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A telling graphic



I know I’m not alone when I say I’m feeling a little deja vu from last March. While this group will make the NCAA Tournament, you could argue that given the high expectations and talent, it’s been an even more disappointing season than last.

Right now, last year’s team and this year’s team suffer from some of the same problems–poor guard play, no offensive flow, no leader, and one excuse to lean on (last year, Nerlens’ injury; this year, youth). At a similar crossroads, will this team change their fate?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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26 responses to “A telling graphic”

  1. JHK

    This is ironic and sad. And also true, this team is not better than last year’s.

    It’s better than last year’s without Nerlens but it’s actually probably a little worse than last’s year with Nerlens.

    It is what it is.

    1. JHK

      But if you call for Cal’s head, you are ungrateful and childish. He won us a championship just 2 seasons ago. Give him time to do it again.

    2. Dee W.

      True enough – the only thing that made the Robert Morris loss worse that the SC loss from this year was simply timing – RM was and is a much better team than the SC team we lost to this year.

  2. Dr Suess

    I think the answer is to switch from the NCAA to the AAU. Our teams would likely win that championship as the play usually involves low basketball IQ, poor passing, selfish play and bad shot selection.

    1. fat albert

      So true, good one Dr. Suess.

  3. sue

    >>>>last year’s team and this year’s team suffer from some of the same problems—poor guard play, no offensive flow, no leader, and one excuse to lean on (last year, Nerlens’ injury; this year, youth

    But somehow you forgot to mention one common denominator. Both years Coach Cal is/was the one calling all the shots. That fact speaks for itself. Though it surely could not be Cal and his horrendous coaching. That would just never do. No, there are oh so many other excuses that must explain it. Your comment is awaiting moderation?

  4. Bubba Earl

    Has the Golf and Rifle teams started the season yet?

  5. Coach Cal

    Yeah, and I also said last year that I wasn’t going to let this team get “hijacked” by a couple of individuals, and that I was going to use the bench as a tool, blah blah blah…

  6. RealCatsFan

    Serious question – if we lose in the first game of both the SEC Tourney and the NCAA Tourney, and Cal trots out his line about “Players First” at Big Blue Madness next fall, will anyone have the nerve to boo?

    1. Haha

      Hell yes i will.

  7. Scott Hanson

    The records are similar but this year’s team played a much tougher non-conference schedule and the SEC is much better than it was last year. The SEC does not have the top level talent this year but teams 2-10 are all pretty solid teams that can beat anyone on a given night. I won’t argue that given the preseason hype this season has been disappointing at times, it feels nothing like last year to me. Last year we seemed helpless at the end of the year. This year we have been in a funk for several games to end the season but I still feel like they can beat anyone on a given night.

  8. Shooter

    WAH WAH WAH!!! You ignorant ass people suck

  9. White Castle Sliders

    This years team best wins are Tennessee,@ Mizzou, Louisville, and Providence. What was last years best wins? We should’ve been in last year based on this…I know the committee looked at UK with Noel…but still I know we beat Florida and maybe Mizzou? without Noel.

  10. Brasky

    Only difference, we beat L’ville this year…

    1. Mc

      That’s it. If we lose to Louisville we could be in the same boat as last year. I still think we’d get in but barely.

  11. DreamDeferred

    I saw Willie cruising through downtown today texting/tweeting in an Escalade with real fresh rims. This is not exactly Eye of the Tiger/Rocky Balboa carrying a log on his back through the Siberian snow stuff…..but I think its a good sign. He is meditating on the upgrade to a Bentley, the private art studio, and the entourage……and that’s going to turn thing around in the tournament…! Get ready!

  12. Rise

    Didn’t we have more RPI top 50 wins last year? Everyone bashed Goodwin but without him we would have been lucky to win 17 games.

  13. Ukcatzfan

    2010-2011. 29-9
    2012-2013. 21-12
    2013-2014… With 2 more losses this year
    That will be 2 years with 10 or more losses and 1 year with 9 losses
    A final 4 and a NC inbetween

  14. bo

    SOS. Who cares! Why post this depressing crap? Post something to get excited about. Its always gloom and doom! Team sux and will not win the sec tournament and beat the 1st round of the ncaa. Bla bla bla.

    1. Blue

      Yeah enough with the depressing stuff. Post all the good stuff like…..uhm….uhm…..well you get the point.

  15. Shooter

    I Really Quit.

  16. blah

    This does suck, especially since the SEC is having a down year. (besides UF)

  17. Brow

    Just imagine if the refs didn’t bail is out at the end of regulation of the LSU game. We would be a bubble team.

  18. spookykim

    As bad as it seems, I still like this year’s team over last’s. I’ll take the Harrison Twins over Ryan Harrow & Archie Goodwin any day! I’ll also take James Young over Kyle Wiltjer. Both can shoot, but Wiltjer was an absolute embarrassment on defense. I’m not giving up on this year’s Cats yet. That is, unless we go back to the NIT.

  19. afidler

    Just cherry-picked stats. Yes, there are similarities, but compare offensive and defensive efficiency, check SOS, RPI, bench minutes, offensive rebounding, field goal efficiency…oh, and, check the odds that we fall down to an NIT bid this season.

    Check those and tell me again that it’s deja vu going into March.

  20. Megan

    “It’s been an even more disappointing season than last”?

    My god. What’s wrong with you people? I don’t expect this kind of nonsense from Mrs. Tyler.