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Yum Center Confiscates Calipari Sign from UL Student

UL fans are angry that the Yum Center confiscated this sign from this UL student at the game for violating rules of decorum in the rivalry. Good decision by the Yum Center folks, although I think a better reason would have been that it violated standards of creativity.

Article written by Matt Jones

39 responses to “Yum Center Confiscates Calipari Sign from UL Student”

  1. Trav


  2. James K

    It really is kind of lame. I mean, that could be interpreted a lot of ways. Pretty sad attempt at humor.

  3. Kanye Twtty

    Was he implying that Cal got a cash bonus after reaching two consecutive final fours and a national championship? How clever!

  4. Stupid sign

    So, he’s saying our coach makes a lot of money?

  5. joe

    So original….

  6. Karen Sypher

    People have said much worse about me

  7. Wildcat Floyd

    That is his bonus for beating UL today!!!

  8. 3rd and 9

    If I see that tw@@ in public, I will smack him with a blue rubber hose.

  9. Kaboom

    Add that up in the pic and it’s about the same amount as Sphyers abortion!

  10. Jimi Garden of Eden

    About what one would expect from a dullard…

  11. Bluefins

    They should count their blessings that their fans haven’t been tossed for civility!

  12. Blue

    Is that Derek Willis?

  13. oboroky

    “Your coach makes more money than ours.” We’re very offended.

  14. Tim

    That’s weak and unimaginative. I would only confiscate if blocked fans’ views though.

  15. nkycatfan

    I don’t see anything wrong with the sign other than it being stupid. I’ve seen much worse. I still don’t get why uk fans weren’t allowed to make fun of pitino’s 15 seconds with signs.

  16. Wildcat1

    Hats off to yum center!

  17. Reality Check

    Derrick Character and Earl Clark drove Mercedes Benz while they were at UL. So I guess that means Pitino pays his players as well.

  18. Cats in the NBA

    What a tool.

  19. Elwood

    I’ll be making my sign of Pitino with aborted fetuses in the background. Least that’s true.

  20. Bob Cobb

    That guy is just butt hurt that UK won number 8 and he has to live his life with pube hair on his head. Don’t lend him your hat or you might catch head crabs.

  21. Adam

    He’s right. Coach Cal is money.

  22. Heisenberg

    Didn’t know Andy Dick was a UL fan

  23. red headed step child

    101st club took my baby rattle . This sign States the obvious Cal is money, I know he gives a lot of it away. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, Cal is his own american red cross.

  24. brain

    The combined IQ of the UL fanbase is less than the liquor content of a schlitz malt liquor bull.

  25. BlueK

    U of l fans show as little class as possible….as Much As Possible

  26. CatintheVille

    #17…….Earl Clark and Caracter did NOT drive Mercedes Benz’s when they went to UofL. You dont know what you are talking about. They both drove beat up cars. I went to UofL and saw them. Quit spreading lies.

  27. Plain Truth

    I do not know about the picture of Cal, but you had better hope that the dollars keep increasing, to keep the Big Chicken House on the muddy Ohio River open.

  28. SEXtino the Whore

    a sign showing Ricky shooting down his leg at Porcini would be appropriate..after b15 seconds

  29. butthurt UK Fans

    Truth hurts? Better get some more $$$ for the team next year. This one may not make the tourney with their RPI.

  30. UK Reacharound

    Where is the one with World Wide Wes? He seems to be taking a backseat this year. Maybe the NCAA is starting to catch up after all.

  31. milkman

    Just hold up a fat head of ole ricky in the milk man suite lmao

  32. milkman

    Also have to give credit were credit is due ole butt hurts better save some money back to pay strongs law suite =)

  33. Cal's whore

    It’s suit not suite you ignorant redneck. A suite is something you will never see except when you clean the rooms the next morning with Guadalupe.

  34. seccats

    He’s just mad because the student section kicked him out for not having a linebeard.

  35. Please.

    Thanks to your beloved Cal it’s only a matter of time until your wins and championship are vacated. History repeats itself.

  36. Cal's whore

    Everyone here posting from a trailer park, please raise your hand.

  37. Amazing

    Its great the haters who take the time to come on Ky fan based sites. Old butts obviously doesn’t have a life. He might want to look up the meaning of judging someone when you aren’t part of situation. All he knows is media. Regardless, your coach is far from a moral god! Get a life!

  38. Dude

    Someone on this site talking about bad writing is the epitome of irony.

  39. Blueballs crying

    Nothing was lower than the signs held up at corRuppt Arena after 9/11, taunting Rick Pitino, when he had just lost his brother-in-law in the WTC. Talk about low class scum. SUCK IT, Blue Belly Nation.