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42 responses to “10 Takeaways: Cats avoid scare from Texas A&M”

  1. Bigblue7982

    #14 Mississippi st lost @ South Carolina.

    1. mashburnfan1

      #14 Mis St….look at their schedule and tell me anyone they have beaten that is worth 2 cents. Ok they have a good record but alot of teams would have same or better vs their schedule so far. People need to quit looking at stupid rankings, they mean nothing. Watch teams play several games to see how good they really are. Rankings are for advertising so tv can say # so and so vs # so and so. You know alot of people that vote these rankings don’t even see the teams play. SEC has 2 good teams….Auburn and Tenn but right now neither is a title threat. Both could be by end of season but not yet. Rest of SEC is no better than average.

  2. VirginiaCat

    Texas A&M is one of the worse teams in the nation at shooting the 3-ball. They rank 339 out of 351 Division I teams. Yet, against us, they shoot 47%. We rank 333rd in three point defense. That does not portend well for the future when even weak shooting teams are scorching us. Many fans chalk it up to bad luck, like there is a mysterious vortex that guides opponents’ balls into the hoop. If we can’t learn to defend the three, we will have plenty of free time in March. Enough time to anticipate and get ready for the June draft.

    1. Luether

      Good post…

    2. No more excuses cal

      Amen brother

    3. sportsbird66

      Nice post. I totally agree with you. Seems to be what is more important is how many kids we get into the NBA instead of winning championships. Val’s dream of passing UCLA for the total amount of titles is a pipe dream. But on the bright side,by the time he retires,10% of the players in the NBA will be his.

    4. sportsbird66

      Cal,not Val

    5. catsarerunnin

      You nailed it VC. It was the first time in college basketball history that the better team found itself in a close game with a lesser team…

  3. bigbluebanana

    Miss. St. Just lost at 7-7 USC. They’re ranked higher than UK, USC is nowhere near as good as Alabama. Let’s hear the excuses trolls.

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      Didn’t USC beat Florida this week too. Maybe they’re getting better. Who knows

    2. bigbluebanana

      They did. My point is “parody”. Everyone here tries to point to another team’s success to diminish our own. Just tonight, I’ve seen some calling UNC a bad team. However, I guarantee anyone that wants to bet, UNC will beat dook at least once this year. Point is, none of us really know what we are talking about, and we could all benefit from just sitting back and enjoying the season…warts and all.

    3. ibescootch

      I hope your point isn’t “parody”. Unless you meant that your post was supposed to be a comedic interpretation of a real post? If I was a troll, this would be a great opportunity to say that it was! Haha! But I’m not a troll, and I actually agree. You’ve gotta take the ups with the downs with the season, and we’re not as good as our best game or as bad as our worst.

    4. bigbluebanana

      That’s why I put it in quotation marks.

      Mash…that’s sort of my point. Lots of folks on here use rankings when it supports their argument. I’m not saying you do this, as I’ve stated over and over that I appreciate your viewpoint and that it’s well informed, but the same people who say things like “well, State was way overrated” are the same ones that will turn around and throw those same rankings up as a “valid” argument when we lose it have a tough game. How anyone can look at the UK team that whooped UNC and think we do t have the talent to go as far as anybody is bonkers. Nights like last night are frustrating as hell to be sure, but my entire existence on this site is based around finding the good…even in the bad times. Hell, that’s how I live my real life too man. Call it blue colored glasses or whatever, I don’t care. It’s a game played by kids, if all anyone can do is find reasons to b!tch about how well said kids are playing said game, then what is the point in even cheering for a team?

    5. mashburnfan1

      See above, you are going by meaningless rankings. MSU is not close to being the 14th best team. They have not beaten anyone, record is due to scheduling as so often happens. SEC does have 2 good teams this year, a step up from the past couple years. UT and Auburn are good and the rest of SEC is average to bad. A&M is in the bad category and we struggled with them at home. Bama is bad and we lost, albeit on the road. Ga State beat Bama at Bama, we could not. Texas Southern beat A&M badly at A&M, we probably lose tonight if it was on the road.

    6. david8577


  4. bwise

    I don’t say this often…but thanks for making up for nicks BS article. Someone needs to sit him down and tell him to watch the games before writing an article. He’s more of a hopeful fan then a writer.

  5. No more excuses cal

    Duke would have beaten this Texas team by 30

  6. No more excuses cal

    They beat us by 34 but we will be ready for the June draft remember it’s players first

    1. StillBP

      Never again will I disagree when a fan from another team says we have the dumbest fans in the country. Looking at ksr message boards after a game, it’s clear we do. Crying after a win lol gtfo

    2. henderblue

      At least he spelled everything correctly BP.

    3. david8577

      No excuse for you not being able to use punctuation.

    4. StillBP

      baby steps, hender!

  7. Matt10

    I don’t bet on games so I can only imagine the amount of hair I would’ve pulled out at the end of the game. I guess if you DID bet and lost because of that weird half court shot at the end it’s probably a strong sign you should stop betting. Lol!

    1. henderblue

      Amen brother..

    2. Tipa

      I don’t bet on games, but I don’t understand how that was a shot clock violation. The ball left our players hand before the shot clock ended, and the ball did not make contact with a player or the ground until after the game clock expired. The game clock continues to run while the ball is airborne. The refs even went back to the monitor and confirmed their call.

    3. StillBP

      Tipa I didn’t quite understand either, I just decided that I guess they deemed the ball being thrown in the air as a pass and not a shot. If you pass the ball and the shot clock expires, it’s a shot clock violation. If you shoot and the clock expires, the shot still counts…so I guess bricking a shot would’ve prevented time being added.

  8. henderblue

    It’s a good thing Herro did come ready to play. Don’t think anyone else was. This team has a bad habit of playing up or down to their competition. Maybe Matt should stop saying that this team or that team is “not very good”. He said it last week about Alabama. Matt, stop saying that!! Our guys can play with anyone in the country. But if they don’t come focused and ready to go, stuff like what happened last night, happens.

    1. StillBP


    2. bigbluebanana

      To be fair, UK has been guilty of playing down to competition for decades now. The players often take the same attitude as a lot of fans around here; “we are Kentucky, how dare anyone give us a game”.

    3. Big Meech

      Happens in all sports at all levels. The way to tell if u t any good is to get the wins when u r off. And we usually do. We will be good at the end and everyone will change their tune. Go cats

  9. Racerr11

    Wow, UK fans I don’t think so, there just blowhards whos lives thrive around drama and negativity. Most of those idiots know nothing about sports.

  10. LouisaCatFan

    My take on UK not being able to defend the 3. They can not stop a straight line drive, so they play 5 feet off the guy with the ball with hands down. With their hands down negates any size advantage UK may have. That’s way to open for any poor to decent 3 point shooter not to mention a good shooter. This also happens on pick and roll, that and switching on the pick. “The days of having AD or WCS that can come out and defend UK isn’t getting. For all of those that wear Blue tinted glasses I will give you example, late in the 2nd half P.J. was guarding the ball with 7 sec on the shot clock instead of being up on his man playing suffocating D he backs up off the ball and gives the shooter space to shoot the the three. Some will say that his man wasn’t a good shooter I will say neither was the cat from bama.
    Call me hater if you want but wake up this team isn’t very good/coached not that they can’t be but they have regressed after the so called Camp Cal! The only way this team has won thus far is teams have tried and to run with UK. Just my opinion let the hate begin!

    1. henderblue

      Louisa, I agree with you. I told my wife last night, they’re playing too far off the ball. No “suffocating D”. Good observation..

  11. big cat

    Sucks to be in the same predicament EVERY year….watching a bunch of hyped up coaches….I have seriously lost interest. It’s sad. I have no desire to watch this stuff.

    1. StillBP

      How does it suck to be in the tournament and making it to the Sweet Sixteen or better every year? It sucks not winning every year, but no team wins every year.

    2. ClutchCargo

      If watching basketball games is no fun for you, you should just not watch them. Seems pretty simple to me.

    3. CATandMONKEY

      Yeah What a horrible ten years under Cal. Your team never being relevant come time for The NCAA Tournament… shameful, I tell you. Just a travesty.

    4. BluemanGreen

      Loserville could use some more fans! Go on!

  12. Jiminy Crickets

    One thing I’ve noticed about how we play. I watched Duke and UNC games last night, flipping back and forth. When Duke or UNC gets a defensive rebound, or loose ball, whoever has the ball pushes it up court, then if nothing, they find the PG. We don’t, vast majority of time we hold the ball looking for PG to sprint ball up court. This allows defense to get back, where as Duke and UNC get tons of easy baskets by applying this offensive pressure. We don’t play with pace, and it allows teams to get us in a half court game. Cal teams are not good in half court games.
    On defense we continue to not only go under screens, but then switch on them. They hand picked Our big guys to guard starks in 2nd half, by setting screens. Starks got hot, then it became a game. Switching screens however has always been Cals defensive style.

    1. IrishCat

      Did you really just say we don’t push the ball up the court on defensive rebounds???? I swear I don’t know which games some ppl watch.

    2. Ruppstartedit

      A young team that seems to look at their opponent for leadership and then they try to play a tad better to win. I am just a little disappointed in Reid Travis to show some of his All Pc 12 play. Why doesn’t he rebound more? Is he also doing the minimum to win? I’m very happy to have him a WIldcat but he should grow to be better than when at Stanford. One reason the Cats were ranked so high at the start was Reid.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Travis is a good player who will continue to help this team but he also played in a weak conference throughout his career. Big difference between the PAC 12 and the SEC.