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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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31 responses to “Admiral Schofield: “Hopefully we’re not scared of PJ (Washington) this time””

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    “Last night, we saw one of the most controversial moments of the entire college basketball season at the end of the Tennessee vs. Ole Miss game.” No. It wasn’t that controversial. It was an obvious charge. It was a fairly typical call in a fairly typical game. Please stop the hyperbole on everything.

    1. thatCat

      Jack, we like you. Don’t fall into the Roush nonsense.

    2. Smyrna_Cat

      Jack, you are reaching. You didn’t just say it was controversial. You said it was “one of the most controversial moments.” That is just crazy talk. Click bait. You and Nick are among the few that find this to be “controversial.”

    3. BBNnCLE

      Smyrna_cat click bait? That wasn’t even in the title…you looked at the title and chose to continue reading. You didn’t get clickbaited, you’re just not very smart.

    4. KYJelly

      Ahhh Smyrna Cat, You are anything but limited. A Grade-A Troll and Grade-A dumba$$ rolled into one? The sky is the limit.

    5. CATandMONKEY

      Perhaps it meets the literal definition of controversial but it has to be the LEAST controversial thing to ever cause such outrage – Except for Brad’s sartorial sense.

      The only thing controversial is that he very much risked fouling instead of drawing the charge. Anyone claiming that drawing a charge was stupid or bush-league .. Just, wow.

    6. RickH

      I think maybe your argument should be, “I don’t understand why this is so controversial because it was obviously a charge”.

  2. Ridge Runner

    I’m finding it hard to understand Smyrna too. It’s over the top really. I mean it’s like the desire to want UT to lose so bad is channeled into that play.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      I wonder if KSR writers actually watch what they write about??? It doesn’t seem like it.

  3. bigbluenationmbb

    Pj is always angry get used to it schofield

  4. secrick

    I agree with SMYRNACAT, nothing to talk about here. The guy charged and when the ball touched the Tenn. players hands the time ran out and no matter if he walked or not.

    1. Smyrna_Cat

      I am not sure why there is not more talk about the Ole Miss player missing the one-and-one?

  5. Le Docteur

    When you know someone’s in your head: when you say “he’s not in my head”

  6. Steady

    They (UT) is scared.

  7. Bluebloodtoo

    I hate giving away bulletin board material. It’s just not smart. You make the game harder than it needs to be.

  8. Bluebloodtoo

    I’m sorry Tipton, but that is not a flop. It’s a cheap play, but still a valid charge call.

  9. Smyrna_Cat

    Jack. Again you are trying to hard to justify your hyperbole. Was it controversial, sure. The controversy had to do with the coach throwing his coat and getting a technical, home fans upset at a call and throwing garbage on the floor, an Ole Miss player choking and missing a one-and-one, and a walking call at the end as time rain out. Not much controversy on the charging call … about as clear a charging call as you are going to find. If by “controversy” (a grossly overused term in sports) you mean a close game where some fans are upset than good on you. But it was a very tiny controversy and by no means one of the most controversial calls of the year (your statement). Give it up.

    1. ukjaybrat

      dude quit arguing over semantics and get a life

    2. ktelectricatfan

      No shit brother! Arguing over really stupid shit for the sake of arguing I guess.

  10. michaelb

    It was a Balsy play by admiral. It will NOT work out like that 9 out of 10 times . Got lucky drawing that charge especially on the road , but he did get square and not move his feet. It’s totally unexpected. Gotta give it up to him for doing that & it working , also grant hitting that clutch shot . I wanted Tennessee to lose so bad & they should have but the earned it at the end .

  11. catsarerunnin

    I’m stocking up on Woodford Reserve.

  12. KYJelly

    Smyrna Cat does all of this for 2 reasons.

    1. To get a reaction. My 3-year old will start kicking & screaming when he’s desperate for everyone to pay attention to him, Smyrna never grew out of that phase, it makes him/her feel important to get a reaction on this site.

    2. To feel like his opinion is valid. This one is more depressing. When someone doesn’t feel respected by anyone and has inferiority complexes, they will attempt to argue and debate things anonymously online to feel a sense of self-worth. I participated in studies in my psychology class about people who post online with the objective to seemingly be to be disagreeable and argue the opposite of what is being stated. It makes them feel important because nobody in their life makes them feel that way. It’s quite depressing actually.

  13. No more excuses cal

    Tennessee want to beat us so bad there still sore from the beating we gave them two weeks ago

  14. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Not being able to review a game altering goal tending at the end of games is more controversial then this.

  15. madarchitect


  16. va kat

    There was 0 controversy, just drama at the end. Ole Miss could have all but won the game at the stripe, but instead doinked the front end of a 1 and 1 which gave the vols their opening. Ole Miss also had a Time Out but instead chose to rush down the floor and heave up a desperation 3. I doubt it would have went. The official made the right call, clearly a charge. And as for the traveling, well if called, would have left the Rebs with a grand total of .7 seconds left to score from 90 feet.

  17. BluemanGreen

    You better be scared General Fartfield!

  18. KYjellyRoll

    I would say the LSU loss was more controversial?

  19. Strive49

    Wish boy wonder hadnt made the comment bout williams being scared of pj! The orange r going to be ready to go to war today! It will be a tuff game!