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Andrew Harrison and the seven minutes that saved Kentucky tonight

(Photo © Mark Zerof)

Say it with me: “Phew.” I don’t think anyone anticipated that kind of game tonight. Kentucky looked as bad as they have ever looked in the first three fourths of the game, down by as much as eleven. With about seven minutes left and the realization that this team may actually lose to Cleveland State settling over the Big Blue Nation, the Cats woke up, going on a 24-7 run in the last 7:08 to put finally put the Vikings away 68-61. Let’s break the game down by the first thirty-three minutes and the last seven.

Photo © Mark Zerof

Photo © Mark Zerof


Kentucky looked completely out of it in the first half. Just another slow start, right? Wrong. Kentucky trailed Cleveland State 31-27 at the half. What was wrong? Were the players’ minds already on Thanksgiving break or was this the latest and most troubling example of a lackluster break from the gates? Every one of UK’s 27 points in the first half came from either the paint (14) or the free throw line (13). Andrew Harrison got into foul trouble early in the first half, and from then on, the Cats really stunk on offense, shooting a paltry 26.9% off 7-26 shooting, including 0-6 from the three-point line. The second half start wasn’t much better, with Cleveland State going on a 7-0 run to extend the lead to 11 at the 14 minute mark, their biggest lead of the game. What happened?

Poor effort

Yet again, Cal chalked it up to the other team wanting it more:

“You can’t let a team come out and have way more emotion than you. You can’t. This is not about who looks the coolest. This is about who wants it the most when the ball is thrown up.”

Another problem Cal continues to mention is the team’s lack of communication, telling reporters that Rod Strickland came into the locker room at halftime and noted it as well: “They don’t talk to each other out on the court. They’re all into their own thing. When you’re into your own thing, it’s really hard to play basketball.” Did you notice some bad body language tonight? In his postgame remarks to Tom Leach, Cal expressed concern that his team wasn’t having any fun, in large part because they weren’t playing for their teammates. The most fun they had was when they finally came together in the last seven minutes and played as a team.

“You try to be cool verses show some passion and emotion in what you’re doing,” Cal said. “Especially if everyone else is bringing it. Our fans jumped on it, our players then showed it. My question: why don’t you start the game like that?”

Photo © Mark Zerof

Photo © Mark Zerof

Poor Rebounding

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Kentucky was almost outrebounded by a much smaller opponent. For a good part of the game, Cleveland State both outhustled and outrebounded Kentucky, with the Cats winning the final margin 42-35. While the final stat doesn’t really reflect how frustrating Kentucky’s performance on the boards was, there is no excuse for a big, tall, and long team like Kentucky to get beaten to the ball as many times as they did tonight.

Zone gives this team problems

Whether it be poor effort, poor rebounding, or Andrew Harrison being on the bench, this team doesn’t respond well to zone, especially if it’s not shooting well from the outside. With Andrew in foul trouble, Cleveland State controlled the tempo, leaving the Cats standing around looking lost on the court. Trouble against the zone, along with poor perimeter defense are becoming unfortunate hallmarks of this squad, something the teams on the rest of the schedule are noticing.

Thankfully, the game didn’t end there.

Photo © Mark Zerof

Photo © Mark Zerof


Kentucky went on a 24-7 run in the last 7:08 of the game. That run was sparked by a lob from Andrew Harrison to Willie Cauley-Stein, who was fouled and made his free throw to cut the lead to seven, 54-47. From there, the crowd gave the Cats some life, and the Harrison Twins went to work. The most important play of the game? Tied at 57 with two minutes left, Andrew Harrison drove the lane, scored, and was fouled. He hit his free throw to put UK up by three and give them the lead for good. That was the Andrew Harrison we’ve been waiting for. Cal agrees: “I thought Andrew made the plays, and it’s nice to know we’ve got two or three guys now we can go to.” James Young said that in the stretch, Andrew was a leader: “He was being more of a leader. He really stood out. He directed us a lot and told us where to go and what to do. He really stepped up.” As Andrew goes, this team goes, and hopefully he’ll stay in that final gear he found at the end of the game.

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

While James Young didn’t shoot well, Cal applauded his effort, telling reporters he liked how he hard he fought towards the end: “James Young just fought like crazy and came up with balls when we were dead. If they got those balls, we would lose. That’s why I looked at the other guys and I say, ‘Fight like he’s fighting.’” Young said that he was spurred on by the crowd’s support, calling it something he had never felt before:

“I have never felt something like this. It was amazing. I want this feeling when we are not down. I want it to be like that all of the time. I have never felt something like that before.”

To inspire more toughness, Cal is ramping up the intensity in practices, telling the media he “went back to old school UMass stuff” for the last three days, getting Alex Poythress’ heart rate up to 90% for the first time since he’s been at UK. Willie Cauley-Stein stood up and made some big plays, along with Julius Randle, who notched his sixth-straight double double of the year. However, this night was all about Andrew.

Aaron Harrison was also clutch in the stretch. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Aaron Harrison was also clutch in the stretch. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

This was a “Come to Jesus” moment

Afterwards, Cal called this “the game we needed” to bend his players’ will to the changes they must make to be a championship-caliber squad. Right now, Kentucky is not a great team. Simply put. Too many mistakes, too many deer-in-the-headlights moments and not enough people making plays. Andrew Harrison finally gave us a glimpse of his “stone cold killer” persona we’ve heard about, but that doesn’t dismiss the errors and poor execution in the first three fourths of the game. Cal said that his players needed this game to “change how they approach the games, how they think about the games, their mentality of the games.” This group can be special, but all of that depends on whether or not Andrew Harrison builds on this performance.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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77 responses to “Andrew Harrison and the seven minutes that saved Kentucky tonight”

  1. James

    Lack of quickness is this team’s main problem, especially the Harrison twins.

    1. Lutherl

      Good observation. It prevents the emergence of a lock down defender…

    2. Dougm68

      agreed. The best name for this team thus far is the Lazy or Sleepy Seven.

    3. Daniel

      They make up for it though with Size… the Harrison’s can take over that way really

    4. Ernie banks

      Your a racist, a troll and a Louisville fan

  2. 2020

    Through 6 games, Andrew Harrison has 2 steals, 0 blocks, and 20 fouls. Mainly against very slow opponents. The future does not bode well if he keeps loafing on defense.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Interesting stats. Add that in this evenings game the twins had 1 rebound and it was offensive while their counterpart, and smaller, guards had 11 rebounds. Just plain lazy and Cal needs to sit them. I would rather have less talented kids out there that give everything they have early in the season. Maybe the twins would get the message.

    2. PillowTalk

      Cal tells them to get back on defense and to look for the outlet on offense which means they should basically never go for a rebound unless it comes right to them. Rebounding numbers for them are not significant.

    3. twocoach

      Laziness and selfishness has been the knock on the Harrison twins their entire basketball career. They aren’t going to “get it”.

  3. wildcatwill

    Time to maybe go back to the drawing board. Hope this team has it by march if not were in trouble.

    1. Daniel

      I don’t see it like… your not just gonna start over with Freshman after a bad game… I mean They should be learning and they won

  4. louie

    Play the FRESHMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lee and Dakari,..and even Willis! Please and thank you. Poythress had two WIDE OPEN shots,…two airballs,..and then a give away at the end of the first half (“here, can have it,..I don’t want it”). And he almost took Randle out of the game when he hammered him on a wild play he had no business trying to make in the first place. He seems to be an accident (and/or a turnover) looking for a place to happen. Same as he has been for 40 games now. I will say that Willie hit his free throws and had a block or two. That was very good, Wille. But I’m not sure why Lee and Dakari get very limited minutes? They can PLAY!!!!!!! So can Willis. Jmo. Oh well,..we won,..barely.

    1. Haha

      On the play in question Poythress was about to make one of the most amazing plays you would ever have seen. Randle looked lost on that play.

    2. Me

      Randle basically under cut Alex on that play, which would have been a MONSTER jam.

    3. AnthonyBBN

      Dakari added nothing to the game except 2 rebounds. Lee made mistakes and just didn’t bring the energy he normally does. WCS had 11 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, and 4 blocks. He was ya know… producing.

  5. Dougm68

    The Twins should not consider one and done. Not at this point. Compare these guys to Wall and Bledsoe. Not EVEN CLOSE.

    1. Daniel

      This point is game 6…. Wall and Bledsoe are In the NBA

    2. AnthonyBBN

      Remember Brandon Knight and Teague, terrible starts, really good come tournament time.

    3. twocoach

      Bledsoe averaged 11pts, 2 rebs, 3 assists and an alarming 4.6 turnovers his first six games. Just a head’s up…

  6. Akylady

    I loved this article. I loved how Andrew came out at the end to lead the team, but it needs to be done from the time the step out on the floor. You can’t play catch up all the time when the other team wants it more. There was no fire in UK’s eyes tonight, they were lazy and expecting the name on the front of the jersey to again get them where they expected to be. You play for that name on the front, not the one on the back.
    One player needs to lose the attitude. He needs to quit interfering with his teammates shots, quit trying to man handle his own players out from under the basket to get a rebound and learns to pass more often.

    1. IT Help Desk

      I couldn’t agree more. As good as Randle is, and with all that potential, it seems that if the game isn’t running through him he doesn’t play with any intensity or passion. We have seen him take over a game offensively, I wan’t to see him dominate defensively. If and when he does that, this team will take the next step.
      All the other kids seem to look to him when things aren’t going well. He has the ability to set the tone for the entire game, if he so chooses.

  7. Sweet Wm

    Well back to the drawing board. Hoping the defense improves, but it seems the dribble/drive does not fit this group.

  8. Chicago Chris

    “To inspire more toughness, Cal is ramping up the intensity in practices, telling the media he “went back to old school UMass stuff” for the last three days, getting Alex Poythress’ heart rate up to 90% for the first time since he’s been at UK.”

    So, then this is the result? Just the opposite, it seems. Too early to abandon this, perhaps, but the old heart rate monitors hardly delivered big results last year either.

  9. Jeff

    I’m tired of hearing lack of effort to start the game. Maybe kids who want to play (Polson, Hood, Willis, Hawkins) should start. At least they want to play and want have to be made to give effort

  10. mashburnfan1

    Better bring it Wednesday as EMU beat this Clev St team and EMU plays a better zone. I am not worried if we have intensity and play hard so yea right now I am worried.

  11. WildcatFaithful

    Willy kinda looks like Big Ben Wallace with the hair and headband. sayin

  12. ==== Cat Luvah ====

    ==== Well Ky. is beginning the era we can call “Memphrica North” ………. We L@@K like the Tiger teams under Cal, and now we’re playing like his teams did there !!!!

    The Clev. St. coach had his team prepared ………… our coach ………….. obviously didn’t and really hasn’t in over 13 months ……………..

    Our coach has a deep bench that isn’t getting used ………… if the guy on the floor can’t knock down a three … try the tall white kid down on the bench, if your star guard that’s 6’6″ tall won’t get in a defensive posture, try the kid who’s a senior and proved his toughness last year ………….

    You talk the talk Coach bbbbbbuuuuutttttttt, you don’t walk the walk yourself …… shame on you .and your below average assistants for not having these millionaires ready to play …….. reminds me —– We’re Memphis North !!!!!!!!!

    Just my .02


    1. real Cat Luvah


    2. Rae

      Cleveland State had this game circled on the calendar. They schemed for it. Cal doesn’t scheme against opponents so early in the season, because he wants his guys to get better on their own merits. Look at Michigan State; they prepared for just UK and had a drop off against Columbia because they spent too much time preparing for one opponent. This isn’t the time of year to focus specifically on one opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, except maybe UNC and UL.

      So yes, Cleveland State had their kids prepared because this is the game they’ve been preparing for probably quite a while. Honestly, it’s a strategy I would have liked to see our football team take this year, because preparing for each opponent individually hasn’t worked. Maybe putting all the energy of the season into Tennessee or Florida would have gotten one W.

    3. RealCatsFan

      “Cat Luvah”? Yeah, right dude, looks more like something a bird fan would come up with. Your fooling no one with that one, pal. Sure you don’t also post as “Kitty Killa”?

      And what’s with this “Memphrica” stuff? Is that a play on “Africa”? Sounds kind of borderline racist to me.

      But I will agree with you on one point – I would also like Cal to turn to the bench to make a point with these kids. Cal said after the game that he wasn’t worried about losing this game. If that is the case, why not play the bench more? At the very worst, it will give these kids some valuable experience that they may need at crunch time. And it might really send the message home with the starters.

    4. Ernie banks

      I’m saying your a closet racist, a troll and a Louisville fan.

    5. tippytoe

      I agree. If you have no one can hit from outside a zone. PUT SOMEONE IN WHO CAN!!!
      Reminds me of the frustration with the football staff and our Quarterback situation.

    6. sue

      I tend to agree with several of your points. After the 2012 NC, Cal gets a pass for last year’s debacle in my book. But he needs to coach this year! Less talk, and more coach. He’s got the talent. He has no excuse. He has these future NBA stars playing like they never played the game of basketball,…tentative! And he’s got stars on the bench that don’t even get in. Or only get 3 or 4 minutes of PT when they do. This team has more than ONE person who they can go to for a bucket. Randle is great,…but this is NOT a one man team. He needs to build confidence in the players instead of tear it down. They were passing up on wide open 3 point shots last night. If they are afraid to shoot tha ball, then bring in Willis!!!

  13. ==== REAL CAT LUVAH, FO SHO ! ====

    ===== Not “faux” ………….. JUST HONEST !!!! ====

  14. kyboy145

    If we play like we did the last 7 minutes no one i mean no one will beat us. If we play like we did the first 33 minutes it will be a long season. I hope this was a wake up call and they see what they can do when they actually play. Cal does need to play the bench more. Willis imo is a better shooter than wiltjer and never even sees the floor. Get him in the game and some wide open shots, its just not smart on cals part on some the players he doesn’t wanna use that part i don’t understand.

    1. AnthonyBBN

      Willis might be a better shooter than Wiltjer, but he is even worse on defense.

    2. twocoach

      Just stop with the “if we play like we did the last seven minutes no one can beat us” garbage. EVERY team in America has had an impressive seven minutes stretch in a game.

  15. Daniel

    And Another thing is Andrew Harrison and Willie Cauley are starting to get the lob down

    1. Blue Jesus

      Agreed– led to several easy (and big) buckets. Hopefully we see more of this from now on. Love the Lob!

  16. UKBlue

    I hope after this scare tonight it FINALLY wakes these kids up & hopefully they FINALLY get it – if not what is it going to take to get these kids attention !! Someone needs to put smelling salt under these kids noses to make sure their alive or at least awake – they come out with no energy, no bounce in their steps, no sense of urgency. The twins should have never showed us at the end of the game that they can turn it on because now we officially know they have been loafing !! These kids have no idea how to defend especially against the 3. If we run into a decent 3 point shooting team they will dust us. The Twins & Young are god awful on defense !!

    It might not be fair to the Twins because they can likely not live up to the royalty status placed on them before they even signed with UK.

    If we look this bad after 6 days of practice – like last year, I really have to wonder what the hell they are doing in practice.

    1. twocoach

      Thirty three minutes is a bit more than “coming out slow”. UK should be very concerned about the extended lack of effort and communication, not to mention the consistently terrible three point shooting. Teams are just going to drop into a saggy zone and dare Kentucky to shoot from the outside. that’s pretty easy to beat no matter what athletes you have.

  17. BNClay

    You can call it lazyness all you want. This team just doesn’t know how to play. Yet. Hopefully they learn. They are clueless against the zone. And clueless about rebounding and defensive assignments. That is coaching. I hate to say it but so far this year cal is earning his roll it out reputation. Needs to call up Tubby and get the guys a lesson on ball movment against a zone and how to rotate and rebound out of a zone.

    1. Tubby Smith

      Yeah, maybe while I’m at it I can give Cal lessons on how to lose at least 10 games most seasons and recruit sub par players. I was great at that!

  18. IowaCat

    Remember when the 2012 championship team struggled early in the season vs Old Dominion in CT? That game was horrible to watch, just like this one, they found a way. People need to step away from the ledge.

    1. Al/in/Indy

      You got that right, Teague was so out of place in the first 11 games I thought Cal should just bench him and let him give minutes to others to rest. They came out flat just thinking CS would just roll over and let them coast to the end. Hopefully this is a wake up call, letting them know everybody has them circled when they play.

  19. K2da

    I got a theory and if I’m wrong they can ban me!!!!!
    Cal must have had a mini stroke during hhalftime of 2012
    Championship game. We looked horrible on offense against Kansas, like we were running out the clock. We won inspite of that bad coaching…should have won by 25 that night. Every since that game our offense has been butt ugly! Last year is proof and this year a team that was predicted 40-0 can barely score !!??

    1. niaps

      Idiot did you watch the game at all? Cats shot 36%. No you are not gonna score 80pts. with that kind of shooting. It happens to every team at some point. Relax and enjoy this great year ahead.

    2. DH

      The only people “predicting” 40-0 were the ridiculous UK fans. Most of us don’t predict undefeated seasons. And is that the only game you’ve watched all season? We scored over 100 the game before. But we can barely score, right? I gotta agree with niaps, you sound like an idiot

  20. Bledsoe's Biceps

    I love what Cal has done for UK basketball, but let’s face it. his dribble drive offense is terrible against a zone. It always has been and always will be. He simply relies on his guys to be more athletic than the other team and “go make plays”. This was really exposed last year. And even with about 8 future NBA players, this year’s team also struggles with it. The Globetrotter weave out front, doesn’t cut it against a zone.

  21. 7 nba players

    Who are the 7 players projected to go first round again. Lol.

    1. Ernie banks

      You my friend are a racist, a troll and I’m assuming a Louisville fan

    2. ErnieTroll

      Ernie you are the racist, troll, Louisville fan. No UK fan would take the time to type that on as many comments as you have. Plus the most obvious reason, on one of your posts you said “your a racist…” dead giveaway bc Louisville fans don’t know the difference between your and you’re.

  22. rockatao

    it’s funny how things always look so rosy in the rear-view mirror. the earlier cvomment about the Twins not looking like Wall and Bledsoe – go back and look at the results of that team over the first six games – barely squeaking by against mediocre competition several times. Give these guys a chance to grow. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t, but it’s way too early to tell.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yep, good point. I vividly remember discussing the 2012 team with my brother-in-law early in the season. He was worried that Louisville was going to crush the Cats that year, and at that point in the season, they probably would have. I would like to see Willis get a little more PT early in the year to see if he can develop into a reliable outside shooter – something we lacked in 2010 that came back to bite us. If we had that knock down shooter against WV, I think we would be seeking #10 instead of #9.

  23. BluKudzu

    I have given Barnhart a ton of heck about the football situation, but I will also give him credit for basketball. Greatest hire ever for UK basketball. This man is a machine, and keeps UK relavent in the talk for NCs every year.

  24. BrownStar25

    I don’t know much about the x’s and o’s of basketball – I am better at drinking beer and hooting and hollering, but I have yet to recognize this team run a set play. It looks like the coaching philosophy is just screaming and yelling. The worst thing is the team does not look like they are having fun. They run around like a dog with its tail between the legs waiting to just get kicked again by its owner.

    -19 I hear you. I wonder what changed. Love Cal, but something must have changed, because they have looked unorganized for so long.

    1. twocoach

      Cal’s major offense is “give a guy the ball and tell him to go make a play” followed by yelling at them if they make a stupid decision. He is not a very good teacher of the game offensively. Right now, Cal is more interested in running an offense that will attract elite recruits versus an offense that will maximive the skills of his players and maximive the team’s chances of winning games against all types of teams.

      Why do you think that Cal is starting five freshmen? Because he thinks it is the best lineup? If he thought that then Lee would play more than 4 minutes a game. He is doing so he can say he succeeded while starting five freshmen and have an excuse if it doesn’t work out. PERIOD. Cal seems to have lost focus on what is most important.

      Defensively is a different matter. He does coach up a good defensive scheme and has had success getting young guys to play together on defense. All young players struggle to learn just how much communication they need at the college level to succeed. They are used to high school and AAU ball where defense isn’t needed. Typically the best time for teams to improve in this area is during the semester break in December when teams have no caps on how much they can practice. Right now there just isn’t enough time available to learn it all.

  25. Ernie banks

    I counted 6 racist.. 4 trolls and 12 Louisville fans here

    1. ErnieTroll

      I counted 1 – you. You are the racist, troll, and Louisville fan. Your obsession with our posts and your terrible grammar make it obvious.

  26. classof68

    Think back to the 2010 team. The early games like Stanford and Miami of Ohio. This team is starting off the same way. There may be hope!

    1. 6DaystoPREPARE

      That team lost in the sweet sixteen didnt they

    2. classof68

      Good point. I thought of that after I posted. Still, some fans sound like they don’t expect this team to get that far.

    3. Are you a UK Fan

      They lost in the elite eight to West Virginia

    4. DH

      They lost in the Elite 8 to a WV team that was HORRIBLE at shooting 3s, yet made almost nothing BUT 3’s that game and we couldn’t hit a shot. We would have beat that WV team 4 out of 5 times that seasons. Jeez.

  27. niaps

    The true mark of a champion is to win some games you don’t deserve to win. Cats got one of those here. You have to learn to play defense for 40 minutes not just seven. Maybe they get it now we wait and see.

  28. 6DaystoPREPARE

    They had 6 days to get ready for this game and looked like that come on! The big thing about this team this year was how deep they are but we only play 7 players any real time…….We should be wearing teams out but we run this slow half court offense and play right into the other teams game plan……. As with most of Cals teams except for the 21012 bunch his teams are about “I” “ME” if this team starts playing like a TEAM we may have something but until then just hold on tight because it will be a ruff ride!

    1. Michael F. Jox

      I’m with ya on the bench not getting used. Marcus only playing the first few minutes of the game, and Alex and Dakari again not seeing significant minutes doesn’t make any sense. Especially since they really don’t do anything to deserve that. Cal himself said Alex was practicing better than ever, so why not the chance to play? Why not use your bench that you cried all yr last season to have, when guys like James Young play SOO bad in the first half you could of convinced me he was trying to let Cleveland St. win? He did nothing but miss shots, play horrible defense, and CONSISTENTLY throw some of the dumbest/worst passes I’ve ever seen. Love the way the kid battled late in the game, and I love his game still, but he shoulda been benched in that first half. So far this season, the rotation of this team’s lineup hasn’t made much sense. And last night was the worst.

  29. bung

    was Hood not on the bench last night? We need a fast break consultant…you would think we would insist on the fast break since we have no half court offense …assists were way down…I thought we would play the bench this year when guys weren’t doing it and to keep us fresh on the break…

    1. AnthonyBBN

      Hood had a head injury and couldn’t play.

  30. $1.75 Tacos?

    I think Andrew missing so much practice with his hurt knee, and him and his brother not being at UK over the summer has slowed his development.

  31. ==== PIX2CLICK ====

    ==== Folks, do not drink the BLUE kool-aid ………… any coach that tells his players to “fail fast” is NOT on the same page as Adolph Rupp, Joe Hall, Rick Pitino, Tubby Smith , or any other coach worth his salt !!!

    The mere mention of failure puts the inclination in your psyche ……. it is human nature …… I understand the statement that coach has made, and the “supposed” reasoning ……….. bbbbuuuuuttttttt, it’s just NOT conducive to WINNING basketball to ever even mention failure to a group of impressionable 18-19 yr. olds ….. it sets an example that we can FIX problems on “the fly” when it is OBVIOUS that we cannot !

    Cal is a phenomenal recruiter —— “THE BEST” ……. bbbbuuuuttttt, that does NOT make him a great coach …………… Cal does not X & O with better tacticians …. in fact he’s only adequate….. if you’re totally indoctrinated in his philosophy …. I can’t make you see your hand before your face ………

    MOST Ky. fans are just bleary eyed wannabee cheerleaders that get offended everytime someone points out the most obvious inconsistancies in our team, the coaching staff, the administration .. etc; …………

    I get tagged as a “troll” (which I do not even know implies !) “a gremlin ?” ……… a Cards fan. ( I’m not ) but I still like their coach …….. he knows X’s & O’s …………. “a racist” if I mention playing the white boys more …… I like “EQUALITY” ………… If I had the bench that Coach Cal has, I would shuffle players in and out constantly and I know I could run other teams off the court on sheer numbers alone …….. and those bench players would be stars at other major schools, yet we’re not using them for anything but practice fodder …….. does that make sense to you ?

    I say….. if you are forced into a half court game ……. the dribble drive is the offense for “athletes” or dummies …… you decide what you would call it …… a structured offense takes intelligence to run …. you have certain spots you must be at .. at certain times …… you must be a “thinking” player with a purpose in mind ………. not willy – nilly moving on athletic instinct alone !! The dribble – drive offense is NOT conducive to good “team” play ……. it relies on an individual making instinctive decisions on his own ……..
    often times detrimental to sound fundamental basketball ………..

    In short …….. we are bound by who we are…….. most major college coaches would take our “second five” and you can decide who they are, and win a conference championship ……………. I truly thinnk our head man in charge is NOT using his squad to the “betterment” of the name on “the FRONT” of the jersey !!!!

    If this sounds like an indictment of Coach Cal ……….. it is ! As a UK fan what did you think of his teams @ MEMPHIS ………… I’ll bet you thought as I did that they were undisciplined, played out of control, were “showboats”, and sometimes were downright THUGS…………… elbows and hot heads were prevalent !!!

    Well he brought us back from dead …….. BCG ……. R.I.P. …………… but now, earn your BIG BUCKS ….
    Put a quality “TEAM” on the floor .. ………… NOT 5 future millionaires ……. install an offense, press till the cows come home, use your great bench, there’s talent there ………. YOU CAN WIN AN NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP BY PLAYING TEN or ELEVEN PLAYERS …… for “KENTUCKY” not .. Randle, Harrisons, Young , etc; ………. for KENTUCKY !!!


    1. Tubby Smith

      Calipari has made more Final 4 appearances in 4 full seasons at UK than I did in 10. You’re a fool for not recognizing how amazing Calipari has been, and yet you’ll be the first one to whine and cry when he’s gone.

  32. ===== OL' PIX ====

    ==== Yes, and Billy Donovan puts THAT to shame ……….. Tubby what happened ……….. Red Raiders is your speed now huh ?

    Like I said if you’re already indoctrinated …… you are beyond help, or hope ……. so fantasize on dreamer ………

    Love fests for Coach Cal are fine …………. but ……… you got what you wanted 5 “blue chippers” …….. if you think those were “blue chippers” we played last night in our own back yard … GOD help you ….

    WOW …………. we beat CLEVELAND ST. by 7 pts. at 23,000 seat RUPP ARENA …….. WOW …………..The Kentucky Wildcats are the greatest thing since sliced bread and coach is the 2nd coming !!!!

    You probably believe that junk don’t you?

    I think it’s a tragedy and a travesty that’s perpetrated on BBN by a shameful, inept …………….. Your promises bear false witness against us !

    The product on the floor doesn’t match the “sales pitch” !

    I see a clunker …….. if you OPEN YOUR EYES you will too !


    1. Ban this IP address

      Please and thank you.

  33. ==== PIX2CLICK ====

    ===-= I love it ………… the thought police come worming their way out of the wooddwork ……….. My father, grandfather, great grandfather and MYSELF fought against such tyranny ! ====

  34. ol' pix

    sorry …… guess you were refering to a reply above

  35. roundballwiz

    I have always said; Rupp Arena has the worst fans in the country when it comes to cheering for our Cats. It’s more like an opera crowd than a ballgame. I’ve been a fan for more than 60 years and I’ve never seen such a lack of team support. Instead of arousing the team, they wait for the team to arouse them. GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND MAKE SOME NOISE!!!