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12 year old Takes the Best Dakari Johnson Selfie Ever


One of my favorite pics ever

Article written by Matt Jones

19 responses to “12 year old Takes the Best Dakari Johnson Selfie Ever”

  1. CotO

    It’s funny, because he’s tall.

    1. Pewp Teeth

      Oh, right. I get it now.

  2. inside info

    LOL awesome.

  3. mahatma

    Future #BeckODanielSelfies:
    -with the Eiffel Tower
    -with Mount Everest

  4. DH

    That kid’s name is Beckoda Niel. Isn’t that weird?..

    1. UK fan

      Lol! I bet his name is Beck O’Daniel!

    2. DH

      Yea.. Thanks…

    3. Megan

      I like Beckoda.

  5. mike

    way too cute

  6. Cobb_Salad

    Hey so during that round robin with UCLA, will we be playing UNC twice in one year? (Either next or the year after?)

    1. TDog

      Nah the current contract with UNC was a two year deal that ends this year at the Rupp game.

  7. Ollie

    Beck O’ is the man!!!!!!!!!!

  8. T25guy

    If it involves more than one person it is no longer considered a selfie. Effective immediately it will be referred to as an usie or wezie. It was a long process but the paperwork was filed today.

    1. clipper

      I 2nd that

  9. clipper

    I 2nd that

  10. Anne

    this web site just kills me lololo!

  11. Beck ODaniel

    Omg this is me

  12. Beck ODaniel

    This is awesome haha. It was so hard to take this selfie.

  13. UKkathy

    Too cute! My sister and I were on campus a couple weekends ago and out walked Dakari from the Lodge. He was so gracious, stopped and chatted a few moments, and we got a picture of him. It makes me feel so good that all of the players with whom I have met are very very nice and accommodating. I’m sure it’s from a combination of good upbringing and Coach Cal telling them they truly are “stars” on and off the court. GO CATS!