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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible. is a thing

You people are crazy.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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29 responses to “ is a thing”

  1. KTi

    That’s awesome.

  2. Steve

    Wichita State played a great game. Let’s focus on how we played better and leave it at that. Whoever created that website is part of the fan base that gives us a bad name. GO CATS!!!

    1. WCS FAN

      I’m with you Steve, well said. We are playing smarter and with more energy, it’s all about us getting better, not trashing a very good WS team. What a game – Go Cats!

  3. Ron

    The only thing in need of “tweaking” is the national sports writers boring stories of youth vs wisdom. Love II! Go Cats!

  4. HateTheGame

    Just takes me to a GoDaddy ad

  5. Jim Cooper

    Miles Terry did that! He is a man!

  6. barn

    not brag just swag

  7. bigbluegdud

    I wish someone would take it down. I have nothing but respect for Wichita State. Wish it was someone else that we had knocked out. I would have pulled for them the rest of the way if they had won today.

  8. ciphercomplete


  9. Bobbaloo

    That site is about as stupid as the fans that chant “o-ver-ra-ted.”

  10. cmarcum

    thanks guys, very proud of you

  11. James b

    Completely stupid

  12. fatcattexas

    Teams to Defeat an Unbeaten Team in NCAA Tournament
    Since Seeding Began in 1979
    Year Winner Unbeaten Team Tourney Result
    2014 Kentucky Wichita State ?
    1991 Duke UNLV Won Title
    1979 Michigan State Indiana State Won Title

  13. tyrus

    How we looking now John Wall?

  14. Add one to your facts

    1975 Kentucky over Indiana finished as Runnerj-up

    1. fatcattexas

      I did not forget them just started my timeline 4 years later when the seeding began in 1979

  15. bigbluecoop

    Where’s “Greg Marshall” now? Greg? Greg?

  16. Linebeard

    Yeah this is nice, no trolls and our band wagon fans are back.

  17. Alex

    This sucks ba!!s this is our bad name right here!

  18. David

    Not a smart move. Be excited about the Cats, but respect your opponent.

  19. Computer Blue

    Thumbs down. No reason to continue talk trash unless some troll is still running their mouth.

  20. rahrah

    This stuff does give us a bad name. You guys do realize that Wichita St. troll was really a UofL troll, right? Most of the negative comments here are.

  21. Sons of Anarchy

    Who ever did that is a P.O.S. thats the kind of crap that will have Karma biting us in the ass when we play Loserville. Some UK fans have the IQ of a rock in a bag of crap. It will get a shameful plug on some national TV show and they will say this is how all UK fans are. Just like the stupid 40-0 shirts

  22. Hendo Blue

    #7…agree with you completely.

  23. Jomani

    This makes us look terrible as a fan base. Wichita state is a classy team and played their butts off. Have some respect for those guys they had a hell of a season

  24. BigBlue

    Piss on Wichita…and the Cards…

  25. Tonya Harding

    Whoever wated their time to register a domain and put this up is a moron. The Internet can be used for more constructive things, such as watching my sex tapes.

  26. Hubby

    Nicley said

  27. CD

    This is pathetic. Come on guys, we are better than this. We played a hell of a game to beat a hell of a team. Can we not leave well enough alone?