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Andrew Harrison told Ron Baker he’s a “bad, bad boy”

Ron Baker poured in 20 points on the Cats on 7-of-12 shooting, including a big three-pointer to keep his team alive in the final minute. After the game, Andrew Harrison let the Wichita State guard know how difficult he was to contain. Baker said Harrison shook his hand and told him, “You are a bad, bad, bad boy.”

Baker told Harrison he is too.

I’m perfectly OK with UK never having to face that kid again. Baker’s the real deal. He’s a bad, bad, bad boy.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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43 responses to “Andrew Harrison told Ron Baker he’s a “bad, bad boy””

  1. Linda

    I love it!

  2. Straight Shooter

    Is this like a gay thing the kids are saying these days? sounds a little fairy to me

    1. Linda

      Good one! You should write for Conan!

    2. Chicago Chris

      Methinks the dumba** doth protest too much.

    3. Jokes on you

      Not only is your post borderline illegal… Where the heck have you been the last 15 years???
      Gay is the way bro!!! A lot cooler than being straight that is for sure.. I hope your post gets deleted and you get banned!

    4. Melvit

      Jokes on you, I sure hope you mean it might be illegal on this site and not against the law…..If it was the latter, then the founding fathers just spun in their graves at your post.

  3. Trueblue

    What a great game. I’m very glad we don’t have to face them again. U of L will be tough, but I know we can beat them.

  4. fromhistractor

    WS has some straight up ballers on their team, it is really amazing that we beat them

  5. barn

    last sunday we lose to #1 by one, this sunday we beat #2 by two. sure works for me

    1. Chicago Chris

      True dat.

  6. George

    Go cats.

  7. Tennessee Wildcat

    If there was a “like” button attached to the side of the articles, I would definitely be pressing “like”. That’s funny, but true. Baker was money for Wichita and I’m really glad he was denied at the end from having the ball.

  8. Straight Shooter

    @1 Come on Linda, conan is a gay…Im much more of a fallon guy

    1. DerbyDemon

      A gay what?

    2. el hombre juan

      Fallon are you kidding me? The guy who ruined every snl skit he was ever in??? #teamconan all the way. love his off beat humor

  9. Clint

    The force is strong with that one..

  10. Bradsd

    I agree he was a bad man but Early was even better. Was an amazing game, both those kids should go really high in the draft.

  11. Louisville1Cal5

    I didn’t buy into the WSU hype… I figured they were good, but not as good as what they proved themselves to be. I tip my hat to the Shockers. If they can hang onto Marshall they will consistently be a threat.

  12. Roflectomy

    I really wish someone would explain how Cleanthony Early is projected late first round but Marcus Smart is projected in the lottery? Early is a BEAST.

    This Baker kid is only a Soph so he could work his way into the lottery.

  13. Kevin

    Andrew hit the nail on the head. That kid — and his team — are as fundamentally sound as any team I’ve watched in the past 3-5 years. I’ll be having nightmares about their offensive screening. The mental toughness of this young team has vastly improved. WSU hit 3 after 3 in the final 7 minutes. A month ago this UK team would have been toast. They hung in and got it done. Kudos. This team may make me eat some of my words.

  14. Cletus

    Forget Baker…Early was a Man! That dude was unconscious.

  15. Uwe Blab's Perm

    BTW…Tennessee is just a far better team than mercer.

  16. joe

    Won and lost records are for hype and seeding. Just like going to church. You don’t know who will be doing the shouting at the end. A tournament tested team got beat by a fast peaking team of freshmen.

  17. Randy

    Where can we see a replay???? I set my Dish receiver to record and the programming ended at around the 10 minute mark.

    1. refs

      Randy thats a technical foul!!! Always extend the time on the dvr…

    2. Chicago Chris

      @Refs – Ha!

    3. Straight Shooter


  18. Frew Dranklin

    When Andrew said that, was he talking about Baker being bad for trying to cheat the refs into calling a an offensive foul on Harrison on the baseline?

    1. Straight Shooter


  19. RSMinton

    Andrew is just happy he can purposely knock out an opponent with his elbow. I can’t believe we haven’t protested this game yet.

    1. Th

      Someone get this man some cheese to go with his wine.

    2. Section 17

      “protested this game yet”, that’s absolutely precious.

    3. CPACAT

      “…can’t believe we haven’t protested this game yet.” HA! NCAA tourney newbies, you are so cute.

  20. Cat89

    What a great game. UK played the best game of the year thus far – just in time. The Shockers were the real deal.


    SEC could have 3 in Sweet 16. I guess the league is a little better than what every one thought.

  22. Westkycatfan

    Classy kids….the Harrison’s and Baker.

  23. Press Conference
  24. glentolo

    The fact the SEC is undefeated in the tournament says that not enough of the SEC was invited…

  25. David

    elbow? they just showed the replay of Harrison getting fouled by Baker…he tried to sell that (thankfully the refs conferred at the monitor to review)…the crew at the ISU/UNC halftime show said that Baker fouled Harrison then jumped his jaw into Andrew’s elbow to try and fake out the refs…nice try kid…Early is rated lower cuz Smart has a better all-around game…but after today, that may change…although I really didn’t see Early rebounding or defending as well as he was stroking it

  26. Gap Tooth Danny

    It’s a great day to be alive.
    the sour grapes are out early this year!

  27. Bob

    This kid is the real deal as is the team . They were an true #1 seed ! Is it cheating when the ball goes out of balance and you point at the other team. I guess you forgot the last game when KY guard acted like he got hit in the face with an elbow and went down. This was an great win agaisnt an great team and there was no loser in this game .We can credit this game when we smack Louisville’s ass again . GO BIG BLUE !!!

  28. Hendo Blue

    I feel bad for the Shockers. I knew they were a great team and would be our toughest challenge of the season. It’s a shame they had to play us to get to the sweet sixteen. Should have been an elite eight or final four matchup.

  29. protest

    Hells bells there are 10 games I want to protest.