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Andrew Wiggins’ recruitment now has its own website


Andrew Wiggins’ recruitment has become such a spectacle that it’s spawned its own website (although at times, it feels like that’s what KSR has become). is devoted to Wiggins’ choice, with a poll, twitter feed, and fun but kind of irrelevant stats about the basketball phenom. The creator of the site compares Wiggins’ stats from his senior year to those of the NBA’s greatest. Check them out:

Points Per Game

Andrew Wiggins: 23.4
Magic Johnson: 28.8
Michael Jordan: 29.2
Kobe Bryant: 30.8
Larry Bird: 31
Lebron James: 31.6

Rebounds Per Game

Lebron James: 9.6
Andrew Wiggins: 11.1
Michael Jordan: 11.6
Kobe Bryant: 12
Magic Johnson: 16.8
Larry Bird: 21

Assists Per Game

Andrew Wiggins: 2.5
Larry Bird: 4
Lebron James: 4.6
Kobe Bryant: 6.5
Michael Jordan: 10.1

Just call it your second favorite website.

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45 responses to “Andrew Wiggins’ recruitment now has its own website”

  1. JTack

    And people say he doesn’t like attention…

  2. EBrown21

    @1.. Im sayin!

  3. EBrown21

    This site and the UK fan base has completely soaked themselves into Wiggins that if he doesnt choose UK people wont appreciate what we already have.

  4. kygal

    Doesnt sound like he likes attention lol

  5. katmancsm

    You can vote for UK on the website. Show them the BBN love!!

  6. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Haven’t seen an incoming 2013 player video in a while

  7. Garry rust

    2) Why do you think Wiggins formed the web site? It’s crazy fans doing it.

  8. daddy

    funny i saw this website a week or two ago and unc was beating uk about 1400 to 800 or so, until UK fans found out. Its run by a unc fan

  9. ukfaninohio

    This is a bit ridiculous the kid will be in college one year and can’t seem to make up his mind to save his life.And if it’s true he doesn’t want to tell the other teams no that seems somehow worse.Whichever girl can get him first will be set for life no way is he breaking up with her!That said come to the bbn we love you more than they do.

  10. Ridge Runner

    {scratchin’ my head}

  11. SeaCat

    Is it a myth that Joe B. Hall turned down
    Larry Bird because he was too slow??

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  13. Steve

    WOw, assist per game is a glaring difference. Would love to see FG%, FT%, and turnovers per game for comparison. Did Andrew start the site ? If not, i do not see where someone can say “Andrew is screaming for attention”. I do not think he has any control over who starts up a website and its content. I am talking to you #1, you post like a #2.

  14. Ridge Runner

    8…well that info helped a bit. I’ve at least quit scratchin’ Thx

  15. Chicago

    Don’t give that website any traffic! I saw this a month or so ago… and it’s run by UNC fans — see bottom of website. “© 2013 Kenan Davis – A Personal Plea: Come to Carolina!”

  16. Ridge Runner

    15…or heck, go there and dominate the poll in our favor. Ya know? Looks like we are on our way.

  17. MemphisCat

    I will take that Bird guy…..

  18. Stony
  19. NBA Comparisons

    Andrew Harrison- Chancey Billups/Deon Waiters
    Aaron Harrison- Ben Gordon
    James Young- Micheal Redd
    Andrew Wiggins- Durant/LeBron/Pippen Hybrid
    Juluis Randle- Chris Webber (but left handed obviously)
    Marcus Lee- Poor man’s K.G.
    Dakari Johnson- Poor man’s Demarcus Cousins

  20. jim tom

    Tired of the Wiggins crap !

  21. Bill Says

    Wiggins will never be as good in the NBA as any of those names mentioned in this article, never.

  22. JTack

    13…I’m not saying at all that he started the site. If you believe for a second that he “can’t make up his mind” or that this process is being delayed for any other reason than attention, then you’re a moron.

  23. me

    #22 – Did John Wall, Patrick Patterson, and Brandon Knight also wait this long for the “attention” ? Knight didn’t even sign a letter of intent.

  24. JTack

    23…I would think coaching changes had a little something to do with Wall and Patterson. No clue with Knight. We’re talking about high school kids. Most crave attention.

  25. Curious

    Who’s Wiggins?

  26. jared

    And you wonder why I wanted a kid like Dominique Hawkins who really cares about Kentucky? I am sick and tired of all these 18 year olds who could care a less about college ball. Send them to the pros and lets kids who care play college ball.
    Who care about Wiggins?

  27. me

    #24 – Exactly! My point is that there can be many reasons to delay these decisions, and waiting this long is not unusual. It seems long right now because of the excessive coverage we get through the internet, and the huge nationwide anticipation with this particular recruit.

  28. HYPE

    I hope you all learned your lesson last year with me even though it doesnt appear you have…………its going to be a long season if i dont work out!

  29. Rae

    28. Every year has been hyped. Only one has not worked out. Cal had three great years, and yet one bad year is assumed to be the norm?

  30. me

    29# – spot on. Last year was also OVER-hyped – we certainly underachieved but should never have been considered title contenders in the first place.

  31. Kenan Davis

    Hi all,

    I’m the creator of the site and yes, also a UNC fan. But I want to say that the site isn’t a UNC site. It’s for anyone who is interested Andrew Wiggins. So thanks checking it out and voting in the poll.


  32. BBNFan

    Anyone see the video Aaron Harrison posted where his buddy said “F Andrew Wiggins bro”. I have a feeling they don’t want him to commit to UK.

  33. bluesman

    #11 true JB and staff considered Bird slow but he wasnt the ordinary slow guy

  34. Catfanman

    This crap just pushed it over the edge…. I hope we don’t get him. Yes I said it… I hope he goes somewhere else. He’s full of himself and its a game to him. He has ( and won’t have ) no pride in UK. I hope he goes to Florida State.

  35. Don W. Barlow

    If you like this much attention! Kentucky is the school for you! If you want the NBA first pick in 2014! Kentucky is the school for you! If you want to win a National Championship! Kentucky is the school for you! If you want a great education! Kentucky is the school for you!

  36. gog8tors

    if you want to play in a half full arena, florida is for you baby! come on down

  37. Larry

    We don’t need a player that is selfish and not team oriented on a KENTUCKY WILDCAT team. We had that last year. Wiggins may or may not be that way, but if he is I hope he goes elsewhere. A Team with talent is nothing without the right TEAM concept in mind and spirit. GOOO Cats.

  38. D'villeKY

    This entire process has become one great boring trip !!
    Want toplay for a winner kid ?? Come to Lexington !! If you prefer something other than a winner try Florida State or UNC. I could really care less !!
    You’d be very welcome at UK but when push comes to shove, we don’t really need you. But——-take your time !!!1

  39. Stony

    These “fans” who claim the don’t want Wiggins will completely change their tune if he does pick UK.

  40. Dave / New Mexico

    I wonder which unfortunate school will land this distraction. I sincerely hope it’s not the Wildcats. We don’t need such nonsense in the Big Blue Nation.

  41. nasty chasty

    Did this list of doltheads actually attend Ky? Andrew, if you do read some of this garbage keep an open mind as to who is generating this negative drivel? My money’s on the frat buddies of Kenan Davis and his carolina clowns. No TrueBlue fan wants you to attend anywhere else except U.K.

  42. Dan a moore

    You all just set back and wait remember he don’t want publicly.

  43. Mike

    #42. I totally agree. There is no way that a TRUE UK FAN would post garbage like some of these. TRUE UK FANS want Andrew Wiggins!!!!! 40-0. Now thats greatness

  44. Lcat

    Andrew, he a heel. He got fixed up with Ms NC on the UNC campus. Whoa-he a heel. 1M in Cayman bank. Whoa-he a heel. Sleepover at MJs house in CH.Whoa-he a heel. Wouldnt you want to be a heel? We do not need him and aint goin to get him.Whoa-he a heel. Roy gave up a yrs salary to get him.Whoa-he a heel!!!!!!!!!

  45. Pat

    Jtack to the person with the first problem how does this make Andrew wiggins love attention now he didn’t make this website the kids doesn’t like attention he try’s to shy away frm every interview I jus dont get how ppl jus disrespecting this kid now I hope e comes to BBN so everyone else can be salty