Your 2011 UK Football Schedule

Since we’ve pretty much given up on a successful 2010 edition, here is your 2011 Kentucky football schedule.  Of course, it’s way too early to try to dissect the matchups, but early thoughts are this is a pretty brutal schedule. Especially when you consider the likelihood of Cobb and Trevathan leaving for the NFL, and that SEC killin’ Jacksonville State team will be coming to town.

Look at it, think about it, forget it until the spring.  We have our annual ‘crucial game against Vanderbilt’ in four days and it needs your undivided attention.

2011 Kentucky Football Schedule

Thu. 09/01/11 - WESTERN KENTUCKY (Nashville, TN)

Sat. 09/10/11 - CENTRAL MICHIGAN

Sat. 09/17/11 – LOUISVILLE

Sat. 09/24/11 – FLORIDA

Sat. 10/01/11 – @ LSU

Sat. 10/08/11 – @ SOUTH CAROLINA

Sat. 10/15/11 – Open



Sat. 11/05/11 – OLE MISS

Sat. 11/12/11 – @ VANDERBILT

Sat. 11/19/11 – @ GEORGIA

Sat. 11/26/11 – TENNESSEE

Sat. 12/03/11 – SEC Championship (Atlanta, GA)

Article written by Drew Franklin

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63 responses to “Your 2011 UK Football Schedule”

  1. Little Known Facts

    So important… we posted it twice… first

  2. Bubba in Glenpool

    And then there were one!

  3. Bum Ankle

    I have a great idea, let’s play two Kentucky teams in another state! WTF?

  4. DuckFriedBillyClyde

    I fully admit my ignorance of all things football, so please forgive this question. Why have we not played Alabama or Arkansas recently? Is scheduling confrence rivals from the other division on a cyclical basis? How does that work?

  5. KYStout

    Hmmm…let’s see


    /same as it ever was

  6. Big Frank

    4-8 at best. TRUST ME. I’m the same one who told you that we would be 5-7 this year.

  7. Kernel Sanders

    pretty sure you didn’t have to include that 12/3/11 date.

  8. Willie and Waylon

    Pretty $hitty home schedule. Keep raising those ticket prices, Barnhart!!!!!!!

  9. SCCat

    tough to have to go to LSU on the West rotation – i liked Arkansas as we had success there. HAVE to beat the Mississippi teams next year…

    Morgan Newton is the future!

  10. Goode

    Big Frank…You stopped quoting bible passages, good for you!

  11. IsitNovemberyet

    #3 We agreed to a 2 and 2 set with Western Ky. The UK folks thought instead of playing at WKU, Nashville would be better for UK fan’s (Nashville Alumni) and still close to BG for WKU.

  12. Goode

    I like Central Michigan game. Now we get to see what Boise St/TCU play every weekend!

  13. UK in SC

    Wow, open date during Keeneland? That might be a first.

  14. BsbCoach

    Given up on a successful season? And you call yourself a fan? Would I have liked to get 9 or more wins and go to a BCS bowl? Of course! But look at how it could turn out. It could be a season where we beat Steve Spurrier, UT, and had a real shot to beat the #1 team Auburn. Yes, it would have been great to have beaten the 2 Mississippi schools, but I think if you had polled BBN before the season and asked them what it took to make the year a success, a win over Spurrier and UT would be on about 90% of the ballots. It’s fans like you that never appreciate some successes and accomplishments.


    we played Bama last year

  16. Wong "A" Long Long

    Looks like another year of about 6 wins. Maybe we’ll have an upset or two and get another win or we might even lose one and have only 5 wins. If Joker is a good coach we’ll go to a bowl game next year. If Joker gets more than 7 wins, he’s subpar. If less than 5 and we need to start thinking about going after Fulmer.

    Free Enes.. GO CATS!

  17. Wildcat Sam

    I’m thinking 6-6 or 7-5 at this point, but that might change depending on how things go during the off season.

  18. Wong "A" Long Long

    16-I mean… “If Joker gets more than 7 wins, he may just be the chosen one”

  19. Wong "A" Long Long

    I wonder what title Joker will give to next season? “Operation get in a Bowl Game not in Tennessee”? This off season maybe we’ll be in “Operation talk Randall Cobb out of going Pro”.

    GO CATS!

  20. Wong "A" Long Long

    17-Next year we’ll start off with 2 consecutive top 25 recruiting classes. The guys in the top 25 recruiting classes will be Sophomores and Freshman. I look for us to struggle a little next year, but in 2012 we should be competing at a high level with at least 2 top 25 recruiting classes as Juniors and Sophomores and who knows about 2013.

  21. Harley Wells


    8-4 fellas.

  22. BobS

    Why in God’s name would we be playing WKU on a freakin’ Thursday? That cannot be correct.

  23. Billy Kerr

    Only 4 away games, nice.

  24. DerbyDemon

    14–Come down off the cross; we can use the wood. UK didn’t beat Auburn, it didn’t beat either Mississippi school, and they have not beaten UT–hell, or Vandy for that matter. And if you think after last Saturday’s debacle (against one of the WORST 1-AA schools I’ve ever seen) was a sign of progress then you’re an idiot.

  25. Kevin

    #6….Seasons not over. But i do trust that you predicted 5-7. Too bad your going to be wrong. Go Cats!

  26. Frederick T. Pickens

    If we lose Cobb and Travathan after this year we will be lucky to win more than 3 games next season.

  27. Doubting Thomas

    We’ll be lucky to win 5 games. Until we can recruit 4 and 5 star players we will not be competitive with most of the SEC teams. Sure we get lucky sometimes and a 3 star develops into a much higher rated player but that is the exception, not the rule. The key is for the High Schools in the state to start producing a better caliber athlete. Until they do we won’t be able to compete.

  28. FRanklEn E. ENglESh

    Anybody else think Pete Thamel is a decent enough looking guy?

  29. terwilliger

    With Cobb and Trevathan, 8-4. Without them, 5-7. With only one of them, 6-6.

  30. Frederick T. Pickens

    Yeah, with Cobb and Trevathan we have a shot against everyone except for LSU with a record of probably 8-4, maybe 7-5 if we stay true to form and drop a gimme or two like we seem to do every season

  31. The Hoff

    #23…The WKU game is also an away game

  32. deer boss

    Don’t count Jacksonville St as a win just yet.

  33. Wong "A" Long Long

    27-Its not like Ky high schools are going to start producing better athletes. Football Athletes are born not coached or somehow otherwise made. Why are schools like Florida and Texas always good? Because the state they play in produces great players. This is why you see teams like Tennessee and Notre Dame having a tough time winning in recent years. The college football atmosphere has changed. Players don’t go to schools because of tradition.

    As for UK we’re kinda we’re were going to be. We’ll be successful if we can string a couple of years in a decade when we compete for an SEC East Championship, when Florida is down and UK has kinda hit a premium point in recruiting, development, etc.

  34. Bundy

    Pretty rough, but a lot of home games. The killer will be the liklihood that the open game will be either AL or Auburn.

  35. Jonah Hex

    Wow- what a brutal schedule.

  36. Anthony

    open game means off day

  37. Wong "A" Long Long

    Hey Bundy, open means no game will be played. We won’t be playing Alabama and Auburn next year. I don’t remember playing Alabama in forever. There’s kind of a rotation I think but we seem to never play Alabama and always play both Mississippi schools. Why is this? Does anyone know the SEC scheduling rules if any?

  38. Champ

    Im actually prertty encouraged by this schedule aside from @LSU. We play both MSU and Miss and no Auburn Alabama or Arkansas (all 3 will be top 20 teams).

    After the bye week it looks pretty promising.

  39. Mr. Knight

    38-I totally agree with you on the west schedule. I’d much rather have LSU and the MISS teams instead of Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas.

  40. droppedpasses

    I’ve got news for Barnhart…very few will be traveling to watch UK play WKU in Nashville. Western fans will because its essentially a close bowl game & its 45 min from BG. Personally, you couldn’t pay me to drive 3 hours to watch that…I wouldn’t drive to BG to watch that.

    Schedule West Virginia or Marshall and I’ll drive 3+ hours. WKU…no thanks.


    4 and 37-We Played Alabama Last Year

  42. Choo36

    Moan, moan and more moaning. Typical UK fans. These comments continue to drive me nuts. I often wonder why many of you even follow football. True we dont get 4 and 5 star kids. But you know what we get, a group of guys who lay it on the line. I don’t see a ton of laziness out there, with the exception of a play or two here and there. The majority of you should just stick to basketball. Put yourself in the players shoes. That is why I supported Cobb and his tweets a few weeks ago. The people he was trying to reach with that message, MORE THAN DESERVED IT.

    GO CATS!

  43. Dave Shelton

    Underestimate Jax State and
    Central Mich at your own peril.
    Louisville will be the season
    ender as Charlie Strong takes
    Joke to the woodpile.

  44. Doubting Thomas

    33- The reason Florida and Texas have an advantage is because they live and die football 24/7/365. They start playing at 4 or 5 years old and use the same systems as the state college teams do, which means the kids know what to expect from one level to another. Do we do that here in Kentucky? I do believe there is such a thing as a gifted athlete but there is also a trained athlete. In Ky the gifted kid plsys about 4 sports year round resluting in less specific training, injuries and a poorer football player. In Florida and Texas they’re football players, period!

  45. Laker Cat 18

    Our defense is so bad, someone may still put up 40+ on us in our OPEN week.

  46. droppedpasses

    #27: This state does produce high caliber football players…the problem is that same high caliber player leaves the state for a higher caliber program when the opportunity arises. See: Shaun Alexander (Bama, NFL), Robert Reynolds (Ohio State, NFL) come quickly to mind. Exceptions: Couch & Dennis Johnson.

    A highly touted FL HS football player isn’t leaving Florida to come to UK….a highly touted KY HS football player couldn’t get on a plane fast enough if the opportunity arose.

  47. SagaciousMind

    That’s gonna be a tough schedule. Louisville will be better and Central Michigan is a good team. But if you dont think this UK team will be better next year, then you’re nuts. The D should be a lot better because they are young right now. The offense, well I think Newton or Moss easily replace Hartline and our RBs will be fine. Next year could be a great year for UK. For their sake, it should be. Especially with all the good recruits, grey shirts and redshirts.

  48. FlashOfBlue

    #37 We play Miss St. every year. The others rotate in and out. We just got off a rotation with Alabama. Auburn rotates off after this year. Ole Miss will be on next year then off. We will have LSU home and away the next two years.

  49. Beatle Bum

    UL would be an easier win as the first game.

  50. ukswagger

    This could be the 10 and 2 team ?

  51. Big D

    6 and 6 or 7 and 5. Get yourself a cooler and lay yourself low. Same old story, same old song and dance.

  52. ukwildcatwildfan

    6-6 IF Cobb and D-Train come back for their senior years…

  53. Bryan Shepherd

    Who knows what our record will be next year, but you guys are out of your freakin mind if you thing Cobb and/or Trevathan will go pro after this year. This is NOT basketball…..Not to say that both won’t have successful pro careers, it just won’t be next year.

  54. Mark Liptak

    Looks like 5-7 to me.

    Mark Liptak

  55. SCCat

    I’m with 42 – i prefer the optimistic fanbase. Why is it tough to imagine winning? Why couldn’t Newton, Russell, King, and a year older D take it up a notch? If Randall Cobb returns (which i personally think will happen – someone said it right, this isn’t basketball, not many guys leave early) we have one of the top two or three weapons in the game.

    Get behind these boys who go out there to give it all they have – they might surprise you…

  56. Dave the Khan

    With “The Joke” Philips coaching still…be lucky to get 5-7 out of that mess.

    That’s a gauntlet.

    Same old song and dance…

  57. DoubleDynasty2010

    People people… U guys kill me.. Call yourself fans and dont even know who we played!! We just played Alabama LAST year!!

  58. Red-Lobster

    Why not make Florida the opener and just get it over with.

  59. Jon


  60. "Inside Info"

    9-3 I said it mark it down its a done deal. GO BIG BLUE

  61. Mazzimo

    2011 Kentucky Football Schedule
    Thu. 09/01/11 – WESTERN KENTUCKY (Nashville, TN)WIN
    Sat. 09/10/11 – CENTRAL MICHIGAN – WIN
    Sat. 09/17/11 – LOUISVILLE – WIN
    Sat. 09/24/11 – FLORIDA – LOSS
    Sat. 10/01/11 – @ LSU – LOSS
    Sat. 10/08/11 – @ SOUTH CAROLINA – LOSS
    Sat. 10/15/11 – Open – WIN (probably a garbage team)
    Sat. 10/22/11 – JACKSONVILLE STATE – WIN
    Sat. 10/29/11 – MISSISSIPPI STATE – WIN
    Sat. 11/05/11 – OLE MISS – WIN
    Sat. 11/12/11 – @ VANDERBILT – WIN
    Sat. 11/19/11 – @ GEORGIA – WIN
    Sat. 11/26/11 – TENNESSEE – WIN
    Sat. 12/03/11 – SEC Championship (Atlanta, GA)

    I could see a 9-3 record out of this schedule and a possible slip into the top 25 at the end of the season. GO Big Blue!

  62. gooch

    just 4 road games!! how the hell did we get that deal….i’ll take it though.

  63. you wish

    why the hell would they include the SEC championship game on UK’s schedule?