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Alex Poythress called a players-only meeting after the LSU loss


During today’s media opportunity today, Dakari Johnson told reporters that Alex Poythress called a players-only meeting after the LSU loss at the hotel in Baton Rouge.  Dakari said that the meeting wasn’t heated, each player spoke, and several people apologized.

Cal was asked about the meeting during his presser and said the he didn’t know about, nor does he care.  He just wants his team to be ready to play.  More from him in a bit.

Beat Mizzou.

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79 responses to “Alex Poythress called a players-only meeting after the LSU loss”

  1. Can Of Whoop Ass

    I hope he threatened to open one on them.

  2. Wes

    Good for Alex. I’m really proud on how he has grown into the player we all knew he could be. And he can still get better. I hope he comes back next year and keeps growing.

  3. DavidPat

    About time, hopefully leadership and each player will have ownership of this great tradition! Go fellows, Go Big Blue!!!

  4. Boogie Fan

    I like this. Alex is becoming a true leader on this team. If it works or not is another topic, but hopefully it will.

  5. Orney Focker

    Nor does he care? Well that’s how to encourage the team. Shows who matters most to Cal, and that’s Cal. What I have thought all along!

    1. Isaac in Louisville

      Why should he care? He can only do so much until it’s out of his hands. Now, it’s on the players to realize their potential. Use your brain, just a little bit, for the sake of the rest of us.

    2. stubbs

      Cal actually said “I don’t want to know”. It was a players-only meeting for a reason, and Cal is taking the position that it’s none of his business, which is commendable. There might be things that are better taken care of among the players themselves, without his involvement.

    3. Al/in/Indy

      He doesn’t care, unlike your coach who keeps someone on the team so he “MIGHT” have a chance to win…..then kicks his ass to the curb the following Monday?….Yeah I guess in your red eyes that’s what you might see….Good one!

    4. Eddie T Smith

      It’s probably a great thing that no one depends on whether you could actually think or not. Did you foresee a players only meeting to fulfill what you thought all along?

    5. bigblue091812

      Just don’t think too much fool, you might hurt yourself

  6. asdf

    Is Alex going to emerge as the team’s leader? He is uniquely positioned to do so, if he has it in him.

  7. Alex Poythress

    You guys aren’t sulking the right way. sulk harder!!!

  8. jman3715

    Imagine the leader he might be if he stays four years. With a couple of senior leaders with pull you might see even superstar freshman fall in line a little faster.

  9. Brandon

    Hopefully this will bring out the “ROAR” in Alex we have been waiting a year and a half for………

  10. Jughead

    Hope it helps, doubt it will.

  11. Orney Focker

    He won’t let Alex on the floor, how can he lead. Just like Willis the other night at LSU, gets the ball drives the length of the floor, and scored, what does Cal do? Takes him out, never back in the game. Same stupid sh!t Joe B used to do. Guess he was showing up the “all stars” yea right.

    1. Isaac in Louisville

      What are you even talking about? Alex has been playing starters’ minutes without starting.

    2. turkeywildturkey

      Orney Focker. Although I sometimes too wonder what Cal’s thinking, I always come back to the fact that he’s the coach and knows a hell of a lot more than you and I know about his team and how to coach them. Sit back and be patient. We have the right guy at the helm. GO CATS!

    3. Mudcreekmark

      Isaac, are you calling the 17 minutes Alex got against LSU starter minutes? Poythress played as well as anyone on the team against LSU and got 17 minutes. Andrew Harrison played worse that anyone on the team and got 35 minutes.

  12. WRB

    5 & 7 you idiots can go back to card chronicle now.

    Glad to see Alex stepping up. Now if he can get a little help, both on & off the floor, maybe we will see a better TEAM on the court.

  13. J

    Like Matt or Tyler or someone pointed out recently, he is slowly becomming Darius Miller. But better than Darius as a Sophomore.
    It’s scary to think about Alex as a senior, but we may get to see it.

  14. Orney Focker

    Don’t know about you guys, but it looks to me like Randle and the twins just do what ever they want, Cal just let’s them go, green light, no boundaries. They are not going to listen to Alex, just plain arrogant.

    1. mashburnfan1

      Agree. They don’t even get taken out much no matter what they do, or in Andrews case, don’t do. Be lazy, Andrew and Julius are half, or more, of our turnovers every game. Julius by being selfish and Andrew by being lazy.

  15. barn

    i hope cal isn’t giving up on his team. some of his recent remarks sound like he’s pretty discouraged by this group. keep the faith. gbb

  16. Orney Focker

    Isaac in loserville, if you would read the stats in the earlier post ,you would see Alex gets about half the mins as Randle, so before you spout off and show your lack of intelligence, read a little, moron! Reading is fundamental moron…

    1. Isaac in Louisville

      Oh my gosh, Orney. Comprehension. Did I say he was playing the most minutes? No. I didn’t.

      Also, why insult my hometown? That seems a little childish. Unless… Unless you ARE a child, which would go a long way to explaining your lack of comprehension skills!

  17. Jeff Boler

    Excellent! This was needed. Hope they all come out with a chip on their shoulder and a bad attitude..

  18. Orney Focker

    WRB, you are a moron, that’s all I have to say about your stupid a$$! Anybody that has a different opinion is a tardinal fan, well if Cal stays we will have to become tardinal fans if we want a winning team. These guys suck ass. What’s happened to the great recruiter. Dumbass

    1. Original MarkyMark

      All you do is say people are stupid or idiots without really making any valid points yourself.

    2. WRB

      I could really care less about what some dumbass kid, like you, on a computer thinks about me. Like I said go on back to the chronicle & whine like a little b!tch over there.

    3. Al/in/Indy

      That because he IS a TARD TROLL! If his little brother wasn’t there to read and type it for him he’d be arguing with his mirror…..

  19. Honky Kong

    Playas only.

  20. Orney Focker

    Focker Out!

  21. Coach Cal

    Maybe I’m making things too complicated…

    OK, new game plan: Every possession, give the ball to Julius. If he gets in trouble, dish to James. Then we have Alex, Dakari, Willie, etc.. to grab the board and put back. And the Twins? Fast break scoring. Maybe a jumper or two when I allow it.

    Sound good to you guys?

  22. Coach Cal

    Oh, and Orney Focker…..go suck a d!*#. I’m still the best in the biz.

  23. BeastmodeKP

    Orney Focker, that post you’re referring too is skewed if you ask me. Sure, Poythress didn’t play much at the beginning, but “lately” he’s been getting solid mins. Averaging about 21 mins the last 10 games. He had a stretch near the beginning that was about 15 mins a game.

    1. bigabes4uk

      Coach Payne? That you?

  24. Dr. Tom

    Cal is the best recruiter in the business but it is a double edge sword. We get the top ranked players each year but we end up with the youngest and most inexperience team in the land. I frankly don’t know how Coach Cal can last many years having to coach as hard as he does to get young AAU graduates to mold as a team and break old habits. But I can see by the 2014 recruits and the possibility of several on this team returning next year that the next couple of years we may have a good mix of both young and upper classmen talent. I see the Alex meeting as a good sign and will give Cal a pass for what he said. It has to be hard for him to hide his frustrations with this team. Go CATS!

    1. robuk

      Kansas is doing it with freshmen and kicking butt in the process!

    2. Musehobo

      Robuk: It’s not that it can’t be done. Cal did it when we won it all in 2012. But he made it look easy the first 3 years, so now we all expect it. Tom is simply pointing out that expecting freshmen to play like seniors doesn’t make sense cause though possible. it’s not easy to coach 17-18 year olds to dominance.

    3. UK Fan in Morehead

      Musehobo: That being said, Cal is also the one who has been repeatedly quoted as saying, “I’d rather have talent than experience.”

  25. UKBlue

    It’s great Alex stepped up & said something, but come on, these kids were supposed to be so called super stars, you would think they would have enough pride to step up on their own. These player only meetings are overrated which is why Cal could careless; recognizing the problem is half the battle, but it’s worthless if you don’t do something about it. Stop apologizing, and as Cal would say just go ball.

    Not sure why every one is so impressed by Randle; he has horrible ball handling skills, he does that stupid spin move constantly that coaches/players have all picked up on yet he keeps doing it, he has no outside game, he keeps trying to go 3 – 4 on one, he gets trapped & holds on to the ball forever, and he is now starting to get blocked constantly. Unless he is just bullying some smaller player or playing against someone less talented, he is having a game like he did at LSU. Randle needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with himself, that this isn’t all about him. And as the UL game showed us; Cal needs to stop running everything thru Randle.

    1. Blake

      well what do you propose he do? Since you’re the one being triple teamed every time you step out on the court. Dude is great one on one but the TEAM needs to improve as a whole or itll continue to be randle vs 3

    2. Wildcatmeow

      UKBlue, maybe you should look at Randle’s stats. Even with constant double and triple teams, he is the team leader in points and rebounds! That is why I am impressed with him. Randle is a FRESHMAN! Say what you want, he is still learning at this new level of basketball. You can be critical about his ball handling skills, but I see him drive the length of the floor with the ball regularly. Yes, he gets his pocket picked, but remove him from the game and the team struggles.

  26. grandpablue

    if it’s truly time for the talking to be over, on both sides of the bench, the only way it happens is with action. Talk is cheap. “it’s time to Lead, or be lead but get the hell out of the way. Next one up.”

  27. neesie728

    It seems that these freshmen don’t realize that in the SEC,playing and beating UK is kind of like being in the final four, they are always going to bring their A game. The Wildcats are going to have to learn to be the same way in every game. Thought that this was the most talented freshmen,even better than the Anthony Davis group! They just don’t get that being at UK,or a Duke,means they have a target on their backs,in every game. They have to be warriors!

    1. Rise

      Completely agree.

    2. UKHowell84

      I don’t understand how any highly hyped athlete goes out and plays without a chip on their shoulder. If you are billed as this great player I would imagine you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed, and that you would have pride to defend yourself. Its sad that these kids don’t have the fight in them, the competitive nature to stomp who they should stomp, and snuff out the surges from good teams. Hope it gets there soon

  28. robuk

    I love my Cats….but Cal is such a smart ass. I can’t get past the one minute mark in any of his press conferences. It’s time for him to put up or shut up! A players only meeting is a good thing and he should CARE about it!!

    1. Bunny

      Agree. Good post…

  29. TubesInColorado

    I never know what to think of these ‘players only meetings.’ On one hand, it’s no doubt a great thing that someone stepped up and took leadership–and it’s no real surprise that it was Alex, in this case. On the other hand, it has an undertone that the players have an issue with the coaching staff–especially after hearing Cal say that he doesn’t care… Anyway, I’m sure it’s all good, it always just seems a little odd to me.

    1. Wildcatmeow

      Player’s only meetings rarely are about issues with the coaching staff. Player’s only meetings usually are about an internal problem with player’s attitudes that need to be addressed by their peers. My take is no matter how much Cal wants his team to play with heart, it comes down to the team actually playing that way.

  30. Ky_Tom

    After 20 games, and out of those comes 5 losses…and only 12 “” guaranteed “” games left to play. Any more will be an invite to the NCAA post season., with that, lest say 13 games…Do you really think this team can or will find what it takes to become a Team that can get any where close to a Final Four appearance. I think not, because Coach Cal has sucked at getting these kids to grow up at all..The sad things is, these 18 year old kids want to go play ball with grown men, 25 and 30 year olds. You would think anyone wanting to do that, would be ALL ears from their coaches and making strides to becoming better each game. However, this is not what we are seeing from this team. What we are seeing is, the same mistakes they made in Game 1 of the season, and they keep repeating them over and over ….I been watching UK play for the last 60 odd years, I’ve seen enough of the good, the bad and the ugly over those years, and this team rates higher in the bad than most…Why, because they fail to learn what it takes to be a Kentucky Wildcat…That’s Heart, That’s hustle, and 110% effort whenever they are on the floor……just my view,,,,I hope next years team can learn how to become a TEAM…………………

    1. Mark

      I agree with almost everything you said. Last years Louisville team lost 10 games and won the title. This team can still do it. They just have to do the rest of what you said, 110%, Fight & Heart. To play to win for 40 min. every single game. Quit believing they are Super Stars and earn that title. If I were Cal right now, I would start my bench. Let the so called Super Stars watch how much effort the bench has.

    2. Bleeds Blue

      Correct analysis. I see three leaving for the draft, may be two. Randle and WSC. WCS needs another year to improve his mind. Poythress can go, but should not. He could be the maturity level we needed, and similiar to the player that came back in 2012 along with Miller.

    3. Al/in/Indy

      I too have been OLD UK fan Tom. Been one ever since I hear my uncle listen to Cawood in the Cotton Nash era. I too hope they start to realize that they’re playing for the name on the front of the jersey, instead of the name on the back!

  31. Corey Johnson

    All you people bashing coach cal have to remember would you rather have Billy Clyde and his recruits or cal and his recruits?

    1. Wildcatmeow

      Great Post Corey! Cal has done more in his five years than Eddie Sutton, Tubby Smith, and Billy G combined, yet here we go with our fans bashing the coach. Anyone remember Shaghari Allene? What about Orbzut? Porter? Exactly, these were “project” players that wore Blue and White that should have played for Georgetown, but that was UK recruiting. Adolph Rupp coached 42 years and won 4 national championships at a time when he got practically all the best players in the nation. That averages out to a national championship every 10 years. Currently, Rupp and Calipari have about the same winning percentage (Rupp .822/Cal .821).

  32. Tim Hall

    Too much one on one play. Players playing for the draft.

    1. Dane214

      I agree. As long as Cal recruits one and doners they naturally play for dreaft positions. Why Should they consider UK they are not students in any sense of the word. I want another coach and not just a recruiter.

  33. Bleeds Blue

    I am, like many fans, tired of hearing about “potential,” or that the team is very young. At some point, they cease to be “young,” and need to produce and grow. I see them going through the motions, as if there is no need to improve, so long as their “friends” tell them they are doin’ jus’ fine… They are not. The total lack of enthusiasm is disturbing.

    Little old ladies in the upper reaches of Rupp seem to care more about winning that does most of this team and that is sad, given the reported talent level on the floor…

    1. DLancer

      Yeah, as I used to tell my students, “Potential” is like a match that has not been lit. Until it is lit,it is useless, and once it is, it becomes kinetic, or active, energy. So to say this team has “potential” is to say they are comparable to unlit matches that will never start a fire.

  34. DLancer

    I hope Alex can get through to the “spectators” who were on the floor against LSU. Some of these guys should be sold tickets–better they watch the game from the stands than on the floor. The Harrisons have shown some glimmers of greatness, but glimmers won’t make it. Willie seems contented with his flatfooted attempts to rebound and, at 7′ can’t seem to hit a point blank basket. Where has he gone? Good luck Alex in getting some support out there for you and Dakari.

  35. Ryan

    Cal”s recipe of one and done is failing. Watching “real teams” this year its obvious you have to recruit mid level talent like the Pattersons, Millers, and Hayes who are gonna put at least 3 years in…Sounds like Alex might be that guy and definately a cohesive leader for next year. Terrance Jones staying was huge for our championship, change the recipe Cal….

  36. BAdams

    Alex wont be around 4 years, he graduates in 3 just like Patterson. I feel he will stick around next year, graduate, and then go.

  37. Bluecreeker

    Players ONLY!?

    How many showed up? I only see about 6 players most games.


  38. chad withrow

    Mid level talent? Are you serious? Just because somebody stays more than a year doesn’t make them mid level talent. Some of you guys don’t know Jack about basketball. Yes these players are good, and no they don’t have heart. They will get it or not. Coach can’t make them do that. Just play defense boys. Not that tough of a concept.

  39. Richard Dilbeck

    One and done don’t get it we need players to stick around and learn how to play Kentucky basketbal

  40. coach d

    coach cal is a good coach boy how I would like to coach those guys

  41. Al/in/Indy

    I have to agree with the one guy….Have we forgot the last 4 years of Tubby and the Clyde experiment?
    We don’t know who’s in the ears of these kids (friends, relatives, whoever) Cal touched it last week….With the way the AAU thing is today these kids never hear what they’re doing wrong, and those coaches just rolls the ball out and let’s them play. Personally, I hope Alix threw crap all over the room and called those guys out who are only giving a half assed effort.
    We as UK fans are frustrated to say the least, but we as the BBN has endured a hell of a lot worse and got through it. It’s on those kids if they decide whether to go 110% or just go through the motions. It’ll be Cal who decides who’ll stay in the game or ride the Pine…..GO CATS!
    P.S. Uvel has lost more home games this year than what we have in the last 5…….

  42. Coach Cal

    Cal: here’s what we’re gonna do: everyone go on the floor and guard all every little “x” you find…
    Players: * confused looks *
    Players: * really confused looks *
    Robic: Cal…eat a snickers. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.
    Cal: bites snickers…chews…draws up play for one of the Harrison’s to shoot air ball.
    Robic: SHUT UP WILLIE!!!
    WCS: NO! YOU SHUT UP!!!!

    Meanwhile even Archie Goodwin got drafted so that means they’re all gone and we get to do this all over again next year. Yay!!

  43. Don Fitzgerald

    Stop recruiting one and done. Get some players who want to b here for at least three seasons. Watch the final four and see how many freshman laden teams r in it. Two years ago was a fluke. Talent and experience win championships not talent alone. Especially one year talent!

    1. Eddie T Smith

      How do you know who’s a one done? Terrance Jones could gone,but he stayed. Do you think that the students/athletes says” i am only staying a year”. the coach didn’t make the rule…The recruits are going to play somewhere, why not UK?

  44. coach d

    ky vs mo looking for alex p,james y,julius r willie c s to turn it on tomorrow,we need a big win lets do it wildcats

  45. Kat Fan Forever

    We need new Assistant Coaches, that can Coach Defense, and Free Throws ! Those guys cannot relate to todays kids, or the evolving game. “Cal`s buddies” just sit there like high paid stumps !

  46. Daniel

    Wow I’ve never seen such harsh words directed at players in my life… but way to go to Alex, i’m proud he is stepping up as a leader

  47. Chad

    I don’t think Cal doesn’t care about the fact there was a meeting. I think when they asked what went on at the meeting he said he didn’t know and didn’t care. I don’t think this shows he is giving up on the team. In fact, I think it shows that he has faith in Alex to say and do the right things.

  48. Leslie

    I agree with you Chad; Cal knows that Alex WILL say and do the right things. AP has really stepped up this year and he is emerging as the team leader. Thank Goodness!

  49. W Dunning

    Well Cat Fans,lets not be to hard on these young Wildcats,not all the players have learned what it means to be A Ky. Wildcat.Lets give Cal A chance to bring this team on,I would like to see Willis get A chance but lets give this team A little more time.We have got to remember our players are mostly young and still have time to become A very good team.