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Alex Poythress on Julius Randle and going 40-0


All we’ve heard since the first day Julius Randle set foot on campus is that he and Alex Poythress are going at each other in the gym and in the weight room. What Julius is doing, Alex is matching. What Alex is doing, Julius is matching. It’s a war between the two power forwards, and it’s bringing out the best of them.

A war is exactly what Poythress needed, too, after getting too comfortable last season with no one to push him for minutes. There’s no more being complacent in 2013-14, not this season. Randle forces the sophomore to bring it every single day.

“He’s bringing the competitive spirit out of me,” Poythress told Ryan Lemond. “I’ve gotta work hard everyday in practice; just gotta push myself in practice; gotta go at it; don’t take (anything) from nobody; and go hard everyday.”

Randle has drawn preseason praise unlike anything we’ve heard in recent years, except for maybe John Wall, and Poythress’ analysis of Randle is no different than what others have said. Randle is, for lack of a better term, a beast.

“He’s like a 6’9” freight train, really,” said Poythress, who would know Randle’s game better than anyone.

“You gotta stand your ground, learn how to play him. He’s going to be tough for somebody to guard once the seasons gets going and once he gets going.”

Once the season does get going, Kentucky will be on a quest for 40-0, whether they will all admit it or not. Some dodge the question, others acknowledge it, but Poythress jumped right in.

“If we put our mind to it, once everyone gels, I say we can do anything,” he said. “The sky is the limit for this team, so why not aim at 40-0? We might as well try to do it, right?”

“Why not? What’s stopping us? The only thing stopping us is us this year, so we might as well try to do it.”


Watch Alex Poythress’ entire interview with Ryan Lemond and KSR below…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

22 responses to “Alex Poythress on Julius Randle and going 40-0”

  1. louie

    Julius Randle is gonna be a beast!!!!!!!!! And the team will be one of the best Wildcat teams ever,..but there will be 8 or 10 other GREAT college basketball teams this year too. I’ll say no more.

  2. Nuff Said

    Heres what I like to do… Go back and watch the highlights of the duke game last year….look how poythress plays….if we can get that poythress consistently….watch out….How do you even defend us? You are talking a lineup with 2 6’5 guards, a 6’9 SF, 6’9 PF and a 7 foot C. Honestly, how do you defend that? There wont be a game this year that UK will not have a mismatch at 1 position at least. I think we beat MSU by 15…Kill Louisville (Chris Jones and Russ will struggle with the length and size of the twins and if you give me Randle v. Chane….I take Randle in that easily), and have a tough fight down in Chapel Hill….This team just causes too many problems with matchups….The average height of this team is 2nd in the NBA, only to the OKC Thunder….think about that….2nd in the NBA.

  3. Jackson Purchase

    No way we (UK) beats Michigan State by 15! Dude be honest with yourself this game is to early in the season and they are still Freshmen, the only thing you have seen of these kids is a couple of games on ESPN and what you read. Michigan State has to many experienced returning players playing against our Freshmen, will UK win yes but 15, no. And just because you have height doesnt mean you win, last year we had a fairly tall team and that didnt work out so well for us.

  4. KG

    Alex I’m hoping you have a banner year. Make The BBN proud.

  5. J in Orlando

    1 I dont know who these 8-10 great team will be…Duke has potential to be great…MSU will team

    The best teams this year will be:

    UK-if they reach their potential, it will not matter what any other team does
    Duke-has a shot at greatness
    MSU-really good, but not an all-time caliber potential
    Kansas-title potential
    Arizona will be good, not great
    OSU-good, not great
    OkSt-best college bball player on day one, but only an out side shot to get beyond the elite 8
    UL-quite possibly the most overrated team in the country…they lost the real reasons they won the
    title…weak schedule will get them a higher seed than they deserve, but will be out early a la
    Gonzaga last year.

  6. But wait there's more

    Please stop all this crazy 40-0 talk…INSANE! We will be a contender, why can’t BBN be happy with that instead of this INSANITY! @ Jax Teller…We heard the same thing last year about UL, 100 reasons why they CAN’T win the tourney. How did that work out for your theory, as a matter of fact one of the posters were you. Please wise up and give credit where credit is due. Your not done with the crow from last year don’t start it all over again. Never under estimate Slick Rick.

  7. But wait there's more

    @ J in Orlando not Jax Teller……

  8. Back to Back

    What does a first round NIT loser know about 40 and 0?

  9. Rick Pitino

    Hey Back to Back, you’re putting a lot of pressure on our team. Don’t forget that I have taken two UL teams to the NIT.

  10. rick

    #9 That is good stuff.

  11. Billy Ray

    As much as I hate the tards, they didn’t go to the Nit with 5 burger boys and get prison raped by Robert Morris.

  12. Usernametaken

    Never underestimate the power of the zebras in this 40-0 talk. Remember, we’re going to Chapel Hill.

    And what the hell does last year’s NIT team have to do with this year?

  13. Rick Pitino

    Billy Ray, it’s strange reading your sentence when I know you enjoy getting prison raped. So are you saying the loss was a good thing?

  14. Nuff Said

    Jackson Purchase-

    Did you see MSU against Duke last year? That very average Duke team whipped them. Just because a team is Older also doesn’t mean they are better. Our team last year also didn’t have veterans. Just look at these Match-ups

    Appling (6’0) v. Andrew Harrison (6’5)

    Harris (6’3) v. Aaron Harrison (6’5) or Young (6’7)
    Trice is a bench player who is (6’0)

    Dawson (6’5) v. Poythress (6’9)

    Payne (6’10) v. Randle (6’9)

    Nix (6’8) v. WCS or Dakari (7’0)

    Appling and Harris are going to struggle with length as well as Dawson. Randle will bring Payne out on the perimeter and will be too athletic. Nix is giving up a ton of height but he might be able to throw his weight around. The bench heavily favors UK and our guys are going to be VERY pumped for the game. I dare MSU to go zone. And they said the same about MSU last year with “experienced” guys…guess what, MSU isn’t exactly known for starting the year off well….last year they got beat by a much younger UCON that had like 5 scholarship players. They have REALLY struggled the previous years in this classic as well, especially scoring the ball even though the squeaked out a win vs. Kansas last year. Like I said, MSU comes together during conference play, not at the beginning of the year. UK’s talent will overwhelm them with mis-matches at 4 positions. UK could simply post the twins the entire game and take the game over….I’m telling you, UK wins by 15.

  15. Talk is Cheap

    Say what, 5? I agree with Louie. Cats will be great,..but so will several other veteran teams. Including a couple in the SEC,..Gators and Vols. Those two should be our only competition in the SEC,..but they will both have strong teams. So, the Cards are over-rated and only Duke and Kentucky have a shot at greatness, J in Orlando??? (I suspect you were one of the ones predicting a Cat win over Florida in football this past week too. Am I right?) In other words, is cheap! Cats will be great,..but so will several other teams. Saying the Cats will be much better than everyone else is setting yourself up to have egg on your face down the road,..which looks to me like you already have. Jmo.

  16. Linda Taylor

    Billy Ray – 5 burger boys? Kindly name the 5 McDonald’s All Americans that played in the Robert Morris game. You can’t because there weren’t 5 McDonald’s All Americans playing in that game. Goodwin, Poythress and Wiltjer equals 3 McDonald’s All Americans not 5. If you are incapable of making accurate posts then just stop posting. You look like a misinformed tard fool.

  17. ogblue

    I have said time after time that i truly believe that if the Cats comes into the Louisville game with their O in tact then i can see the Cats going 40 0,and by this season being loaded with talent, that’s the reason going 40 0 will be that much gr8er.This young very talent Kentucky basketball team will be challenge very early into the new season,quicker then any top team that i have seen in reason years,and the Michigan St game could be the best game of the year, maybe the best in resent years,and if the young Kentucky Wildcats come through that game victories,i can see that could be the Cats stroll to 40 0. Iam just saying that Michigan St will be the true test early, i really dont see anyone else beating this team, this is not football,know the difference.

  18. bigblue091812

    Back to Back and Billy Ray are typical loserville fans. Rick has been to 2 NIT’S with no titles, 7 of 12 seasons at loserville he’s had 10 + losses, he’s 5-8 against UK since being in ghettoville, with 2 of those wins being against Billy G. What does that have to do with him winning the title last year, NOTHING LOSERVILLE RATS. Just like last year’s UK team has nothing to do with this year’s team. The only game I’m concerned with is Michigan St., with it being so early. UK and Cal will send loserville and the ghetto rats back home with a 22 pt beat down. This won’t be a game against Witchta St. with 2 big east officals calling the game and loserville having 1 foul called on them in the last 8:43 of game, the NCAA has said they will call mugging this year. What’s funny is you act like loserville was so great and UK was terrible, in fact UK was and loserville beat them in the chicken bucket by 3 pts. Go get drunk, get another tattoo, throw up the big L (loser) and hang all your cards (no pun intended) on chris jones.

  19. bigblue091812

    Why is 40-0 stupid to talk about. Every basketball team in NCAA basketball should have that goal. Do this team have the talent to do that, yes but so did the 2012 team. We have some tough games this year away from Rupp, Michigan St., UNC, Florida, LSU and Vandy. No matter the talent on some teams like Vandy some places are just tough to play in. And why is UK and BBN #1 and always will be, think of why loserville ghetto rats on trolling here. Teams like loserville who only have 50% of their own city and puke who is the loserville of Carolina don’t have enough fans to support a great site. Hell, we dominate them on the radio with KSR. #9 will be fine and 40-0 is possible until they get beat.

  20. Blue

    The undefeated question is so silly, it’s almost ridiculous. And not for the reasons you might expect…It’s not silly to talk about, or to think is conceivable with this group, no matter how remote the actual chances are. But, it’s silly to ask a player what he thinks about it because what is he supposed to say?

    “What about going 40-0?”
    “Well, I look at our schedule and I see 3 or 4 potential losses. So, I’d say we likely split those and finish with a couple losses.”

    No player ever thinks that way, no matter what sport, no matter what level. You go into every single game thinking you can win and expecting to do so. Especially when zero games have been played yet.

    Alex’s response sort of illustrates how asinine the question really is…”Why not try to go 40-0?” Isn’t that the point for every team starting out? Win every game?

    What I really think will end up happening is that if this group starts out 15-0 or 20-0, the pressure will likely get to them at some point simply because of their youth. But, just like we’ve seen in the past, a loss isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it’s a young team. Obviously you want to win all the time, but it’s already a distraction now and the season hasn’t even started. What about in January if we’re the last remaining unbeaten? The pressure will only continue to rise. So, for that reason, i don’t think it is going to happen.

  21. All talk, no action...yet

    Hold all the BS talk. Last year’s recruiting class was rated as awesome, too, and KY was ranked absurdly high and yet, KY was only a “good” team, even before Noel went down. After that, KY was mediocre, at best, as proven by Robert Morris. I am excited about this year and I hope the Harrison twins, Randall, and others live up to all the hype but just remember that so far all we have is hype and reports from pick up games. Most of KY’s team has never played a game of College Basketball so don’t be shocked if they lose several games before conference play kicks in. At the end of the day, I think this team is likely to gel but it remains to be seen.

  22. Donny

    How about we let them play the season first and IF IF IF they were to go 40-0 then lets brag about it! I remember the same thing being said about the Sam Bowie and Melvin Turpin team and look how that turned out!!!!