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Aaron Harrison says it’s “impossible” to stop worrying about individual performances

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Aaron Harrison had a rough night Saturday, going 1-7 from the field for three points. There’s been a lot of talk lately about the Harrison Twins’ draft stock dropping, and many analysts are suggesting they return to school next year to work on their game.

When asked during today’s media opportunity, Aaron Harrison said he hasn’t thought at all about whether or not he’ll leave Kentucky after this season, and that he doesn’t monitor his draft stock; however, he later admitted to Kyle Tucker that it’s difficult to balance individual worries, like auditioning for the NBA, with the team concept Cal’s going for:

“I think that’s the biggest question for all of us. We all, all of our lives, have just been worrying about ourselves. When you put that group of people all together, it’s really hard. Coach said it’s impossible, really. So, I mean, we’re just trying to do the impossible and see where it goes. We’re really getting better at it.”

Count Aaron among those trying to see the positives from Saturday instead of the negatives:

“I think we learned a lot from that game. We talked about how, yesterday, if we would have won that game we probably wouldn’t have learned as much as we should have from that game. Since we did lose, I think we learned a lot and just took a lot from it.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m all for silver linings, but that’s a bit much.

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108 responses to “Aaron Harrison says it’s “impossible” to stop worrying about individual performances”

  1. tltawol

    So really, Cal says it is impossible. The headline to this made Aaron seem self-centered, not really paiting the correct picture here.

    1. Orney Focker

      Its impossible if you are a selfish prick like these two!

    2. Orney Focker

      But it’s all Cals fault, he has other players on the bench, hell when you are losing, what does it matter who is on the floor, anyone will do. But we all know why these guys are on the floor; don’t we. “I never promise these guys nothing” “I can’t hide you here”. Right?

  2. JHK

    Sometimes I feel like a big aura of WTF surrounds these guys.

    Have they not talked to Anthony Davis, Brandon Knight, Bledsoe or Kidd-Gilchrist just once…?

    It’s like they just don’t WANT to see any further than their bellybutton…

  3. I'MSelfish

    I’ve reared my ugly head and Aaron is just acknowledging it…

  4. Bledsoe's Biceps

    “I think we learned a lot from that game” OK, exactly what would that be?

    1. Orney Focker

      If I hold the ball and take every shot, the NBA scouts are looking at me!!!


    I’m tellin ya, these losses don’t bother them as much as it does us. I wish Cal would start Hood, Polson, Hawkins, Willis…so we could all see guys in a Kentucky uniform actually play to win. I couldn’t care less if we lost by 100, it’s better than watching these whiny kids complain and argue with the coaches. Unless some of these top rated freshmen are studs like Davis or MKG or Knight…..we would be better off getting players who will stick around for a while. Now, go ahead and tell me I sound like an old man who would prefer the kids to stay off his lawn, but I believe if they are gonna run to the NBA after 1 year anyway, whether they’re ready or not. Why not play Hawkins and Willis…so next year they will have a year of experience. I bet they have something these other freshmen don’t……the heart to fight for UK.

    1. D

      Be honest. If Cal played Hood, Polson, Hawkins and Willis and we lost 15 games by an average of 15 points, would you REALLY be happier? I’m not gonna call you names for voicing your opinion, I just find it hard to believe that you would really be ok with that. It’s easy to say that’s what you wish, unless it really happens.

    2. What D said and more

      I am not for playing kids that don’t play hard, but the reality is if Cal were to play Hood, Polson, Hawkins and “4 year kids” every game, then guess what happens? We get zero elite recruits in the future. I think some of these kids need to be benched when they play uninspired, and I also like the idea of having kids that will stay 4 years and provide experience. But the truth is you need a little of all that. Putting those kids in exclusively will lead to losing records, and yeah right, no one would complain about that!

    3. bung

      I would like to see those guys play more also…sit them back down if things are not better…

    4. BIGBLUE

      That would be an absolute YES! I have had enough of watching their “O” faces with every call. Whinin on the bench, arguing with coaches…who, in all probability, might know what they’re talkin about. Who in the hell is willie or Julius to be arguing with the coaches? Young showed me a lot when he turned and left Dakari in the stands. You have to tell them to congratulate each other? WTF…am I missing something here? We all gotta quit drooling over these “stars” when they haven’t done anything. These guys, Cal included, thought they were just unstoppable, just cause the geeks at the recruiting sites saw them dunk a few times against other “stars” who were not playing any D. Nice. Now, leave all the AAU showcase events and go to a heated HS rivalry here in Kentucky and find us some guys who play with their nutz on there sleeve every minute.

    5. DH

      Agree to disagree, then. I would MUCH rather have top talent that has the potential to go far in March than guys that should be playing for mid major or D2 schools. I love Hood and Polson, and believe they are servicable coming off the bench for a few minutes, but if that’s what we had to rely on every game, I’d be disgusted with the results. I’d be over saying, “they lost again, but they tried” real fast. Give guys like Hawkins and Willis a couple years. They’ll get PT when they’re ready.

    6. TubbySmith

      That’s basically what I was doing, playing mostly guys who would stick around 4 years. But somehow you guys didn’t like that never went to a Final Four, much less cut down the nets. What do you want?!

    7. Captain Obvious

      Nice memory you have there. Tubby did in fact go to the Final 4 and did in fact win a Championship in 98. Call them Pitino’s players all you want but they were Pitino’s 2nd tier players who not a single person in the country thought had a chance to win it all.

  6. Well....

    At least he’s being honest. This particular group will never learn to put the group before the individual. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  7. TheArchitect

    Cal likes kids to learn the hard way so it sticks. I believe I have seen him “take the reigns off’ in certain games to see if his guys will sink or swim, knowing mostly they will sink. Once they have done it their way and fail, then they start to listen. The whole phantom technical ploy was probably cooked up by Cal to add another measure of adversity to this bunch to see if they could overcome it. And maybe not playing Poythress was done purposefully to handcuff these kids to see if they could pull a Houdini. Face it, Cal looks ahead: scheduling semi-dangerous cupcakes, playing in domes, and neutral sites to simulate tournament games. Could he be sabotaging the team on occasion as a training regimen?

    1. RUPPS_rhetoric

      First off, I like your screen name. Second off, while I doubt the T was somehow choreographed, I do think there is a lot of truth in your opinion. These kids, while obviously looking to go to the league, are highly competitive individuals. If people think that losing doesn’t bother these kids I think you’re way off base. There is something to be said for losing sticking more with these kids rather than pulling out a close game. I don’t think initially that’s what Cal wanted to do with this team, but maybe that’s the only way for these kids to “get it” Obviously this is just theory and there is absolutely no proof to back this up. But after going back and seeing how the Fab 5 struggled through the regular season before finally “getting it” in March, made me think that might not be that far-fetched. This is literally the youngest team and least experienced team Cal has had since being at UK. It may take the entire regular season for them to get it. The Fab 5 had 8 regular season losses and went into the tournament with a 6 seed only to make it to the National Championship team. I think this team still has some game left up their sleeve….I hope.

    2. Bledsoe's Biceps

      I really do wish I could agree with your theory, but Cal simply isn’t THAT smart. The T was a complete shock to Cal and was no way orchestrated. He didn’t play Poythress more vs Florida, because he simply gets caught up in all the “little moments” and loses sight of the bigger picture. Cal makes up his mind who his players are and sticks with them, regardless of all the crap he spews about using the bench and “not playing” guys. He has shown repeatedly that his version of “not playing” means they sit out for 2 or 3 possessions. At the end of the game (barring foul trouble), the twins, Young and Randle will all still have 30-35 minutes on the floor, regardless of how they played.


    And start Johnson….i think he’s earned it. You can tell when someone is giving everything. He’s the only 1 I see.

    1. AnthonyBBN

      He has started the last 5 games, have you been paying attention?

    2. BIGBLUE

      I meant he would be my 5th starter along with the Ky boys. I believe any of them would run through a wall for UK. The “stars” would look at the wall, whine, put their hands on their head, argue with the wall. We aint got time for all that!

  9. BiggerBlue

    Oh to be inside the head of an 18 year old! Youth is wasted on the young!

  10. timefor9

    So Calipari is saying it is impossible to worry about individual play instead of teamwork and be successful and is telling them not to do it, and Aaron says well we are trying to do the impossible. this tells me they couldn’t care less about coming together as a team and they’d rather do what is impossible, instead of what is better for the team

    1. DH

      I read that the opposite way. It’s impossible to NOT think about individual play

  11. Big_Duss

    A “Players First Program” is what Cal wanted, and it’s what we got. They tell themselves, “I’m a player, so me first.” I think a “Team First Program” would be a better choice. Maybe we don’t get the highest rated recruiting class each year, but so what at the end of the season if you have a team instead?.

    1. Knows Better

      You are correct my friend. They should watch a SEAL TEAM train for one day to learn what team work means.

  12. UKFAN14

    Wonder what Cal will cook up to cover up these comments by Aaron?

  13. UKFAN14

    Fact if Tubby had coached last years team they would have made the tournament.

    1. hal

      fact: tubby has ONE final four (1st year at UK) in his 23 years as HC. cal had 2 in 3 years at UK. good effort.

    2. Captain Obvious

      Only because Cal had all NBA players. He’s a 1000 times the recruiter Tubby is but he’s not a better coach. If Tubby was able to get those players he’d still be coaching at UK. Tubby doesn’t like recruiting or that its a 365 day a year job.

    3. Captain Obvious

      Cal had two Final 4 in his 25 years of coaching before coming to UK and using the name to fill the roster with NBA players And one of those was vacated.

  14. Already gone

    WTF. This makes, at least Aaron, seem like a complete selfish jerk.

    If this little bit of information does not turn everyone off to this team, it should.

    Now we know from where a lot of the “clutter” has been coming.

    1. RUPPS_rhetoric

      Actually I think it’s just the opposite. I think it’s refreshing for Aaron to admit that coming together is so damn hard because up until this point it’s been all about the individual. And he’s admitting the struggle that it’s taking for them to come together. And he admit they’re getting better. No offense but I think you’re way off for thinking Aaron is coming off as a jerk here. I think it’s just the opposite; and quite frankly a view that I’m happy to see.

    2. DH

      It makes him sound normal. I don’t care what level you make it to in sports, if you get playing time, you think about your stats. Every professional team sport in the world gives awards for individual stats. I don’t think it makes him sound like a selfish jerk at all. If you were on a team and never thought about your individual stats, then you probably rode the bench. If he had said, “Coach said it was impossible, so we’re not gonna bother trying”, then I could see where that would seem selfish.

  15. AnthonyBBN

    So I am wondering how many of you commenting in the negative actually read what Aaron said?

    1. RUPPS_rhetoric

      Amen, if you actually read what he said I think it’s actually a very positive statement that he’s acknowledging the struggle it’s taking these guys to put the “we” before the “me”. To me that signals that they realize things need to change for the better. Part of helping yourself is acknowledging that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

    2. DH


  16. Reggie LaDeux

    Before the season it was lets do the impossible and go 40-0. Now its lets do the impossible and not play selfish basketball? Sorry but these guys need to see the big picture or they wont be successful at any level.

  17. bosshogg24

    Aaron could shoot in high school why can’t he shoot now? Why not spot up in the corner and shoot threes instead of trying to run over three people?

    1. Skeps

      Finally someone else gets it. If you’re jumpshot isn’t broke, Cal will break it. He tells all of them not to shoot 3s and drive instead. I guess he thinks other teams will just move out of the way and let them score. The only one he lets shoot 3s is Young and now he wants him to drive it all the time. So now there will be 5 players on the floor capable of charging.

    2. Knows Better

      Cal runs a dribble drive offense so they will get a lot of fouls, but they can’t hit their free throws!!!

  18. bda6115

    You goofs are wasting your time being mad at these kids. It doesn’t help you or them…unless it just makes you feel better.

    Go CATS is what I say…they either make a run or they don’t.
    Either way I’m behind them.

    1. Bledsoe's Biceps

      Where should we mail your cheerleading uniform and pom poms?

  19. bung

    it seems like they are talking about individual scoring NOT overall individual performance…otherwise the guy not scoring would be trying to have 7 assists, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and play great defense to improve his performance…

  20. UKFAN14

    Hey Hal did I say Tubby would take them to the FF? Keep blindly following my friend and work on reading comprehension.

    1. Ali

      I think his point is would you rather just make the tourney, or actually have a coach that gets you to the last weekend of the tourney, as evidenced by 2 of the last 3 years. Yeah, Tubby would have lost in the first round, 2nd round, Sweet Sixteen, but oh wow, he made the tourney!!! When will some of you move beyond last year? Yeah it sucked. Deal with it and move on.

    2. hal

      you made a comment about tubby. i made a comment about tubby. im not sure how you could not understand what point i was trying to make. unless you did get my point & you chose to argue something else….

  21. hal

    if only the coaches could come up with some sort of catchphrase or saying to combat this “get mine/nba” mentality. something about being a brother to your teammates. or something to show that you dont have to take the most shots on your team to get a high draft pick. maybe cal will comment…….

    1. UKFAN14

      lol yea both have delivered one title… Let see how it shakes out. My point was I would take a tournament birth vs being the laughing stock that we were last year.

    2. What?

      Personally I think births belong in the hospital and not on the court.

  22. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    TT’s last sentence was dead on. Shouldn’t they have learned plenty from the previous 5 losses?

    I can understand why it would be difficult for these guys to be unselfish when they’ve never had to be before. However, like #2 (JHK) said: have none of these guys watched how the 2012 team went about it’s business??? I think that team may have learned from the loss in the SEC tourney, but that wasn’t piled on top of several miserable losses. Granted, Cal doesn’t care about the conference tourney, and I can understand why looking at that year, but it still showed them that they had to put out during every game to win.

  23. RICK

    I always learned more when my dad busted my butt than when he just threatened to bust my butt.

  24. Old Skool



    1. peeps

      You are a bottom feeder. If aaron Harrison approached you, you would curl up like a little bitch. I promise he will amount to a whole lot more then your sorry ass ever will. GET A LIFE LOSER!!

  25. JustSayin

    Folks, sometimes you bake a pie and you put in all the ingredients and it just does not taste right. Not sure where or how the problem developed but it is there. To me that is just like this team. We can probably say the recruiting class was ranked too high, playing so many freshmen is a recipe for disaster, the mindset of some of the players is a little more focused on them than the team, etc. but the truth is that it is probably a mix of all those things to some extent.

    Except for the Louisville game I generally remove the dvr copy of the games because we simply don’t look like a good team and from my perspective I don’t enjoy watching them struggle so much. I don’t think I’m spoiled. To me we are a Top 20-30 team and I don’t see any improvement in the last month. I’ll always be proud to be part of Big Blue Nation but it is what it is folks.

  26. peeps

    Wow! Gotta love these ksr clowns. Always taking trash about teenage kids. The fact you are actually trying to analyze comments from an 18yr old kid is commical. I love kentucky basketball.I get upset when they lose, but you people are pathetic.some of you must live some sad, sad lives.

    1. B

      Butt it is entertaining though!

  27. Bill

    The Baseball Cats lose this afternoon to USC Upstate 8-6 – Henderson strikes again!

  28. Bradley

    And people wonder how this site is successful. Constant whining and negativity from Franklin and Thompson. It’s the home of the lunatic fringe and ran by members of it.

  29. KyfaninGA

    I find it hilarious that people are coming down on this kid. The COACH created this type of atmosphere. These kids are coming to go pro, they don’t care about the tradition in the bluegrass state. That means nothing to them! If we keep getting kid’s whose main goal is to go the league, this is what’s gonna happen year after year. We were lucky that Anthony Davis chose UK because we wouldn’t have won that championship. #1 class….whatever. This class overall is weaker than the class of 2011 that came in point blank so that ranking means nothing. If the Harrison twins were the best 1 and 2 coming out of this class, that should tell you something right there. I think after 4 years they’ll have a chance to make a living in the league but 1and done? That must be a joke. Blame the coach, not a bunch of kids. At the end of the day the coach is responsible for the type of program he runs. He’s a great recruiter, not necessarily the best X and O’s guy. If he could be the director of recruiting and Tubby call the shots, they’d be great!

  30. JayOne

    As a fan, this is what I have learned from this season. Hit the free throws and we win. These are results from five of our losses

    Mich St: 20-36
    Baylor: 12-23
    UNC: 29-43
    Ark: 26-40
    FL: 14-23

    I know our loss to Florida was 10 points but if we had hit free throws the spread would not have grown to 10. We may have won by hitting just a fraction better percentage.

    The reason these percentages worry me is because this has been Coach Cal’s history. Hit free throws and his teams have more NCAA Championships. With only six regular season games left I am not sure we can correct that. Now next year we are bringing in some excellent shooters. I am anxious to see if they lose their touch once they get to Lexington.

  31. rick

    WIN the next 3 and things will be just fine. Eveybody gets beat especially when you play the #2 team in th country.

    1. Orney Focker

      Bullshlt! Complete bullshlt! Florida is not that good, we are just that bad, period.

    2. B

      Orney u should change ur name to negative Nancy

  32. Old Caat

    We have had enough learing sessions this year. It is past time to put all of this learning into practice.
    I do not care to hear any more of these excuses.

  33. UKBlue

    Imagine this: You’re 18 years old, you have been great at what you’ve done so far in your young life. People have told you how great you are at what you do & that you will be able to make it someday in the NBA. Apparently you’re pretty good because you have a coach like Cal recruit you & offer you a scholarship to a program like UK. You come to UK, you are celebrated as the next coming by the fans, and then you are thrown into the deep end of the pool/hurricane/tornado that is the UK program. You have the weight of the program on your young 18 year old shoulders, now you’re getting challenged & beat maybe for the first time ever in your life. You now have those fans that celebrated you, now constantly blaming you for everything, and you are blinded sided by everything & have no idea which way is up. You are trying to figure why something you were so good at, now you can’t seem to do anything right. Self doubt has now become your new best friend. Blame Cal for whatever: one & done, complaining about always being so young, not playing zone or whatever you feel you have to complain about. Stop & think, if you were 18 years old or whatever your present age might be; if you had/have the shoulders, ability, or balls to carry the weight of the UK program & entire BBN on your 18 year old or present age shoulders. What were you doing when you were 18 years old? Yes Cal can’t hide them here at UK, but there isn’t much point of our own fans going out trying to intentionally bash these kids over the head with stupid comments. Memo to the haters even within the BBN: no one at UK cares about your negative comments; you aren’t important enough & aren’t really a real fan. I ask again, what were you doing when you were 18 years old?

    1. Ben

      Well said. I agree 100%!

    2. DH

      It’s unfortunate that the only ones that will hear what you’re saying are the ones that already agree with you. Others will continue bashing these kids out of ignorance and probably low self worth.

    3. Bill Gates

      Do you really have to ask?

  34. Biff

    Why not just make the headline “Andrew Harrison Pees on Rupp’s Grave, Declares Loyalty to Louisville” or “Naked Celebrities”? At this point, if Drew didn’t write the post I’m not sure it’s worth reading it. It may be time for a little competition for KSR.

  35. HNIC

    Aaron Harrison didn’t fabricate the term, ” impossible” it came from Cal’s mouth. An obvious slip of the tongue of young Aaron. I think there maybe more turmoil and internal conflicts with this team than we can imagine.

    1. Orney Focker

      Well, at least we don’t have to put up with them next year, they will be in the DLeague. Turn over, that’s what we are all about, get’em in here and get’em out. Thank Goodness..

  36. Orney Focker

    We want our tubby back, get in the tourney never bring a trophy back, we say we’re sorry for the signs in his yard, but if you return it won’t be so hard, we thought you’re coaching was really sad,after Cal you don’t look all that bad, ten loss tubby is what you were called, but the last two years have turned our attention to football.. Put it to the music from Billy Ray Cirus (I want my mullet back).
    Man I need something else to occupy my time. Also never thought we would ever be talking about football during basketball season, what has happened to us?

  37. Captain Obvious

    I don’t blame Aaron at all. We have perfectly capable players sitting on the bench that the coach could put in to remind them. But he doesn’t. He gives them their 30 to 35 minutes regardless of how they play. Aaron was clearly nervous in that game and kept taking bad shots and pressing. It’s a game where we should have played a lot of zone so bringing Hood in would have been perfect had we actually played zone. Hood hustles and can hit 3s. He wouldn’t have hurt us at all. And Aaron gets to sit on the bench and calm down and put things in perspective. I played basketball for 30+ years. Sitting on the bench gives a totally different perspective. Plus it makes you want back in very bad and motivates you more when you finally do get back in.
    Cal blew that game for us. No question about it. We still may not have won but he didn’t make the right decisions to put us in the best position to win. Aaron should not have gotten 35 minutes playing like that. We should have zoned more and DEFINITELY been in a zone the last 6 minutes. There was absolutely no reason to get a technical.

    1. Bledsoe's Biceps

      Completely agree. I lay all of this in Cal’s lap. He has done practically nothing to try to get better results. He seems to think he just needs to scream more and/or louder and that will change things.

  38. chipper3381

    im so tired of this cliche bullsh*t …. we learn from losing .. we are getting better .. blah blah blah blah .. we have talent just got to put it all together .. i dont see talent when i look at the twins .. they dont shoot well ..they dont pass well .. the can’t play defense .. what are they talented in ? … please fill me in

  39. Orney Focker

    There is no self in team, but there is selfishness in this team. That’s what we get for selling our soul to the devil to be back in the conversation again. Momma says he’s da debil! Love that water boy movie.

  40. Saul smith

    I don’t like everyone bashing my kids, Andrew and Aaron .

    I have taught those boys you never enter the ball to the post closer than 19 feet and they have listened.

    Further more boxing out takes away valuable time that can be better spent pouting. But finally the only people you need to stop are better recruits from coming here…. their good ole dad did it for years

    Saul Smith

    1. Orney Focker

      Good one! You see I don’t call people trolls for telling the truth. I don’t have no snake oil see..

  41. Orney Focker

    We need winners, from top to bottom, not cowards, that are afraid of getting a bruise. Soft, need to see if coach Mitchell needs these guys, but I really don’t think they are tuff enough.

  42. Captain Obvious

    I certainly don’t want Tubby back. He’s a very good coach but a terrible recruiter. Cal’s a good coach, a phenomenal recruiter, but he just can’t seem to adapt during a game and make the best coaching decisions. It’s a pressure cooker atmosphere and you can’t expect one guy to see and do everything right. Maybe he needs better assistants that aren’t afraid to approach him with suggestions during a game. I don’t know. I’m desperately trying to find a reason these blatant coaching mistakes are being made. I posted during the game, in the blog post, at about the 7 minute mark, “why aren’t we going to a zone since they keep penetrating and aren’t hitting 3s?” Scroll back to the post and look if you don’t believe it. And I’m just an average fan (way above average really but that’s another argument) and I seen it in real time. Why didn’t the coaches?

    1. Orney Focker

      It’s all ego, Cal jumps these guys Shlt anytime they say anything during the game, I have seen it many times on live TV, and why, other than ego would he start all this yelling for the last two years? Great recruiter but chokes against top notch coaching almost everytime.

  43. bung

    Hood should have had some of Aaron’s minutes…probably would have helped both of them and the team…

  44. eddie vedder

    Unbelievable comment. They’ve been playing organized basketball for the better part of their lives and NEVER thought of the team concept? Did they ever win a state title or anything? Honest question. I guess we all now know the rumors about the Harrisons being bad teammates had at least some semblance of truth to it.

    1. Orney Focker

      True dat!

  45. Orney Focker

    Use to love KY basketball, but these last two years have been so frustrating, I just don’t want to watch anymore. Sad day sad day indeed..

    1. DH

      YES!! Does that mean you’ll go away?

  46. Orney Focker

    What has happened to fundamental basketball? Make your free throws, protect the basketball, box out, rebound, and pass to the OPEN MAN! Man we learned this in 4th grade junior pro! And yeah, I just revealed my age.

  47. Orney Focker

    Love the Cats always, but these guys just piss me off!

  48. Hendo Blue

    Man..if we could just get rid of Cal and hire Ornery Focker to coach our team to greatness. He has All the answers.

    1. Orney Focker

      Well at least you have that right, it would be better than what we have now. Everybody says he is a great recruiter but not a good in situation coach. But I say he can’t coach and the only reason he gets these recruits is his affiliation with the NBA, the promise of big money after one year in college, And if he promises nothing? why are they on the floor when the bench is playing better?Everybody knows it now, and the Cal-Aid is wearing off. Look for a move from him soon. You are a moron, and the Cal-Aid does wear off, so hang in there a-hole.

    2. dts

      Orney focker: I have been coming to this site since the beginning, and your comments are the dumbest I have ever read….congrats!

    3. Orney Focker

      DTS, I’m am sorry that the truth hurts you so bad, but you clearly are a moron and suck on Cals sack. He is a way to the NBA for these kids, and they don’t care if UK wins or not. They will be in the D league next year. When you sell your soul to the devil, then payment soon comes due, and now it’s payment time, moron. And who the hell would make a moron like you a literary critic, you are clearly a DUMB-A$$! Focker Out!

  49. Orney Focker

    I was abused as a child. I need serious help.

    1. Orney Focker

      No I never knew your pedaphile father you chicken shit! Who trys to hide behind someones screen name. You dumb-ass’ don’t know anything about basketball. You are morons that have drank the Cal-aid!

  50. Ls

    Cal’s ego is the kicker excuses 24/7

  51. Orney Focker

    Everybody wants to be me, but sorry there is only one Orney Focker!

  52. larchrs

    To those of you who make constructive and encouraging comments, I applaud you. To those who show your ignorance by name calling, complain of punctuation errors and belittle our players, you should be ashamed. You only make future potential players not want to come to Kentucky and perhaps that is your goal. These are kids and they are someone’s kids–how would you as a parent feel as you read some of this? If this were my website, I would patrol it and immediately delete some of these ignorant rants. I am proud of our program and am grateful to the players who come here and contribute to our legacy. And I am ashamed that KSR allows some of this to become public. Thank you Aaron, Andrew, Julius, James, Dakari, Willie , Alex and all the rest of our players–us real fans will always stand with you!

    1. Orney Focker

      If my kids were lazy, selfish, uncaring punks like these kids, I’d kick there A$$! Period. They care nothing for the name on the jersey, just the zero’s on the check. Tell me that’s not true with this bunch…

    2. I Love It

      How Matt has not blocked your IP is beyond me.

      You are incredibly ignorant, and you prove it each and every single time you post here. You’re a moron, you don’t “contribute” to conversations with your half-witted insults, and you’re the type of person that makes me ashamed to share a fanbase with you, you flaming, bandwagoning idiot. Shut up.

  53. Orney Focker

    DTS, isn’t that some kind of new form of venereal disease? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! I will never be defeated!!!!

  54. Orney Focker

    Gonna set me up a Cal-Aid stand and sell some snake oil on the side. Seriously people, are you all not tired of losing every big game for the last two years. It’s a load of crap to say Cal is any better than anybody else in coaching. snake oil baby, snake oil he has brain washed half the state, that’s why he did the trophy tour, he knew he would not win another. snake oil !

  55. Orney Focker

    Focker out! You guys are all to dim witted to keep up with intelligence such as mine. Night All!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  56. jus sayin

    It sounds like Cal says it and Harrison just repeated it. But of course the Harrison’s will take the blame and be called selfish so….

  57. lugnutt

    So now, we have to lose for them to learn something?

  58. Catcard

    Ole miss awaits and lose that one and the NIT awaits!! Lol lol!! History repeats itself!! Remember bobby mo!! Lol

  59. TAXman

    Internet message boards. Bringing out the best in humanity since 1993. Said no one ever.