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26 responses to “4 Takeaways from Kentucky Basketball’s Pro Day”

  1. Bruce Dickinson

    If Sestina plays this good during the season, it will be a fun year.

  2. BBNnCLE

    Is it just me or does this years team look like it’s gonna be a better version of last years team? I know it’s early but I feel pretty confident in saying that.

  3. Cousins Fake Tooth

    There going to be a replay of this anywhere?

    1. mashburnfan1

      SEC Network will probably show it again a few times. ESPNU might as well.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Cousins I am sorry. Just did a quick check and do not see a scheduled replay on either Network. Really figured they would show it some day hours during the week.

    3. runningunnin.454

      Wow, this is a basketball post. Didn’t expect to see anyone that hates Cal, UK basketball, one & dones, and underclassman led teams.

    4. mashburnfan1

      Never said I hate any of those. Have said I don’t think Cal is a good in game coach. Have said NO coach can win a title if you have to rely on only FR, have said I hate the one and done rule and the fact we send so many out that are not close to ready so we can claim more draft picks, and have not been to a UK basketball game in the last 2 years, after making at least 1 for many many years, because it is bad basketball to watch. Please tell me any of this that is untrue. The Cal coaching thing is an opinion many have and many do not.

    5. runningunnin.454

      Bad basketball? Obviously the majority disagree; we will be in the Champions Classic in the mecca of basketball in NYC with three other teams that are considered…elite.
      Cal is a HOF coach, one title, 4 Final Fours, and has won more ncaa tournament games the last ten years than anyone. A national TV network also disagrees with you; they televised a 2 hour scrimmage last night. There were reps from every NBA team on hand to watch.
      But, don’t watch if it’s so bad.
      UK does not “force” any player out when they’re not ready…that’s their decision, and we can’t kidnap them.

    6. 4everUKblue

      mashbum, you are the turd in the punchbowl. Were you aware the one and done rule is not Cal’s rule? You’re a fraud, and nothing more than a spin doctor and a liar. You’ve asked me to tell you what you’ve lied about but when I respond you either never come back or choose not to respond when you see you’ve been exposed for the phony that you are. As for forcing players out, you’re right, Cal tore up Dajuan Wagner’s scholarship papers in front of him and look how that turned out. What a bad person Cal is.

    7. 4everUKblue

      mashbum, you’ve also called Cal a cheater, yet you, nor anyone else has ever shown any proof, so if you have proof now would be a good time to bring it forth….or STFU!

  4. Smyrna_Cat

    This year we are a basketball school.

    1. CatBlue in LR

      That’s only been true since about 1933.

  5. KYjellyRoll

    I noticed sestina making threes while Ashton was being interviewed, I counted 11 in a row and idk how many he’d already made when I started counting

    1. royce12

      They are saying that he made 20 of 24!

  6. Southky

    Sweet, sweet basketball!! Thank you Lord!!

  7. CrystalBall

    Juzang was impressive.

  8. Smyrna_Cat

    “I’d say he’s the odds-on favorite for the early season MVP.” Sestina? Really? If so, I will eat my basketball.

    1. BBNnCLE

      You know what MVP stands for, right? Even if he isn’t the best player, he certainly sounds like the most valuable bc of not only his skill set but his intangibles. You could argue Reid was our MVP last year for that reason.

  9. CMH23

    Not much improvement for Nick if any?

    1. Aar

      I’d say mixed. He was willing to shoot mid-range in live action and generally looked to be in the flow more often than not. There were still times when he looked out of it.

      Small live action sample and everybody still looked like they’re learning what Cal wants. Overall, I’m impressed with the abilities of Sestina, Montgomery and Brooks to stretch the floor and looking for bangers in the post.

      Backcourt only needs effective post play to be special

  10. UKLugo

    If Sestina and Juzang are our best players, we will be in trouble. EJ and Nick didn’t look so good.

    1. UKFanSC

      It’s probably not fair to draw any significant conclusions from the event, but I agree that Nick and EJ did not look materially different than in prior years.

    2. UKLugo

      Yes. You’re right. I’m taking it with a grain of salt.


    Nick didn’t look completely lost which is a good sign. Sestina is a pleasant surprise and Johnny looks ready to be Bucket 2.0 (an improved version). My only concern is Ashton running the point. He looked like he was trying to play too fast and do too much. Thankfully we have plenty of options to insert at PG. As long as our bugs stay out of foul trouble we should be ok. I certainly don’t see us being on the receiving end of a 50-point blowout to start this season.

    1. UKLugo

      I dunno. MSU is going to be pretty damn good in the beginning of Nov. We’ll just be getting started.

    2. Skooms

      I don’t really disagree Lugo, but there are a couple of differences in my opinion. Thanks to the Bahamas, the hype train was running full steam for our team, and honestly dUKe seemed to come out with a big chip on their shoulders. I think Zion was determined to show everyone why he was going to be the best player in College last year too. If you remember, a lot of the talk was about Barrett going into that game, however Zion seemed to start changing the narrative after that game. This year, the pressure seems to be all on MSU.