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Anyone care to lend Dakari Johnson a hand? James?


I know it’s probably a huge inconvenience, but Dakari Johnson, your teammate, just sent his 265-pound frame into the front row trying to recover an airball. It might be nice of one of you to, oh, ya know, go see if he’s okay and help him up.

Wait… never mind, LSU’s point guard is checking on him. Thanks anyway, guys.

Watch Anthony Hickey walk past James Young and Julius Randle to check on Dakari after he hustled for the loose ball.


Of all the things to be upset about in last night’s game, this one might take the cake. Young looked directly at Dakari, who was still on the ground at that point, and turned and walked the other direction.

No excuse. That’s your boy.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

130 responses to “Anyone care to lend Dakari Johnson a hand? James?”

  1. Michael F. Jox

    Maybe Cal was screaming “PLAY JAMES!”?

  2. Dribble-drive high-five

    That was pretty cool of the LSU guy to check on him though

    1. GBB

      That “LSU guy” was Hickey. The former Mr. Kentucky Basketball.

  3. Rachel

    It wasn’t just James… Julius turned and walked away too. Not a good show of ‘team’ at all.

  4. Jughead

    Lost boys.

  5. boogie

    I’m so sick of james young. He’s all about his numbers. Forgettable player

    1. Hayley's quadriceps

      You aren’t a UK fan.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Nothing wrong with this comment, these players are not UK fans either. This is one reason why it is hard to like these guys. If I am coaching and a player leaves his teammate like that, that guy sits the rest of the game. There is no excuse for not helping a teammate but we almost never do. I want my old UK tradition back, players who love the game, love the name on their chest, play all out all the time and are here for 3-4 years for us to fall in love with. These so called superstar players can take their ego and selfishness anywhere else.

  6. Brian

    Maybe that cheerleader had the cooties.

    1. DB11

      We’re going to need to investigate this allegation further.

  7. kindve

    Well I mean he does look at him and sees that he’s okay. Then he walks away. If you wanna say anything he’s just being lazy not really being a bad teammate.

    1. Seriously. No excuse

      Really. Many times I see players go down before on this team and the rest of the starting line up runs and helps them up. Inexcusable.

  8. g-rod

    probably didn’t have to do that in high school , you know , where they were told how great they are . (sarcasm ) . This is another reason I could care less if Matt Elam plays pigskin for UK .If he acts like this now (recruiting circus he provides ) , don’t look for a teammate in him !

    1. catfanmike

      What??????????….you are an idiot

  9. James K

    Wow. Young should be embarrassed.

  10. Enough

    This team (at least a few) is starting to become very unlovable.

    1. thomas dean

      Unfortunately, this is all a reflection on the coach, not the players.

    2. RC

      Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! So very true.

    3. catfanmike

      How is this a reflection on the coach? The NC team helped each other all the time. This team needs leadership and everyone to learn to rally around that guy. Someone that would help every time…instinctively. Cal has talked about this stuff, but for some reason it ain’t happening.

    4. mashburnfan1

      Mike, coach is the leader. Want them to change, SIT THEM for however long it takes. He is scared to do that and just lets this crap continue. Same as last year.

  11. paducahfan

    Unfortunately, because of how hard they play and some of the other things, like the good sportsmanship shown in this video, more and more I like other teams better than ours.

    1. SuperTroy

      I was just thinking the same thing.

    2. Steve

      I enjoy watching Murray State play way more than Kentucky at this point. They may not be as talented but at least they play as a team and for the community. Every player I talk to from Murray State is humble and ready to prove themselves, can’t say that for this group of UK players.

  12. rick

    #5, You are crazy man, Young is the best player on the team and would be better if the twins weren’t jealous of him and Randall would dish out.

    1. Michael F. Jox

      I love James, and I think he’s the most talented player on this team, but I don’t think getting enough looks is the kid’s problem. He shoots a lot, bro. Like, a whole lot. I’m actually for him shooting as much as he does, but to say he isn’t getting enough touches is crazy.

  13. sal thomas

    Not another team in the country would watch a team mate go down and then turn and walk away. That’s embarrassing. Randell and especially Young turned their backs on him.

    1. Seriously. No excuse

      Well said. I saw McDermott fall after being fouled and the other 4 guys ran and picked him up. But dakari was almost in the stands and you don’t run over. I saw that lastnight and said. What the f@$k

    2. Mike

      This “team” is wearing thin on me. Probably still too disgusted from what I witnessed last night to even comment…but this lack of care shown by fellow teammates sickens me.

  14. EarlyTimes

    We need a new coach. Someone find one.

    1. All of BBN

      You’re a moron

  15. Team Chemistry

    This is turning into an undeniable freaking joke. No way we win at Missouri or possibly any other road game this year.

  16. Calipari's Arms

    My arms are tired from wailing wildly 10,023 times last night, but they had a good practice today and are making progress. My arms are also “young” and “I like them”

  17. EtownDawg

    I’m, huge UK fan, but I’m DONE with this team. What a sucky season and team.

    1. Mike

      Im right there too Etown. Long time fan, still am…and, I will continue to watch the team. But the days of getting any semblance of hope up that this group will somehow come together and gel into a cohesive unit is fading fast.

  18. Orange Julius

    Willie Cauley Stein and his neck tatoo can head back to Oz as far as I am concerned

    1. Culver


  19. AustinPowerz

    I’d like to dive into that little blonde cheerleader Dakari skidded over.

  20. inlinefor9

    Whew. That’s brutal.

  21. Sad

    I help guys up that I play pickup ball with, and I don’t like most of them. Sad. We are toast come March.

  22. lance

    F##k these players and f##k our stupid coach. The last two years have been far more embarrassing than the two with Gillispie.

    1. Dribble-drive high-five

      You have a bad case of dumb. Please don’t be contagious.

  23. UK22

    Good find. That say’s a lot about this team. (Some not all)

  24. Dribble-drive high-five

    The stupidity in the message boards is hurting my brain. Good bye.

  25. classfo68

    Sounds like Drew is fed up with this team like everyone else. He should be disappointed. I think he originally had them going 39-1.

  26. OneAndDone

    Let’s just hope last night was “rock bottom”

  27. capnmonkey

    Alex Poythress only person standing on the sidelines. You can see him pointing out to everyone on the floor that Dakari went down, but I guess he couldn’t go check on him without drawing a T for leaving the bench?

    1. CBBuk

      That is correct. He would get a T for leaving the bench. Somehow though, Cal manages to get more time on the court than half our bench, and makes physical contact with one of his players during live game action without consequence โ€” first time I’ve ever seen that watching college basketball…except for that time last year when Cal kicked one of his players at Vandy.

    2. SuperTroy

      Good eye. He’s the only one on the bench that was ready to celebrate if Andrew makes that shot. Start him. Poy is finally coming into his own and can finally make a difference in this season. I don’t care who sits. Alex Poythress needs to start…if only for the reason that he actually would have helped Dakari on that play; but also because he does what is needed of him for the overall success of the team.
      I’m hoping that this is as bad as it gets, but it feels like I easier that so many times already this season.

      Also, is it just a coincidence that when another team talks smack before a certain game, that team beats us? All season long, it’s happened. MSU, Baylor, UNC and now LSU. They all said they’d beat us or that we weren’t more talented than their team, and then backed it up. It’s embarrassing.

    3. You're right

      Good catch there

  28. Shawn

    Im starting not to like this team at all. We have regressed to playing exactly like we did to start the year. Im actually not sure that we aren’t playing worse then we did at beginning of the year. These kids don’t care about winning a NC for UK. They care about looking good while they lose and hop to the NBA. After the last two seasons Im losing faith that Calipari and his way of doing things are the way we need to be going. Kansas had a better recruiting class than us If you ask me now because their players are actually beating teams and improving. I hate the Jayhawks but they would run us out of the gym and out of our own state If they played us In Rupp on Saturday.

  29. lol mr matt mouthpiece

    Good lawd please quit making something out of nothing.

    Just because matt acted mad about it today, mouthpiece drew has to come waste an entire article on it.

    Quit crying – we lost.

    1. Obviously not a TEAM PLAYER

      It’s a lack of team and a great point. I have never seen a game where someone went down like this and their teammates not check on him. You must not have ever been on a TEAM because that’s what teammates are suppose to do is help your other teammates. These guys could care less. Geez. Not a big deal. It’s HUGE dude.

  30. Daniel

    Well I guess all hell’s broke loose.. and that’s it that’s the season

  31. Scott79

    MKG would have caught Dakari’s fall AND saved the ball

    1. Michael F. Jox

      Lol. While smiling might I add.

  32. RealCatsFan

    Andrew should have been the first one running over to him after that horrible air ball he chucked up there that forced Dakari to dive for that ball. Cal should play this for the whole team to see.

    1. DerbyDemon

      Do you REALLY think that it would make one bit of difference?

  33. SMH

    It’s not like Young was even going to guard somebody when he got to the other end of the floor. Why the big rush?

  34. Logan

    James is the last one that we need to worry about.
    Harrison, WCS, and even Randle need the help.

  35. JRandle

    Im the greatest. So what if i dont know what im doing half the time. So what if i still try to drive and shoot through 3 to 4 defenders instead of passing to an open teammate. Im in the conversation for The Wooden, im the greatest….lol crazy

  36. McOnions

    Peckerhead -errone of them.

  37. paducahfan

    STEVE – You sound like a good Western Kentucky (the area not the school, not that we don’t like WKU) guy. Everybody likes Murray (the school and the city)

  38. dhighdrated

    You all are reading into this completely wrong. See both angles at same time here:
    Dakari was on his way up

    1. ...

      doesn’t matter, if your teammate goes down you run over to help them up. the fact that no one even walked in his direction is pretty distressing, from the point of view of team-building.

  39. C....A.....T......S.....CATS!

    WOW! Drew?

    VERY good point!

    In fact: a point that really should get the attention of all the UK players when they watch film.

    But even MORE impressive Drew…
    is YOU took a very serious issue, a great example of no team chemistry, and treated it with maturity and very journalism.



    Drew? If you were in one of those Nabisco Cheez-It commercials, they would be marking the “MATURE” box for you on this one!

    Now…can you work on Matt Jones…

    Nice Job!

    ON….ON….U OF K1

    1. zombielibrarian

      very journalism…..such mature……so professional writing……much wow.

  40. AnthonyBBN

    I’m only going to say they have regressed to how they were in Nov/Early Dec if this happens for more than just one game. They played 3 solid games before LSU, let’s wait to fully give up on this team if they crash and burn like this on Saturday.

  41. Sandman

    After 50 or so yrs watching/listening to UK games, I actually turned off a UK game and went to bed not caring the outcome. Why care when it is obvious the team(some) don’t? Throwing hands up in the air when an error is made or a teammate doesn’t cover his area, arguing with your coach on the bench, and down right selfish play and unconcern for your teammates. Do they really think the pros want that type of player???? There is only one, maybe two players ready for the next level. The pro players would kill anyone who acted like some of the UK players are doing at this point. If they played QB or RB on the football team, it would be time for the OLine to open the gates and let the defense crunch their team mates a couple of times to prove a point…we lose as a team and we win as a team, and no one player is beyond covering his teammate’s rear end.

    1. Mike

      40 year alum here Sandman, and I could not have written my sentiments about this team one word better than what you just described. Outside of our Billy G years, I too, turned off the game before it ended. Just could not stomach it any longer.

  42. j

    There was already a few people helping Dakari before James even looked in his direction. Plus, it wasn’t like Dakari had fallen just a few feet out of bounds — he was all the way to the bleachers.

    I know it doesn’t look great, but I think people are making too big of a deal out of this. Does James really hate Dakari? Doubt it.

  43. Peyton Manning

    Rub some dirt on it!

    1. Applause


  44. bosshog

    @38, I think you may need to get re-hydrated before you offer opinions ๐Ÿ™‚ Because, unless you’re being sarcastic, you’ve won the award for missing the point. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the way up….the point is that guys who have each other’s backs are not going to look and walk away when a teammate has sacrificed himself to try to get that ball……especially when the opposing team’s player is making that effort. Drew’s dug up the most damning piece of evidence about how these guys really feel….and I would (continue to) contrast that with Jorts beaming Sullinger on the out of bounds play in the 2011 tournament…….one symbolizes the galvanizing fire of a team coming together to win……and the other symbolizes a team that is regressing quickly and is on the verge of potentially collapsing. Let’s hope these guys can get it right and learn how to have each other’s backs.

  45. RICK

    Young 9 of 18 from the field, thats pretty good. Get him the ball more , TWINS stop passing back and forth to each other and get it to someone that can actually score.PASS TO YOUNG.

  46. RealCatsFan

    And now the news that Florida is going to get Chris Walker back in the lineup, just in time to play us.

  47. Jordan

    Has anyone noticed that we appreciate the guys that are playing hard are the ones who understand and know what the program is about. James Young’s favorite player was Tayshaun, and always loved UK. Dakari played ball in Kentucky. Hood Polson and Hawkins grew up here always loved the program and know it’s a dream come true to put that jersey on. You can count Willis too I guess. These are not the best players on the team but when they are out there they put forth a full effort and everything I see from our comments is(mostly) nothing but love. I appreciate all the guys on our team and all of Cal’s teams. Just kinda realized how we looked at those guys specifically

  48. Rupp Arena Rafters

    The Unlikeables

  49. Bryce

    Let’s just let the season play out before we say this is the worst team ever. They can still make a run in March. They are obviously not comfortable outside of Rupp right now but the SEC Tournament will show if we can win on a neutral floor in March. So wait till then

    1. Umm

      This seemed prepostorous a month or two ago… but if they lose another 3-4 road games and in the SEC tourny (which all seems quite possible)… then this team goes back to the NIT. So March won’t matter.

  50. WoWee

    If they were winning games and showing the same attitude, you would love them…

    1. raccoon

      And we are losing by five points. You can fix a five-point margin a lot easier than a 20-point margin.

      A couple balls bounce the other way and Florida has losses to Memphis, FSU and Arkansas.

      We have lost every game we had a chance of losing. We haven’t won a single game that was “up in the air” in the final 2 minutes – other than that early one against Cleveland State I guess.

      Not winning close games and not winning on the road. We were doing the same thing in 2011. Only difference is this team is much more talented and deep.

    2. Real Cracka

      You’re kidding yourself raccoon. That was a blowout that only got to five by several desperation 3s in the final seconds. They dominated them the whole game.

    3. Mike

      Winning teams would NOT have this collective attitude.

  51. MidCityMallCheeseConeyCAT

    Put in Willis!!!!

  52. wabaco

    The best part of the 66 comments prior to mine is that the majority of bought into the ’40-0′ and ‘greatest recruiting class of all time’ hype. Yet, we’re at the same point we were last year with better players. This team with the exception of Polson, Hood, Hawkins and Willis knows what that Kentucky jersey means, no one else cares. This isn’t a team and this isn’t Kentucky basketball. None of these players would throw or take a punch for their teammates.

    1. Calipari is a fake Italian


  53. WIldcatTerri

    This team does not like each other..this proves it

    How sad..they are suppose to be the most talented group to ever come to UK

    they clearly know nothing about the name on the front of their jersey

  54. LigginsLoveSAT

    Could it be that it appears as if Hickey is checking on Dakari b/c he has the ball in his hands and is at the baseline to inbound the ball? This team is frustrating to watch and Young/Randle should have went over to Dakari, but let’s not act as if the LSU players were running over to him.

    1. preston

      Hickey did check on him. He gave dakari a slap on the hand.

  55. brain

    We completely splintered last night.

  56. Culver

    I personally thought, and still think, Calipari’s first class of Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Orton and Dodson were a bunch of thugs, but at least they had each other’s back and actually competed as a team. I can at least respect that much about them. But this group is composed of a bunch of BRATS all fighting for the spotlight. I personally hope everyone of them declare for the NBA draft after this season, except for maybe Poythress & Johnson. Please, please NBA G.M.s, keep on telling the Harrisons, Randle, Young, and Cauley-Stein that they’re ready for the NBA.

  57. Nutshell

    In a nutshell, perfect example of the me me me mentality of this group.

  58. Nutshell

    See what I did? No way you refer to this bunch as a team.

  59. Blue

    I’m not comparing the two groups, but I am comparing the fanbase’s reaction to them. In 2011, after we had lost 5 or 6 road games in conference, people all over the place were saying the exact same thing as they are now. “Screw this, I’m done with this team.” “These guys are bunch of pussies that can win on the road.” “This is ridiculous, get a new coach that recruits 4-year players.”

    Then in March, despite losing in the Final Four, everybody LOVED that team. And everybody was about to LOVE this team, until last night. Get a grip, guys. It was a bad game, we played terribly, no question. But I think we are scrutinizing too much. They’re young kids, getting embarrassed on national television. Frustration sets in. We’ve seen it a million times, with plenty of other teams. Not just ours. Is it concerning? Sure…But I don’t think last night was the end-all, be-all of this team.

    1. Applause


  60. Yule

    Coach cal – arrogant talent is no substitute for humble experience

    Sorry u need to adjust your recruiting some so we have a mix that will create a team
    We just have an all star team and they usually are not good ‘teams’

  61. Blue

    And how can we go from taking huge strides, and improving to the point we are about the turn into the team we all thought we would be, to the wheels are falling off and we are spiraling out of control in ONE GAME?

    I’m frustrated and angry at the effort, just like everybody else. But what if we go into Columbia on Saturday and get a big win? Is everything ok then? If we go up there and lose, I might start to change my tune. But right now, I’m writing this off as an old-fashioned egg-laying and moving on. And I’m hoping the team finds the fire they’ve shown in spurts, learns from this debacle, and takes it out on the Missouri Tigers.

    1. Serious?

      There is no such thing as a big win outside of Fla in the SEC this year. So if we win at Columbia it proves nothing except maybe how really awful we are by losing. You know who else won in Columbia? Georgia. You know who beat LSU at Baton Rouge? Rhode Island. The reason people are frustrated is because we have the most talented team in the country, according to scouts who do this for a leaving, as well as a heap of college bball analysts. A team thought by many, not just UK fans, to be one of the best teams ever assembled, is why everyone is frustrated. Not because of 5 losses or anything else. So, no Missouri will not be a big win, not even if we win by 30, and it will not ease frustration.

  62. The end

    After seeing that…. I hope the wheels fall off and we loss 10 more

    And yes I’m actually a fan but eff this

    I said same thing about joker and got the your not a fan but now everyone agrees

    Guys they are FRESHMEN

    That’s all we have on this team
    No miller
    No harrelson
    No Patterson
    Same as last year future is NOT bright

    We have 5 loses I really see 5 more then a ( seed the a second third round loss were they collapse like this past game

  63. Doug Yerkes (aka Grandpablue)

    I think a new uni is in order for the rest of the SEC season; one that has Kentucky on the front with the letters “AAU” under it so that every time “they” look at each other they can see who they are and how they are playing.

    Last night was.horrendous.No cohesion or love.Stop babying them Cal. Start a line up of Polsen, Hawkins, Willis, Hood and Johnson. At least with this lineup you know you get a group of fighters for each other and know what they’ll accomplish. I think you will agree, your “process” is broken.

  64. SmearoftheTardinal

    I think he should start dakari over willie, alex over Aaron Harrison and move James Young to the two. Its bigger yes–but it also has more scoring punch. And honestly I love Cal–but he has to be looking at the game tape and see Alex and Dakari are on a different level effort wise–he has to reward that if he wants the team to follow suit.

    1. Agree

      I said the same thing….

  65. Bobbum man

    Harrison’s are bad, period. No way Andrew can play pg in the nba and 6’5 SGs that are mediocre shooters are a dime a dozen, I say maybe they’re second round picks

  66. catfanmike

    The Cards do it best though because they learned from the best. I mean, Rick helped Karen Sypher get off her back…I’m sure

  67. WeAreUK69

    This is really nothing new. It has been happening all season long. Disappointing to say the least, but not surprising

  68. WOW!?!

    67- You took the words right outta my mouth.

  69. WOW!?!

    Next game STARTING 5:

  70. evan

    pathetic. cal need to recruit players with better character and attitude. this is a shame.

  71. pb basista

    its effin ridiculous. There aint no heart or soul with twins WCS or coach. There all soft and privledged and donโ€™t like working or busting. Too much blah blah blah on what could be and they can be in NBA and practice. You got to pay ur dues first like any other job. You just dont get handed stuff, you gotta earn it and none of them get it. Cal keeps talking about practice, but there outdone by hungrier team. That works for garner webb, but not major teams cuz there bigger and faster an have there hearts.

    1. Robby Q

      I have no idea what this means. ^^^

  72. bluegrazzcat

    Bad loss but no “huge” or “true” UK fan ever gives up on a team untill March has ended. This team is right on pace with the 2010 team. How that turn out?

  73. Claude

    You can also see Alex pointing at Johnson for someone to help him up..from the bench!!…NOT good at all!!

  74. Woody Pupper

    This is a perfect example of how these players play!!! Me-Me-Me- Want to know why no one fouled last night at the end of the game. It doesn’t help in the Points Scored Column! Sit the Harrison Twins.


    When that happened i couldn’t help but recall the countless times MKG ran over and picked up one of his brothers off the floor. Embarrassing!

  76. Ky first

    Team turmoil?

  77. D.O.N.E.

    Wow. I thought Andrew standing flat footed under the hoop at Arkansas was the signature play of this awful team, but we have a new leader.

    All of these guys are Archie clones. Archie said recently his draft stock dropped because of the NIT… Wrong Dumbass, because you don’t understand team basketball and hustle, your team lost a lot more than their talent would dictate. Thus because you have no concept of how to play as part of a unit, the NBA values you less.

  78. Coaching maneuvers

    Change roommate assignments at the lodge and on the road. Break the twins up, make freshman room with older players, and prepare an informational presentation to their teammates about their new roommate.

    Have the starters carry the bench players luggage.

    Reward players with minutes based upon charted hustle plays.

    Discipline players with bench time for lack of hustle, pouting, etc.

  79. Spinner

    As many have stated we will need to wait until March to see where this team truly stands but one thing’s for sure, at this point things are beginning to look bleak. Missouri is going to be smelling blood in the water and that place will be rocking. I think the only thing that provides a win Saturday will be a major change in the starting lineup. Hopefully this will inspire some guys.

  80. Real Cracka

    I think that game was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I honestly expected to lose one of these two road games but not like that. Just got dominated from start to finish by a very mediocre team. No fight at all except from Dakari. Once again a zone confounds Cal and no adjustments are made to deal with it. Andrew gets schooled by a former Mr. Kentucky. No way this team is going anywhere in the tourney. Another loss Saturday and we may not even make the tourney. This team is actually getting worse as the season goes on. It feels a lot like last season at this point. Three more losses are coming for sure. Possibly more. Since we’ve shown any mediocre team can beat us on the road.

  81. Kevin Grevey

    This is a symbol of the lack of team chemistry with this group. A collection of Prima Donnas who have not adjusted from being “the man” in high school. I would like to see the twins on the bench. At least then we can play kids that appreciate the uniform and understand the tradition. Bench them!

  82. Panic Much?

    Some of you ‘fans’ are seriously ill! Get a grip on your life. There’s more out there for you…..
    This team is a bunch of 18-21 year-olds and you are letting them dictate your joy in life!? Damn….They’re 15-5 and we’re not even finished with January. Have some perspective!

  83. Brian

    To be fair, Hickey stayed there because he was going to receive the inbounds pass, he just gave him a five. It’s not like he “checked” on him. Doesn’t excuse our guys, but no reason to exaggerate the truth.

  84. Bob the Replier

    It is blatantly obvious these players don’t like each other. They never pick each other up physically or emotionally when things go wrong. And way too many defensive plays they are just standing around and watching the action blow right by them. I think the people who pegged the Harrisons for caring about each other and no one else were right. If any of you players are reading this I challenge you to prove me wrong. Play for each other.

  85. cry some more

    no big deal. by the time he would have got there DJ would have been up. these arent old men they dont need anyone helping them up everytime. If he was 2 feet away then yeah, but you are wrong here because our guys help 99% of the time. get over yourself. btw way i wont be back to hear your girly excuses

  86. Calipari is a fake Italian

    Born in KY and will always have love for the Cats, even though I am a Longhorn. KY fans need to remember this is what they asked for, bargain with the devil and this is what you get. Let’s get a bunch of kids that don’t give a rat’s ass about the state, university, etc., let ’em play one year go pro, and you end up with this heartless product on the court. You can argue it’s the rules and Cal’s the best at recruiting, but it is disheartening to see. Mix a few one and dones with some good chemistry guys that will stick around for a minute. Love D Hawkins and Dakari, even starting to like Poythress, but the rest only care about their NBA future. I truly dislike Cal, sorry but I do…great recruiter, decent coach, terrible person for KY.

    1. You're an ignorant Longhorn

      Maybe you should ask all the Kentuckians who have benefitted from Cal’s charitable works whether he is a terrible person for KY. Ask the people of West Liberty about how they feel since the tornado devastated their city and Cal raised a lot of money for them. Ask all of the charities that the alumni games have raised millions for in this state how they feel about whether Cal is a terrible person for KY. You don’t live here anymore and have no clue what Cal is doing for this state so your opinion counts for nil. Stay in Texas, we don’t want you back.

    2. Calipari is a fake Italian

      …meant to finish KY basketball. Is this Coach Cal? You’re a little sensitive regarding Cal, don’t you think? I appreciate his charitable contributions to the state, there is just something about him I don’t like, and I can’t exactly put a finger on it. I do disagree with putting a bunch of “mercenaries” on the floor. I guess in the end winning is everything. I miss the teams that were likable, had a vested interest in the state of KY and still won. Amateur athletics are not what they used to be. I believe Davy Crockett said it best, “You can all go to hell, I will go to Texas.”

  87. Pw

    Come on guys! Honestly I just want to see you play hard, and be there for your teammates!!!! For the love don’t give us one more thing to hang our heads about. Now get your heads out of your butts and get to work!