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Alex Poythress’ dad talks about his son’s decision

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Alex Poythress is one of the Cats currently trying to decide whether or not to declare for the NBA Draft, and has a bit of a different case than the rest of the players. Poythress is on track to get his degree in three years, and could see significantly more playing time next season. However, he’s still weighing his options. Poythress’ father, Antoine, did an interview with The Times-Georgian in which he discusses his son’s upcoming decision, which he says they’ll try to get settled soon:

“Each year we sit down and go through an evaluation process for it. Since they made it a little bit further this year, we’re actually going to start that process this week. We’ll just sit down and weigh all the pluses and minuses, try to get information from the coaches and from the other people involved to see where he’s projected to go in the draft or how teams feel about him,” Antoine Poythress said. “We have until the 15th or 17th of this month, so it’s not a lot of time. We’ll probably go to the deadline and figure out what he wants to do. It’s a pretty stressful process of trying to make a decision in such a short amount of time.”

Antoine added that Alex, who is close to a 4.0 student, really enjoys school, which could factor into his decision:

“Some of these kids have to leave school early just because they don’t like school. In his case, he enjoys school. So he can decide to leave when he’s ready or when the opportunity presents itself. But academically, he’ll do fine. He’ll graduate.”

Read more of Poythress Sr.’s comments by clicking here.

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34 responses to “Alex Poythress’ dad talks about his son’s decision”

  1. js2

    Sounds like the Poythress family is doing this the right way.

  2. Willis talkin bout..

    Seems like a good kid that comes from a good family.. Personally, I hope he stays, but more importantly I hope makes the best decision for himself and his family! Good luck #22!

  3. goukats

    Alex Poythress could be the poster child of the true concept of the student/athlete.We should all be very proud of his stay at UK.

  4. DCat

    One principle that speaks to the character of Alex Poythress off the court is the performance he also delivers in the classroom. Something that separates him from the current mold of one-and-done players under Kentucky head coach John Calipari is the fact that Alex is finishing up his sophomore year and is an honor student working toward a degree in Accounting.

    This derogatory statement was also written in the article by Corey Cusick. How does he know how the other students perform in the classroom? For him to make a statement like this is despicable!

    1. hell cat

      I don’t know if it was meant to be derogatory. Being a sophomore does separate him from a one-and-done player. I wouldn’t necessarily call taking freshman-level courses ‘working toward a degree.’ But if he is implying the other students aren’t honor students, that may be false. But I don’t think it was mean-spirited.

  5. wildcat

    i am like everyone else i hope he stays as well. he has the Experience of going through the NCAA Tournament which is a huge plus for a team. with his help he could lead this freshman class to a final four or championship game. as Coach stoops says to his recruits come be a hero i would ask him come be a hero for us. but whatever the young man chooses i will support he is one of my favorite players and seems like a very fine young man with a good head on his shoulders so if you go alex good luck to you for you will always be a cat to every fan of the BBN.

  6. Bigdogbarryd

    Hope he does stay he is one heck of a player and exciting to watch!!! Has anyone else made any decison about goin or stayin??

  7. UKfanNKY

    PLEASE stay Alex!!

  8. bradsd

    I’d sure like to see more of those finishing dunks next year. I think one more year for him to develop a outside shot would help him a lot at the next level.

    1. Drewsster02

      I agree 100%. He will be asked to play the 3 in the NBA. He is athletic enough, just needs a more consistent jump shot.

  9. KevinM

    The real question is not whether he wants to graduate prior to playing in the NBA.

    A nice option for any of us, and Alex will get a shot at making a team no matter which year he comes out. He can get his degree behind him and then take on the NBA full time.

    Either way, Alex has a bright future ahead of him.

  10. catdog

    Agree about the need for a consistent outside shot with free throws, but this is more of a symptom of a lack of confidence.
    This is his real problem.
    No eye of the tiger, all the time on the court.

  11. The Loco Pollo

    I hope Alex comes back. I think as a Jr he could have a huge year and ultimately get himself drafted in the mid-lottery where he was projected ou of HS. I think he’ll have a lot more confidence and also be an extremely valuable upper-class leader.

    Whatever he decides, I wish him well.

  12. Old Timer

    I bet the national media will forget to print that Alex is a great student. A few years ago, all we heard was one and done about Wall and Cousins, but Patrick Patterson was there all year long and on track to graduate in 3 years with good grades AND be a first rounder. Never heard it mentioned.

  13. Ex Chapman

    Alex is not close to the NBA. Talent there but no consistency on his production. Stay in school get that degree.

  14. tltaworl

    Poy has just scratched the surface. With Randle gone (probably) Alex can take his impact to a whole new level. He can be SEC Player of the Year if he wants it.

  15. Still Time For 9

    From the article: “Antoine added that Alex, who is close to a 4.0 student, really enjoy school, which could factor into his decisioon”

    Really? This is exactly why people do not take us seriously about academics and they make us out to be less than educated. Proofread!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it together KSR!!!

  16. doc

    The couple in our suite at the final four stayed in same hotel as Alex’s parents and they told them he is in no rush to go to the NBA and their expectation gathered from conversation is he is likely to stay and graduate next year. I hope this is the case as well with WCS as well. I would like to see the Harrison’s leave as lottery picks together in a year or two. Dakari,i expect to stay. I also feel James young will be a lottery pick between (5-10) next year if he stays instead of late first round.
    randle benefit for staying is less- is 5th this year on the draft boards if he should stay would go after Okafor and Alexander 3rd-?worth the risk
    FYI- if myles Turner was thinking kentucky could change some of the above but he has not shown a great interest

    1. linda

      if they all stay they have to think more money next year or if they graduate

  17. asdf

    Randle didn’t have terrific stats this year, but he’s got the talent. A guy who can come in and produce when needed, but who also isn’t consumed with being the star, will have a very long career. He will be able to play in the league for as long as he wants.

    1. asdf

      Alex, not Randle.

      Editing error. Sorry.

  18. CopenhagenCat

    Its his choice but hope he stays , He could really break out next year and his stock could go up.

  19. SeoulCat

    It seems that the smart decision would be to stick around for another year. The draft is loaded this year and he would, in all likelihood, get serious minutes playing the 3/4 next season with Randle’s departure. Another year to improve his game and conditioning (he did seem to get winded too easily at points this season), more minutes to show it on the court, and an overall weaker draft next year would surely lead to being a higher pick in 2015.

  20. tom

    I wish Alex the best, whatever the decision. Personally, I hope the young man stays another year,,, completes his degree and continues to improve his game. There will be plenty of time for the next level. It has to be hard, though, to make / keep friends on the team with the revolving door as it is.

  21. Teachable Mo'

    I have a vague memory that Poythress was one of those guys with 1500 SATs. Or whatever number means “very, very high” these days. High enough that, were he not a gifted athlete, he might be considering grad school or medical school. To put a spin on the Caddyshack joke, the world needs doctors, too, Alex.

  22. TD

    His “put-backs” this season were among the more exciting plays by this team.
    Good luck Alex.

  23. Kevin C.

    Considering he’s a 4.0 student, it’s hard to say this…but Alex would have to be stupid not to finish school.

    1. raccoon

      I have little doubt that he will finish school even if he declares for the draft. I mean I don’t know him or anything, but he seems like a kid that would want the title of “college graduate.”

  24. Ky_Tom

    Alex, what ever you choose, I will back your decision 100%..However, I am the kind of person that has always put school first, basketball future later..Basketball seems to be what you want out of life, a career in the NBA. That’s great, but you must remember, the NBA is not a life time job , even though it pays great sums of money. As a father, I would hope you look very hard in returning to school for that 3rd year, to complete your education now while its already on your plate. Playing in the NBA is a rewarding job, playing basketball and getting paid, how does one top that..Doing something that’s so much fun, yet making good money. The problem is, at UK, when you failed on the court, the coaches and fans still loved you, and cheered for you..It’s not the same in the NBA, failure means being shipped down to the D leagues, or even worse, a total cut from the team..The D league is where many college kids go to end their dreams. Or they find themselves headed overseas to play basketball..Yes, The NBA is a great thing, but when you stop and look at it…There are over 300 colleges with basketball teams , not counting those from over seas, all have 10- 15 members, all with that same dream of playing in the NBA, but only a slim select few will get the chance to play in the NBA, out of thousands of young men, and make it a career lasting job…..

  25. bung

    being selfish I hope you come back…I think you could rock the house with 30 minutes a game…

  26. roy mcmillan

    I love watching Alex play. I sure hope he stays.

  27. Dane214

    I do believe another year will help AP. However if several of the players stay it would screw up Calipari’s program. He might have to learn how to substitute and other strategies,

  28. Leslie

    Please stay AP!!!

  29. Bob

    I thinl Alex should stay with Kentucky and finish school for several reasons . He will only get better at the game and as an player. He will be an needed team leader we lacked the pass 2 years . He will be another D. Miller whom i think is one of the smartest players to enter the NBA . He has game and i think an long NBA career however when it does end he has an degree to provide an living with . This is an smart Kid and i would love to have him stay . but at the end of the day this is Alex’s life, decession to make for Alex’s best interest . I just think players like D. Miller willing to stay 4 years and learn the game opens up another career someday coaching . As well as Big Blue is known to produce great players our record producing head coaches is pretty good too. I think WCS is hooked on Blue !! We love him too!!!