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A Change in Jersey Retirement Process at Kentucky


If you listen to KSR on the radio, you know that we go by the slogan “Facts are Optional.” The reason is for days like today where I found out for the first time that the process to get a jersey retired at Kentucky has changed slightly. While it is still the case that in order to have your jersey retired, you must be in the Kentucky Hall of Fame for five years, the requirements for getting in the Hall of Fame have changed. Unbeknownst to me, you no longer are required to have a degree in order to enter the UK Athletic Hall of Fame. The requirement, which seemed to be doom for the “Succeed and Proceed” era (we are nothing if not loyal to the new Rene-created slogan), is now no longer in place, opening the way for the Anthony Davis/John Wall retirements in the future.

So while Tony Delk still should be retired under any system (and he is now eligible after five years in the UK Hall of Fame…lets get it done UK), we now have a system that can allow for Wall, Davis and pre-tweet Rex Chapman to get in as well. It was a change that was definitely needed.

Article written by Matt Jones

54 responses to “A Change in Jersey Retirement Process at Kentucky”

  1. John Ellis

    Hayes, Prince, Bogans, Davis, Kidd-G, Miller – the honor should not be based solely on a title or the pro career that follows – Rondo NEVER should be considered, he destroyed his second year on and off the court.

    1. raccoon

      Add PPat to that list.

    2. JoeMoney333

      I love Darius and Patrick but they weren’t ELITE players at Kentucky. Great players, but not Hall of Fame, Jersey Retirement elite.

    3. Doesn't add up

      If it shouldn’t be based solely on a title why is Darius on your list?

    4. Mark J. Burke

      Patterson not elite??? Really? He is 13th in scoring and 13th in rebounds all time! 9th in blocks! He gave up his spot for DeMarcus Cousins, and left one year early!! If he had come back for his senior year, he may be the all time scoring leader.

  2. _Blackhawk_

    Rex was put in last August though…right?

    1. _Blackhawk_

      So when exactly did the rule change (if it did) because they would have voted on Rex last summer…right?

  3. ukfan

    pre-tweet Rex Chapman.. now that was a guy I could like, ahh I miss him. jk, I still like him, even though he did absolutely ruin the title game for me. k, now I’m getting mad again. grrr, I hate you Rex! Wait, nvrmnd, it was just a mistake. I like you. Actually, no, f that, I don’t like you. How could you do that to us!?!? But then again, you apologized, so it’s all good. wait a minute, hold up. it’s not all good! f you!

    1. Haha


  4. Catlanta

    Chapman, Delk, and Prince all definitely need to go up there, not sure about anybody else from the pre-Cal era.

    From the Calipari era, the only one I’m sold on for sure is Davis.

    1. JoeMoney333

      Bingo. We have to start with those 4. Those are MUST.

    2. ukjonny9

      Bogans has to be included on that list as well.

    3. _Blackhawk_

      Exactly ukjonny9…if you have Prince on the list then you have to have Bogans…his numbers are much better.

  5. warren

    Do not ever put Rex in! He does not belong. & leave college clock at 35 seconds!

  6. ukfan

    I tell ya one thing, if we win the title next year Mr. Aaron Harrison will most certainly find his name in the rafters at some point in the future. AKA Mr. Clutch

  7. J

    Lol,at some of you…..

    If a crook like farmer can be up there after the season was over. People,like wall and Davis should be up there. Davis is the most decorated player in UK history! Period

    1. Rafters

      Davis most decorated player in UK history? That is a very questionable statement on your behalf. Maybe in the last 10 years, but not in history

    2. Winston Churchill

      Umm, Davis is the most decorated college basketball player in history- not just UK, but in all of college basketball.

      – Consensus National Player of the Year
      – Consensus 1st Team All-American
      – National Defensive Player of the Year
      – Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four
      – National Freshman of the Year
      – Member of 2012 National Championship team
      – Member of Olympic Gold Medal team
      – #1 NBA Draft Pick
      – SEC Player of the Year
      – 1st Team All-SEC
      – SEC Defensive Player of the Year

      Find someone in college basketball history who matches that and get back to me.

    3. Rafters

      Now be careful kid, he might have had one of the most decorated SINGLE SEASONS in college basketball, but he is no place close to being the most decorated player in college basketball history.
      The only argument I need is…
      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      -#1 overall draft pick
      -3x consensus first team AA
      -3x National college player of the year
      -3x NCAA Final Four MOP
      -3x NCAA champion
      -3x helms foundation POY
      -NBA all Rookie team
      -NBA ROY

      Heard of him? Know your facts and history, then get back to me

    4. piedma schwartz

      So you think Anthony Davis’s jersey shouldn’t be in the rafters?

    5. Rafters

      Never said that. I believe without a doubt he should be up there when he gets voted in.

    6. STEVE!

      Even though he was only here one year, AD has to go up there. He was one of the five best to ever play here.

    7. Hahaha!

      Rafters – You had to compare AD to one of the greatest to ever play the game to prove your point?!? I’m pretty sure if he stayed three years, those stats would be comparable. Different times we live in.

  8. KevinM

    Take care of the Cats from the 90s.

    Cal’s Cats have plenty of time to be hanging in the rafters.

    Delk is long overdue and what does it take to get this done asap?

  9. Brandon

    Tubby Smith has to be up there soon with

    1. Rafters

      Tubby is already up there, Along with Hall, Ricky P and Rupp

    2. _Blackhawk_

      When was Tubby put up there? He was just put into the UK Athletic Hall of Fame….not the rafters.

    3. Rafters

      Sorry, I am mistaken.

    4. unreconstructed

      Tubby in the rafters. Hopefully never!!

      I know, I know. “But he’s such a nice fellow.” “He ran a clean program.” etc. and so forth. He also ran the program in the d*mn ground and was here about 8 more years than was necessary. Minnesota got smart a h*ll of a lot faster than Barnhart did.

    5. The Truth

      He will get up there because he won the National Championship, even tho they won it before they stepped foot on the court. He will be up there….You can also say the same thing about Joe B. “he was a nice guy” “he is a great person” but honestly other than the ’78 NC and the ’84 Final Four, what the hell did he do? Boosters running wild which led to Sutton getting busted and the program receiving a semi-permanent black eye. So if you are going to criticize Tubby you need to be a little more open minded

    6. The Truth

      Sorry “unreconstructed” but I posted that before I read the second half of your ignorant post, he “ran the program in the damn ground….” LOL Winning 76% of his games at UK, 3 Elite 8s, 1 NC, 16-0 SEC reg season record (2003) Hardly running it into the ground. I bet you are wearing your “40-0” shirt right now, and were upset when Billy G was fired. You are the 1% of the fan base that knows ZERO about this program and make the true fans look bad.

    7. STEVE!

      Kenny Walker is already up there. I agree with Delk and Bogans, but my list of pre-Cal players stops there.

  10. Alex Legion

    What about me? My mom says I should be in.

    1. _Blackhawk_

      Actually your mom said she saw a vision of you being up there…not that you should be in.

  11. Encyclopedia Brown

    Won’t we run out of numbers?

    Do we start adding decimal places or go to numbers in the hundreds?

    1. :-)

      Jersey’s are retired. Not numbers.

    2. Which is why

      they should call it something other than retiring the jersey. If you don’t retire the number what the heck does “retiring the jersey” mean?

    3. Encyclopedia Brown

      “Jersey’s are retired. Not numbers.”

      Well, that changes everything. Nevermind, I will now return to pondering other deep thoughts.

  12. the_ghost_of_ronnie_lyons

    I’ll admit I’m probably older than most making comments, or listening to the show for that matter, but I don’t understand why anyone thinks Wall should have his jersey retired. What did he do to deserve that type of honor? He was a great player for 1 year, and made an elite 8, and won a few national awards, but retire his jersey? For one year without even making the F4? Don’t see it………

  13. Shagari Alleyne

    If there’s a hall of fame for upper deckers, I’ve gotta be in, right?

  14. Terry Blue

    I realize that I have socks older than some of you but Mike Casey should be one of the first to be honored. He’s still the second leading scoring guard, p.p.g, in UK history at 18.7, behind only Louie Dampier’s 19.7. And they both did that without the benefit of the three pt shot. He has his degree and was at UK 5 years. It’s very questionable for a one year player to get his jersey retired. Mike Pratt and Tony Delk would also be among those deserving

    1. the_ghost_of_ronnie_lyons

      I agree… don’t see any of these one and donors, except maybe Anthony Davis being honored in that way……. but like you I’m an old guy, lol!

    2. the_ghost_of_ronnie_lyons

      I agree… don’t see any of these one and doners, except maybe Anthony Davis being honored in that way……. but like you I’m an old guy, lol!

    3. PAPA

      You’re the man Terry Blue, Mike Casey was Mr Clutch and one of my all time favorite Wildcats.

    4. unreconstructed

      Casey, absolutely!!!!

  15. Jughead

    Rex Chapman – WHY??? After his ILL-TIMED and false statement about Calipari going to the Lakers just before the Championship Game, it is time to forget he ever attended UK. Aside from that, all he ever did was jump and hog the ball.

    1. _Blackhawk_

      Did you even see him play? He deserves to be in there for what he did on the court….not held out for something after. I mean they aren’t going to be taking Farmer down from the rafters so might as well put Rex up….He was a terrific player.

    2. Jesus

      Wow, so now a tweet is enough to bar an all-time great from the rafters? I thought you all were Christians? Ya know, forgive.


  16. raccoon

    I really don’t see why Hayes should be in and not PPat. I know he only played three years, but he graduated so there isn’t really much more you could reasonably expect from him. And he was a big-time scorer and rebounder and the ultimate team player and ambassador.

    1. _Blackhawk_

      I don’t think PPat or Hayes needs to be up there but if I had a vote between the 2 I’d put Patterson in before Chuck. I loved Chuck’s game just as much as Pat’s but Patrick was better. If he had stayed one more year he would’ve come close to Issel’s record of points scored and rebounds too. Yet I just don’t think he deserves to be up in the rafters like Delk or some of the others mentioned.

    2. STEVE!

      Hayes and Patterson are two of the best liked players ever to be here (just like Darius Miller), but they are not jersey-worthy (just like Darius Miller). Chuck averaged 9 points and 7 rebounds over his career.

  17. Dee

    You should post everyday….and scream from the mountain tops… DELK…PRATT…CASEY

    then…Bogans, Wall, Davis, Prince…

  18. Rodrick Rhodes

    So you’re saying there’s a chance…

  19. It

    How can you all not want to see C. M. Newton up in the rafters where he belongs. He did so much for UK and never gets the love he deserves. If I was in the local press id be shouting this all the time.