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Your University of Kentucky Wildcats

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Also, Za’Darius Smith, Ryan Lemond, and Bud Dupree:


That Body Shapes Medical is really working, I can’t tell which one’s which.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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13 responses to “Your University of Kentucky Wildcats”

  1. jcatron

    Za’Darius Smith looks like a monster. Going to be fun to watch the D do some work…even if the rest of the team isnt that great.

  2. Maxwell

    I am super excited about our D-line. Mister Cobble’s senior year, Donte Rumph’s senior year, and these two guys at the ends. Going to be fun to watch.

  3. KSRgraduateschool


    That guy in the middle really proves UK is getting more guys with SEC bodies.

  4. JB

    You two in the back right corner! That’s cute……let’s see how cute you are after some sprints! LOL

  5. Linda Taylor

    I’d like to see a Za’darius/Bud smash sandwich with Teddy Bridgewater in the middle. Bye Bye Teddy. When they are done with him they can switch their focus to bad boy Dyer.

  6. Adorable

    Such a cute little team!

  7. Teddy Bridgewater

    I’m wetting my pants. I won’t see guys that big the rest of the season.

  8. theSkinny81

    5 – Hope they go all Taylor Wyndham on that @$$.

  9. theSkinny81

    8 – “…since you guys never have a decent team.”

    LOL. Except, UK has more wins head-to-head….

  10. theSkinny81

    Could you imagine the squeals from UL fans in the stands if this was Bridgewater??? Lol Hey, it could happen.

  11. Linda Taylor

    8 – Look I don’t want to see him get a bad injury but when a player is bought and paid for by a dirty team he deserves to be sacked over and over and over and over all game long. When you have guys like Z and Bud hit you it’s going to hurt. Your whole team is full of players Hurt brought in from the Miami fiasco. How proud you must be to have such an honest and above board man (sarcasm) recruiting for you. As for us never having a decent team I distinctly remember Stevie getting loose and beating you when you were supposed to be top 10. We also beat LSU when they were #1. Never say never. Chawley is going to wish he had never said never sooner rather than later. Stoops is going to make him eat his words.

  12. ATL-S

    Obvious.. Ryan needs dreds

  13. Linda Taylor

    Apparently Za’darius and Bud are working on a sack dance. I can’t wait to see it … often, very very often. It’ll be as big as the John Wall dance. Here’s my name for it: the Z-Bud Sack.