absolutely AWESOME! Don’t know if it can ever be more of a SHOCKING and EXHILARATING season than how this one ended! Props for making this video!

  8. realme

    That video brought it all back. All the court stormings and disappointment, but in the end we had one of the most exciting seasons ever. Can’t believe we get to have so many of those highlight makers back this year. Life is good.

  9. tltaworl

    I was in Columbia, the radical change is this team in 30 days may have been the most dramatic turnaround in sports. They fought at South Carolina but they were no where near a team. Amazing and special.

  10. Ryan Lemond's tight shirt

    That was so awesome!!! UKCAT8FAN does some great work when it comes to videos.

  11. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    3:03 directly to the left of the referee’s head, that’s me in the crowd. Best non-OT game I’ll ever see in-person based on execution and high-level of play.

  12. ukfan

    man I teared up multiple times in that video, dang I love this team

  13. gordonm

    UKCatFan8 is a UK basketball Joan Jett:

    1. gordonm

      MY MISTAKE: ukcats8fan

    2. cracka

      You’re still wrong …

    3. gordonm

      expand on your ellipsis on why I am wrong.

    4. gordonm

      To paraphase dan aykroyd to jane curtin : “cracka”, you ignorant slut.

  14. UKgrad'13

    Great stuff as always, but man that title was ours. I woke up that morning with so much confidence that we were going to handle UConn. It was a bittersweet ending. Still think we were the better team.

  15. KSR Stoolie

    Did UKCAT8FAN do it again or did he do it again? A+

  16. SheedWallace'sGraySpot

    Freaking chills!!! There’s another chapter though boys

  17. outRAGEous02

    goosebumps and a tear man…I love my team! Go Cayts!!

  18. The Loco Pollo

    Awesome! Got a few chills & almost teared up. Way to capture that run & thanks for sharing, UKCAT8FAN.

  19. WestWorld

    Why UKCat8Fan hasn’t been hired by UK to produce videos is beyond me…
    Great job! Again…

  20. Ohiocatsfan

    I was in Columbia for the loss. I was in Indy for the Louisville and Michigan games. That team grew so much in a short time it was a remarkable story. This video got me so pumped for the upcoming season and all the players coming back it’s going to be special

  21. UKCraig

    Damn! Absolutely Awesome. I remember all the people who jumped off the Wildcat bandwagon early on, all the grief I took for sticking with the team and Coach Cal. It was worth it by a mile. From the lowest low to the highest high. What a year and thanks for putting this video together

  22. Greg

    I was at Cardinal Hill when their bus stopped on way to Rupp and I shook hands with every player who stepped off. Go Cats!!! #9 will be fine.

  23. Wildcat_Scott

    Is there a way to pin that video to the top of the website? I’m gonna want to watch that at least once a day for the foreseeable future…

  24. Jaso

    I think this video pretty much shows you the story that Aaron Harrison knew was coming .

  25. Michelle

    I got goosebumps and my eyes watered. It was great watching the excitement on the young men’s faces as they reached their potential and became a team.

  26. BurnerTurner5

    Awesome. But it makes me hate UConn even more. And I didn’t think that was possible!

  27. catheaven

    That was incredible video! Thank you so much. This gave me cold chills and goosebumps. So psyched for upcoming season. It’s gonna be a ride fellas!

  28. WildcatsDominate

    I got laughed at because I picked the cats to win it all in my office bracket pool and was at the Wisconsin game.. One of those games that I look back on and still can’t believe I got to witness that. I contend we were one blown charge call (Alex got called for a garbage one against UCONN that would have put us up and continued our momentum in the first half) away from another title but man, what a ride that was.

  29. bung

    Kentucky Basketball…made me smile…

  30. Booney

    Great stuff; I remember that Chester call. Absolutely bonkers that run the guys made. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

  31. UKTwin

    Well done! This video had me fist pumping & in tears all over again. I have NEVER been so proud of a UK team as I was of last year’s squad. Can’t wait for this season to start..

  32. catfan87

    Pure Master Piece!!!

  33. thom adams

    Ohhh my!!

    1. thom adams
  34. ukdouglas

    O.m.g Enjoy all that Cal brings to us. Historic years and tears. Go cat’s and Cal BBN for life

  35. laughing

    Great job by the author, but I can help to laugh by him watermarking already copyrighted material. Is he afraid someone is going to use the copyrighted material? What a joke.

  36. Mysti Blue

    Awesome video!!! Gave me cold chills! I’m so excited for the season to start!!!! GO CATS!!

  37. CATandMONKEY

    Looking back to when Chester made the original call, I was skeptical but hopeful. Watching this and hearing the Chester call brought a tear or two and a serious “Hell yeah!”

    These videos have incredible emotional impact for all true UK fans. Bless my wife but she still hasn’t quite got it. However she always keeps me well supplied in pale ale and great appetizers for EVERY game. Maybe with the returning crew, this will be the year she jumps from casual fan to totally insane.
    Shout out to Tim in Korea!

  38. Mike Tremont

    Why no highlights from National Title game?

    Would have loved to see Shabazz cut down the nets!


    We got your # cats!

    1. matt

      Louisville has uconns number!

    2. Nice

      How did a UConn fan find this post on KSR? Great to see even if we get beat by a team in the national championship game they still feel like they have something to prove to us. BBN is the best

  39. Dus10

    Only way it woulda been better is if it had ended by flashing back to Aaron at SC saying “it’s gonna be a great story”!!

  40. Wildcats#1

    That is ok UCONN fan. We will be right back in the title hunt again. UCONN, not so much. Hope we meet again real soon.

  41. NKY_UK_fan

    It’s always basketball time in the Bluegrass!

  42. Blake

    I can’t watch it without getting teared up!!! I hate the cold weather but then again it means it’s UK basketball time and I could care less about the cold!!!

  43. Tinsley

    I teared up… I really wish they won that title. They deserve it after all the crap they had to put up with.

  44. Chastity

    Oh my goodness! Made me cry. What a breathtaking season it was. The boys made me proud to be part of The BBN. I am excited thinking about what our guys are going to accomplish in the coming season. Hurry basketball season, HURRY!!

  45. ukjaybrat

    i wish the end kept going. it skipped over the loss, which is ok. but i wish it showed the loss and then the uplifting after that where almost everyone came back to complete their unfinished business. great video otherwise

  46. twnky

    I have said it before, this guy puts out the best videos. UK needs him to do the pregame videos for both sports.

  47. Chuck Curry

    Great job ! Absolutely wonderful !

  48. Tony Balogny

    Funnest ride ever!!!

  49. Dubbya

    Great run, man I wish they could have pulled it out in the end. They’ll get 9 this year though.

  50. Pinkukfan

    Great video. It captures the emotion of last season. We had some low lows but some really great highs. This was really well done, and it’s fun to look back at just a few months ago and be amazed all over again at what this team did.

  51. 56k02

    So so video. Man KSR is in love this with this guy. BEST VIDEO EVER OMG!!!

  52. CatsFanInBG

    Be right back, bawling my eyes out.

  53. Ocea

    I can’t say I’ve ever really cared to watch basketball, but wow, that one has got to be one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen. If they were all like that, I think I’d start to actually seriously like, maybe even go out of my way to see game every little once in awhile! It’s amazing how those who love their game can infect others with their passion too!

  54. KT

    WOW. That was incredibly well done.

  55. Jacob

    Now the video has went to private. Man i was getting ready to sit and watch it with my bro.

  56. Carrie

    Why is the video listed as private??

  57. RNBSN83

    Darn, I didn’t get to see it before it was marked private. I’ve been on vacation with limited access. I’ve always been able to watch his vids and I love them. Do we know why it’s now listed as private as Carrie previously mentioned?

  58. Josh

    Crap. If anybody knows where else this can be seen, please share.

  59. sad

    man i wish this wasn’t private i heard so much about it. I was pumped to watch it.


    So apparently @KYwildcatsTV was threatening him for using the video footage and he had to take it down. How crappy is that.

  61. CrazyCatFan

    Just sat down to watch it again and it’s now marked private??? PLEASE KSR … PLEASE FIND A WAY TO POST IT AGAIN …. or tell us where we can go to watch it. THANKS …

  62. EKYBlue

    Finally sat down to watch this video….terribly disappointing that it is no longer available. I wish there was a way we could work this out and get the video back up!