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Your New Wallpaper

Article written by Matt Jones

22 responses to “Your New Wallpaper”

  1. Chris Roach

    First !!! now lets land Bennett !!like now !

  2. TheLaw

    Matt, you are 100% correct.

  3. brink

    Can we round out the class first?

  4. me

    I think Miller needs more mention also. Not being negative, but he was so huge for this team.

  5. dave

    why no harrow?

  6. The truth

    The only good post Matt Jones has ever posted.

  7. Nick

    Well, now I kind of do fear our future.

  8. Ap

    I agree. Why no love for Miller? Without him we dont have #8 nor a final four last yr

  9. Holler Baller

    Wish them the best but gonna struggle a little next year. 2014 we get #9. Also where the guy with the inside info Lamb and Teague back next year. May have been a little misinformed.

  10. UK Freshmen

    Can you play only four??

  11. flacatfan

    That poster is great, but it needs Miller added up top and Wiltjer and Harrow added down below.

  12. Negative

    Y r people so freakin’ negative?!?!

  13. Bristow

    Yeah…wait, naw screw that. Fear our past too!

  14. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    No Darius!? NO THANKS! Damn, show the kid some love!

  15. bmt22033

    I would LOVE to have that image at a resolution higher than 500 x 500!!!

  16. NJ

    Cool image, but it looks too much like the UCLA one they have on the schools site. Also I feel like its a smack in the face to the other guys that are still on the team. I don’t know, just think it sends the wrong message..

  17. Wakecat

    What is a realistic expectation for Cauley this year? Are we talking Eloy Vargas? Orton in his one year? Or Shagari /Orbzuit level talent?

  18. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Is there a size of this that actually fits something larger than a 480x monitor?

  19. rainman


  20. WVrefugee

    What a joke!!! How can you get behind “college” basketball when it’s not even college basketball??? One and Done! Go to class for one semester, don’t even have to pass those classes and attend class for a couple of weeks second semester and declare! Awesome!

    Guaranteed; the NCAA will create a new rule to prevent this and screw everyone else! mark it!
    Bring back the Kentucky Colonels!

  21. Jess

    #20! We just won a National Championship so grow up you little cry baby!We don’t play for KY or coach for KY so we need to support our coach and staff and our boys!Be positive not negative!And by the way our boys do go to class and leads the SEC GPA.The only one that didn’t go in Cal’s era was Daniel Orton 3 years ago!!!The one year rule is a rule by the NCAA it’s not Cal’s rule he’s just making the best out of it that he can!First year Elite 8,second year Final Four,third year National Champions!!!Don’t know who can do any better with such a young team every year!Coach Cal can and has.Be a little more grateful all of you pain in the butt spoiled brats!!!

  22. uk3k

    no darius?