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Late Night Notes from Thursday Night in Dallas

The Kentucky Sports Radio team is here at the hotel in Dallas, patiently awaiting Saturday night’s game while the rest of the media lives it up at their annual Super Bowl. Right now your favorite media stars are all at the media party, located on the set of Dallas (really), each pretending to be more important than the next. It’s really an interesting scene when you get all of them together, and that is why I’m in the hotel room watching TV by myself. No thanks. Photoshop ya later.

Internet’s a little spotty here in the media hotel — that makes sense — so I’m going to do my best with tonight’s night post. Follow along if you will and then check back with us early Friday morning as we bring you all the happenings from AT&T Stadium.


Kentucky will hold an open practice Friday afternoon.

If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Friday afternoon, you should do all you can to stop by AT&T Stadium at 2:00 p.m. local time to watch the Cats practice before their final stretch of basketball this weekend. You won’t catch a lot of tweaking but you might see Brian Long hit a halfcourt shot. And that is something you can’t get everywhere.

Sports Illustrated wrote a story on Jon Hood.

Brian Hamilton over at has a nice piece on Hood called “Five-and-done: Kentucky career of Jon Hood, Calipari’s last remaining original recruit, finally ending.” It tells the story most of us already know, the one about my fellow Madisonville Maroon’s rise from wide-eyed freshman to frustrated veteran to player-coach lending a hand to John Calipari during the 2013-14 season.

Did you read our guest post from “award-winning producer”?

If not, check it out here. The celebrity KSR submission comes from outside Kentucky, from someone who really sees the significance of John Calipari’s legacy at Kentucky.

Julius Randle is blessed to be at UK, not counting the money he makes for the university.

Randle and three fellow student-athletes from the other participating Final Four schools were made available to the media to talk basketball on Thursday, and one reporter used that opportunity to ask Randle if he knows exactly how much money he’s made the university this season. Randle handled the bad question well:

“No, I’ve never done the math on what we’re bringing into the school or anything like that. All I know is that I’m a college athlete. I’m a college student. I have the opportunity to get an education as well as play for Kentucky, who has so much tradition, and that’s really all that matters to me right now.”

“I don’t really get into the politics and stuff like that about whether it’s fair or not. I just know I’m blessed to be in the position I’m in and that’s really all that matters to me.”

Well said.

Governor Beshear wants you to call your legislators.

The Governor called in to Kentucky Sports Radio radio this morning to urge listeners to call their state senators to get the ball rolling on the Rupp Arena renovations. Governor Beshear emphatically told Big Blue Nation, “If you really want this, then by golly get on those darn telephones and start calling your legislators.”

“The Wildcats and Lexington deserve no less than what we’re doing for Louisville and the Cardinals,” he added.

So go do that. Get the info here.

Michael Wilbon lost a lot of fans in the state of Kentucky on Thursday.

While discussing John Calipari’s future at Kentucky on PTI, Wilbon called UK fans “irresponsibly maniacal” and said if he were Cal, he would turn on those people and get the hell out of there.

“I will bet you right now Coach Cal is gone at the end of this year,” he told Tony Kornheiser. “I will bet you.”

Former Louisville forward Zach Price was arrested early Thursday morning, then arrested again Thursday afternoon.

It takes a special person to get arrested twice in one day, and that’s exactly what former Louisville/current Missouri forward Zach Price managed to pull off. Twelve hours, two arrests.

We told you about the first one Thursday morning, then Price was hauled in again for a second time, according to a Columbia news station. That’s a strong play on his part.

Watch Dakari Johnson and James Young dance to “Because I’m happy.”

We’ll wrap it up with that one.

Go Cats, everybody.

Caption This!

Caption This!




UK Assistant Director of Media Relations, John Hayden, took this awesome photo of the four participating Final Four coaches hanging out at AT&T Stadium. Coach Cal, of course, is the center of attention, which calls for another edition of the game we like to call “Caption This!”.

What did Cal say to Billy Donovan, Bo Ryan, and Kevin Ollie to get such a reaction?

Best comment wins free KSR for a year!

Photobombing: Wisconsin

Photobombing: Wisconsin


Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Here you’ll find all the comforts of home wrapped up in an academic enrivonment ready to prepare you for a successful life and career. In these hallowed halls you’ll meet skilled instructors and trusted friends — as well as experiences you’ll never forget!


Who wants a free hug? This student’s belt clearly wants to give you one. Her colleague’s shirt reads “smile,” perhaps ironically. It’s this kind of friendliness, both anthropomorphic and ironic, which will greet you as you begin your life as a first-year University of Wisconsin student. Get ready for the best times of your life!


Welcome to the best times of your life! These students are listening intently as their friend and classmate reads aloud to them from his textbook. Slow down, guys!  You have four years of valuable memories to make; try not to squeeze them all into the first month. The residence halls of UW are large enough for everyone to sit, and varying sizes of beanbag chairs are available from your residence hall advisors. There’s plenty of room, so there’s no reason to move your fashionable end-table!


The student body of the University of Wisconsin is a diverse group, representing all types of people from Janesville to Eagle River. Learn from others who are different from you in a positive environment free from criticism. Notice the exquisite differences in one another and learn to come together as a cohesive community of individuals. Maybe you’ll find we’re not so different after all. You may even meet someone who wears a toboggan.


Enjoy great meals any day of the week at one of the University of Wisconsin’s top-notch dining halls. Whether your preference is cheese curds, bread, crackers, cheese-filled bread or cheese curds, you’ll plenty of choices just around the corner from your dorm. Don’t worry about the Wisconsin “Freshman Eighty-Five,” it’s simply a rite of passage here at UW!


Say hello to Bucky Badger, UW’s beloved mascot! Bucky can eat several hundred earthworms and other insects in one night and often digs a shallow pit within his burrow for defecation, keeping his fecal matter away from his food storage.  He most often mates in early spring and late summer and his mates can experience a “delayed implantation” of the embryo until food is more readily available. He also possesses stink glands in his anus which can squirt a pungent liquid up to several feet to deter enemies. If you see him, give him a hug!


If you need help getting your bearings on campus in your initial months or just need to know where to find the best pizza, stop by and chat with your residence hall advisor Alex Trebek. He will have all the “questions” to your “answers,” if you catch our drift! (Alex Trebek’s game show Jeopardy reverses questions and answers is our drift.)

Kansas State v Wisconsin

Head men’s basketball coach Bo Ryan is currently leading the Badgers into the Final Four in North Texas this weekend. Be sure to cheer him on! Coach Ryan possesses stink glands in his anus which can squirt a pungent liquid up to several feet to deter enemies. Go Badgers! Bring home a national championship!


You’re going to love your time here at the University of Wisconsin! #diversity


Looking to make new friends? Stop by one of the University of Wisconsin’s “First-Year Social Hours” to get to know your classmates, colleagues and dorm-mates. Please bring your own protective eye-wear, though the student union will provide the plastic sleeves.


We can’t wait for you to join us at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and look forward to spending the next four years facilitating the experiences and friendships which will follow you the rest of your days. You’ll never forget your time at UW! Also, for the love of God put some shoes on and get off the Lincoln statue. What’s wrong with you? See you soon at the University of Wisconsin!

“Award-winning producer” on John Calipari’s legacy


KSR recently received the following guest post from a well-known celebrity who, for the sake of anonymity, we will call an “award-winning producer.” This person is not a longtime Kentucky basketball fan, nor are they from the state of Kentucky. They have just been following the Cats from afar with respect for what John Calipari is doing in Lexington, and wanted to share their thoughts with Big Blue Nation.

Teaching is the most noble profession, and being innovative, let alone successful, while in the public light creates an enormous amount of jealousy. ‘One and done’ is a media made expression that is simplistic because it is designed to create negative connotations while giving short shift to the families and children. Yes, I consider 18-year-old young men, children, almost all from diverse backgrounds; the criticism negates the reality of their lives, whether the child comes from a poor home or just wants to follow his dream, love and passion.

I don’t think any rational person could argue that all kids wouldn’t be emotionally, socially and culturally better off in many ways by enjoying the college experience for a longer period of time. Nor can anyone intelligently say, under the right coach, kids don’t learn more and improve their game by remaining in college. But these are the rules and the circumstances, so along comes John Calipari, a proven winner with flair and style, whose achievements are too often overlooked because of his SUCCESS. He has to have steel balls and an iron stomach. If he truly is the poster boy then he has had to reinvent himself, redesign his team and his students, reteach himself every year without losing his enthusiasm and passion. That’s quite an achievement in a culture of ‘expectations.’

The game has always had rebellious winners who have gone against the grain; however, the barriers, which a Frank McGuire faced, bringing NYC Catholic and Jewish players to the south in the mid-1950s, or Don Haskins, starting five black kids at a Texas school in the mid-1960s, or John Thompson, whose entire team was comprised of African-American kids in the 1970s and 80s, causing nasty racist backlash are over.

So, who is the successful pioneer today that losers need to be critical of? John Calipari. He shares the characteristics of these other three Hall of Famers. He has gone against the grain of popular belief and he has WON. Eight of ten coaches wouldn’t have won with the same talent. It’s one thing for the ‘conductor’ to recruit the best orchestra in the world, it’s an entirely different thing for those horns, those violins and cellos to be in harmony. Point is, ‘one and done’ is meaningless. It’s media made and robs the coach and his players of the true teachings, efforts, obstacles, and challenges, and those are real.

It’s difficult enough to be 17 or 18 , leave home, live elsewhere, start school, be thrown into hugely competitive waters, let alone be taught and learn to lose your individuality to be part of a championship. This is what Calipari does, year after year, season after season. All the hype around ‘the Fab Five’… Guess what? They didn’t win. Kentucky has won and, frankly, even if they don’t capture the title this weekend, they WON. They have accomplished something deeper. They all learned lessons, coaches, players and families which will stay with them for the remainder of their lives. ‘One and done’ is bullsh-t. What isn’t is ‘work ethic,’ ‘selflessness,’ ‘giving,’ ‘teaching,’ and ‘character.’ That is Calipari’s legacy. I’m sure if he was around in the 50s and 60s and 70s, he would have departed from the status quo to truly embrace his students in different ways. I hope these kids who experience him understand at a certain point of their lives the opportunity to learn and grown he has given them.

Coach O on his new job after Dallas

Andy Jones | The Tampa Tribune

Orlando Antigua took some time out of his busy last days in blue to discuss his new job in Tampa. One of the things Coach O said is he’d like to set up a series with Kentucky but it’ll be tough getting a home-and-home with the Cats. Watch the rest below:

Keeneland opens tomorrow!

Keeneland opens tomorrow!


Basketball is on our minds but let’s not forget Keeneland’s spring meet opens tomorrow with College Scholarship Day!

Friday admission is free with any college ID and full-time students can register to win one of ten $1,000 scholarships and prizes from local vendors after each of the day’s races. Those eligible for the scholarship giveaway should register in the College Zone in the North Terrace, and the first 2,000 to register will receive a free t-shirt courtesy of Kennedy’s Wildcat Den or a Vineyard Vines baseball hat.

Also in the College Zone: music; free food from Qdoba, Raising Cane’s and Drake’s; photos by TOPS in Lex; and games and prizes from Orange Leaf. Students can also register for the Drake’s Handicapping Challenge where one student will win the opportunity to place a $500 bet on the feature race, the $100,000 Transylvania (G3).

Keeneland is encouraging all track-goers to wear blue on Saturday to support the Cats in the Final Four. Bugler Steve Buttleman will be dressed in his blue coat and he will play the fight song during the afternoon racing.

Bugler Steve Buttleman, 2013 Keeneland Fall Meet

Gates open on race days at 11:00 a.m.; first post is 1:05 p.m. Admission is $5 or free for children 12 and under.

Over 60 Final Four Watch Parties All Over the World!

Over 60 Final Four Watch Parties All Over the World!


YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!!! Thanks to everyone who responded with their watch party information. I think we have most of the world covered. From Seattle to Afghanistan to Beijing, Cats fans will be gathering for the Final Four game against Wisconsin. I have 60+ listed here now, but that only includes three that were sent to me from Lexington. I’d say there will be 60 in Lexington alone. Let’s get to the list, it’s a long one.

Here’s a rundown of places the C-A-T-S chant will be occurring (in no particular order):


Lexington, KY

All of the places

Tin Roof, 303 South Limestone, Lexington KY ($5 cover, doors open at 12:00 p.m.)

Christian Student Fellowship, 502 Columbia Ave., Lexington KY

Your Neighbor’s House

A Stranger’s House

@DrewCurtis: “Chase Tap Room- anyone who sees this can hit me up for at least one free beer there, if we win it all who knows?” (Drew Curtis might regret this)


Nashville, TN

South, 1524 Demonbreun St., Nashville TN 37203  (Join me for $12 domestic buckets, $3 Blue Shots, $3 domestics starting an hour before the game)

Corner Pub Midtown, 2000 Broadway, Nashville TN 37203

Drake’s Cool Springs, 553 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin, TN 37067


Carmel, IN

Stacked Pickle, 4335 West 106th St (just off Michigan Rd)


Las Vegas, NV

The Wynn, 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd.

Scooter’s Pub, 6200 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89118


Knoxville, TN

The Casual Pint (Bearden), 234 Brookview Centre Way #107, Knoxville TN 37919


Falls Church, VA

Grevey’s, 8130 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church VA 22042


Alexandria, VA

1823 Cafe and Pub, 3737 Seminary Rd., Alexandria VA  (park behind the historic post office)


Charleston, SC

Kickin’ Chicken West Ashley, 1179 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Charleston SC 29407

Dunleavy’s, 2213 Middle St., Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482


Washington DC

The Handsome Cock (formally known as Touchdown) 1334 U St NW, Washington DC 20009


San Diego, CA

The Commons Bar, 901 4th Ave, San Diego CA


Jacksonville, FL

Buffalo Wild Wings (Avenues Mall), 10300 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville FL 32256


Philadelphia, PA

Cavanaugh’s Rittenhouse, 1823 Sansom St., Philadelphia PA 19103


Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

Austin Ave. Sports Bar and Grill, 1801 N. Plano Rd., Richardson TX 75081

Christie’s Sports, 2811 McKinney Ave., Ste. 22, Dallas TX 75204

Duff’s Famous Wings, 2787 E. Southlake Blvd., Southlake TX 76092

FRIDAY & MONDAY: Go see an O.G. of the KSR show, Zach McCrite (@BigEZ), at J. Gilligans,  400 E. Abram St., Arlington TX 76010. He will be doing live radio both days from 3:00-7:00 p.m. There is a free shuttle to & from J. Gilligans to the game on Monday.


Atlanta, GA

Hudson Grille-Brookhaven, 4046 Peachtree Rd. NE, Atlanta GA


Denver, CO

College Inn, 4400 East 8th Avenue, Denver CO 80220


Houston, TX

BreWingZ Sports Bar & Grill, 22503 State Hwy. 249, Suite 400, Houston TX 77070


Casselberry, FL

Buffalo Wild Wings, 900 Florida 436, Casselberry FL 32707


Greenville, SC

Bailey’s Sports Bar, 2409 Lauren’s Rd., Greenville SC


Portland, OR

Peter’s Bar & Grill, NE 60th & Fremont, Portland OR


Seattle, WA

World Sports Grille, 731 Westlake Ave. N., Seattle WA 98109


San Francisco, CA

Zeke’s Sports Bar & Grill, 600 Third Street at Brannan, San Francisco CA


Phoenix, AZ

Half Moon Sports Grill, 2121, E. Highland Ave.


Indianapolis, IN

Drakes, 3740 East 82nd St., Indianapolis IN 46204


Bonita Springs, FL

Johnny Malloy’s, 10347 Bonita Beach Rd, Bonita Springs FL 34135


Florence, KY

Drakes Florence, 6805 Houston Rd, Ste. 900, Florence KY


Cincinnati, OH

Tin Roof Cincinnati, 160 Freedom Way, Suite 150, Cincinnati OH 45202


Greater Dayton Area, OH

Fox and Hound, Beavercreek OH


Nancy, KY

Harbor Restaurant, 451 Lee’s Ford Dock, Nancy KY


Kansas City, KS

Buffalo Wild Wings, 13749 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, KS


Dublin, OH

Yogi’s, 3880 Hard Rd., Dublin OH


Austin, TX

Blackfinn Ameripub, The Domain, 11410 Century Oaks Terrace, Austin TX 78758


New York, NY

Jack Dempsey’s, 36 W 33rd Street, New York NY 10001


Richmond, VA

Quaker Steak & Lube, 8000 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA


Roseville, MN

Joe Senser’s Sports Theater, 2350 Cleveland Ave. N., Roseville MN 55113


Charlotte, NC

Blackfinn-Pearl Room (in the Epicentre), 210 E. Trade St., Charlotte NC


Sarasota, FL

Evie’s Tavern on the Range, 4725 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota FL


Los Angeles, CA

Rivalry Sports Bar & Grill, 6311 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles CA


Mayfield Hts, OH

Fox & Hound, 1479 SOM Center Rd., Eastgate Shopping Center, Mayfield Hts OH 44124


Tampa, FL

Beef O’Brady’s, 2819 S. MacDill Ave., Tampa FL 33629


Detroit, MI

Detroit Beer Co., 1529 Broadway, Detroit MI 48226


Chicago, IL

The Pony, 1638 W. Belmont, Chicago IL


St. Louis, MO

Franklin’s Pub (no relation to Drew), 728 Lafayette, St. Louis MO 63104


Raleigh, NC

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe, 222 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh NC


Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Luxe Sports Bar and Grille, 138 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach FL 32584


Huntsville, AL

Drake’s, 4800 Whitesburg Dr., Suite 14, Huntsville AL


Howardstown, KY

Howardstown Liquors- Everybody brings an appetizer and beer is $2.00!


Winchester, KY

Cantuckee Tavern, 12 Carol Rd., Winchester KY (ALL YOU CAN EAT APPETIZERS for $9.99!!)


Frankfort, KY

Nat Boogie’s Dragon Pub, 103 W Main St, Frankfort KY 40601


Venice, FL
The Brewhouse, West Venice Ave., Venice FL 34285


Key West, FL
Jack Flats, 509 Duval St., Key West FL 33040

JDL’s Big Ten Pub, 920 Caroline St., Key West FL 33040 (for Cats fans up for some trash talk)


AFGHANISTAN (via Heath Holt @hdholt)

Kandahar Airfield, Dustoff CP, Mustang Ramp (FREE Coffee)



I saved the most bizarre for last…
BEIJING, Peoples Republic of China (seriously)

Randy Hoffacker’s Home
Casa de River Garden, 137
北京市顺义区后沙峪白辛庄榆阳路7号 裕京花园137号别墅

Randy emails and says:

“There are no bars in Beijing that will open in the morning for a few Cats fans. My wife and I graduated in 2000, and 2001, and have been in China for 7 years, still not sure why. We have a met a few Cats fans over here, and we get together from time to time.  We are ready for this thing to be over, cause getting up at 2 and 4 am to drink is taking a toll on our health.  I understand if you can’t post about someones house, but all are invited…  If you post it, leave my email for RSVP.”

Randy’s email is Anybody else want to hop on a flight with me to Beijing and watch with Randy? Woah, not everyone at once.


Go Cats! And go to a watch party near you!



Michael Wilbon just called you “irresponsibly maniacal”

Michael Wilbon just called you “irresponsibly maniacal”


Michael Wilbon just went on quite a rant while debating Calipari’s future with Tony Kornheiser on PTI. When asked if he believes Cal will leave at the end of the season, Wilbon said, “No question.”  It gets better…

“If it’s me, I’m getting the hell out of there. I’m turning on those people,” he added, saying Kentucky fans won’t be truly satisfied with a second title this year.

“I will bet you right now Coach Cal is gone at the end of this year. I will bet you.”

And then the big one…

“Those people are irresponsibly maniacal.”

Tell us how you really feel, Wilbon.

#TBT Photo Gallery: Cats win 2012 title

#TBT Photo Gallery: Cats win 2012 title


Kentucky’s 2012 national championship turned two-years-old this week, as the Wildcats completed their coronation by topping Kansas 67-59 April 2, 2012.

With the Wildcats back in the Final Four this week and in honor of Throwback Thursday, relive all the moments from New Orleans in this #TBT photo gallery [HERE] [FREE]



No boot for Willie Cauley-Stein

No boot for Willie Cauley-Stein



The Courier-Journal’s Kyle Tucker snapped a photo of a passing cart full of Wildcats that included a boot-less Willie Cauley-Stein. The Kentucky big man has graduated to wearing two bright colored sneakers but he is still walking with a limp, so don’t get too excited about his status for Saturday.

The driver of that cart should really pay attention to where he is going. That’s some precious cargo he has on board.

Reporter asked Randle if he knows how much money he’s made the school

Reporter asked Randle if he knows how much money he’s made the school


At least one reporter in attendance Thursday wasn’t as interested in Kentucky vs. Wisconsin as she was finances and mathematics. With four student-athletes at the podium, one from each participating school, she specifically asked Julius Randle if he had done the math on exactly how much money he and his teammates have made the university this season. And if so, she asked, “Does the scholarship that you have this year, does that seem like a fair exchange or is there anything you would like to change?”

Randle nailed it, saying he’s blessed to be in the position he is in at the University of Kentucky:

“No, I’ve never done the math on what we’re bringing into the school or anything like that. All I know is that I’m a college athlete. I’m a college student. I have the opportunity to get an education as well as play for Kentucky, who has so much tradition, and that’s really all that matters to me right now.”

“I don’t really get into the politics and stuff like that about whether it’s fair or not. I just know I’m blessed to be in the position I’m in and that’s really all that matters to me.”

Now back to basketball…

The Cats are practicing on the big stage


Reminder: Tomorrow’s practice will be open to the public Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Dallas time.

Notes and Quotes from the John Calipari-Bo Ryan Press Conference

Notes and Quotes from the John Calipari-Bo Ryan Press Conference


Kentucky’s John Vincent Calipari and Wisconsin’s Bo Augustus Ryan were available to the media Thursday afternoon in the bowels of JerryDome to discuss their upcoming meeting in Saturday’s NCAA semifinal. The two shared the podium (a new pre-Final Four move, I believe) to field questions together, as one, like best buddies. Below you’ll find some notes and quotes from the scene…


John Calipari doesn’t care about Bo Ryan’s first Final Four.

This is Bo Ryan’s first Final Four in his 100+ year of coaching at Wisconsin, but John Calpari doesn’t really care. Not today. “I’m not worried about Coach Ryan,” he said. “I’m worried about my team.”

The two coaches then went off on some rant about how the Final Four doesn’t define coaches because so many great ones never made it. I quit paying attention because they’re lying and I needed a second helping of macaroni salad.

Dakari Johnson has a high ceiling, confidence growing.

“He has really focused his game on a few things,” said Cal. “He’s a big body. He’s seven-foot tall and he’s got long arms and big hands and he’s just getting more and more confident. And the ceiling is obviously a seven-footer who can run and has got skills, he’s obviously a high ceiling.”

Leave the jokes to someone else, Bo.

Bo Ryan kicked the press conference off by telling a story about how he would ask for another piece of pork chop or meatloaf as a child and his mom would tell him, “No, one and done.”

I don’t know where he was going with that but it’s clear he thought it up on the way in.

Calipari: “We got here through an absolute mine field and happened to not step on a mine.”

Referring to his team’s tough journey to Dallas, maybe the most difficult in tourney history, Calipari likened it to running through a mine field. His team just happened to not step on any mines, he said.

“I don’t even know what to call it what we just went through. Now my whole mission is to make sure we’re not satisfied.”

The coaching is all basketball now.

Calipari and his assistants are no longer coaching effort, intensity and focus, they’re only coaching basketball now, for the first time all season.

“It took four months. It took us four months. So now they got it. They’re young, it takes time. You cannot skip steps. We all want to skip steps. We all want freshmen to be sophomore and juniors. They’re not.”

And to the people who said Cal wasn’t having fun in the regular season, he said he was having a ball with his team.

“Now, I had to be really aggressive,” he admitted. “I had to raise the standard and say this is what’s not acceptable. I never budged. But I always believed in the team and I always believed in the individual players.”

“It just takes time for the kids. I’m proud of them.”

Cal knows what’s going to happen in the beginning of Saturday’s game.

He said he will write it down in an envelope and we can open it afterward.

So who’s ready for another slow UK start?!


Beat Wisconsin.

Julius Randle’s mind is on the Final Four, not being home

Julius Randle’s mind is on the Final Four, not being home


Julius Randle is back in his hometown of Dallas with his eyes on the 2014 NCAA championship, just like he tweeted back in 2012. But even though his friends, family, and favorite restaurants are in the area, Randle said it doesn’t matter where this year’s Final Four is held, because he is at the Final Four.

“Just the opportunity and the blessing to play in the Final Four is all that really matters to me,” said Randle, when asked about returning home for the big stage. “It doesn’t matter if it is Dallas or wherever it is, I’m just happy to be at the Final Four.”

He did say his return has been very emotional for his family, but his mind is on the task at hand.

Cal on the national criticism: “It’s Kentucky, you deal with it”

Cal on the national criticism: “It’s Kentucky, you deal with it”


During his side-by-side press conference with Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan this afternoon, John Calipari was asked about all the criticism he and his program have received this season. (We call those critics “haters.”)

“It’s Kentucky,” he told reporters, saying it is part of the job. “It’s Kentucky, it just comes with it. You want to coach at Kentucky, you deal with it.”

Cal said some guys have agendas; they are out to attack the UK program. But you know they’re out there when you agree to coach, or play, in Lexington.

“It’s Kentucky.”