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An Update on Willie Cauley-Stein’s Ankle

© Thomas J. Russo

© Thomas J. Russo

KSR’s hardest working investigative journalist, Ryan Lemond, is reporting that Willie Cauley Stein has a stress fracture in his ankle.  Coach Cal said earlier today, “I’d be stunned if he plays in this game.”  Now it appears to be much worse than that, likely causing him to sit out for the rest of the NCAA Tournament.

Hopefully it will be a fast healer, but broken ankles are no fun.  I partially blame myself: if I didn’t have a broken ankle then Willie would have never gotten hurt.



Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

52 responses to “An Update on Willie Cauley-Stein’s Ankle”

  1. Dusten

    Damn… How’s that affect his draft status? I hope he still goes lottery

    1. Rei

      Easy there “Dusten”. That’s not even a name.

    2. Dusten

      Haters gon’ hate. Better than “Apple”.

  2. Bob

    Thanks for the update .


    Does Nick have a broken ankle or something? Don’t understand last part. If so, hope you get better soon.

  4. Ulysses Everett McGill

    Damn we’re in a tight spot

  5. kmrwildcat

    Hopefully Cal will bring in Mr High Energy. Yes i’m talking about Lee. This will give Dakari a chance to rest too.

  6. Usefulijit

    It was those shoes

  7. Deacon

    Well, if Ryan Lemond reported it, it must be …. At least partially incorrect?

    1. JoHn ShOrT

      yes in deedee!

  8. play thru it

    wrap that $hit up and try to play thru it wcs!

  9. NKY_UK_fan

    Alex Poythress’s role becomes even more invaluable now.

  10. 9

    The good news is we have a shot to win it all, even without Wille. The bad news is we may lose 6 or 7 players to the nba.

  11. play thru it

    wrap it up and play thru it wcs! season is about done.

    1. Chaz

      Is that the advice you would give your son if he was in the same spot? Ask Derrick Jasper what stress fractures do to your legs if you’re forced back to the floor too soon. That was another reason to regret BCG ever came to UK.

    2. CliffFrankLou

      Jasper did not have a stress fracture. He had an osteochondral lesion on a femoral condyle. Different nature of injury.

    3. Chaz

      CliffFrankLou, you’re right, Derrick had cartilage damage, rather than bone. I knew he had microfracture surgery and assumed it was bone. Different healing cycle, but still, I don’t like the idea of him playing 48 hours after the injury. That one ankle supports his whole body weight many times in the course of playing.

  12. ok-cats-computer

    Considering Young’s slip at the end of the SEC Tournament Championship Game and WCS injury, I’m not a fan of the new Kobe shoe. I hope WCS has a full and speedy recovery. I know he will work hard to overcome the injury.

  13. Connor Terry

    Coming from Ryan Lemond, its probably false. That dude could mess up a wet dream.

  14. Guldarn Pater Familius

    Damn, we’re in a tight spot

    1. Goooh

      Hard to mess up that wet dream.

  15. Chad

    Hopefully willie comes back for one more year. Not a fan of the shoes either.

  16. TheHammer

    Anyone for a class action lawsuit against Kobe?

  17. cooly hot

    WTF. A “stress fracture” occurs over time. So either our medical staff f’d up and didn’t diagnose a serious problem before Friday or our medical staff F’d up and incorrectly diagnosed WCS’ problem

    1. ukbradstith

      I got a stress fracture playing ball about a year and a half ago. I’ve had several, most we’re caused over time, this one never bothered me until after I got done playing. He could have already had a weak spot and it just cracked on him, which would be a stress fracture.

    2. Lonnieb

      if the “weak” spot cracked on him it would no longer be a stress fracture

    3. CliffFrankLou

      Cooly, tell us again where you completed your orthopedic residency.

  18. FB

    Obviously Cal didn’t want this news to get out. Wait to go Ryan. Spoil the game plan.

  19. jason

    I coach kids who struggle with learning disabilities (in which it takes different approaches to connect with them individually) if Ryan Lemond can make a living in radio/ TV, their is nothing NOTHING that prohibits them from doing anything. Ryan Lemond is not a mental heavyweight BUT is a great role model…………… No disrespect. Go Cats

  20. Heybigmanletmeholdadollar

    Praying for a speedy recovery WCS

  21. Chucky B

    Hope it is just speculation.. Just hoping… Players will need to step up..
    Gooooo Wildcats!!!!!!!

  22. Buckets

    Marcus Lee, your turn to step up. We’re gonna need you!!

  23. Doc

    Watch the Sam Bowie YouTube Going big documentary. He can be drafted in first round still but may want to wait as this could drop him to the end of first round or even second depending where fracture is. I wish him well either way and the team will galvanize over his loss.

  24. UK

    How many UK fans would give up their ankle for Willie? because I would no questions asked.

    1. BeeBeeN73

      He can have my strong cankles! 🙂

  25. Kj

    Wish him well, just got to win it for Willie now, Go Cats!!!!

  26. Out

    He is done for the rest of the tourney.

  27. ATLCat

    A stress fracture first off isn’t a break its simoly a very very tiny crack in the bone, now as for anyone who thinks he can play tomorrow, there’s no way. But….out for tournament IF uk wins tomm it’s obviously way to early for that. I see these injuries everyday, he should be able to go if uk wins tomorrow at least 10 min a game. The trainer can tape that ankle so tight he wouldn’t even be in that much pain.

    1. CliffFrankLou

      Cannot count the number of ways you are incorrect in this post with medical information.

  28. Kyle

    Kobe blows his own ankle out in his shoes. NOW WCS!! someone needs to tell Nike to pull these nightmares from the shelves before someone else gets hurt. I’m not a genius in the shoe game, but i’mmsmart enough to know what love is. And its not in a kobe shoe.

    1. I know this.

      You are correct sir! This shoe is built for show and not for go. It has no stabilizing support, no lateral support and no cushion. Over time it will cause ankle, knee, hip, and back problems and plantar fasciitis. I have been a distance runner for over 20 years. Someone at UK athletic dept needs to advice the players. Nike makes a good shoe, but not this one.

  29. KY CAT FAN

    Cal’s comments on WCS and the KSR report seem at odds. Cal said that he would be “stunned” if WCS played tomorrow, but said that WCS is determined to play even though he has not been out of the protective boot. He went on to say that WCS’s desire to play might result in very limited minutes. I am thinking that at the time he made those comments he must have known WCS’s condition. He left the impression that although WCS is injured, he would likely play in the Final Four if KY advances. This leads me to conclude that either Cal’s comments were purposefully disingenuous or the KSR report is wrong. I guess a third possibility is that the KSR reporter was fed misleading information to confuse the opposition. Thoughts?

  30. KyleUK

    Doc… Sam Bowie was drafted in 1984. I’m fairly certain technolodgy has improved over the last 30 years for stress fractures. WCS will be ok for the draft. Lets focus on # 9

  31. KyleUK


  32. Rixter

    I don’t believe a stress fracture comes from taking a bad step; that’s the other kind of fracture. A stress fracture happens over time and is almost always discovered by surprise…like PPats.
    Ryan Lemond reporting this makes me thing there is very little chance was has a stress fracture

  33. Beverly Macey

    So sorry to hear this news. I hope Willie finds comfort in knowing he is a beloved UK Wildcat with fans who are praying and hoping for a complete healing of this fracture and for comfort during this difficult time. #BBN, WINITFORWILLIE

  34. #win9forwillie

    Thank you willie for all of your contributions we wouldn’t be here without you. Now it’s time for Alex “monster mash jr” poythress to have a career day and send us to number 16 and hopefully number 9!!!!

  35. God bless him

    Terrible news! I love WCS and wish him well in his journey. He will forever remain one of my top 5 wildcats of all time. Enjoyed his two years here and may he be successful in his journey of life! Will miss him

  36. Hilary hunt md

    Stress fractures around ankle usually occurr in lateral malleolus (outside ankle bone). Treated properly, they usually heal completely 8-12 was. The fracture occurred as a result of more stress being put on bone than it can handle; in other words, there is more bone resorption than replacement and eventually bone comes into. With proper protection, these fractures heal rapidly, but not in time for him to play in this NCAA tournament. So sad for Willie and for team; hopefully they can play through it and win; what a hole his loss creates !!!

  37. Hilary hunt md

    Sorry for typo; meant 8-12 wks.

  38. whodat

    our giddiness is clouding the reality that if WCS cannot play this is a major detraction from our ability to win the NC. Willie, when on his game, is every bit the rim protector AD or Nerlens was for us. I for one am hoping the break is a planned leak and Willie is capable of playing moving forward.